Special Needs Jogging Stroller – Top Two Choices Compared

Special Needs Jogging StrollerThe experience of outdoor activities and everyday transportation of children and adults with restricted mobility can be very enjoyable for active parents, careers, and the cared for, when the right type of special needs jogging stroller is used to carry them around.

Otherwise, it can be daunting and very demanding on parents and carers, as normal jogging strollers do not have the range of features to satisfy the specific needs of our loved ones that need help with their mobility.

The requirements on a mobility stroller for anyone with special needs are different, and that is why special needs jogging strollers are designed to care for necessities like leg and pelvic positioning, trunk support, head support, reclining and tilting seats, and other features that will make one model of special needs stroller a better choice for you than the other.

Mobility jogging strollers and push chairs come in different capacities that can accommodate infants, children and adults with special needs.

For active families that enjoy outdoor activities, an all-terrain special needs jogging stroller with the right features is a good choice to consider, though they tend to be more expensive than other strollers.

In this review, I will be looking at two popular special needs mobility joggers, why parents and careers like or loathe them and the features I think make one stroller better than the other.

The Baby Jogger Freedom stroller and the Kool-Stop Kool Stride special needs strollers are the two top choices for parents and care givers. Read my full reviews of both strollers below, and how their features, prices, and consumer ratings  compare against each other.

Baby Jogger Freedom Stroller with 16 in.WheelsBaby Jogger Freedom Stroller with 16 in.WheelspriceKool-Stop Kool- Stride Special Needs StrollerKool-Stop Kool- Stride Special Needs Strollerprice

#1 – Baby Jogger Freedom Stroller

The Freedom Jogger Stroller is a great special needs jogging stroller that is popular with parents and care givers.  It is manufactured by Advanced Mobility, a division of Baby Jogger LCC.

Baby Jogger Freedom StrollerIt is produced by a company with over 25 years experience in the manufacture of strollers that are innovative and safe for children and adults that need special help in moving around.  The Baby Jogger Freedom is an all-terrain jogging stroller that is sturdy, light weight, with an amazing 200 pound capacity for heavy occupants.

With a swivel front wheel kit that is included as part of the purchase, the Freedom Jogging stroller and pushchair is very easy to maneuver in crowded places like sidewalks, malls or parks. The fixed front wheel and pneumatic tires make the stroller easy to push in all types of terrain, and is great fun for running and speed walking with those with special mobility needs.

For passengers with weaknesses in their lower body, the Baby Jogger Freedom stroller has foot straps that are used to hold the feet securely, and comfortably.

Key features I like about Baby Jogger Freedom Stroller

  • Padded Reclining seat – richly padded for occupant great comfort, and can be reclined 120 – 137 degrees.
  • 200lbs weight capacity – a high load capacity to carry handicapped children and adults.
  • Adjustable 5-point safety harness – safely secures occupants with mobility issues on the stroller
  • Multi-position sun canopy  – with clear view windows and side ventilation panels to shield occupants from harsh weather and keep good air circulation inside the jogging stroller.
  • Quick-Release Wheels – 16″ quick-release rear wheels and 16″ fixed front wheel
  • Handbrake – for increased control on hilly or uneven terrain
  • Rear parking brake – to hold the stroller firmly stationary whenever you come to a stop.
  • Curved ergonomic handlebar – makes it easy and comfortable to push the Freedom stroller.
  • Swivel front wheel kit – included, and easy to fit, transforming the stroller to highly maneuverable swivel wheel jogging stroller for special needs.
  • No tools required – Baby Jogger Freedom stroller folds into a compact size and no tool is necessary.
  • Multiple storage – ample storage compartments for the occupant, parents, or care giver.

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Size and Capacity of Baby Jogger Freedom Stroller

When making the decision on which special needs jogging stroller to purchase, it is important to consider the dimensions of the stroller, and the recommended weight capacity to help you ensure it will satisfy the needs of the occupant and serve you for a very long time.

The folded measurements are particularly important to check if you would like to have an idea of the storage space required for a special needs stroller, and whether it can be folded small enough to fit into the trunk of your car.

