Joovy Zoom ATS Jogging Stroller Review

Joovy Zoom ATS Jogging Stroller is now discontinued and not available to buy at this time. The Joovy Zoom 360 Swivel Wheel is however a great versatile alternative that converts to a fixed wheel jogger. All links referring to the ATS in this review have been updated to point to the Joovy 360 jogging stroller. You may also consider the BOB Ironman fixed wheel jogger.

Joovy Zoom 360 Swivel Wheel Jogging Stroller BlueJoovy Zoom 360 Swivel/Fixed Wheel Jogging Stroller – Available in Blue, Black & Red Colorsprice 

Joovy Zoom ATS Jogging StrollerIf you are tall, and a serious runner or jogger, the Joovy Zoom ATS jogging stroller is a better choice over the highly manoeuvrable swivel wheel Zoom 360. It has the same features that make both joggers ideal for tall parents and big kids – no rear axle to kick with long strides, wide and high seat to accommodate toddlers and chubby kids, and 75 lbs weight capacity.

But what really makes Joovy Zoom ATS better equipped as a running jogger for a tall person are features like the fixed front wheel with bigger 16 inch tires, that increases the stability of the stroller, and tracking on straight tracks or rough terrains.

Parents like swivel wheel joggers for their multi-purpose everyday use, in cities where they are good at turning tight corners, and for light jogging when the front wheel is locked. Serious joggers and runners however find that there is a small wobble even when the front wheel of a swivel jogging stroller is locked, and you may need to occasionally re-align the wheel in some strollers

The fixed front wheel of Zoom ATS does not suffer from misalignment, and stay on track as you jog or run with the stroller. For tall people with long strides who jog and run for long distances, or have an infant they would like grow with a jogger, Joovy Zoom ATS is a jogger to consider.

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Affordably priced at under $250, with lots of quality features, read the rest of Zoom ATS jogging stroller review below:


Joovy Zoom ATS is currently not available, and may be on the verge of been discontinued. BOB Ironman is a fixed front wheel jogging stroller that is in my opinion and reviews, a better alternative to the Joovy Zoom ATS. BOB Ironman is slighly more expensive, but it is justifiably so because of the built quality and features for runners and joggers.

BOB Ironman Single Stroller NavyBOB Ironman Single Stroller Navyprice

You may also consider the Joovy Zoom 360. It is a swivel front wheel version of the ATS. The front wheel can be locked forward to convert the Zoom 360 to a fixed wheel jogger.

Joovy Zoom 360 Swivel Wheel Jogging Stroller RedJoovy Zoom 360 Swivel Wheel Jogging Stroller Redprice

 Still want to read the full review of Joovy Zoom ATS? Get all you need to know about the jogger below.

Table of Contents (Jump ahead!)

How Easy to Fold & Carry

The Zoom ATS can be quickly folded in two easy steps with the canopy in the pull back position. Unlock the fold release lever located above the footrest, then pull the fold strap upwards for the Zoom ATS to collapse into a compact size that is convenient to transport or put away in storage.

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Baby Safety Features

In any jogging stroller, particularly a runner like the Joovy Zoom ATS, the safety of your child is paramount. A padded 5 point safety harness is provided to secure your child, and it is adjustable to fit comfortably around the body of a growing baby. There is a running leash to attach the stroller to your wrist , which prevents the stroller rolling away if you trip or fall. Your pace can be very quick when you are going down hill, and the hand brake located on the handle is very effectively in slowing and controlling the stroller.

At night and in low lights, reflective markings make the Zoom ATS highly visible so you are baby are seen from a distance to avoid collision with other traffic.

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Baby Comfort Features While you Jog

I consider the comfort of a baby the next most important thing after safety on a jogger, and the Zoom ATS design did not cut corners with comfort features for parents and their little ones. Here are some of the things you will like about the Joovy ATS:

  • Extra wide reclining seat you would expect for a stroller designed to accommodate chubby kids
  • Over sized weather canopy that can be retracted in many positions to shield occupants from rain, hash sun and wind.
  • Exposed spring/air independent suspensions on the rear wheel travel 3-inch, absorbing shocks and providing a smooth over bumps and rough off-road tracks.
  • There is parent organizer that holds 2 cups with a zippered container to keep your precious items securely
  • The stable wheelbase without the rear horizontal bar that restricts taking long strides in other jogging stroller is a comfort for tall runners.
  • A large undercarriage storage basket with easy access, plus mesh pockets ensure the stroller can take all you bring along for your baby.
  • The footrest is made of aluminum that is easy to wipe clean, and it helps strengthen the frame of the Joovy ATS.

