Jogging Stroller Tire Tubes – Types and Care

Maintenance of your child’s jogger stroller is very important. But of course, if you use it regularly, wearand tear especially on the tires is unavoidable. If your child’s jogger has a flat tire, you have two options: repair it to save a buck, or avail a new set. Repairing inner tubes is simple, but just… Continue Reading »

Best Jogging Stroller Mosquito Nets

Parents are always on the lookout for ways to keep their kids safe from disease carrying mosquitoes. This is why having a stroller accessory like a mosquito net can go a long way. As stroller rides increase the chances of children getting in contact with these bugs, parents should consider getting one of these to… Continue Reading »

Best Stroller Blankets

Babies need to feel the outside air at least once a day as it is good for their developing bodies. What’s not good for them however, is a cold. Exposure to sudden weather changes can harm your babies and cause illnesses that could have been prevented. So what should you do to help keep your… Continue Reading »

Best Activity Toys for Strollers

Going for a walk is one thing, but taking your child along on a stroller adds some excitement and challenge. Younger children tend to get restless after a while, and dealing with a screaming toddler can be a real headache especially when you’re in public. But you can take care of these by getting a… Continue Reading »

Best Infant Head Support for Stroller

New born babies are very fragile. In fact, a new born baby’s neck is not strong enough to hold up his head, this causes the baby’s head to flop sideways or forwards when sleeping in a car seat or stroller. This is very dangerous as it can easily block off the baby’s airway. Luckily, products… Continue Reading »

Best Stroller Hooks

Going out with your child requires you to bring all of his essentials. This means diapers, extra clothes, bottles and even toys. The diaper is of course, the staple of any family with a child, and it can be difficult to carry that bag together with the groceries, and having to push the stroller all… Continue Reading »

Best Stroller Ride on Board

When going for a walk with your newborn child and toddler, there is always a chance an adventurous child will stray away from their parents without a word and end up lost in a crowd. But now, you can avoid these types of scenarios by letting them ride along with their younger sibling with the… Continue Reading »

Best Stroller Organizer

Baby strollers usually come with a storage basket underneath. They are mostly spacious, but dumping all your items under there can be a pain. Whenever you need an item, you have to reach under there and dig through all the clutter to find what you’re looking for. But if you had a stroller organizer, everything… Continue Reading »

Over the Shoulder Baby Holder – And My Top 3 Sling Wrap

An over the shoulder baby holder is a fantastic compliment to a stroller as a baby carrier, and both no doubt, serve different purposes for parents with very young children. While a stroller offer you the freedom to roam and push your little one around, nothing beats the close contact and bonding with your baby… Continue Reading »

BOB Stroller Accessories

You don’t need to buy any of the BOB stroller accessories to enjoy the range of BOB jogging strollers with your baby or toddler. The accessories can however, add additional features to a BOB stroller that will benefit the occupants, and make the stroller more convenient for parents to push, transport or put in storage.… Continue Reading »