Strollers for the mobility impaired can be expensive, and it is a purchase any parent or care giver would like to get right with the first buy. The following are the full dimensions and weight limit of the Baby Jogger Advanced Freedom Push chair to help you get an idea of the overall size.

You can read more details about the Freedom Stroller by downloading the user manual 

Maximum Recommended Weight
Stroller Weight
Wheel Size
Folded with Wheels
Folded without Wheels
Reclining Seat Angle
200 lbs
30 lbs
16″ (x3)
66 3/8″ x 30 1/2″ x 41″
53″ x 30 1/2″ x 20″
47″ x 24″ x 15 1/2″
120° – 137°
Seat Specifications (L x W x H)
Maximum Head Height
Seat Back Height
Seat Back Width
Seat to Inside of Knee
Shoulder Width
Back of Knee to Footplate
Width of Knee
29 3/8″
13 3/8″

Available Style and Design

Baby Jogger Freedom Swivel Front WheelBaby Jogger Advanced Freedom stroller is designed to carry one physically handicapped child or an adult. It is available in navy blue. You can also opt for accessories like the roll pillow, carry bag, Highback Kit that adds extra 6” to the seat height, Footwell Kit, Liquid Holster, and the Wind, Rain and Bug Canopy.

A swivel front wheel kit is included when you buy the Freedom stroller. The kit makes the stroller easier to turn at tight corners and crowded places.

Customers like to buy this stroller because it’s comfortable, easily accessible, friendly and just right for people of all ages. By designing this specialized stroller, Baby Jogger, through its Advance Mobility Division, proves its commitment to helping children and adults with physical handicaps lead as normal and physically active life as possible.

How much should you pay for the Freedom Jogging Stroller?

I did drop the hint that special need jogging strollers are hefty investment and the Freedom special needs stroller can be expensive, depending on which online retailer you buy from.  At the time of this review, it is sold for about $899, with free shipping on reputable online stores.

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What’s included?

It comes with:

  • Complete parts for full assembly of the stroller
  • Swivel front wheel conversion kit
  • 1 year warranty on components, fabrics and wheels
  • Lifetime warranty on the frame

What others are saying about the Freedom Stroller

“Great value for the price, with a huge shade, and fits my son’s needs”

“Sturdy construction, stable and a joy to push on all terrains”

Any Complaints?

  • The swivel front wheel is very small compared to the large 16” wheels, but does swivel 360 degrees, making turns at tight corners easy
  • It is a large stroller, and probably not the size you would want to take often to your local shopping mall.
  • The price tag is high, but so also are comparable quality special needs jogging strollers.

The Baby Jogger Freedom jogging stroller is well built, with many features to meet the special needs of children and adults with mobility challenges. If you are looking for a stroller to that will help you enjoy an active lifestyle, and outdoor activities with your loved ones, it is definitely a stroller to consider.

#2 – Kool-Stop Kool  Stride Special Needs Stroller

Kool Stop Kool Stride Special Needs StrollerAnother great jogging stroller for children and adults with impaired mobility is the Kool Stride from Kool Stop.  Elegantly made with brushed steel spokes and aluminium hubs, the Kool Stride is a stroller packed with features to safely carry occupants with special needs when outdoors on family activities.

It has large 20 inch rear wheels and 16 inch fixed front wheel ideal for strolling, jogging and running on all terrains.  The large pneumatic wheels cover grounds very quickly, and make the Kool Stride stroller really easy to push on grass, gravel or pathways.

The stroller folds flat to a size that is convenient for storage and transportation in the trunk of your car.  The wheels can also be quickly removed to fold the stroller into an even more compact size.

It is a high quality stroller that can carry a person with disability weighing up to 150lbs

This Kool Stride special needs stroller compare closely with the Baby Jogger Freedom stroller in safety and comfort features, but there are some differences that I will highlight later in my review.

