Triple Jogging Strollers – and Which is the Best

Triple Jogging Stroller

#1 – Triple Baby Jogger – Perfect for 3 Kids

So everyone knows what to buy if they were blessed with troublesome twins, but what happens when you have triplets? What many people don’t know is that there is actually a solution for this that doesn’t involve cramming any of the kids into tight spaces or leaving one behind (sigh).

With a triple jogging stroller, all three kids and parent can travel comfortably as they are extremely easy to push and do not take up much room, despite being fairly large. But triple jogging strollers can be expensive, and you may wonder if it’s worth it. The real question should be isn’t your baby worth it?

Many major brand manufacturers of jogging strollers like BOB, Instep, Baby Trend, Jeep , Joovy, and Schwinn which you will find in our reviews do not make a lot of single and double versions of their jogging strollers, but do not produce them in triple. This could be because their are more demands for the single and double strollers.

Baby Jogger however, produced what is my favorite triple baby jogger, the Baby Jogger Summit 360 triple jogging stroller. I am really disappointed that parents are unable to buy this top quality triple stroller at present.  It has been unavailable for a while, and is no longer listed on Baby Jogger products.  This has lead to speculations that even though the Summit 360 was the best triple jogging stroller I have seen so far, Baby Jogger may be pulling out of the triple jogger market.

UPDATE ==>> The Triple Trio Baby Jogger is currently unavailable on Amazon. It is really strange, but manufacturers seem to be taking their Triple jogging strollers off the market, and they are not introducing new models. Typical example is my favorite, the  Baby Jogger Triple jogger. It’s been awhile it was discontinued, and there is no replacement yet.

I am not a great fan of the BeBeLove triple jogging stroller and at some point it was the only options available on Amazon as better triple joggers were discontinued.  However, the Valco Baby Tri-Mode Twin EX Stroller with optional conversion to a triple jogger is becoming very popular with active parents that need to go jogging with three kids.

Styles of Triple Jogging Strollers

There two main designs of triple strollers, the side by side, and the tandem stroller styles. Both have their advantages and drawbacks, and which ever style you prefer will depend on how and where you plan to use the triple jogging stroller.

Side by Side Triple Baby Joggers

The triple side by side jogging stroller consists of three seats in a row, making it considerably wider than the tandem stroller. However, it allows the kids to engage in some baby bonding time, as they are not kept apart, unlike the tandem stroller. You can also keep a much needed eye on all three kids at one time as they are not hidden from view. Furthermore all kids can enjoy the window seat, and no arguments will ensue about who gets to be in front!

Tandem Triple Jogging Strollers

The triple tandem stroller is more practical for the more adventurous parents as it consist of three seats, one behind the other. This makes it much slimmer, and streamline allowing easy navigation through narrow corridors. It is also easier to push as there is smaller hand difference, which allows you to jog in comfort.

Benefits and Downsides of Triple Jogging Strollers


  • They are very easy to fold, which allows for easy storage, whether it’s in the back of the care or under the stairs.
  • Unfortunately, not all kids are asleep when they should be. Triple jogging strollers tend to have individually inclining seats, so some kids can sleep while the others are still wide awake.
  • Large basket area leaves a lot of space for virtually anything you can’t carry.
  • Foot rests can be individually adjusted so any sized child can ride comfortably.
  • They often come with rain a canopy to keep your children dry or eyen protect them from the sun
  • The safety belts are strong and allow you an easy mind while you jog about the safety of you children.


If you don’t install or use your stroller properly and follow manufacturers instructions, you may not experience the full benefits of a triple jogger:

  • They are quite heavy, as expected, but triple jogging strollers are extremely easy to push and navigate around corners.
  • The wheels may be seen as ‘faulty’ if they are not correctly fitted to the triple jogging stroller, or if the stroller is not used properly. When buying your triple jogging stroller, talk to a member of staff about which wheels are right for you, and ensure that you don’t exceed the maximum weight. This will allow you to push the stroller with ease and navigate easily.
  • Some people have said that they have found the triple jogging stroller to large. However, as they do come in different sizes, make sure you have enough space in storage for the size you want before purchase. If you find that it is too large, smaller triple jogging strollers are still made for three children and should be just as comfortable.
  • The side by side triple jogging strollers can be quite wide, and therefore harder to navigate through narrow spaces.
  • Triple joggers are rarely compatible with infant car seats, perhaps in the tandem triple, but not in the side by side strollers because of their wide size, and problem with stability if fitted with car seat.

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Top 3 Triple jogging stroller

#1 – Valco Baby Tri-Mode Twin EX Triple Jogging stroller

Valco Triple Jogging StrollerValco Baby Tri-Mode Twin EX Stroller is a stylish double jogger on four wheels.  It is an all-terrain jogger that converts easily to a triple jogger with a toddler seat that is attached to the frame of the stroller. Each child has a separate seat and richly padded seat, and the adjustable canopies are also separate.

