Thule Urban Glide Sports Jogging Stroller Review

Thule urban glide sports jogging strollerWhen my son was born, our lives were changed forever. After the first few months, we decided to get a stroller so that we can sometimes take our son for a walk with us.

I’m a man who loves exercise, and I found that just pushing my son on his stroller was just not cutting it for me. This was when I found the Thule Urban Glide Sports Jogging Stroller.

Key Features of Thule Urban Glide Stroller

Some of the features that really got my vote for the Thule Urban Glide were:

    • Swivel Front Wheel Design- My son’s old stroller was a little hard to steer, and a few times, I almost threw him off when the front wheel got stuck! I never have this problem with Thule Urban Glide. The Swivel front wheel makes steering a lot easier. The best part is that I can lock it in place so I can jog while spending time with my son! Now I can keep control of the stroller while at the same time, be able to run a few miles.
    • Padded seat and rear suspension- Sidewalks can sometimes be bumpy, and I always worry that my son is not comfortable. But again, this stroller managed to push my worries away with its padded seat and the five point harness ensures that he is safe and comfortable, and the rear suspension makes sure he does not feel the bumps along the way. It’s pretty amazing!
    • Ergonomic Handlebar- After I checked the seat and the suspension for my son’s comfort, I checked out the handlebar to make sure I’m comfortable. And wouldn’t you know it, the Urban Glide has us parents covered! The handlebar is soft and comfortable, and the best part is that it’s adjustable to any height! So that whether it’s me or my wife pushing, it’s always going to be the right height.

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Folding System and Storage

I really hate strollers that almost require two people just to get it to fold; and when it is folded, it takes up a lot of space in your closet. Now, my family currently lives in a small apartment, and this was the reason I was reluctant to get a stroller in the first place: the space.

Thule urban glide sports stroller folded

But this particular stroller is different. It has this little lever at the side that you can pull and it instantly folds in half for easy storage. I love it! I can do it while holding my son in one arm. And when it’s folded, it hardly takes up any space at all! This makes it perfect for families like ours that live in smaller homes.

Safety Features of Thule Urban Glide

I am never worried when we take our son out on the Thule Urban Glide. I fully trust the five point harness that keeps my son in place, and the rear suspension that absorbs all the bumps along the way. If there was a way to keep my son this safe all throughout his life, you better believe that I will give it to him.

Your Baby Comfort

This is one of the most comfortable looking strollers I’ve seen, and it even has features to prove it:

Ventilated seat – keeps my son comfortable on warm days at the park
Reclining feature – This makes sure my son is comfortable when he takes a mid-walk nap.
Fully-adjustable shade – You never know where the sun might shine from, and I really like how this shade can be adjusted so that he never has to get the sun in his eyes, or even rain for that matter.
Peep through window – I never have to lean to the side just to see how my son is doing during our walks, because I can just look down on him from the small clear window at the top!

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Available Styles

The Thule Urban Glide Stroller is available in a variety of designs namely: Blue, Dark Shadow and Mars. I bought the dark shadow one for my son because I like the look of it. But the Mars and Blue designs are also good choices.

For parents out there who have twins or have two children, you can take both of them out for a run because the Thule Urban Glide comes in a two seat version. It still has the same functions and features as the single seat version, and is also available in Blue, Dark Shadow and Mars version.

Another thing to note is that the Thule Urban Glide Stroller is offered with a car seat adapter bundle for parents like me who want to make a travel system for our children.

The Thule Urban Glide Sports Jogging Stroller is available in single and double baby jogger. Both models can be converted to a baby travel system with a Thule Car Seat Adapter that can be purchased seperately or as a bundle with the stroller.

Thule 10101902 Urban Glide 1 Sport Stroller Dark Shadow1 ChildThule Urban Glide 1 Sports StrollerpriceThule Urban Glide 2 StrollerThule Urban Glide 2 StrollerpriceUrban Glide 1 and Car Seat AdapterUrban Glide 1 and Car Seat Adapterprice

Size and Capacity

The one I have is the single seat Urban Glide 1, and it weighs 23 pounds with a 25 x 25 x 22 inch dimension; while the double jogging stroller version Urban Glide 2 that seats two kids, has a 30.8 x 14 x 35 inch dimension and weighs 32 pounds. It can easily carry a child with ease, which is great for parents with one child and expecting another soon.

The Urban Glide 1 single stroller has a maximum child’s weight capacity of 75lb, while Urban Glide 2 double stroller will carry children up to a total weight of 100lb.

Thule Urban Glide Sports Specification

How much should you pay?

The best deals on the stroller are available online. Popular stores like Amazon do promotional sales regularly and when I bought mine, the Thule Urban Glide 1 Sports cost about $400. I thought it was quite pricey for something my son will eventually outgrow in a few years. But after seeing it in action, and experiencing the impact it has had with my family, I knew I made the right decision of choosing it. It’s a great stroller with a durable design which makes me confident that if we ever get more children in the future, they are definitely going to be using this same stroller.

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Ergonomic design, durable, lightweight and overall easy to handle and maneuver, the Thule Urban Glide Sports is a great stroller for any parent out there who is looking to run a few miles while at the same time trying to put their children to sleep.

My son always falls asleep in his stroller as I go for a short jog, so I know this is true. The only downside I can think of for the Thule Urban Glide is the price, but then again, if you want great quality, you have to pay for it, right? It’s pricey, but I’m still glad this is the stroller we chose because it is perfect for our active lifestyle while still keeping up with our small child.

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If you have any questions, please leave a comment below and I will reply. And if you have any other thoughts to share about this review, your comments are welcome.

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