Baby Trend Expedition LX Millennium Travel System Review

Baby Trend Expedition LX Travel System MillenniumHow would you like a jogger travel system that is robustly constructed, has a light weight steel frame, stylish, fully accessorized and under $250, the Baby Trend Expedition LX Millennium Travel System could be the jogging stroller for you and your baby. It is an all-in-one travel system that consists of an infant car seat, a base on the child’s tray to support the car seat, and a full swivel wheel jogging stroller.

The LX Millennium is an ideal combination for parents with newborns.  You may already know that manufacturers advise that babies not old enough to hold their head unsupported should not ride on strollers.

The car seat offer the head and neck support a newborn require to ride in a baby jogger, and it is well padded to provide comfort and cushion the tender body of your baby from bumps experienced in a ride on strollers.

The swivel front wheel of Baby Trend Expedition LX turns nicely at tight corners, and this is a good feature to have in a stroller for everyday use. With the remote locking system, the  front wheel can be quickly locked, converting the stroller to a fixed wheel jogger that performs better off road, or on straight trails. It is a jogging stroller you will find easy to push with the prominently large bicycle wheels, and air filled tires that rolls smoothly over rough or flat surfaces.

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The Expedition LX Travel System comes with built-in all weather speaker for MP3 players, simply plug in your iPod or any Media player and entertain your baby with children favorite songs. The under carriage storage bay is large, and easy to access from the rear of the stroller. Parent and child trays are conveniently located on the stroller to hold two cups of drinks on each, and they are located within easy reach to keep you and baby hydrated as you stroll or jog with the stroller.

Online customer satisfaction reviews of the stroller are very complimentary, with many saying they would recommend it to others. For a quality jogger travel system that can be purchased for under $250, I would give the Expedition LX serious consideration before buying a jogging stroller.

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How Easy to Fold & Carry

The light weight steel frame of the stroller, combined with a trigger folding system effortlessly collapses the stroller into a small size. With the canopy closed, recline the seat and simultaneously pull each folding trigger to collapse the stroller. It can be secured with a latch, and is designed to stand upright when folded. The large bicycle wheels can be removed with ease to fit the stroller in small cars.

Parents find the Expedition LX travel system quite easy to setup with clear instructions in the user manual.

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Baby Safety Features on Baby Trend Expedition LX

The safety of your baby is paramount in any stroller you choose to buy. For newborns and babies at tender age, the infant car seat has an adjustable 5 point safety harness that will hold your baby securely, and fits snugly.  The seat is also well padded to offer additional cushion for the jars and bumps as you stroll and jog.

When a baby outgrows the use of the car seat that comes with the travel system, Baby Trend Expedition LX jogger has a fully adjustable 5 point harness to keep your growing baby safe when they start using the stroller seat. It is a good safety advice to always use the parent tether or leash to strap the stroller to your wrist as you jog. This practice will prevent the baby jogger getting detached from you and pulling away if you trip or fall.

There is a foot operated parking brake to keep the stroller stationary when you stop, and in low lights or poor visibility, reflectors on the foot rest makes sure you and your baby are seen from a distance.

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Baby Comfort Features While you Jog

For newborns, the main comfort feature on the Baby Trend Expedition LX Millennium is the softly padded, and secure infant car seat with a canopy that opens fully for good ventilation.  The canopy can be pulled together with that on the jogger to shield babies completely from view. As your baby grow and is able to support the head unsupported, now is the time to transfer to the multi-position reclining seat of the jogging stroller. The seat is suitably padded and can be reclined from vertical position that gives infants and toddler a good view of their surrounding, or to near flat position that is ideal for sleeping when babies are tired while you are still jogging or walking the neighborhood.

Storage is ample on the stroller with a parent and a baby tray for food and drinks, an under carriage basket for changing cloths, diapers and soft toys, and hidden pockets for personal stuff and pump for the tires.

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Choice of Colors, Styles and Easy to Clean

The Expedition LX Millennium travel system is available in a neutral combination of black/grey colors with red strips that will go well with a baby girl or boy. It comes only as a swivel front wheel jogging stroller good for everyday use, but can be locked into a fixed wheel stroller for jogging and gentle run. It you are a keen runner, I would recommend fixed wheel jogger like the BOB Ironman, or BOB Sport Utility fixed wheel joggers. They are not travel systems, but perform much better for running.

To keep the colors and fabric of your strollers, never clean them with detergent. The recommendation for cleaning is to use mild soapy water.

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Size and weight Capacity the LX Millennium Travel System

The Expedition jogger travel system is recommended for babies from birth to 50 lbs in weight, or till a baby is 42 inches tall. The car seat is suitable for a baby weighing 5 – 30 lbs, and up 30 inches in height.