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Key features I like about the Kool Stride special needs jogging stroller:

  • Holds up to 150 lbs – to carry children and adults with special mobility needs
  • Richly Padded Seat -for comfortable seating for occupant of the stroller
  • Adjustable Handle – makes the Kool Stride easy to push whether you are tall or short
  • Five point harness – more secure than 3 points harness, and holds occupant safe
  • Retractable sun canopy – with viewing window to keep a close eye on the occupant of the jogging stroller.
  • Five degree cambered rear wheels – improves stability and tracking when jogging or running with the stroller
  • Two parking brakes – hold the Kool Stride firmly rooted to a spot when you come to a stop with the stroller.
  • Sealed bearings on all wheels – keeps dirt out of a key component of the stroll and wheels rolling.
  • Kool Fold System  – Simple steps patented Kool-Stop’s easy fold system
  • Push button quick release wheels – with alloy rims and hubs, and stainless steel spokes
  • 20” Rear wheels – large, and easy to push over all terrains’
  • 16” Fixed Front wheel – great for jogging and running and works well with the larger rear wheels to make the Kool Stride extremely easy to push.

Size and Capacity of Kool Stride jogging stroller

Kool-Stop Kool StrideI cannot emphasis enough how important it is to take a close look at the dimensions of a jogging stroller to help you decide if you will have enough space for storage at home, or in the trunk of your car when transporting the stroller.

Check the folded measurement of the strollers – that will give you an idea how compact you can collapse the Kool Stop Kool Stride stroller.  If it is not easy for you to visualise the length, width and heights in the measurements below, get a simple tape or ruler and measure out the dimensions.

Maximum Weight Limit: 150 lbs.

Overall Weight: 35  lbs.

Overall dimensions: 54” H x 39.5” W x 29” D

Folded dimensions: 41” H x 7” W x 21” D

Other Dimensions of the Kool Stride

  • Overall Height: 49.5″
  • Overall Width: 27.5″
  • Overall Depth: 65″
  • Seat Width: 17″
  • Seat Depth: 11″
  • Seat Back Height: 26″
  • Wheel Diameter: 20″
  • Wheel Base Width: 26″
  • Handle Height: 44″

Available Style and Design

Kool Stride Special Needs StrollerThe Kool Stride special needs jogging stroller is available in one design with one seat, capable of carry a child with impaired mobility, or an adult weighing up to 150lbs.

The rear wheels are 4” larger than the fixed front, and cambered for stability and better tracking of the jogging stroller.  With a richly padded seat, huge canopy with side ventilation, and top viewing window, the Kool Stride jogging stroller offers frail and disabled people safe, secure and very comfortable seating for various outdoor activities.

How much should you pay?

The Kool Stride stroller is priced at about $795.00 online with Free Shipping at the time of this review.  That is about pretty much what most major online shops are selling the stroller.

I could not find a site where there is a discount on the price of the Kool-Stop Kool Stride stroller at the time I was reviewing the stroller.

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What others are saying about Kool-Stop Kool Stride

These are some snippets of how some parents and care givers have reviewed the Kool Stride stroller.

The Kool Stride I easier to push than regular heavy wheelchair, and has made taking my side outside for a walk much fun. Worth the investment”

“A wonderful special needs stroller. Our multiple impaired daughter loves going out on her new stroller to view the surroundings. A great product”

Any Complaints about the Kool Stride stroller?

  • Again the cost of this special needs stroller is a concern many parents. It is however cheaper than the Baby Jogger Freedom stroller
  • At the time of this review, there was no user manual online to download for the stroller
  • The Kool Stride does not have the option for a swivel front wheel that is more manoeuvrable at tight turns, and crowded places.

Comparing Baby Jogger Freedom Stroller vs Kool-Stop Kool Stride Stroller

These are two quality special needs strollers that look very much alike in design but are significantly different in many areas.  I will show you some of the areas and key features that are different between the Baby Jogger Freedom and Kool Stride strollers:

