Instep Grand Safari Swivel Wheel Jogging Stroller Review

InStep Grand Safari JoggerIf you are looking for a quality baby jogger that is under $200, and comes with a lot of accessories as standard, the Instep Grand Safari Swivel Wheel jogging stroller is hard to beat. It is an all terrain jogging stroller, suitable for everyday use and is available as a single or side by side double stroller for two kids.

With a swivel front, the Instep Grand Safari is easy to turn in tight corners, sidewalks or crowded shopping malls. And when you go out jogging or running, the stroller can convert to a fixed wheel jogger by locking the front wheel securely with a remote trigger that is conveniently located within easy reach on the handle.

It is a light weight stroller with aluminium frame that folds into a compact size for storage or transportation. The Instep Grand Safari jogging stroller comes with accessories like parent and child trays that are optional features in other jogging strollers.

The adjustable handlebar of Instep Grand Safari is my favorite feature. It allows tall and short parents to lower or raise the height of the handlebar to a comfortable level that prevents bending over or tip toeing to push the stroller. This is a useful feature you will not find in some expensive jogging stroller. Entertain your baby with the in-built speakers and cable that connects to any portable MP3 player. Parents struggling to kept toddlers engaged in a jogging stroller will like the music feature on the stroller.

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For running errands or jogging, without worrying about who will look after your baby, the Instep Grand Safari is an all round stroller, and one of the best value for money jogging strollers for the busy parent.

Instep Grand Safari double jogger and Flash fixed wheel jogger have been out of stock for a while, and we think they may have been discontinued by the manufacturer.  The Baby Trend Double Joggers are great alternatives that equal the Instep strollers in price, quality and features.

The Instep Double Jogging strollers have not been available to buy from major retailers for sometime, and they may have been discontinued. The alternatives in quality and price are the Baby Trend Expedition Double Joggers. They are great value for money and many parents love the features.

Baby Trend Expedition Double Jogger ElixerBaby Trend Expedition Double Jogger ElixerpriceBaby Trend Expedition Double Jogger CentennialBaby Trend Expedition Double Jogger Centennialprice

Read the rest of  Instep Grand Safari Jogging Stroller review below:

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How Easy to Fold & Carry?

The Instep Grand Safari is folded with a dual trigger mechanism that works by first pressing a release button and then pulling on triggers located on either side of the handle to start a quick collapse of the stroller. For storage in small spaces or trunk of smaller cars, the tires can be easily removed with levers located on the wheels. If you plan travelling a lot with the stroller, I would recommend purchasing a universal jogging stroller travel bag that will add additional protection for the stroller, and make it much easier to transport and put away for storage.

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Baby Safety Features

Instep is very proud of its membership of the JPMA (Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association) and all Instep strollers are independently tested to ASTM child safety standards. The Grand Safari has a five point safety harness that straps your child securely and can be adjusted to snugly fit the size of a baby. The handlebar is made of rubberized material that is slip resistant and offer parents a firm and comfortable grip on the stroller while they jog. The stroller is compatible with many Infant car seat which allows parents to use the stroller for newborns.

It is recommended that babies should not ride in any stroller until they are able to support the weight their head. Active parents eager to start exercising with the Instep Grand Safari soon after the birth of their baby can use an adapter with a compatible infant car seat. This will provide the suitable head support that will protect the tender head of a baby in a jogging stroller. While jogging or running with the stroller, use the safety wrist strap to prevent the stroller running away from you if you loose your grip or stop to chap and not paying enough attention.