The Valco Baby Tri-Mode Twin jogger is just less than 29 inches wide, and with the swiveling front wheel, it is a dream to push the stroller through narrow paths and crowded places.  It has an adjustable handle to accommodate the varying handlebar height at which tall or petite parents can comfortably push a stroller.

Keys features of the Valco Baby Tri-Mode Twin EX Triple Jogger:

  • All-Terrain Tires – 12 inch air filled tires with two swiveling front wheel that can be locked for jogging
  • Tri Mode Wheel System – turning a dial changes ride three wheel positions – fixed for light jogging, 45 degree angle for toddler seat, and full swivel mode for super mobility.
  • Richly Padded Seat – comfortable for kids of all ages and include Infant Head Huggers
  • One Touch Seat Recline – an any position seat recline system that ranges from newborn to fully upright for toddlers
  • Extra Ex (Extend) Canopies – rounded canopies provide lots of head room and protection from the sun, and extended hoods give full coverage from sun glare
  • Adjustable Handle – can be raised or lowered from 30” to 41.5” to suit the height at which most parents can push a stroller without stooping or tip toeing.
  • Stroller Capacity – 45 lbs Maximum Passenger Weight (per seat)
  • Stroller Weight – 33 lbs with wheels on, and 27.8 lbs without wheels

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UPDATE >>> Since my review of tripple jogging stroller, my #1, the Baby Jogger triple has been discontinued, and the Safe Tech Triple Jogger has also been unavailable.

But, there is a new triple joggle stroller in the mix – the Valco Baby Special Edition that can be used in a Tri-Mode to carry three children.

Valco Baby Tri-Mode Twin EX Stroller has moved up my number #1 spot for tripple joggers – replacing the Baby Jogger Summit 360 that is now discontinued and no longer available to buy. Parents like the Tri Mode more than the BeBeLove tripple jogger. The Valco Baby Tri-Mode is more compact than traditional triple jogging strollers because of the design that converts from a double to a triple jogger for three kids with an optional toddler seat.

Valco Baby Special Edition Tri-Mode Twin EX StrollerValco Baby Special Edition Tri-Mode Twin EX StrollerpriceValco Baby Twin Tri Mode Joey Toddler SeatValco Baby Twin Tri Mode with Joey Toddler Seatprice 

Valco Baby Tri-Mode has a higher customer satisfaction rating by parents who have used it. In the absence of my initial choice, the Valco Baby Tri-Mode Twin EX Stroller is my new #1. It is sold as a double jogging stroller that can be converted to a triple jogging stroller with an optional Joey Toddler Seat that is attached to the frame of the stroller. The Toddler seat is sold separately.  Valco Baby Tri-Mode is available in black and blue colors.

Valco Baby Special Edition Tri-Mode Twin EX StrollerMy New #1– Valco Baby Special Edition Tri-ModepriceBeBeLove USA New Triple Jogging Stroller PinkBeBeLove USA New Triple Jogging Stroller PinkpriceBeBeLove USA Triple Jogging Stroller RedBeBeLove USA Triple Jogging Stroller Redprice

#2 – Triple Jogging Stroller by Safe Tech Strollers

Triple Trio Baby Jogger Stroller - Red

Triple Trio – Go Babies!

Triple Trio Baby Jogger Stroller in Red by Safe Tech is almost a look alike to the Baby Jogger Summit 360, with mixed reviews online. It is well built with lightweight aluminum alloy frame. It has plenty storage under the seat, folds easily. Other features and benefits of the Triple Trio jogging stroller are:

  • Adjustable canopy with viewing windows to keep a close eye on your triple handful of kids
  • Has a total baby weight capacity of 200 lbs
  • The tires are air filled which make stroller easy to push. It has two 12 inch wheels in front, and 16 inch rear wheels
  • The front wheels can swivels 360 degree which make it easy to turn in tight corners. The wheel can also be locked for better straight line tracking when jogging.
  • Folded dimension is 42″ x 42″ x 19″
  • The seat can be adjusted individually and has front foot rest for all the kids
  • A good braking system
  • The Triple Trio comes with a free matching stroller carrying bag.

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As you will find with all side by side triple strollers, they are often too wide to push through normal sized doors, and the Triple Trio is no exception

#3 – BeBeLove USA Green Triple Jogging Stroller

BeBeLove USA Green Triple Jogging Stroller

BeBeLove Triple Jogger

The BeBeLove triple jogging stroller is a fixed front wheel jogger that is perfect for running with three kids on board. Rigid fixed front wheels in stroller are more suited for runners, as they track better on straight lines and their is less risk of the wheel coming loose with the rough handling when used in rough terrains.

