Baby Jogger City Select – Make it Single or Double Stroller with Options Galore

Baby Jogger City Select With over 16 unique seating configurations on the Baby Jogger City Select, capacity to carry up to three children, and over 21 optional accessories available to customize the stroller, it transforms to meet the needs of your family as it grows.

The City Select starts as a single stroller, which you can change to a tandem double stroller with the optional second seat, when you have another child. Use it with compatible infant car seats, and you have a seamless travel system adapted on the  stroller frame.

For a more luxurious comfort for your baby, add a Baby Jogger Bassinet to the stroller, and this can also double as a crib for babies to snooze after pushing them on a walk.

I love the trademark Quick one-handed fold of the Baby Jogger City Select that allows parents to snap the stroller flat with one hand while carrying a baby in the other. You will not find this easy fold mechanism in many strollers.

Versatile, balanced on four wheels, and highly maneuverable with the two swiveling front wheels, you can seat children forward facing, facing you, or siblings facing each other.

Priced just under $500, though great online deals are there to the grabbed, the Baby Jogger City Stroller is not cheap.  It is however, very good value for money with galore of optional accessories that will meet all you need from a regular stroller – except jog or run with it. I don’t mean to disappoint active parents, but the City Select is simply not designed for jogging. The Summit X3 is the stroller jogger I would recommend if you are looking for an all terrain multi-purpose  jogging stroller.

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Baby Jogger City Select Double Stroller

Get the Single or Double Stroller

How Compact, Easy to Fold & Carry?

Baby Jogger City Select features the unique Quick-Fold design that allows parents to fold the stroller in one single step with one hand. Even in the double inline mode, the stroller still folds flat into a compact size.

Unlike side-by-side strollers that can be bulky and parents struggle to fold and carry, the City Select seats are tandem in the double mode, narrow in profile, and is the only inline stroller that I know you can fold with one handed. Simply lift the sides of the stroller, and it folds compactly. Then snap the latch to securely lock the stroller folded for transportation.

The stroller is very lightweight, and fits easily in the trunk of small cars with room to spare for more of your baby or personal stuff when on day out with family. It can also be stored in small spaces at home, which is ideal for city and urban dwellers with limited storage space.

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Baby Safety Features on the City Select

The City Select as a four wheel stroller has a good surface foot print and is well balanced.  Whether you are pushing your baby on a smooth or uneven terrain, it is very stable and does not suffer from the risk of tipping over, as is the case with some poorly designed three wheel strollers you may have read about.

City Select features the 5-point safety harness with and buckle cover – a proven infant chair safest standard for harness design. You will find thisBaby Jogger City Select Single is used in all Baby Jogger strollers to keep your baby secure. The harness is richly padded around the shoulder, and easily adjusted to fit comfortably around babies as they grow.

The fabric is made from materials that are fire-resistant and friendly to tender skin of young souls.

The extra seat padding increases the toddler’s comfort. The seat can be reclined flat so your child can doze off in comfort.

It has detachable  weather cover with Velcro peeping window to have quick checks on your child, or simply keep open for good air circulation.

The large all-weather canopy can be adjusted to different positions to offer the best protection for a child from hash sun or rain that may that may be changing direction as you stroll. The canopy staves off dangerous UVA and UVB rays from your child’s skin and protects the eyes from the sun.  And in light rains, it acts as an umbrella.

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The Baby Comfort Features While you Jog

The four wheel City Select is uniquely versatile single or double stroller. If ever there is a truly all-in one stroller/pram, this is arguably one of them, with a design that offer parents over 16 different seating arrangements – which include four for a single stroller; four more with a double seater and eight others for bassinets and car seats.16 Configurations of Baby Jogger City Select

Surprisingly, the stroller is quite economical to own, as you pick and choose whichever combination of accessories that gives you the configuration that meets your family need.

You can start with the basic single stroller configuration if you are a parent looking after one kid, or start with the double by adding the optional seat, and then purchase other optional accessories as they are needed to meet the changing requirement of growing babies.  Now you know how to keep the cost down – don’t buy every accessory in one go.

You will be amazed to see how parents have extended the versatility of the Baby Jogger City Select, by using the appropriate optional accessories for the stroller to carry up to three children, ranging from babies to preschoolers. The accessories you will need to achieve this on the City Select can be a combination of the bassinets, Infant Car Seats, with the Baby Jogger Glider Board for exciting rides for older siblings.

The seating configurations available on the City Select allows kids to either face parents laying on their backs, face each other, face forward and take in the view around them, or be placed on their stomach for a good snooze while being pushed.