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Baby Comfort Features While you Jog

Instep Grand Safari jogging strollers are equipped with comfort features to give baby and parents a smooth and pleasurable ride. The seat is well padded with Faux lambskin that is warm and cozy. Parent tray that holds two cups comes as standard feature with the stroller. Others comfort features you will find on the Instep Grand Safari jogging stroller include:

  • Molded child tray with two cup holders for drinks within easy reach of your baby. The tray can be pivoted for the best position for a baby.
  • Riding over bumps and rough terrain is smooth with the exposed spring suspension on each rear wheel that absorb shocks before they reach your baby.
  • Bring your MP3 player along and entertain your baby with music through in-built speakers on the stroller.
  • For use with newborns or babies that are not yet able to support their head without help, Instep Grand Safari Single Stroller can be fitted with infant car seat that has superior baby safety features designed to cushion and protect babies that are still too young to ride on the seat of a stroller.
  • The stroller has a retractable canopy in 5 positions to shield your baby from hash weather.
  • There is a large under carriage space that will hold diaper bags, spare baby cloths, food, drinks and any other baby stuff you pack for the outdoors.

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Choice of Colors, Styles and Easy to Clean

Instep Grand Safari is a swivel wheel jogging stroller that is available as single or double baby jogger. The swivel front wheel is great for turning tight corners, and is easily locked into a fixed front wheel that performs better on straight tracks when jogging or running.

Gray/Yellow Grand Safari Swivel Wheel Single Jogger
Gray/Yellow Grand Safari Swivel Wheel Single JoggerCheck Today’s Price

Tan/Pink Grand Safari Swivel Wheel Single Jogger
Tan/Pink Grand Safari Swivel Wheel Single JoggerCheck Today’s Price

InStep Grand Safari Swivel Wheel Single Jogger - Yellow/Gray
Yellow/Gray Grand Safari Swivel Wheel Single JoggerCheck Today’s Price

InStep Grand Safari Gray/Yellow Swivel Wheel Double Jogger
Grand Safari Gray/Yellow Swivel Wheel Double JoggerCheck Today’s Price

InStep Grand Safari Tan/Pink Swivel Wheel Double Jogger
Grand Safari Tan/Pink Swivel Wheel Double JoggerCheck Today’s Price

InStep Grand Safari Yellow/Gray Swivel Wheel Double Jogger
Grand Safari Yellow/Gray Swivel Wheel Double JoggerCheck Today’s Price

The stroller can be purchased in a combination of five bright and cheerful colors: Gray/Yellow; Tan/Pink; Yellow/Gray; Robin’s Egg/Citron; Midnight /Grape

To preserve the fabric material of the stroller, it is recommended to clean the stroller with only mild soapy water. Do not use cleaning solvents on the stroller.

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Size and weight capacity of Instep Grand Safari

Instep Grand Safari single stroller has a weight capacity of 50 lbs, while the double stroller will take a combined baby weight limit of 100 lbs. Dimensions of the stroller are:

Single Jogger

Assembled Weight: 33.08 lbs

Assembled dimension: Length 49″ Height 43.7″ Width 23

Folded dimension: Length 22.75″ x Height 24.5 x Width 25

Double Jogger

Assembled Weight: 37.5 lbs

Assembled dimension: Length 49″ Height 40″ Width 32.3″

Folded dimension: Length 33.5″ Height 20.5″

The seats on the strollers are about 12″ wide, and will accommodate a child that is no taller than 38 inches comfortably.

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Tires, Wheels and Braking System

Instep Grand Safari has 12 inch swivel wheel at the front and two 16 inch wheels at the rear. The tires are pneumatic or air filled. Having a smaller wheel at the front adds to the balance and better handling of the stroller. The front wheel is easily locked with a lever located near the handle, converting the stroller to a fixed wheel all terrain baby jogger. When storing the stroller in smaller spaces, all the wheels are designed with quick release mechanism that allows them to be removed collapsing the stroller to more compact size for storage and transportation.  Parents should however take care to ensure the wheels are securely locked when in use to prevent them coming off.

How to remove and install the wheels on the stroller are clearly explained in the Instep Grand Safari Instructions Manual. 

