BOB Revolution PRO

BOB Revolution PRO Single StrollerIf you are one of the parents that suggested improvements on what is already a very popular jogging stroller, you will be pleased with the new features on BOB Revolution PRO. Vastly improved over the Revolution SE, the PRO is equipped with hand activated drum brakes that out perform calliper brakes for better control of jogging strollers on steep hills and inclines.

Parents asked for adjustable handlebar, now you have it on the BOB Revolution PRO, with 9 height levels  over 180 degree swing that offer tall or short parents the most suitable pushing handlebar height on the stroller.

The PRO retains all the great features on BOB strollers – swivelling front wheel that turns 360 degree for superior manoeuvrability and can be locked forward in jogging or running mode to improve stability, easy two-step folding system that collapses the stroller to a compact size that is convenient for transportation or storage, and the adjustable state of the art suspension that deliver very smooth ride for babies.

The Revolution PRO is available in single, and the popular Duallie double stroller for two kids.

Both versions of the stroller convert to versatile baby travel systems, when used with compatible BOB Adapter and Infant Car Seat.

In the Revolution PRO, BOB has finally delivered a jogging stroller that is fully loaded to tackle intense jogging or running with your kids, and the keen jogger parents will love it.

Additional color choices like the Meadow/Black were introduced in 2016, and this increased the color variations available to buy Revolution PRO.

5 Key Features I like about BOB Revolution PRO

  • Adjustable padded handlebar – with 9 comfortable position options that creates the perfect pushing height for any parent.
  • Hand activated rear drum brakes – for more control on hills and inclines, and they are more effective than calliper brakes on other strollers.
  • Adjustable suspension system – a common feature on BOB jogging strollers that help provide an exceptionally smooth ride.
  • Ultra-padded, adjustable reclining seats – work with the adjustable suspension to enhance seating comfort for your child
  • High-impact polymer composite wheels – combined with pneumatic tires and tubes to tackle tough terrain.

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Quick Video Review of BOB Revolution PRO

In this video, BOB takes you through various features on BOB jogging strollers, including the Revolution PRO. It shows you what makes the frame very strong, and yet lightweight.  It also demonstrates how to fold, use the canopy and the foot brake on the Revolution PRO.

Read the rest of  my review of BOB Revolution PRO below:

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What Others are Saying – Consumer Reviews

BOB Revolution PROParents that enjoy outdoor activities with their kids, and keen jogger moms and dads have waited for the enhanced features introduced in the BOB Revolution PRO stroller.  Some have moved on to buy other strollers like the Baby Jogger, or lower end jogging stroller like Instep Grand Safari because earlier models of BOB jogging strollers lack adjustable handlebar and hand operated brakes.

Arrival of the BOB Revolution PRO with these features got parents buzzing online with excitement, and those that have hesitated to buy a BOB stroller now have it at the top of their list.  These are samples of what some excited parents think the all new BOB jogger stroller:

One mom pussy footed over BOB Revolution stroller SE for years, and I finally talked her husband into purchasing the Revolution PRO when she saw the enhanced features. It was love at first run with the stroller she said. She was amazed at how much faster she could run with the stroller.  She now realise the advantage other running moms had over her before she switched to the PRO.

I have only glowing things to say about the BOB Revolution PRO Duallie, another mom commented. She loves how easy it is to push with the new adjustable handlebar and hand brakes, and her kids enjoy the smooth ride. The first thing that struck her was that she no longer has to run hunched with BOB Revolution PRO and this helped improve her running form. Her husband is taller than her but with slight adjustment of the handlebar, both can run with Revolution PRO comfortably.

Having researched other jogging stroller before buying the BOB Revolution PRO, none could have matched the amazing ride and the ease to manoeuvre the stroller has given to my family, one excited dad wrote. From incredible suspension that does not squeak, and the comfortably padded adjustable handlebar, the PRO is packed with features for active parents, he added

 5.8 out of  Stars Customer Satisfaction Rating – BOB Revolution PRO

Single Stroller                                           Duallie Double Stroller
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Who Should Buy the BOB Revolution PRO?

