Axiom Improv Mobility Push Chair Review

It can be challenging for parents and care givers looking after a child with special needs, as they often need help coping with moving the child around daily, particularly if mobility the child’s mobility is very limited. Axiom Improv Mobility indoor/outdoor Push Chair is an exceptionally designed pediatric special needs push chair for Indoor and… Continue Reading »

Special Tomato Jogger Stroller Review

Parents caring for a child with special needs have more choice of jogging strollers than ever before that can greatly assist their child enjoy every activities. The Special Tomato Jogger is one of such strollers designed for children that need mild to moderate help in their movement. It is an all-terrain jogger that provides comfort… Continue Reading »

Bike Trailer for Dogs

Dogs naturally love the open air and being with their owners, and what better way to get that than in the safety of a trailer? This allows your dog to join you on your bike ride, but at the same time experiencing the sights, smells and sounds while in the comfort of their own portable… Continue Reading »

Tandem Jogging Strollers – Picking the Best

When selecting and buying a baby jogging stroller, there are two basic styles you can purchase, the Tandem, also called inline Stroller with the seats one behind the other, or the Side By Side baby jogger which has the seats arranged one beside the other. The most commonly bought baby stroller is the side by… Continue Reading »

Triple Jogging Strollers – and Which is the Best

So everyone knows what to buy if they were blessed with troublesome twins, but what happens when you have triplets? What many people don’t know is that there is actually a solution for this that doesn’t involve cramming any of the kids into tight spaces or leaving one behind (sigh). With a triple jogging stroller,… Continue Reading »

Pet Jogging Strollers and My Top 3 List

With greater awareness to keep fit and stay healthy, it is common to see active parents with young children jogging or running with a baby jogger as part of there exercise routine, but take a closer look and you may be surprised that what many parents are actually pushing are not baby joggers, but pet… Continue Reading »

What to Look for in a Jogging Stroller

I hear about Jogging strollers for Newborns, big kids, twins, tall parents, dogs and whatever, but do you know what to look for in a Jogging Stroller? Before you go searching, remember this – there is no stroller with all the features that will satisfy everybody. You may be a tall parent and want a… Continue Reading »

Safety Tips When Jogging with Infants and Newborns in a Stroller

The age at which you can start jogging with a newborn varies for every baby as babies develop at different rate. One thing that is strongly advised is if your baby is not yet able to hold the head up without support, do not jog or stroll with the baby without an Infant Car Seat… Continue Reading »

Best Jogging Strollers for Newborns

Jogging or running with a newborn in a stroller is a safety concern for active moms who would like to quickly get back their fitness, this also applies to jogger dads with no baby sitter. Is there a jogging stroller for a newborn is the question many parents are asking.  Many manufacturers of jogging strollers… Continue Reading »

How to Choose a Jogging Stroller – Quick Buying Guide

What you need to know about buying the perfect jogging stroller for you and your baby… As silly as it may sound, a jogging stroller is useful for both mother and baby as it will accommodate the needs of both. Have you ever seen a mother trying to maneuver on rough terrain using a standard stroller for… Continue Reading »