  • Price – Both strollers are not cheaper, but the Kool Stride is about $100 less expensive than the Baby Jogger Freedom stroller.
  • Load Capacity – The Freedom special needs jogger has 50lbs more load capacity than the Kool Stride stroller. It is a better choice for carrying heavily built adults with impaired mobility.
  • Adjustable Handlebar – The Kool Stride’s stroller handle can be adjusted which makes it more comfortable to set the handlebar at levels most comfortable for pushing – whether you are tall or short. The handlebar on the Freedom Push Chair is ergonomic but not adjustable.
  • Reclining Seat – The seat on the Baby Jogger Freedom stroller can be reclined between 120° – 137° offering more comfortable seating positions for the occupants.
  • The Wheels – The Freedom strollers has all wheel size of 16”, plus a swivel front wheel kit that can be used in crowded places for better turns. The Kool-Stop Kool Stride stroller has large 20” rear wheels, and 16” front fixed wheel. The rear wheels on the Kool Stride are cambered for stability and better tracking, but the stroller does not come with a swivel front wheel kit.
  • Overall Weight of Strollers – The Kool Stride is surprisingly heavier than the Baby Jogger Freedom stroller.  Its overall weight is 35lbs, while the Freedom stroller weight is 30lbs.

Baby Jogger Freedom stroller picture comparison with the Kool-Stop Kool Stride special needs stroller. Both with large canopies with side ventilation. But take a look at the larger 20″ rear wheels of the Kool Stride stroller.

Baby Jogger Freedom Stroller with 16 in.WheelsBaby Jogger Freedom Stroller with 16 in.WheelspriceKool-Stop Kool- Stride Special Needs StrollerKool-Stop Kool- Stride Special Needs Strollerprice

If you have any questions, please leave a comment below and I will reply. And if you have any other thoughts to share about this review, your comments are welcome.


  1. Shannon says:

    I have had a similar stroller for my disabled adult. Love it when on the go but trting to get him in and out is difficult due to foot plate. Anybody know how to safely get them in and out?

    • Jeff Adam says:

      Hi Shannon,

      It would depend on how much help and how heavy the person is. If a lot of help is needed, perhaps you may want to think of portable lifting hoists. They can be expensive, and the cheapest could cost you as much the price of the stroller.


  2. Rafael Moreno says:

    Hello my name is Rafael Moreno I was actually wondering if the kool-stop kool-stride stroller can come with a larger foot plate (foot rest). I also wanted to know if it was possible to add breaks , it only comes with a front parking brake. I currently have one. I add a larger foot plate and it really helps. I would really appreciate if you can get back to me,
    thank you.

    • Hi Rafael,

      I have not seen a larger foot rest or a brake conversion kit for the kool-stop all terrain special needs stroller. A hand brake will be a great improvement that will help control the stroller when stopping. I wonder how you were able to get the larger foot rest?

      Kool-Stop customer service are very responsive to product information requests, and I would suggest you call or drop them an email about a brake conversion kit for the stroller. There is a good chance they may have a kit, as they manufacture a variety of brake pads. Kool-Stop customer service contact details are below:
      Tel +1.5036364673


  3. Sara Winter says:

    Do you think one of these srollers would be practical for an elderly person? Would they have difficulty getting in and or out?

    • Jeff Adam says:

      Hi Sara,

      Though both strollers are suitable, I would recommend the Baby Jogger Freedom Stroller for an adult with special need. It has 200 pound capacity for children or adults, which is more than the 150 – 175 pound capacity of the Kool-Stop Kool- Stride Special Needs Stroller. The difficulty in getting in and out of the strollers depends on the level mobility assistance the occupant will require. Both strollers have reclining seats that can be lowered or raised to make it easier to get in and out.

      These are the two most popular special needs jogging stroller for children and adults. The Baby Jogger Freedom stroller has more capacity than the Kool-Stop Kooll Stride strollers and may be more suited for adults with weight up to 200 pounds. Both strollers have reclining seats and multi position canopies which make it easy to get in and out of the strollers.

      Baby Jogger Freedom Stroller with 16in WheelsBaby Jogger Freedom Stroller with 16in WheelspriceKool-Stop Kool- Stride Special Needs StrollerKool-Stop Kool- Stride Special Needs Strollerprice

  4. I thoroughly appreciate these reviews! I had NO idea that Baby Jogger and others were even making this item when I googled “adult size baby jogger”! I want to take my 90 year old mother on a cruise/tour to Greece, Italy etc, and the trip will be only 11 weeks post-op hip replacement for me. She’s very slow in her walker, and as I put thousands (literally) of miles on my Baby Jogger in the late 1980’s-early 90’s, I know what a joy they are to navigate. I will certainly give serious consideration to the strollers mentioned here, so I thank the reviewer again for her/his thoughtful reviews!

