Joovy Double Jogging Stroller – The Cocoon X2

Joovy Cocoon X2 Double Jogging StrollerDo not overlook the Joovy CocoonX2 in your search quality double jogging stroller that that can be converted for multiple uses.

It is a double stroller, a jogger and a bicycle trailer all rolled in one that will meet your need for a stroller for regularly daily errands with one or two kids, and easily transforms to to a jogging stroller that will help active parents stay fit while caring for children.

And if cycling is more of your way of keeping fit, you can kit the Joovy CocoonX2 as a bicycle trailer to take your kids to school, playgrounds or just cruising your neighborhood and favorite spots.

As I write this review, the CocoonX2 is the only double jogging stroller in Joovy range of baby joggers, with new features like the adjustable handle that is great for tall and short parents using the stroller together.

Joovy Cocoon X2 with Mother, Baby and a DogIt is priced about the same as the Baby Jogger POD, and compares just as much in its stylish enclosed design, ease of conversion, and the quality of material used in the construction.

Shaped like a cocoon – no surprise where the name can from, it is sturdily built with high quality material and features that will stand the rough rides as a jogger trailer. Though the jogging wheel and trailer kit are optional accessories, the Joovy CocoonX2 double stroller comes with swivel front wheels as standard.

The Joovy CocoonX2 Double jogging stroller is packed with features that will keep your kids safe and comfortable as they enjoy the smooth ride that the stroller provide.

It is not a cheap double stroller with the $549 list price, but then CocoonX2 is not any ordinary baby jogger. It is an investment well worth it for active parents that would like to jog, cycle or run with one or two kids, and you can buy it far cheaper than the list price from online stores like Amazon.

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it’s a whole load of fun, shaped like a cocoon in which the little ones sit happily and watch the world around them as they are wheeled into parks, malls, etc. The CocoonX2 is truly an amazing product to own.

The CocoonX2 has been unavailable for sometime, and we are not sure when it be available again to buy. We recommend you have look at the Burley Design Bee.  which is a great alternative to a the cocoon X2. The links in this review has been updated so it takes you to the Burley Design Bee Bike trailer detail pages.

Burley Design Bee Bike is Compact, fold and flattens for easy storage and transportation. A great alternative to the Joovy Cocoon x2 that has been unavailable for purchase from major retailers for awhile

Burley Design Bee Bike Trailer YellowBurley Design Bee Bike Trailer Yellowprice

Features and Benefits – Joovy Cocoon X2 Double jogging stroller

Cocoon X2 as a Bike Trailer

Cocoon X2 Bike Trailer Mode

When young moms and dads choose the Cocoon X2, they bring home a quality product, made with a lot of foresight. For one, only parents who have had to take their kids out for a stroll know how their little ones will want to travel with everything they own—toys, stuffed toys, sippers and much more.

So, this stroller comes with a lot of storage space for kids’ stuff, and for parents’ personal items too. Children will never feel hot and stuffy in here, because of the well ventilated vinyl mesh that falls from the roof of the stroller down. And it also keeps out the bugs.

Besides, it offers a safe and smooth ride and it can be moved on all terrain. The handle bar is adjustable in two positions so tall and short parents can have the handle at a comfortable height when pushing the Cocoon X2.

Folding System and How Compact

This stroller is larger than most, so it is heavy and bulky too. However, though it folds fast and flat and is easy to fold, even its folded size is large.

If you have a large car, you can easily accommodate it in the trunk, but parents with small car with limited space in the trunk may struggle to carry the CocoonX2

Baby Safety Features

The safety of your children is very important when using a double jogger bike trailer like the Joovy Cocoon X2, especially when sharing the road with with car in the bicycle trailer mode. The stroller is designed with great safety features to keep occupants secure and gives parents peace of mind.

The two seats on the double CocoonX2 jogger have separate five-point adjustable safety harness, one for each child. It is also fitted with dual rear parking brakes and reflectors for safety while using at night. It’s seat bottom is breathable, making it safe for your little ones.

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How Comfortable for a Baby and Easy to Push

Cocoon X2 with Baby and DogThe Joovy Cocoon X2 Baby Stroller gives ample room for two kids to sit together along with a pouch space each for their toys and stuff. There is a lot of leg room in the enclosed cabin to enjoy a comfortable ride without feeling quashed as you may find in other double bike trailer.

The five-point adjustable safety harness is richly padded to wrap snugly around children, while keeping them secure inside the double jogging stroller.

A zipped screen panel on the stroller is a feature that brings in fresh air and protects your little and tender cuties from bugs. Large windows and a skylight on the Joovy CocoonX2 give kids a good view of surrounding terrains, satisfying their curiosity and keeping them engaged.

With swiveling front wheels, pneumatic tires and large 20 inch rear wheels, the Joovy CocoonX2 is very easy to push and turns effortlessly at tight corners. The adjustable handlebar allows moms and dads with different heights to lower or raise the handle to a level that is most suitable for each parent.

