BOB Revolution Flex

BOB Revolution FlexThe BOB Revolution Flex is so much an improved version of the popular Revolution SE jogging stroller.

The Revolution Flex retained all the things parents like about BOB strollers – features like adjustable suspensions that tailor the smooth ride to the weight of babies as they grow, two steps folding system that collapses the Flex into a compact stroller that is easy to transport and store.

For me, the big improvement on is the adjustable handlebar that parents with different heights has been waiting to see on BOB strollers.

The handle height of the Revolution Flex can be adjusted in different positions, over 180 degree swing, creating comfortable pushing height levels that will suit each parent – whether mom is short, and dad is a 6 footer, or vice versa.

Just as its predecessor, ruggedness is not compromised in the construction of BOB Revolution Flex.  It is built with high strength aluminum frame, composite wheels and large all-terrain pneumatic tires that keen joggers and runners admire on BOB jogging strollers.  This is a jogging stroller that will tackle any difficult terrain, so keen runners and jogger parents do not overlook the stroller.

The Flex is available in single and the BOB Duallie double seater stroller, and there are more choice of colors to buy than is with the Revolution SE. Two additional colors were introduced in 2016 – Red and Meadow, and this increased the color choices parents can purchase the BOB Revolution Flex.

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5 Key Features I like about BOB Revolution Flex

  • Adjustable padded handlebar – A new introduction on BOB strollers, and a major enhancement over BOB Revolution SE and the Stroller Stride.  It allows parents of different heights to lower or raise the handle in 9 comfortable pushing positions, from 33.5 inches to 45.8 inches.
  • Swiveling front wheel is a common feature on the Revolution Flex and SE. It makes the strollers very maneuverable, and the front wheel can be locked forward for increased tracking and stability when jogging or running with the strollers.
  • Two-Step Folding system and lightweight construction make it easy to collapse the Revolution Flex to a compact size for easy transportation.
  • Adjustable Suspension System – A unique feature on BOB Jogging strollers, this adjustable state-of-the-art shock absorber provides exceptionally smooth ride for babies and toddlers to suit their weights as they grow.
  • Infant Car Seat Compatible –  BOB Revolution Flex can be used for your new-born from day one, as the stroller converts seamlessly to a baby travel system .

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Quick Video Review of BOB Revolution Flex 

Take a look at this short video of the BOB Revolution Flex in the running mode.  It shows how the adjustable handle helps a short dad and a tall mom run comfortably with the same stroller. It also demonstrates how to use the safety wrist strap.

BOB Revolution Flex Single and DuallieTable of Contents (Jump ahead!)

What Others are saying – Consumer Reviews

BOB Revolution SE was very popular with parents, and consumer reviews of the Revolution Flex so far indicate that it may suppose the popularity of the SE.  Parents are thrilled that features like the adjustable suspension they have enjoyed with their babies is retained on the Revolution Flex, and the all new adjustable handlebar is receiving very favorable reviews.

BOB Revolution Flex with momHere is a sample of how parents have described the stroller:

One satisfied parent described the BOB Revolution Flex as a stroller for running, being outdoors, and going on terrains where a regular stroller would not dare, and concluded with “the Revolution Flex is phenomenal”

A mom observed that though the BOB Revolution Flex is marketed as a jogging stroller, in reality, it can be used for most situations. She is not a jogger or runner, and uses the stroller for going to the mall, parks, outdoor festivals and farmers market.  What an active mom!

Another parent remarked that the Revolution Flex handles very nicely and the ride is smooth for her kid. I am very pleased with the purchase and highly recommend the stroller, she added.  The Flex is a great value for money, she finished.

You can hardly go wrong when guided by such a high customer satisfaction rating on a product.

Click to read more consumer reviews

BOB Revolution Flex Single – 4.8 out of 5.0 Stars Customer Satisfaction Rating

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BOB Revolution Flex Duallie 4.7 out of 5.0 Stars Customer Satisfaction Rating

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Who is BOB Revolution Flex for?