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Tires, Wheels and Brake System on the City Select

Tires and Wheels for stability and Quick TurnsThe 17th Configuration of Baby Jogger City Select

The City Select is very balanced and stable on the four wheels – two 8” lightweight quick-release wheels in front, and two 12” rear wheels. The rear tires are Forever–Air which means they do not deflate, as they are filled with foam suitable for pushing the stroller on all terrains – uneven ground, smooth terrain or city sidewalks, and not worry about tire puncture.

You can set the front wheels to swivel which makes turning at tight corners or crowded places very easy, or lock them for long strolls. The stroller tracks better on straight line when the front wheels are locked, and is easier to push.

The front wheels have independent suspensions that provide comfortable rides for occupants of the stroller, even on tough grounds.

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Handlebar and Brakes

The handlebar is wide, padded for firm grip, and telescoping so parents of different heights can raise or lower the handle to the level that is best suited for each parent to push the stroller. Height of the handlebar is adjusted by the press of a button, located conveniently at the middle of the stroller handle.

When you come to a stop with the stroller, simply flick the lever for the hand operated parking brake to keep the City Select rooted to a spot. The lever is on the side frame of the stroller, and is easy to reach without bending or stooping as you may find in other strollers.

The design of the handlebar and location of the hand brake gives parents full control of the stroller at all times.

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Size and Capacity for More Than 2 Children

The basic Baby Jogger City Select is the single stroller capable of carrying a child from birth to a maximum weight of 45 lbs. The stroller capacity is however easily changed by adding an additional seat that is sold separately, converting the City Select to a double stroller for two kids, with equal maximum weight limit of 45 lbs on each seat.

And for parents looking after more than two kids, you add the Baby Jogger Glider Board to the stroller, increasing the capacity to three children – with older siblings hitching a ride on the Glider Board.

  • Number of Seats: 1 or 2 with 2rd seat sold separately
  • Child Maximum Weight: 45 lbs per seat
  • Stroller Weight: 28 lbs
  • Compatible with infant car seats

Dimensions of Baby Jogger City Select

Dimensions Unfolded 43.5″ x 25.75″ x 38.5″

Dimensions Folded 12.5″ x 25.75″ x 32.75″

Maximum Height of the City Select: 40” with the Telescopic handle fully extended

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The City Select Double Stroller

The dimensions of the City Select double stroller are the same as the single stroller as both share the same frame. The single stroller simply converts to a double by adding an optional second seat, a bassinet or infant car seat with the appropriate adapter.

The double conversion is an inline stroller that is narrower in profile than side-by-side double strollers and is easier to push and turn in crowded places, doors and corners.

All the features I have described in this review are available on both the double and single Baby Jogger City Select. But that is obvious, is it not? The difference between the two is a transition by adding a second seat to the same stroller frame.

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Available Styles & Colors

Baby Jogger City Select Colors

Color Options on City Select

The stroller is available in eight exciting colors–amethyst, ruby, quartz, silver, onyx, black, red and teal. It comes as a single-seater stroller that parents can upgrade to a double stroller.  With optional seats, and bassinet, you can transform the City Select in over 16 configurations that suits your baby and family stroller needs.

I have shown how you can adapt the City Select to carry up to three children, ranging from newborns to preschoolers. With two swiveling front wheels that turns effortlessly at corners, and rear all terrain tires, the stroller takes on city and countryside surfaces with equal smoothness and maneuverability.

You can buy the stroller as single, or double stroller with the second seat included. But I would rather shop for the second seat separately to compare price, before buying the bundled double stroller.

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Infant Car Seat Compatible?

With adapters that are sold as optional accessory, you can quickly convert a Baby Jogger City Select to a compact Travel System by picking from a choice of compatible infant car seats – Britax or UPPABABY

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Warranty and What’s Included When You Buy

The City Select comes with a Baby Jogger lifetime warranty against manufacturing flaws on the stroller frame. All other parts of the stroller, except the tubes and tires, have one-year’s warranty.

Note however that the lifetime warranty rests only with the first customer, and cannot be transferred if you buy a used City Select Baby Jogger stroller.

You will get the full Single Baby Jogger City Select when you buy the stroller, though parents shopping for the double can get the second seat in a bundled offer.

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What Others are Saying – Consumer ReviewsBaby Jogger City Select with a Glider Board

Do you check customer satisfaction rating and comments on a product before making a purchase? You should. I certainly research the experience of other users before making a final decision to buy.  And with online rating for the City Select averaging about 4.5 out of 5 Stars in overall parents’ satisfaction,  I was immediately curious to learn more about the stroller, and write this review.

Such a high rating would indicate it is a good choice for most parents that have used the stroller, and you can hardly go wrong if you decide to follow their buying decision.

Here are how some moms and dads have described their experience with the baby stroller.

“The only stroller you’ll ever need – for one or two kids.”

“Great stroller with lots of options!”

“I Love It, Awesome Stroller.”

“Just Perfect!”

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How Much Should You Pay for a Baby Jogger City Select?