    • Jeff Adam says:

      Thanks Chris for your warm comments. I am glad you find our reviews of adult sized jogging strollers useful.

      Best Regards

  5. Arvette Winslow says:

    This is great, just great. I am looking for a jogging stroller for my Mom, just turned 80. She had her right leg amputated 5 years ago, has a wheelchair, however, I want to take her almost everywhere I go. I have been looking for a stroller for her and the Baby Jogger Freedom Stroller sounds PERFECT! I am going to try and see if her insurance will give us one, if not, I will get it and get it soon. This has made me so happy.

    • Jeff Adam says:

      Hi Arvette,

      I’m glad you found the information very useful. The Baby Jogger Freedom Stroller is definitely a good choice whenever you are ready to buy.


      Baby Jogger Freedom Stroller is a great choice for adults with special needs.

      Baby Jogger Freedom Stroller with 16 in.WheelsBaby Jogger Freedom Stroller with 16 in.Wheelsprice

    • Hi Arvette– could you please post here how you get along with that? I’m so glad you commented here, bc it seems you and I are in a similar position. I am sorry about your mom’s leg, but happy that she has a wonderful child who wants to take her almost everywhere! Chris(tine), 65

      And Jeff, thanks again for having this forum or whatever it is 🙂

  6. Katherine Sullivan says:

    HI there.. my 140 pound teen daughter has had a bad accident and I want to be able to take her out on trails, to the mall, to museums, out into nature… and some rugged terrain. Which of these two do you feel is most adaptable for more rugged outdoor activities? THanks!


    • Jeff Adam says:

      Hi Katherine,

      I’m so sorry to hear about your daughter’s accident. With such a caring mother like you, I am sure she’ll get better soon.

      Without a doubt, I would recommend the Baby Jogger Freedom Stroller. It does not look as cool as the Kool-Stop Kool Stride, but it is more robust with a max weight capacity of 200 lbs compared with 150 lbs for the Kool-Stop Kool Stride.

      And with your daughter’s weight of 140 lbs, the Baby Jogger Freedom Stroller is definitely a better choice because your daughter’s weight is a lot closer to the max recommended for the Kool-Stop Kool Stride compared to the Baby Jogger.

      I say, go for the Baby Jogger Freedom Stroller, and best wishes and great outcome for your daughter.

      Best Regards

  7. Nancy L says:

    Thank you for these reviews. My special needs daughter is 13 and about 80 pounds. Most of my use will be on the streets and sidewalks with some possible moderate trail use. I’m curious about your opinion regarding the wheel size differences and swivel front wheel kit with the Freedom. Do you think that is an essential feature? Incidentally, we had a Kool-Stop Kool Stride double jogger when our kids were small. It was lightweight and handled great with a fixed front wheel.

    • Jeff Adam says:

      Hi Nancy,

      The rear wheel of the Kool-Stop Kool Stride Special Needs stroller is bigger at 20″ compared to 16″ of the Baby Jogger Advanced Freedom stroller rear wheel. Both will essentially take up about the same amount of space on the road, but the 20″ rear wheel will cover more grounds or distance in one rotation.

      It is true that the swivel front wheel conversion kit that comes with the Baby Jogger Freedom stroller makes it easier to turn in corners, especially if you are new to using a fixed front wheel stroller. However, in your case, you have used a fixed wheel stroller before and I will assume you are familiar with how to turn the stroller by slightly lifting the front wheel and turning it on the rear wheel. In which case, I would say the swivel front wheel kit is not essential.

      Hope that helps in your decision.


  8. Kent Moreno says:


    Good article!

    My son, Ben and I currently run using the Freedom jogging stroller.

    It’s a good stroller and I like it but it’s also like a parachute in a headwind.

    With its tapered front it looks like the Kool Stride stroller might be a better choice.