Active parents or care givers looking after one of two kids would love the ways BOB Revolution PRO makes exercise and family outdoor activities much more enjoyable.

If you jog off road, or on rough terrains, the stroller rugged built and suspension system absorbs shocks over bumps before they reach your child. You will also find that the stroller’s large air filled tires glide over surfaces with little effort at pushing.

The Duallie, just as ruggedly built as the single stroller, is a double seater to suit parents with two kids or twins less than 6 years old. It is also an economically better choice if you have one child, and expecting an addition to the family. Whether you are a jogger, runner, or walker, BOB Revolution PRO has great features to suit your need.

How much is the BOB Revolution PRO?

The quality of BOB strollers are reflected in their prices. Compared with jogging strollers like the Instep or Schwinn, some parents find it outside their budget. BOB Revolution PRO however is priced within the range of similar top brand names like Baby Jogger X3.

The prices below are what BOB recommends for the single and Duallie double Revolution PRO. You will however find that retailers, especially online stores like Amazon, often sell the strollers at discounted prices with free shipping.  Online stores are where to hunt for bargains on the jogging strollers.

BOB Revolution PRO Single Stroller

List Price:      $499.99

BOB Revolution PRO Duallie Double Stroller 

List Price: $709.99

Single Stroller                                           Duallie Double Stroller
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Baby Comfort Features for you and baby

The Revolution PRO is styled and equipped with comfort features that followed in the tradition of earlier versions of BOB jogging strollers like the Revolution SE –  but improved on the PRO to give your baby  maximum comfort even on very rough terrains.

Some of the key baby and parent comfort features on the BOB Revolution PRO are:

Reclining Seatback – is richly padded for ideal seating comfort, and can be adjusted to recline down to 70 degree from the vertical position. The near flat reclined position is very suitable for a sleepy baby to relax and doze off.

BOB Revolution PRO Canopy and SeatbackMulti-position canopy – can be adjusted in 5-position toggle system, with 125 degree range of coverage to protect your child from harsh sun in any direction. The canopy has a large viewing window (85 sq. in) that allows parents to keep close eye on their baby while strolling or jogging with the BOB Revolution PRO.

Adjustable Suspension – this unique state of the art suspension is available on all BOB jogging strollers.  It can be adjusted on the Revolution PRO to suite the weight of your child as he or she grows, providing smooth ride that is tailored to the weight of the occupant.

Adjustable Padded Handlebar – is a new feature that is available on the BOB Revolution PRO and the FLEX. The handlebar bar can be raised or lowered in 9 comfortable positions so parents of different heights can push the jogging stroller without hunching if they are tall, or tip toe, if they are short. The handlebar adjusts in 180° swing of motion.

Ample Storage for Baby and Parent – Low undercarriage Boy Cargo Basket on the Revolution PRO has plenty of space for large items like diaper bags. The large seatback pocket can also take fairly big items, and some of your shopping. You will also find the internal pockets are great places to hold your baby snacks and toys.

Accessory Adapter – The adapter acts as an attachment for an infant child tray – an optional accessory that I find very important to have on jogging strollers .

The material used on the BOB Revolution PRO is weave fabrics with water repellent coating, combined with open cell foam padding.

Fabric and Seat Care – BOB recommends that the fabric is cleaned by sponging the dirty area with a solution of lukewarm water and mild soap. Then, thoroughly rinse the fabric with clean water to remove all soap, and allow the fabric to dry.

Never use DETERGENT to clean the fabric of the Revolution PRO.

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How Safe is Your Child on a BOB Revolution PRO?