BOB Revolution Flex with DadBob Revolution Flex is no doubt designed with features that target active parents that would like to keep up with their fitness routines while still looking after babies and young kids, but the stroller will in fact work well for any parent.

It is sturdy, provides smooth ride, easy to fold, turns at tight corners like a charm, and is sleek looking – don’t you like any of these features?

The stroller converts to a complete travel system, so keen jogging parents and runners with newborns will find that BOB Revolution Flex will work well for them as well.

The Revolution Flex will also suit parents with twins as it is available in the Duallie two-seat model.

How should you pay for a BOB Revolution Flex?

The single BOB Revolution Flex has a manufacturer’s list price of $479.99 while the Duallie two-seat model double stroller is priced at $689.99. However, there are great deals on the stroller, and the best deals are available from online retailers like Amazon.

How would you like a 20% discount plus free shipping on the jogging stroller? That was the deal on Amazon when I compared online prices on the BOB Revolution Flex.

Promotional prices do change without notice. You may get similar or even better deal on the jogging stroller if you check the price today.

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Do I still have your attention, or would you rather jump over and get yourself a good deal on the stroller? Stay with me, and learn more about the features of BOB Revolution Flex in greater details that may help you decide if this is the jogging stroller for you and family.

Apart from the dimensions, capacity, available colors and the price, features of the Revolution Flex single and Duallie double-seater strollers are exactly the same.

Comfort Features for You and Baby

The comfort your baby enjoys on a stroller should be top of your criteria when buying a stroller like the BOB Revolution Flex.  For good reasons, it cost far more than other jogging strollers like the Instep Grand Safari, but you still want to be sure you are spending your money on the right stroller.

BOB Revolution Flex DuallieBOB did not disappoint with the wealth of features provided on the Revolution Flex to keep your baby or toddler comfortable and happy on the stroller.

  • High Strength Aluminum Alloy used for the frame of the stroller is the core of the durability, and the ability to tackle rough terrains without falling apart like cheaper alternatives.
  • Adjustable Padded Handlebar has 9 positions in 180 degree swing that provide the right pushing heights for parents. Tall parents do not need to bend, or short parents tip toe to push the BOB Revolution Flex
  • Comfortably Padded Seat is made with Poly and Dobby weave fabrics with water repellent coating for easy care.
  • Adjustable Seatback Recline  –  Seat Reclines down to 70° from vertical.
  • 5 Position Canopy  that can be toggled in different angles within 125 degrees range to provide great protection from the sun, wind or light rain. The canopy has an 85 sq inch clear viewing windows allowing kids to see the world go by, and parents to keep a close eye on them while riding on the stroller.
  • Ample Storage consist 2 inside mesh seat pockets, 1 large pocket on seatback and a large Low Boy Cargo Basket underneath seat. There is enough storage on the stroller for baby and your personal stuff.
  • Seat Care for BOB Revolution Flex – To keep the seats in pristine condition, BOB recommends it should be sponged with a solution of lukewarm water and mild soap, and rinsed thoroughly with clean water to remove all soap, and then allow the seat to dry. DO NOT USE DETERGENT to clean the seat.

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Baby Safety Features

BOB Revolution Flex Safety FeaturesThe baby safety features on a stroller are what parents should consider first when buying an all-terrain stroller like the BOB Revolution Flex.  You want to make sure your child is secure and safe on the stroller when you take to those rough and jagged surfaces.

Again, on the Revolution Flex jogging stroller, BOB delivered on baby safety features:

  • Seat Harness consist of padded shoulder and crotch straps that form a secure 5 point safety harness held together by a child-proof yet easy to operate buckle.  The adjustable harness ensures your child is held securely but comfortable on the stroller.
  • Wrist Strap is made of High strength, polyester fabric webbing.  It is attached to the stroller handle and parents wrap it around their wrist so the stroller will not run away with occupant if they lose their grip. It is particularly useful when running or jogging down slope where strollers tend to pick up speed. The strap is also used to secure the BOB Revolution Flex when it is folded.
  • Rear Brake is foot-activated for parking the stroller or when you come to a stop.  BOB recommends you should not use the rear brake on slopes as this may not firmly hold the stroller on steep slopes. How many times have you seen parents chasing after strollers even when they think they have secured the foot brake? On the Revolution, use the foot brake only on flat surfaces.