Baby Trend Expedition LX Travel System Millennium
Baby Trend Expedition LX Travel System Millennium – With Car SeatCheck Today’s Price

Baby Trend Expedition Jogger Travel System Millennium
Car Seat for Baby Trend Expedition LX Millennium Jogger Travel System Check Today’s Price

Baby / Child Baby Trend Expedition LX Travel System With Quick Release All-Terrain Bicycle Tires - Millennium Infant
Expedition LX Travel System With Quick Release All-Terrain Bicycle TiresCheck Today’s Price

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Bicycle Tires and Wheels Designed for All Terrain

The stroller has two large 16 inch bicycle tires at the rear, and a front swivel 12 inch tire that make the baby jogger very easy to push. The tires are long lasting as they are tough to wear. The tires are air filled, and for smooth rides, they should be maintained at 20 – 25 psi pressure. Parent find the tires quite easy to inflate, or top up the pressure with any standard bicycle hand pump. Uneven tire pressure may cause the stroller to pull to the left or right, just like with any three wheel vehicle.

The swivel front wheel is great for turning tight or sharp corners in malls and crowded city sidewalks. There is a remote lever under the right handle that joggers can use to quickly lock the front wheel, converting the stroller to fixed wheel baby jogger in an instant.  The locking design in other strollers will require you to stop, walk to the front and manually lock the front wheel.
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Braking and Parking the LX Millennium

The ergonomic and padded handlebar of the stroller offer a firm grip, and gentle pull back while strolling or jogging effortlessly slows the Baby Trend LX Millennium to a stop. And to keep the stroller firmly stationary, it is equipped with rear foot brakes that are engaged by applying light downward pressure on the brake lever. Upward lift of the lever releases the wheels, and you and baby are ready to go.

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Consumer Reviews

Affordability and quality construction of Expedition LX Millennium Travel System are the best selling points for many parents. Parents love the savings they make with the infant car seat that comes with the stroller, and this allows them to use the stroller for newborns far into toddler ages. Storage is ample and they love that too. Switching from strolling to jogging and running mode is a breeze that is not available in many other strollers.

Baby Trend travel system is highly recommended by many parents that have used it, and at the time of this review, it has a high customer satisfaction rating of 4.1 out of 5.0 stars on Amazon. Here are some of what jogger moms and dads are saying about the Baby Trend jogger travel system:

A young mum was very excited about the Flex-loc design of the infant car seat. It is well padded for baby comfort, light weight with a triangular handle that gives a firm grip without straining your hand.

One active dad raved about how easy it is for his little boy to quickly fall asleep when he is tired with the seat reclined to near flat position – just like a bed.

And many parents agree that the bicycle tires at the right air pressure makes the stroller one of the easiest to push and manoeuvre.

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Pros and Cons


There are many positive features going for the Baby Trend Expedition LX Travel System apart from the affordable price. It is a jogger you can stroll, jog or run with newborns, infants and toddlers.

  • If you will be doing a lot of car travel, the infant car seat is easy to move and carry between car and stroller.
  • The follow-the-sun canopy can be retracted at angles that keep your baby protected from the sun all the time. It does not have the restriction of being attached to the rear of the stroller as you will find in other jogging strollers.
  • You get a firm and comfortable grip with the contoured design of the handle.
  • The stroller is easy to fold with plenty of storage spaces for parents and baby, and don’t forget the all-weather speaker to entertain your baby with music while you jog!


If you have a car with small trunk, the stroller can be a handful to transport.  Storage would not be a problem for cars with big trunks and SUVs, but parents with small cars have remarked that they have to remove the wheels to fit the stroller in the trunk of their cars. Removing the wheels is very easy though with the quick release mechanism on the tires.

Overall, the Baby Trend Expedition LX is a travel system for babies that is hard to beat in quality features at the selling price.

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Where Can You Get a Good Deal on Baby Trend Expedition LX

I would normally research and compare prices with other reputable online retailers before making a purchase, but Amazon with their regular promo, I have found do a great deal on jogging strollers. A quick check as I write this review show that the Baby Trend Expedition LX Travel System is priced at just about $250 on Amazon .

You are also reassured with the reputable and great customer services on Amazon.  I know that if anything goes wrong with my purchase,  the stroller can be returned with no question asked within the policy period.

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Jogging Stroller in Video Review!

Watch this for a video demo of Baby Trend Expedition LX travel system . It is a complete and very informative review by a mum, dad and their baby about their experience and how they use the stroller.

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