Though the comfort features on a stroller is very important, on any jogging stroller, the safety of your child should be the paramount criteria that helps you decide which stroller to buy.  BOB strollers are well respected by parents for their baby safety features, and the Revolution PRO follows in the same tradition.  Some of the key safety features on the all-terrain jogging stroller are:

BOB Revolution PRO Baby SafetyFive-Point Padded Harness – wraps comfortably and securely around your child, keeping your baby seated, no matter how fast you jog or run with the Revolution PRO.

Wrist Strap – helps you keep a hold on the stroller if you ever lose grip of the handlebar – like in a fall or trip. The strap is also used as a fold lock to keep the stroller secure when folded.

Hand Activated Rear Drum Brakes – is a new feature that is first introduced on the BOB Revolution PRO.  It offers added control on the stroller to tackle steep hills and inclines.

Parking Brake – Whenever you come to a complete stop with the stroller, engage the foot operated parking brake to lock the rear wheels and keep the Revolution PRO firmly stationary.  Many parents forget to apply the hand brake on strollers, and as you would expect, many have learnt the hard way with strollers rolling away with their baby – especially if they have also forgotten to use the wrist strap.

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Compact, Easy to Fold & Carry?

Another great feature on BOB strollers is the ability to fold them to a very compact size – despite the rugged and sometime s bulky look of some of the all-terrain jogging strollers like the Revolution PRO, the Flex, the SE, or the Sport Utility.

The Revolution PRO is made of lightweight frame that fold in two easy steps, making it convenient for transportation and storage. The wrist strap can is used to hold the stroller securely when folded. Watch the video below to see how easy it is to fold a BOB jogging stroller.

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Tires and Wheels Designed for All-Terrains

The solid frame, state of the art suspension system and rugged pneumatic tires on the BOB Revolution PRO makes this an ideal jogging stroller for any outdoor activity. It has two large rear 16 inch tires, and a swivelling 12.5 inch tire in front.

The stroller is highly manoeuvrable with the front tire that turns 360 degrees on the spot, and can be locked in the forward position for increased stability when jogging or running with the Revolution PRO single or Duallie.

Here are some wheel and tire related features you will find on the jogging stroller:

Swivel Knob – made of durable steel and lock-out pin to convert the BOB Revolution PRO from “walk” mode to “jog” mode.

Tracking Knob – the adjustable tracking knob is used to fine tune the stroller so it tracks better on straight line when the front wheel is switched to “jog” mode.

Tires –  Pneumatic or air-filled tires. Rear is 16″ x 1.75″, and Front 12.5″ x 1.75″.

Tubes – Pneumatic with schrader valve.

Wheels  – High-impact polymer composite.

With the High-impact polymer composite wheels, pneumatic tires and tubes, the BOB Revolution PRO is well equipped to take on any rough terrain.

The State of the Art Suspension System

The suspension on the Revolution PRO is made of Coil spring and elastomer core shock absorbers that are truly unique.  They provide three inches of wheel travel, and can be adjusted in 2 positions that correspond to the weight of occupants and cargo on the stroller.

The weight limit for each position is different for the single stroller and the Duallie double jogging stroller. This weight related adjustment of the suspension system allows optimum comfort for your child as they grow while still using the BOB Revolution PRO.

Single Stroller Suspension Adjustment

BOB Revolution PRO Adjustable SuspensionPosition 1: 0-40 lbs.

Position 2: 41-70 lbs.

Duallie Double Stroller Suspension Adjustment

Position 1: 0-50 lbs.

Position 2: 51-100 lbs.

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Size and Capacity of BOB Revolution PRO

PRO Single Stroller dimensions

Net weight of stroller: 28.2lb

Capacity of Stroller – Recommended for a child from 8 weeks to 70lb (Occupant plus luggage weight). It can be used for a baby from birth with the use of a car seat adapter and an Infant Car Seat

The maximum occupant height is 44in (112cm).  Exceeding the maximum weight and height capacity on the BOB Revolution PRO may result in the stroller been unstable.