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Is Revolution Flex Compact, Easy to Fold & Carry?

When you are joggling with your baby and groceries, the last time you want to worry about is a stroller that folds like a jigsaw puzzle, and weighs like a ton of brick. You will be glad to know the BOB Revolution Flex folds into a compact size in two easy steps, and you can use the wrist strap to secure it while folded for transportation or storage.

The front and rear wheels can be easily removed to fold the Revolution Flex even more compact. Check the stroller dimensions below to see how small you can fold the stroller.

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Tires and Wheels Designed for All Terrain

High strength aluminum frame combined with air filled tires, large front and rear wheels, and adjustable suspensions are the signature features on BOB jogging strollers, and these are carried over to the Revolution Flex.  The front swivels, which makes the stroller highly maneuverable, turns at tight corners with ease.

The wheel can be fixed in the forward position at the flick of a switch, transforming the BOB Revolution Flex to a fixed wheel stroller that performs better for jogging and running.

  • Swivel Front Wheel  – High-impact polymer composite with 12.5” pneumatic  tires
  • Rear Wheels  – High-impact polymer composite with 16” pneumatic tires
  • Adjustable Suspension System – Coil spring and elastomer core shock absorbers that provide 3” of wheel travel when riding over bumps and rough terrains.  It can be adjusted in two occupant weight positions – Position 1: 0-40 lbs. Position 2: 41-70 lbs.

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Size and Capacity of BOB Revolution Flex

Size and capacity are where the BOB Revolution Flex single stroller differs significantly from the Duallie 2-seater double stroller. The single stroller will carry a child from 8 weeks to a maximum weight of 70 lb (including other cargo on the stroller).  The Duallie can be used for two babies from 8 weeks 100 lb total load capacity.

Both the Revolution Flex Duallie and single stroller can be used for babies from birth if used with an Infant Car Seat Adapter and compatible Infant Car Seat.  44 inches (112cm) is the maximum height of a child the strollers are designed to carry.

The best way to show other differences in size and capacity is to compare the single and double strollers side by side:

BOB Revolution Flex Single BOB Revolution Flex Duallie
Stroller Weight 26.2lb 34.1lb
Overall Length – Jogging mode 53.0 in 59.5 in
Overall Width  25.4 in  30.6 in
Folded Length –  wheels off 37 in  39.0 in
Folded Height – wheels off  10.5 in  11.0 in
Handle Bar Height – Adjustable  33.5 – 45.8 in 31.5 – 47.5.0 in

Note the differences in the dimensions of the Revolution Flex Duallie and the single stroller; it may help some parents decide if they have enough space for storage at home or transportation in the trunk of their car.

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Available Styles & Colors

The Revolution Flex is available in a single and double stroller. I wish there is a triple as good triple strollers are hardly available from any of the top brands.

The model you decide to buy depends on whether you are caring for one or two children that are within the weight capacity of the jogging strollers.

Features on both strollers are the same, but while the single stroller is available in 5 colors, the Duallie is one color short – available in only 4 colors.

  • 5 colors of BOB Revolution Flex Single Stroller Revolution – Lagoon/Silver, Orange/Silver, Wilderness, Black/Black, Lagoon/Black. Two more colors Red and Meadow were introduced in 2016.
  • 4 colors of Revolution Flex Duallie –  Lagoon/Silver, Orange/Silver, Wilderness, Black/Black

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Is BOB Revolution Flex Infant Car Seat Compatible?

Parents with newborn can easily transform the BOB Revolution Flex to a complete travel system with a matching BOB B-SAFE infant car seat. The Infant car seat and car seat adapter are of course optional accessories that are sold separately.