The full size 20″ pneumatic rear wheels give kids such as smooth ride that they’ll never want to get out of their stroller.

Tires, Wheels and Braking System

This stroller comes with two swivel and highly maneuverability front wheels, and 20″ rear wheels as standard. The tires are air filled which makes the stroller easy to push in any terrain, and the large 20″ pneumatic rear wheels covers more grounds than strollers with smaller wheels.

Apart from all the comfort features available on the stroller, you can easily convert the Cocoon X2 into a jogging stroller with optional fixed front wheel conversion kits. And if you’re a great biker, all you need to do is to take off the front wheels, add a hitch and you’ve got yourself a bike trailer!!

This stroller also comes with dual rear parking brakes and reflectors with reflective stitching to provide safety at night.

Size and Capacity

It weighs 35 lbs, and can seat two toddlers weighing up to 50 lbs each, and has a combined child weight capacity of 100 lbs.

Joovy Cocoon X2 Double Stroller Dimensions:

Stroller Dimensions Folded (with wheels) – 20″H x 31″W x 40″L

Stroller Dimensions Folded (without wheels) – 11.5″H x 31″W x 40″L

Stroller Dimensions Assembled – 41″H x 31″W x 40″L

The interior dimensions of the double stroller

Seat Measurement: 23″ H x 23” W x 10” D

The leg Room: 13” D (seat-back to front is 23” total)

Storage Space: 23” H x 23” W x 9” D

Joovy Cocoonx2 Double Enclosed Stroller Orangie
Joovy Cocoonx2 Double Enclosed Stroller Orangieprice
Joovy Cocoonx2 Double Enclosed Stroller Greenie
Joovy Cocoonx2 Double Enclosed Stroller Greenieprice
Joovy Cocoonx2 Enclosed Double Stroller Black
Joovy Cocoonx2 Enclosed Double Stroller Blackprice 

Available Styles and Designs

The Cocoon X2 double stroller matches its stylish design with superb performance. Its bright young colors are an instant attraction to little kids and when you closely examine some of the thoughtful features available on the stroller, you cannot help but like it more.

The handle bar can be adjusted by people of all heights. It’s also roomy with a pouch per kid for their sippers or toys. Large windows on both sides and a front panel that zips open for them to enter is really a kidsy idea that works very well. Besides, the zipped screen panel is great protection from bugs on hot days, while allowing them to get fresh air.

The Joovy Cocoon X2 is available as a Double, or Single 3-in-1 convertible stroller.


  • It offers a smooth ride even if you load the back pocket. It also turns easily.
  • Users found that its real wheels were far better than stroller wheels.
  • It has large storage space that can fit in several stuffed animals and toys, besides a laptop bag, a large purse and more. There’s also a lot of room in front where the kids sit. In fact, it’s so roomy that it can accommodate your kids as they grow.
  • The wind cover keeps the kids warm so they don’t have to be dressed in heavy coats. Just a blanket is enough.
  • It’s easy to convert and use.
  • It’s easy to put on the parking breaks using one’s foot and keep the stroller secure simultaneously.
  • Visibility through the stroller is good for kids. They are also very comfortable in it.
  • It has safe and easy-to-use features for night trips such as a flag, reflectors and a jogging pull handle.
  • Its cocoon concept makes it fun to be in for kids.
  • It’s a very versatile stroller that will last long in a family.

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  • It’s too big to be pushed through average-sized doors. To get it through such doors, the stroller has to be folded.
  • The seats of this stroller don’t recline, so children seated in here must be able to sit up for long.
  • The seating is more in the style of a bench seat because it doesn’t have a divider between the seats.

Any Customer Complaints?

Cocoon X2 with Father and BabySome users complain that the seat doesn’t recline. You will however find that quality 3-in-1 strollers like the Cocoon X2, that converts to joggers and bike trailers do not have reclinable seats.

I believe this is a design feature that suits the convertibility and the use as a stroller, jogger and bicycle trailer. The large size is also an issue when going through normal sized doors with the stroller – it is not as easy to maneuver through small doors.

What’s Included?

It’s available in orange, green and black. The stroller comes with two swivel front wheel as standard, the conversion kits to jogging stroller and bike trailer are sold as optional accessories.

Does it include a warranty?

It comes with a year’s Joovy warranty.

What Others are Saying

“I think this brand is amazing!! Highly recommended.”

“Our 3 & 4 year old love to ride in it for walks or jogs. ”

“Overall, this is really a great stroller.”

How Much Should You be Prepared to Pay?

The double stroller has a list price of $549.99, but can be purchased for considerable less if you shop smartly online, particularly on Amazon that have regular deals on strollers.

I had a quick check  on Amazon at the time of writing this review, and there is a discount of $40 on the Double Cocoon X2 3-in-1 stroller, with free shipping. You may want to check some of the great deals Amazon before you buy.

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