The air filled tires of the stroller makes it smooth and easy to push and pull back with the handlebar. There is a foot brake at the rear of the stroller that locks the wheels and keep the stroller stationary when you come to a stop. Hand brake is not available on the Instep Grand Safari. It would have been a more complete stroller for me because I like hand brakes on strollers if you would be using it for running.
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Instep Grand Safari vs Safari

Instep Grand Safari and the Safari jogging strollers have essentially the same design and both are available in single and double jogging stroller. However, the Grand Safari has additional features with enhanced benefits in a stroller that are not available on the Safari. You will find the following features only on the Instep Grand Safari:

  • Adjustable Handlebar
  • Rear Wheels Shock Absorbers
  • Removable Seat Pad
  • MP3 Player Speakers

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Consumer Reviews

We all love bargains, and whether you are looking to buy a double or single stroller, at under $200 for both styles of the Instep Grand Safari on Amazon, you can hardly go wrong with your purchase. Many parents have expressed how very satisfied they are with the performance and features available on the stroller. They love the parent and child trays for holding drinks and baby food, and the built-in MP3 player speakers that keep babies entertained with their favorite songs.

The single Instep Grand Safari jogging stroller currently have an average customer satisfaction rating of 4.0 out of 5 stars on Amazon with lots of complementary remarks from moms and dads that have purchased and used the stroller. Here are what some of them are saying …..

I love the adjustable handlebar one mum remarked. I am taller than my husband and we are able to have the handle at a different levels that suits us.

Another young parent adore the sun shade that can be retracted all the way back, and shields her baby from the sun from all directions.

An active dad is very satisfied with how the front wheel is remotely and easily converted from a swivel to a fixed wheel stroller that allows him to walk, jog or run with a flick of a lever on the handlebar.

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Pros and Cons


The Instep Grand Safari is a quality jogging stroller at a great price, less than half the price of a top end BOB or Baby Jogger, and comes with accessories that are optional purchases on other strollers. Other features I like about the stroller are:

  • Smooth ride with the pneumatic tires and exposed suspensions that are very effective at absorbing shocks over rough surfaces.
  •  The adjustable handlebar that allows parents to have it at a suitable height that will not strain their back when pushing the stroller
  • The wheels that are completely removed so the stroller can be stored in small spaces.
  • Remote lock for the front wheel is conveniently located within easy reach on the handlebar. On other strollers, the lock is located on the front wheel and you will have to walk to the front of the stroller each time you want to lock or release the front wheel.


The connecting cord for the MP3 player could have been made longer so the sun canopy will not be in the way when fully retracted. But I guess a longer MP3 player connector will be a safety issue for a child seating in the stroller. One parent expressed concern about the wheel coming off. I think in this case, the wheel may not have been properly installed. They are designed to be easily removed and installed, but you must ensure they have clicked in place before using the stroller.

Overall, features and benefits of the Instep Grand Safari jogging stroller at the price far outweigh any negatives parents have expressed, and it is a stroller you should consider if your budget is under $200.

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Where Can You Get a Good Deal on Instep Grand Safari Jogging Stroller

Amazon has a great deal on the Instep Grand Safari. The last time I checked, it was selling at 21% discount with free shipping. Amazon is my favorite place to hunt for a bargain because of their regular promo and excellent customer service. If you don’t like your purchase, simply return it and you get your money back with no question asked.

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Instep Grand Safari Online Deals

Online discounts on Instep Grand Safari can be up to 30% on either the single or jogging strollers, and Amazon is a great place to start your hunt for a good deal on the Grand Safari.

InStep Grand Safari Single Swivel Stroller Blue/YellowInStep Grand Safari Single Swivel Stroller Blue/YellowpriceInStep Grand Safari Double Swivel Stroller Blue/YellowInStep Grand Safari Double Swivel Stroller Blue/Yellowprice

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If you have any questions, please leave a comment below and I will reply. And if you have any other thoughts to share about this review, your comments are welcome.


  1. What are the seat dimensions on the double? I have tall kids and this is an issue with a lot of strollers for us. Thank you.