Other dimensions of the BOB Revolution single stroller:

A – Wheel Base: Swivel mode 25.5 in (64 cm) / Jogging mode 30.5 in (78 cm)

B – Overall Length: Swivel mode 48 in (121.9 cm) / Jogging mode 53.0 in (134.6 cm)

C – Handle Bar Height: 33.5 – 45.8 in (85 – 116 cm)

D – Overall Width: 25.4 in (64.5 cm)

E – Interior Seat Width: 14.7 in (37.3 cm)

Folded Length (wheels on) –  Swivel mode 39 in (100 cm) / Jogging mode 43 in (109 cm)

Folded Height (wheels on) –  Swivel mode 16 in (41 cm) / Jogging mode 16 in (41 cm)

Folded Length (wheels off) –  Swivel mode 33 in (94 cm) / Jogging mode 37 in (94 cm)

Folded Height (wheels off) –  Swivel mode 12 in (30 cm) / Jogging mode 10.5 in (27 cm)

BOB Revolution PRO Dimensions

Duallie PRO Double Stroller Dimensions

Net Weight of stroller : 36.5lb

Capacity of Duallie PRO – It is recommended to be used for babies from 8 weeks to 100lb  (45.4kg) – occupants plus luggage weight.

The Duallie PRO can also be used for babies from birth when used with an Infant Car Seat Adapter and a compatible Infant Car Seat.

Just as with the single stroller, the maximum height for a child riding on the Duallie Revolution PRO is 44in or 112cm

Other Dimensions of the BOB Duallie PRO jogging stroller are:

A – Wheel Base: Swivel mode 29 in (74 cm) /Jogging mode 35 in (88 cm)

B – Overall Length: Swivel mode 53.5 in (135.9 cm) /Jogging mode 59.5 in (151.1 cm)

C – Handle Bar Height: 31.5 – 47.5.0 in (80 – 121 cm)

D – Overall Width: 31 in (78.7 cm)

E – Interior Seat Width: 12.5 in (31 cm)

Folded Length (wheels on) – Swivel mode 39 in (100 cm) /Jogging mode 44.5 in (100 cm)

Folded Height (wheels on) –  Swivel mode 16 in (41 cm) /Jogging mode 16 in (41 cm)

Folded Length (wheels off) – Swivel mode 34.5 in (88 cm) /Jogging mode 39 in (100 cm)

Folded Height – (wheels off) – Swivel mode 13 in (33 cm) /Jogging mode 11 in (28 cm)

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Styles & Colors to Suite your Need

BOB Revolution PRO is available to buy as a single jogging stroller, or the Duallie double jogger with two seats. Both the single and Duallie are similarly styled with the same features and rugged frame construction that is extremely durable.

Both are also available in three alluring colors – Wilderness (Green), Orange and Black.

The Meadow/Black was introduced in 2016.

The Duallie PRO is the ideal choice for a growing family, or for parents with young children of stroller age.

The single and double Duallie BOB Revolution PRO are compared side by side in the pictures below.

BOB Revolution Pro Single Stroller BlackBOB Revolution Pro Single Stroller BlackpriceBOB Revolution Pro Duallie Stroller OrangeBOB Revolution Pro Duallie Stroller Orangeprice

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Infant Car Seat Compatible?

The single and double versions of the BOB Revolution PRO can be used with compatible Infant Car Seat to carry babies from birth. With appropriate adapter and an infant car seat, the jogging strollers convert to multipurpose travel system for new born.

The Car Seat Adapter and Infant Car Seat are optional purchases which parents may decide to buy if needed to increase the use of the BOB Revolution PRO.

BOB B-SAFE Infant Car Seats and BOB Infant Car Seat Adapter are matching pair that will seamlessly convert your Revolution PRO to a baby travel system.

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Warranty and what’s included

The frame of the single and double jogging strollers is sold with 5 years warranty that covers any fault or defect within the period.  The fabric however has a one year warranty from the date of purchase.

Warranty on the stroller does not cover wear due to normal use, or damage caused by miss use of the BOB Revolution PRO.