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Choice of Colors, Styles and Caring for Joovy Zoom ATS

Joovy Zoom ATS is a single stroller with fixed front wheel, and can be purchased in a choice of two colors – Black and Red.

To keep the colors and maintain the shine of the fabric material, clean the stroller with mild household soap or detergent, using sponge or cloth socked in warm water. Allow the stroller to dry before using it after cleaning. Keep the frame and wheels clean from dirt and foreign objects, with the same cleaning material as the fabric.

There are more care information for the stroller in the user manual.

Joovy Zoom ATS Jogging Stroller
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Joovy Zoom ATS Folded
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Joovy Zoom ATS - Black
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Size and Weight for Tall Parents and Toddlers

The stroller is designed to meet the needs of tall parents, and carry the weight of babies through their infant ages. These benefits are possible with the following features and dimensions of the stroller:

Maximum Child Weight: 75 lbs.
Seatback Height (seat to canopy): 20″. This gives enough head room for toddlers and tall kids

Unfolded Stroller Dimensions: 45″H x 25″W x 50″L.
Folded Stroller Dimensions: 18″H x 26″W x 36.5″L

Stroller Weight: 26.8 lbs.

The Zoom ATS is recommended for babies from 3 month, and as in any stroller, babies should not ride on it until they are able to support their head without help. At 45 inches above ground, the handlebar is one of the highest you will find on strollers, and this allows a tall runner comfortable grip while pushing the stroller.

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Tires, Wheels and Frame Designed for Jogging and Running

Joovy Zoom ATS is available only as a fixed front wheel jogger for running and fast paced jogging. The fixed wheel keeps the stroller on straight line which is how people normally jog and run. I am yet to see a serious runner or jogger that zig zags on the track!

All three wheels on the stroller are alloy rims, with large 16 inch pneumatic tires. The wheels have quick release levers so they can be easily removed, making the stroller even more compact when folded for storage in cars with small trunks.

And do you know that ATS in the Joovy Zoom stands for Aluminum Tubing Suspension (ATS)? The stroller frame is made from 6061 aircraft grade lightweight aluminum that is tough and durable.

How Smoothly can you Brake?

A fixed front wheel is the first thing to check when deciding on a stroller for running, and for me, a hand brake is the next desirable feature. The hand brake on the Joovy ATS is placed within easy reach on the handle so you can gently slow it down to a stop without giving your baby a jolt. It is also useful for controlling the stroller when running down hilly terrain.

Engage the foot operated one-step link parking brake to keep the stroller stationary, and securely parked when you come to a complete stop.

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Is Joovy Zoom ATS Compatible with Infant Car Seats?

The full benefits of a stroller can be realised when used with a compatible infant car seat to accommodate babies from birth. Joovy Zoom ATS unlike the Zoom 360 is not however designed to be fitted with optional car seat adapter, and so cannot be used for newborns.

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Consumer Reviews

Apart from a customer that complained about the free pump for the tires, and another that may have received a defective product, customer comments about the Joovy Zoom ATS are very positive. Obviously tall parents like that they can jog and run without hitting and hurting their toes against the rear of the stroller. Runners training for marathon while caring for a baby have great admiration for the performance and sturdy construction of the stroller. Here are some of the comments from satisfied moms and dads who have purchased and used the stroller:

This stroller is nice for long runs as I train for marathons, and have completed two since my baby was born. The jogger helped me a lot, added this happy parent.

It is rated to carry 75 lbs baby weight limit, and the stroller feels much more sturdy than the competing brands. I will recommend it 100%, this mom remarked.

Folds up easy and compact, looks great, awesome shocks, smooth ride, plenty of storage. Well worth the research and I love this stroller, another excited dad commented.

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Pros and Cons

If you are tall, jog or run with long strides and have a growing baby you would love to take along when exercising, the Joovy Zoom ATS has great features that will suit you and your child. There are a few things though that could have made the ATS an even better jogger, and I will touch on those, but let me first summarise things you will like about the stroller.

Jogging Stroller ProsPros:

  • Handlebar is at a good height (45 inches) that allows a tall jogger to push the stroller with comfortable posture, preventing back pains.
  • Designed without a rear axle, there is enough space at the back for long steps and no risk of kicking the stroller.
  • The seat is wide, high and sufficient head space for a growing baby. It is positioned to allow clear view of the surroundings for the occupant.
  • At 75 lbs weight capacity, the Zoom ATS is at the top end of heavy duty joggers
  • It is a stroller that is built to last with the military grade aluminum frame construction.
  • Storage space is ample for diapers, baby essentials or groceries when you go out shopping
  • The large weather canopy can be extended or retracted in unlimited positions to provide all round protection for a baby. And if it starts raining, pull out the rain/wind cover.
  • The hand brake is a very useful feature that helps slow the stroller gently when you are jogging at a fast pace.
  • The design is sleek, slim and will turn eyes when you walk the neighbourhood, mall, park, or beach with Joovy Zoom ATS.