    Two questions; does the Kool Stride have a handbrake?

    I can’t imagine trying to run down a hill without a handbrake.

    And, lastly, with Ben weighing 105 pounds and being done growing, which stroller is the best for running?

    Thanks for your time!

    • Jeff Adam says:

      Hello Kent,

      I hope the Freedom jogging stroller has given you and your son Ben so much joy, apart from been like a parachute in a headwind 🙂

      The Kool Stride has handbrake that can be used to lock the jogger when placing and taking an occupant off the stroller. It is also used to slow the jogging stroller when in motion.

      Both strollers are bulky as are all jogging strollers for special needs, but the Kool Stride is more sleek in design and will be more aerodynamic for running

      I hope you find the information useful.

      Best regards to you and Ben.


  9. Lisette matzken says:

    Thank you so much for this research. I live in the Netherlands and want to go jogging with my 70 kilo special needs Daughter.

    From the above I now know that I would slightly prefer the Kool Stride, but because of her weight I will need to buy the Freedom jogger.

    Really appreciate this thanks!

    • Jeff Adam says:

      Hello Lisette,

      Thank you so much for your feedback. I am pleased to hear that you find the research useful in deciding which special needs stroller to buy.

      Best wishes to you and your daughter.


  10. i am looking for a stroller that can go on all terrain but my daughter is unable to sit and i need a fully reclined stroller . any idea if such stroller exist ?

    • Jeff Adam says:

      Hi Viviane,

      I have not come across an all terrain special needs stroller that fully recline. The popular brands like Baby Jogger Freedom stroller, Kool-Stop Kool Stride special needs stroller, and Axiom Improv Mobility Push Chair will recline up to 30% – 35%. I will keep looking out for such a stroller, and if anyone has a suggestion for Viviane, please you are welcome to contribute.


      • Kent Moreno says:

        You may not want to go this route but, you might be able to get the frame and attach an appropriate seat that does recline fully to it.

        The critical thing would be to get the balance right.

        I’m thinking a good metal fabrication shop would be able to do the modification to attach the seat to the frame.

        • Jeff Adam says:

          Hi Kent,

          Good suggestion. I am however hesitant to advise any modification on a stroller, for the obvious reason that if not done correctly, the stroller will be unsafe for the occupant. The idea of attaching a seat that reclines fully is great, if there is a manufacturer recommended car seat adapter for the stroller and there is a compatible seat. I know these are difficult to find with specialist strollers, and fabrication may be an option if done by an expert.


  11. Kent Moreno says:


    We have had a number of special needs jogging strollers over the years. We have owned 2 Freedom Strollers, 1 Liberty, 1 Adaptive Star Axiom and recently, 1 Kool-Stride

    The Adaptive Star Axiom was pretty to look at but overall, not good. Storage is lacking and it’s unstable with the balance point too far back.

    We recently purchased the Kool-Stride for my son, Ben who is dually diagnosed with Down Syndrome and autism. Ben also has some orthopedic issues that make walking difficult.

    I have to say that of all of the jogging strollers Ben has had the Kool-Stride is by far the best.

    Folding and set up is quick and easy. The Kool-Stride folds much flatter which makes transport much easier. Also, the cargo basket underneath is larger and much easier to access.

    The Kool-Stride is more aerodynamic which matters in a headwind.

    The front brake on the Kool-Stride is very impressive. The rear brake is pretty low tech but works fine.

    I love the adjustable handlebars on the Kool-Stride and the 30 degree angle bend of the handlebars seems more ergonomic and is much more comfortable on my very bad shoulders.

    The three areas where I think the Freedom stroller is better is; the rear brake (more sophisticated but not necessarily more effective), the 200 pound the weight load and the available accessories.

    If the individual is 150 lbs or lighter I would strongly recommend the Kool-Stride.

    • Jeff Adam says:

      Hi Kent,

      Thank you so much for sharing your insight and broad experience with special needs jogging strollers. I am sure many of our readers will find your contribution very useful in making the decision on which of these two special needs jogging strollers to buy.

      My best regards to you and Ben.


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