    • Hi Janelle,

      The seat on the Instep Grand Safari is about 12″ wide and will comfortably accommodate a child that is not taller than 38 inches, which is the recommended occupant height limit on all Instep jogging strollers.


  2. What is the height difference with the adjustable handle on the Grand Safari? My husband is 6’4″ and I am 5’6″ and we don’t know if it is worth the extra for the adjustable handle. Thanks

    • Hi Heather,

      My local store ran out of stock and I have been waiting for them to restock on the Grand Safari. I will post the exact height difference on the adjustable handlebar as soon as the stroller is available again in my local store. However, parents over 6’3″ who have used the stroller remarked that they have no problem pushing the Instep Grand Safari.


  3. Is the sun canopy fully moveable? Or is it attached to the handle bar part?

    • Hi Jazlin,

      Sorry for responding a bit late to your question. Been away with the kids.

      The canopy on the Instep Grand Safari is hinged on both sides of the frame at the point arrowed in my picture. You cannot remove it. The hinge allows the front of the canopy to be pulled close to the child’s tray, offering better protection for your child when running against wind, or the sun is directly in front.

      The canopy can also be pulled back, with the rear resting against the stroller handle – the common position for stroller canopy as shown in the picture.

      Instep Grand Safari Retractable Canopy

      The Instep Grand Safari may look small, but because it is retractable and can be moved about the hinge, it provides excellent shield for a child – especially when the wind or sun direction changes with every turn as you are jogging or strolling.


  4. If the wheels are removed, at what height does the stroller lie flat? We would like to store it under the crib. Is this feasible?

    • Jeff Adam says:

      Hi Sarah,

      It will be quite a challenge to store an Instep Grand Safari under a crib, unless you have a big space under your crib. Though the wheels are easily removed to reduce the height when folded, the child’s tray does not fold flat.

      My local store is out of stock of the Grand Safari, so I am unable to provide you with an exact measurement of the folded height with the wheels removed. Unfortunately, the user manual did not specify this either.

      I will post this measurement as soon I am able to get it.


  5. Can someone direct me to a website with a manual for this jogger that explains how to move the handle bars?

    • Jeff Adam says:

      Hi Michelle,

      You can download the user manual for Instep Grand Safari Jogging stroller from Instep website. I have provided an easy link, simply click here to download the manual.

      However, you will find that the current version of the manual as I write does not explain how to adjust the stroller handle.

      It is not difficult though to adjust the handle on the Grand Safari:
      1) Push in the buttons on both sides of the stroller handle. The buttons are in Red color on the double jogging stroller, and Grey on the single stroller.
      2) Move the handle up or down to raise or lower it to a comfortable pushing height, then release the buttons to lock the handlebar in place.

      Hope you find this useful.


  6. Nicole B. says:

    We’re looking for a double jogging stroller that will fit infant car seats. We won’t be using the jogging stroller for jogging/running at first, but it would be great to have once they are old enough without having to buy a new stroller. What infant car seats are compatible with the InStep Grand Safari Swivel Jogger Double.

    • Jeff Adam says:

      Hi Nicole,

      I have not found an adapter that will safely allow you fit infant car seats on Instep Grand Safari Double Jogging Stroller. Instep do not have an adapter for the double jogger and it is not listed as infant car seat compatible.

      If you are planning to use two infant car seats on a double jogger, I would recommend the Baby Trend Navigator Double Jogger. At this time, it is possibly the only double jogger designed by a manufacturer to take two infant car seats. Some parents however find it bulky and heavy. Most double jogging strollers like the BOB Revolution Flex or Pro and Baby Jogger Summit X3 only allow the use of one infant car seat.

      Baby Trend Navigator double jogging stroller is very unique in design, not just as a four wheeler, but it fits two infant car seats. Most double joggers allow only one infant car seat to be fitted with an adapter.

      Baby Trend Navigator Double Jogging StrollerBaby Trend Navigator Double Jogging Strollerprice

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