Babies not old enough to hold their head straight without support require an infant car seat to ride on the BOB Revolution Flex.

If you are an off road jogger or runner, it is recommended that children be at least 8 months old, or as may be directed by your pediatrician before they go jogging with you. The age at which parents can jog or run with babies on a stroller is unique to each child as children grow and develop at different rate.

Check BOB Compatibility chart for matching car seat adapter and infant car seats.

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BOB Revolution Flex Compared with BOB Revolution SE

The only notable difference between the BOB Revolution Flex and the SE in my opinion is the adjustable handlebar introduced in the Flex single and Duallie double jogging stroller.

The Revolution Flex of course has more choice of colors to pick from, and you can get some of the colors with black frame, but these are not major differences compared to the benefits an adjustable handlebar provides.

BOB Revolution Flex compared side by side with Revolution SE.

BOB Revolution Flex Stroller BlackBOB Revolution Flex Stroller BlackpriceBOB Revolution SE Single Stroller OrangeBOB Revolution SE Single Stroller Orangeprice 

Warranty on BOB Revolution Flex

The frame of the BOB Revolution Flex has is warranted for 5 years by BOB Gear, a division of Britax. Other components and fabric are guaranteed for one year. The warranty on the stroller is limited to the original buyer, and does not cover normal wear, neglect, abuse or improper use of the Revolution Flex stroller. You will find full details of the warranty and how to make a claim on the user manual.

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Pros and Cons Summarized

Having reviewed the stroller in great details, I will now quickly summarize the positive features of the BOB Revolution Flex which explain why many parents love it, and rate the stroller so highly in online reviews:

BOB Revolution Flex Single and DualliePros:

  • Adjustable padded handlebar- a new feature for to push the stroller at comfortable 9 handlebar height positions.
  • Swiveling front wheel makes the Revolution Flex highly maneuverability and the wheel can be locked forward for increased stability when jogging or running
  • It folds in two easy steps to a compact size that is convenient for transportation and storage
  • The BOB Revolution Flex is made of durable high strength, lightweight aluminum
  • The Suspension system is State-of-the-art – adjustable for two weight range to provide exceptionally smooth ride for babies, toddlers and infants.
  • It converts to a complete travel system with compatible infant car seats
  • The seat is richly padded and reclines to enhance comfort for occupants of the stroller
  • BOB Revolution Flex has ample storage space with a large undercarriage Low Boy Cargo Basket, seatback pocket, and internal seat pockets.
  • The multi-position canopy adjusts to give your child maximum protection against the elements.
  • Pneumatic tires on high-impact polymer composite wheels tackle rough terrains with ease
  • 5 point safety harness and a wrist strap help parents secure their children on the Revolution Flex.
BOB Revolution Flex – Single Stroller BOB Revolution Flex – Double Stroller
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Any Cons and Complaints about the BOB Revolution Flex?

With such a long list of favorable features going for stroller, you would think that everyone caring for children will be jumping up to buy a Revolution Flex.  While those who have purchased the stroller rate it very highly, there are barriers and concerns that make a small number hesitate:

  • The cost of the stroller is one major barrier that keeps some parents pressing the buy button.  Though they would love to own the stroller, not every parent can easily afford over $400 for the BOB Revolution Flex.
  • The price you will find though, compare favorably with other quality jogging strollers in same category – like the Baby Jogger Summit X3
  • Some parents have remarked they find the Flex Duallie double stroller bulky and struggled to push it through doors. This is however a common issue with double strollers spacious enough to seat two children comfortably.

Take a look at my table comparing the dimensions of the Revolution Flex single and double strollers, you will find that the double seater Duallie is just about 5 inches wider than the single jogging stroller.

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Revolution Flex – Easy Fold Video Demo

This is another short video, this time demonstrating how easy it is to fold and unfold a BOB stroller in 2 simple steps.