Included when you buy the BOB Revolution PRO single or double stroller are all the components required to fully assemble the stroller. The stroller will be delivered boxed and has full instructions on putting it together. Here is the user manual of the BOB Revolution PRO. Click on the link to download a copy.

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Pros and Cons


My 5 key features on the BOB Revolution PRO are just part of the exciting things you and your baby can enjoy on either the single or the Duallie double stroller.  The adjustable handlebar, hand activated hand brake, adjustable shock absorbers, ultra padded reclining seats, high impact polymer wheels, and yet BOB Revolution PRO Adjustable Handlebarthere are more pros on the stroller. Here are more to help you decide if this is the stroller for you:

  • BOB Revolution PRO requires little effort to push on its large pneumatic tires, and turns on a dime in corners with the swiveling front wheel.
  • Has a lightweight frame that fold easily into a compact stroller in two easy steps – ideal for storage and transportation.
  • It is compatible with Infant Car Seat, so can be used as a complete travel system with matching BOB Infant Car Seat and Adapter.
  • Easily fits through standard door frame, unlike other jogging stroller with wider frame.
  • Parents can add optional accessories like Snack Tray with the Accessory Adapter on the stroller.
  • The multi-position canopy adjusts in 9 different positions to protect your child against harsh weather hitting the stroller and occupant from any direction.
  • Large viewing window allows you to keep a close eye on your child while strolling, jogging or running with the Revolution PRO.
  • Storage on the stroller is plentiful, with the Low Boy Cargo Basket, large seatback pockets, and internal seat pockets


  • When not properly assembled, the brake pad can touch the wheel, resulting in squeaking as some parents have observed on the BOB Revolution PRO. This is however easily resolved if you follow the assembling instruction contained in the user guide.
  • Price is one other thing that may make you hesitant about buying the jogging stroller. It is not cheap, of you are shopping for a stroller on a tight budget.  But if you are looking for quality stroller from one of the top brand manufacturers, what you will pay for a BOB Revolution PRO compares closely with similar quality stroller from brands like Baby Jogger and Phil & Teds.

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BOB Revolution Video Review – Brake Balancing

Hand operated brake is a new feature introduced on BOB strollers and only available on the Revolution PRO.  This brief video demonstrates how to balance the brakes ensuring the wheels spin freely when the brake is released, and stop completely when engaged. This will help you fix squeaks that have been observed on some of the strollers.

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Why I Would Buy a BOB Revolution PRO

Having waited so long to see the improvements BOB introduced on the Revolution PRO, I am delighted that BOB listened to features parents would like to see in a rugged all-terrain jogging stroller, and delivered on all counts with the Revolution PRO.

Tall parents like me would love the adjustable handle bar.  A tall mom can push the stroller at comfortable height specific to her, and if you are shorter than your partner, simply lower the handlebar height to a level that suites you.  It is a stroller the whole family can enjoy pushing.

If you have a growing family, or you are caring for more than one child of stroller age, the Duallie PRO is the one to go for.  It is only about $30 more expensive than the single stroller, and can save you a bundle, if you were to buy a double jogging stroller at a later, having purchased the singe stroller.

The single BOB Revolution PRO will be the ideal stroller for the keen jogger parent looking after one child, and not expecting an addition to the family soon.

Whether you decide to buy the single or Duallie double jogging stroller, the Revolution PRO is sleek, feature rich, and strongly built to last for a long time in families with young children.

BOB Revolution PRO vs Revolution FLEX

The Revolution PRO is marketed as top of the range all-terrain jogging cum running stroller in BOB’s stable of strollers. It is more loaded with features for outdoor adventures than the Revolution FLEX.  The PRO is particular targeted for keen jogger moms and dads with young family.

Only one feature sets the Revolution PRO apart from the FLEX :

Hand activated rear drum brakes that is more efficient than calliper brakes, and helps you control the PRO better on steep hills and inclines.

The drum brakes and adjustable handlebars are available in both the single BOB Revolution PRO and the Duallie double strollers.