The basic configuration of the stroller with a single seat has a manufacturer recommended price of $499, and the price goes up as you add more of the optional accessories to meet your family, such as the full kit for a second seat that will cost you about $169.95 extra; a Bassinet kit for $99.95; or a Glider Board for about $84.95.

And there are 18 other accessories you can purchase to customize the Baby Jogger City Select.

These are indicative prices the manufacturer Baby Jogger has recommended for the products.  But shop smartly online as you are doing right now, and you can get great deals on the City Select stroller and accessories at far cheaper prices than those quoted by Baby Jogger.

A quick check at Amazon as I was writing this review has the stroller going at 22% discount with free shipping. This is the type of deal you can get on the stroller, if you grab it on promotions in online shops like Amazon.

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Pros and Cons

With the glowing features and customer satisfaction rating, what could sway you not to buy a Baby Jogger City
16 Configurations of Baby Jogger City Select Select?

Price is the single factor many parents have mentioned when hesitating to make a final decision to buy the stroller. At close to $400, even in promotional deals, parents on a budget find the stroller expensive and out of their reach. And some of the accessories don’t come cheap too.

But if you have ever used a Baby Jogger stroller, enjoyed the eye turning designs, quality built, durability and versatility, you would know that the City Select in either a single or double stroller is good investment for a growing family. You can pick and choose which accessory you need to keep the cost down.


  • It is very compact, and can be taken anywhere as a single or double stroller.
  • The stroller folds in a single step with one hand, leaving you to hold the baby with the other.
  • It comes with over 16 configuration options for one, two or three kids.
  • The seats are in tandem on the double configuration, with narrow width that allow easy passage for parents through doors in public places, and it weave through aisles in shops effortlessly – unlike side-by-side double strollers that can be too wide for narrow paths.
  • It is Quick , Agile and highly maneuverability at corners
  • It can be used for babies from birth, and converts to a travel system with optional accessories.
  • The SPF 50 or more sun canopy keeps your baby well shaded on sunny days. It also has a meshed window which you can open and close, so you can keep eye contact with your baby. The canopy is flexible, and the height adjustable to give good clearance to the head of your baby.
  • Its Forever Air tires along with front suspension can be used on a variety of surfaces – rough or smooth.
  • Storage on the City Select is ample. With the large undercarriage basket, parents can go shopping for grocery with the stroller and have enough room for storage. The basket has zips on all sides that can be opened out and extended so that you store away large items.
  • It has an easy-to-use hand break, which grips the rear wheels to give a firm hold on the stroller and keep it stationary.
  • The City Select is highly versatile and adaptable to the variety of needs that face a growing family. 


  • Parents on a budget find the stroller expensive. I would shop around though for an online deal before moving on to buy cheaper alternatives.
  • This is obviously not a jogging stroller, and does carry a warning as such, but parents still think they can jog with the City Select. I am still surprised why they think it is a jogger. Help me here if you know.
  • Though there is a wide range of accessories available for the stroller, every single one has to be purchased separately – adding to the cost of the stroller.
  • The seats of the double stroller don’t recline unless in the face to face configuration. 

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Baby Jogger City Select in a Video Review!

This informative video review of the stroller demonstrates some of the configurations of the stroller, the folding system, handbrake, storage areas, how to extend the handlebar and much more. If you have not yet made up your mind about the City Select, this short but very useful video review may help you decide either way.


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My Conclusion and Recommendation

Families with newborns, or parents with very young child and older siblings will benefit from the many configurations of Baby Jogger City Select, and its ability to carry up to three kids. It is an ideal stroller for the growing family, with a design that has considered all the possible use for a regular stroller and made provisions for them.

The City Select is not a jogging stroller, neither is it a running stroller. You should consider the Summit X3 if you need a running or jogging stroller.

But as a highly versatile regular stroller for running everyday errands with the kids, strolling your neighborhoods, parks, or going on weekend breaks, the City Select has all the options that will satisfy you and your child’s needs – with more than 16 unique seating combinations and transitions of the stroller.

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Baby Jogger Accessories for the City Select

There are up to twenty accessories for the stroller, but these are purchased separately. This can work out to be economical when buying the City Select, as you get to pick what you really need on the stroller. If you don’t need the second seat, or Bassinet, you don’t waste money them.

These are accessories available for you to enhance your babies, and overall enjoyment of the stroller:

Infant Car Seat Adapters, Britax Car Seat, UPPABaby Car Seat, Glider Board, Belly Bar, Child Tray, Weather Shield, Canopy, HyChair, Liquid Holster, Parent Console, Cooler Bag, Hand Muff, Foot Muff and Carry Bag.  

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If you have any questions, please leave a comment below and I will reply. And if you have any other thoughts to share about this review, your comments are welcome.


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