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Conclusion and My Recommendation

With the BOB Revolution Flex receiving rave reviews running at 4.7 out of 5 stars in customer satisfaction, I am in no doubt that the popularity of the jogging stroller will surpass the also highly rated BOB Revolution SE.

The adjustable handle that was missing on the Revolution SE was my major criticism when I reviewed it, and parents were also calling for it because other less expensive brands of jogging strollers were coming out with new models with adjustable handles.

If you are one of the parents that hesitated to a BOB stroller because it lacked a handle you can adjust, take a good look at the Revolution Flex single or double stroller.

The Flex is a complete, all round stroller that will meet the need of active parents that are keen joggers or runners.  It will also serve you and your baby well, if you only need such a quality stroller for regular daily errands with the kid – trips to shopping mall, parks, day out to the beach, or gentle strolls around your neighborhood. BOB has come out with a winner in the Revolution Flex.

The single Revolution Flex is available in 4 popular colors – Black, Lagoon, Orange, Wildernes/Black. The Double seater Duallie can also be purchased in the same 4 colors as the single jogging stroller.

BOB Revolution Flex Stroller LagoonBOB Revolution Flex Stroller LagoonpriceBOB Revolution Flex Duallie Stroller BlackBOB Revolution Flex Duallie Stroller Blackprice 

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Accessories for BOB Revolution Flex Stroller

Unlike jogging strollers like the Instep that come with most of the accessories you need on a stroller, BOB does not include a single accessory when you buy their jogging stroller.

Though you can enjoy BOB Revolution Flex without buying any of the accessories, items like the infant Child Tray, Parent Console, Travel Bag and Weather Shield can enhance the convenience and increase the satisfaction you and your child get from the stroller.

Car Seat Adapters for BOB Revolution Flex

You will need the Car Seat Adapter if you plan to use the BOB Revolution Flex for babies that are too young to seat on the stroller seat.  There are different adapters for the single and the Duallie double Flex stroller, and they are also different for Infant Car Seat Makes and Models.

Child’s Snack Tray

The Snack Tray should be top of your list of accessories for the Revolution Flex.  It will deliver immediate benefits for your child on the stroller, providing a place within easy reach of your child to grab snacks and sippy bottle of drinks.

Stroller Travel Bag (Single Models Only)

BOB travel bag is only available in one size that fits only the single BOB strollers.  It protects BOB strollers and helps to transport or store them more conveniently.  You will need a bigger travel bag for the Flex Duallie.  I have not however seen a double jogging stroller travel bag that matches the quality of BOB travel bag, so I am unable to recommend a suitable bag at this time.  If you find one, let me know.

Warm Fuzzy

The Warn Fuzzy is a pretty fleece and I would not worry about buying it.  If budget is a concern, and you have a good baby fleece or blanket, it will do to keep your baby warm on the stroller.
The Bob Warn Fuzzy is now retired and longer available to buy. I would recommend the Baby Infant Universal Stroller Sleeping Bag below as a great alternative. It cost about the same as the Bob Warm Fuzzy and is available in three lovely colors.

This Outdoor Waterproof Baby Infant Universal Stroller Sleeping Bag is a great alternative to the retired Bob Warm Fuzzy

Outdoor Tour Waterproof Baby Infant Universal Stroller Sleeping Bag Outdoor Tour Waterproof Baby Infant Universal Stroller Sleeping Bag price

Weather Shield

I would definitely recommend buying the Weather Shield, especially if you are from a state that is blessed with a lot of rain.  Don’t risk going out with the kid on the Revolution Flex without a good protection from severe wind and rain, which can sometimes surprise you while jogging or running.

The Sun Shield

The Sun Shield is another great protection for your child, especially in the summer months.  The mesh screen will protect your child from wind, flying insects and more importantly reduce the sun’s harmful ultraviolet UVA/UVB rays on your child.

Click on the link to read my full reviews of all BOB Stroller Accessories.

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If you have any questions, please leave a comment below and I will reply. And if you have any other thoughts to share about this review, your comments are welcome.

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