Both the PRO and the FLEX are equipped the new 9 position adjustable handlebar that can be lowered, or raised over 180 degrees range, offering tall and short parents the most comfortable pushing heights for the stroller.   No more stooping or tip toeing to push a stroller that results in back pains and heel pains, if you owe a BOB Revolution PRO.

Price of course is another factor that differentiates the two jogging strollers.  The PRO single stroller is priced about $60 more than single BOB Revolution FLEX.  Surprisingly, the Revolution PRO Duallie  is only $20 more expensive than the FLEX double jogging stroller.

The prices I have used for the comparison are BOB’s recommended retail prices.   The actual prices for the strollers can vary widely depending on the online deals on offer. Amazon is a good place to check for great deals on both strollers

BOB Revolution PRO single and Duallie strollers compared in the pictures below with the Revolution FLEX. Spot any difference? It is only in the drum brake.

BOB Revolution Pro Single Stroller BlackBOB Revolution Pro Single Stroller BlackpriceBOB Revolution Pro Duallie Stroller OrangeBOB Revolution Pro Duallie Stroller OrangepriceBOB Revolution Flex Stroller BlackBOB Revolution Flex Stroller BlackpriceBOB Revolution Flex Duallie Stroller BlackBOB Revolution Flex Duallie Stroller Blackprice

Accessories for BOB Revolution PRO

Stroller accessories do enhance the use and enjoyment of jogging strollers for parents and their babies.  While some brands of strollers are sold with many accessories, BOB Revolution PRO comes with none, as is the case with BOB strollers.

There are two must have accessories, I always recommend for jogging strollers. One is the Child’s Tray that is used to keep snacks and toys within easy reach of your baby, and the other is a travel bag that will protect and prolong the use of the investment in a baby product like the BOB Revolution PRO.

BOB Stroller Child’s Tray 

BOB Revolution PRO with Snack TrayIt is available for the single and Dualllie BOB strollers and will fit the Revolution PRO.  The snack tray is easy to attach securely to BOB stroller accessory adapter.

It has sippy cup holders and the tray is a convenient place to place drinks, snacks and toys for your kid when you go out for a stroller, jog or run with the stroller.

The single Snack Tray cost about $30, and expect to pay about $50 for the Duallie Snack Tray. Again these are indicative list prices for the products, and can be purchased far cheaper on deals I have seen on online stores like Amazon.


BOB has a premium travel bag that fits only its range of single strollers.  If you buy the Duallie PRO, you will need a third party travel bag to protect your stroller.

There are good alternative travels bags for the double stroller. I will admit however that though the third party bags are cheaper, the more expensive BOB stroller travel bag is definitely of better quality.

BOB Single Stroller Travel Bag

BOB Single Stroller Travel Bag

Fits All BOB Single Strollers

Fits every single BOB stroller but not the Duallie Double strollers

Is constructed with premium quality materials

Has a heavy duty coated handle

Comes with roller wheels for easy manoeuvrability

Can be used as a check-in bag when traveling by air

No need for extra padding as the bag is well lined to protect your stroller, and the sides and bottom of the travel bag are rigid for increased protection of strollers.

Travel Bag for BOB Revolution Duallie Double Stroller

Double Stroller Travel Bag

Fits BOB Revolution Duallie PRO

The popular travel bag I would recommend for BOB double strollers including the Revolution PRO is the JL Childress Standard and Dual Stroller.

It is not the same quality as the propriety BOB single stroller travel bag, is not rig, and does not come with rollers.  It is however made of quality, strong, heavy duty fabric that will protect your Revolution PRO Duallie

At about $30, the JL Childress stroller travel bag is far cheaper than a BOB single stroller bag that will set you back about $100.

There are other accessories for BOB strollers you may wish to purchase, like the Weather Shield and Handlebar Console.

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If you have any questions, please leave a comment below and I will reply. And if you have any other thoughts to share about this review, your comments are welcome.

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