Jogging Stroller ConsCons

  • Though the handlebar is at a good height, I would have personally liked if it were adjustable, so it can be lowered for shorter parents who may find it uncomfortable reaching out for the handle.
  • The stroller folds to a compact size, but it is a sturdy, and at 26.8 lbs, some parents may find it a little heavy to move in and out of storage and car trunks. Perhaps anyone that find the Zoom ATS heavy need to get out more and get in shape. This is a stroller for joggers and runners, isn’t it!
  • I observed somebody complained about the pump that comes with the stroller. Joovy gives you a free pump for the tires, and that is the only fault you find with the ATS? It says much about the quality of the stroller in my opinion.

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Where Can You Get a Good Deal on Joovy Zoom ATS Jogging Stroller

The Zoom ATS baby jogger is priced at under $250 in retail shops online, which is much cheaper than competing strollers like the BOB Ironman. Better deals are there to be snatched if you shop wisely, and Amazon is a good place to hunt for a good price for  Joovy ATS. The reputable of an online shop is important when shopping, and the assurance that you can return your purchase without quibble if there is an issue.

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Joovy Zoom ATS vs 360

Joovy Zoom ATS and the Zoom 360 have a lot of common features that make both strollers a good choice for tall people, but there are significant differences that make one perform better than the other depending on the use.

  • Zoom ATS is a fixed front wheel stroller that is best suited for running and fast paced jogging, and runners love it.
  • The Zoom 360 however, has a swivel front wheel that is easier to maneuver and turns much easier at corners, crowded sidewalks and shopping malls. Turning the ATS requires slightly lifting the front wheel and pointing the stroller in a new direction on its rear wheels.
  • The front wheel of the Zoom 360 can be locked in the forward position, converting it to a stroller for light jogging. I would not recommend using it for running in this mode.
  • Zoom ATS has a hand brake to slow and control the stroller, a feature that is not available on the 360.

Otherwise, all other features are the same on both strollers. If you are a keen jogger or runner, the Zoom ATS though now discontinued would have been a great choice, however if you want a jogger for everyday errands and that can also be used for jogging and running, the Zoom 360 is a better choice – it is more versatile as it can be used a swivel and fixed front wheel jogging stroller.

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Joovy Zoom ATS Video Review

This comprehensive video review of features of the Zoom ATS may help you decide if this is a stroller for you. See how easy it is to fold the stroller in 2 quick steps.

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If you find this review helpful in your buying decision, please leave me a comment. Your experience will add more perspective to the review which can help other active parents and caregivers choose a suitable stroller for jogging and running.

If you have any questions, please leave a comment below and I will reply. And if you have any other thoughts to share about this review, your comments are welcome.


  1. Has this stroller changed models recently? If yes, how recently? I’ve seen some reports that the newer model has a higher backed seat that doesn’t fit taller kids well. Thanks for your information.

    • Hi Anne,

      Thanks for visiting. Joovy ATS model has not changed. The seatback is 20 inches, and that is from the seat to the canopy. So, it really depends on how tall is your child? If your child is more than 20 inches from hip to the top of the head, the canopy may be touching the head.

      I hope this helps your decision on whether to buy the Joovy ATS.


  2. I am 5’6, would this jogger be too tall for me?

    • Hi Erin,

      Anyone one above 5′ 4″ will find the Joovy Zoom ATS comfortable to push. Since the handlebar height is not adjustable, I would not recommend it for shorter parents. I know a mom just above 5′ purchased the stroller for jogging but struggled with the handle height, though she loved every other aspects of the stroller.

      At 5′ 6″, I think you should be alright with the handlebar height.


  3. Roger Manuel says:

    I have the fixed wheel ATS, can you buy just the swivel wheel to convert the ATS from fixed to swivel.

    • Jeff Adam says:

      Hi Roger,

      Sorry, but there is no conversion kit to turn the fixed wheel Joovy ATS to a swivel front wheel jogging stroller. And if there is a kit out there, I am yet to come across it. I doubt there will be any though. The ATS is not designed for conversion to swivel wheel stroller.



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