This stroller also has a mixed review by parents that has used it, but issues are more on BeBeLove customer service and their response time to issue. Buying from Amazon will give you that extra peace of mind that if anything goes wrong with your purchase, you can be sure it will be replaced, or your money back: Others features of the BeBeLove triple jogger are:

  • 5 point safety harness available on all the seat to strap your children securely
  • Seats can be reclined in many positions
  • Hand brake located on the handle bar to conveniently stop and maneuver the stroller.
  • Large undercarriage cargo bay to hold ample babies stuffs and toys, with room for your personal things.
  • Pneumatic tires and fixed front while for extreme jogging and running with the kids.

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The canopy could have been more strongly attached as some parents have observed that it can be blown back in strong winds. Overall, the BeBeLove is an affordable quality triple jogger at under $400, and active moms and dads looking after three kids will enjoy this stroller.

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If you have any questions, please leave a comment below and I will reply. And if you have any other thoughts to share about this review, your comments are welcome.


  1. Why carry triple wide strollers? Unless you own the sidewalk those are a pain for anyone running behind or towards them. Completely blocks sidewalks.

    • Jeff Adam says:

      Hi Moises,

      I just could not agree with you more! Yes, triple jogging strollers can be too wide and occupy sidewalks. But spare a thought for parents and carers looking after triplets or three kids about the same age – they really need the triple strollers.

      However, Valco Baby Special Edition Tri-Mode has come up with an ingenious design that converts a double stroller to a triple jogger. This may be the solution for many parents.

      for parents concerned about the width of triple jogging strollers and how they occupy the sidewalk and path ways, the Valco Baby Twin Tri Mode is a double jogging stroller that converts to a triple with the Toddler seat. It will carry three children in just the width of a double stroller.

      Valco Baby Special Edition Tri-Mode Twin EX StrollerValco Baby Special Edition Tri-Mode Twin EX StrollerpriceValco Baby Twin Tri Mode Joey Toddler SeatValco Baby Twin Tri Mode Joey Toddler Seatprice

    • Then what is your recommendation for those with a toddler and twin infants? I can assure you that I would gladly move to the side to allow others to pass, just as I have always done with a single stroller on a narrower sidewalk.

      • Jeff Adam says:

        Hi Mary,

        Stroller riders like the Englacha 2-In-1 Junior X is what I would consider using with a double stroller – if I have two infants and a toddler. You may want consider such a combination.

        Some parents with two infants and a toddler may find a stroller rider like this Englacha 2-In-1 Junior X Rider useful. The two infants can be carried on the stroller while the toddler have fun riding on the attached rider seat. This particular model will work on strollers with rear horizontal bar.

        Englacha 2-In-1 Junior X Rider BlackEnglacha 2-In-1 Junior X Rider Blackprice

        • Two things: Although that seat is a great idea, there is no way you would be able to run without your feet kicking the seat. Also, it is not made to jog with. I wish it was.

          • Hi Mary,

            You are absolutely right, stroller rider/glider boards are definitely not for running or jogging. I should have mentioned the limitations, and thanks for pointing it out.


  2. Kim tessier says:

    Does anyone have a contact number or email address for Bebe love USA?

    • Jeff Adam says:

      Hi Kim,

      Try the contact info below:
      Bebelove USA Inc
      7711 Industry Ave
      Pico Rivera, CA 90660

      Any particular reason why you need to contact Bebelove USA?


  3. Stacy BM says:

    Hello I received the Baby Jogger Triplet (secondhand) and because it is discontinued, I cannot find any information on this item. Since it was your #1 pick, from your update, what can you tell me about this product? What made it so great? Thank you in advance.

    • Jeff Adam says:

      Hi Stacy,

      I like the Baby Jogger Summit 360 Triple Jogging stroller because it is extremely well built, sturdy, sleek, and easy to turn – for a triple jogger. I will admit some parents find it bulky, but you can say the same for every triple jogging stroller.

      If you want to read what parents think about the triple jogger, customer reviews of Summit 360 Triple Jogging Stroller are still available on Amazon.

      Just like the British Marmite, you will find some parents like me absolutely love the triple baby jogger, and others hate it 🙂

      I hope you find the reviews helpful.


  4. Are there even any triple joggers available anymore? I have a 3.5, 2 and 6 month old. I am in desperate need as I recently joined a baby bootcamp and a jogging stroller is required. I love the Valco Baby Special Edition Tri-Mode Twin EX Stroller with the Joey seat however it is now discontinued! Any idea where I might be able to find one?

  5. Hello! I’m wondering what triple jogging strollers are/were available that are compatible with an infant car seat (or could have an adapter installed).

    • Jeff Adam says:

      Hi Anna,

      I have not seen a side by side Triple jogging stroller that can be used with infant car seat, and my guess is that manufacturer do not make triple joggers that can be used with infant car seat because they are very large and can be unstable if fitted with baby car seats.

      The closest I have seen is the Valco Baby Tri Mode Duo X that can be fitted with an Toddler Seat (sold seperately) for conversion to triple jogging stroller.


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