BOB Motion Travel System

BOB Motion StrollerWith expertise of over 15 years in the jogging stroller market, BOB finally came out with its first travel system – a four wheel stroller that is lightweight, compact, and is for all terrains.  The BOB Motion, though not for jogging, it is rugged, with features and the durability parents have admired in BOB strollers.

This Bob stroller folds flat with one hand, spots an adjustable handle that can be raised up to 42 inches for tall parents, and the lockable swivel front wheels offer better control on rough and straight trails, and turns at tight corners with ease in swivel mode.

The compact size is ideal for running daily errands with a baby, and will suit city dwelling parents with a busy lifestyle.  It will  also work well in countrysides with the all-terrain capability.

If you have a larger jogging stroller, and struggle to carry it in and out for every day use, the BOB Motion travel system is a very good compliment – compact, light-weight and easy to transport when you go shopping, take a stroll in the park, visit friends and socialize outdoor with the baby.

With CLICK & GO adapters included in the purchase, BOB Motion converts instantly into complete travel system with a choice of matching optional BOB B-SAFE or any Britax Infant Car Seats.

You do not need to buy an infant car seat if your child is old enough to hold the head straight without a support. This keeps the cost of the stroller down –  if your child is in this age bracket.

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Read the rest of  my BOB Motion Stroller review below, and be sure to watch the very informative brief video review down the page:

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One-Handed Fold, and Very Compact

If there is one thing that parents will agree is most frustrating about a stroller, it is the complicated folding system in poor designs that leaves you struggling to hold on to your baby while working through many steps required to fold a stroller.

This common frustration is resolved in the BOB Motion with the quick one-handed folding mechanism that allows you to carry a baby with one hand and fold the stroller flat with the other. This is a system that made Baby Jogger strollers very popular with parents. BOB Gear surely has listened to the need of parents and came up with their own design of a stroller you can fold with one hand in the Motion stroller.

Simply press a button at the side of the seat, and pull the folding strap to collapse the stroller to a compact size that is easy to carry, store in small spaces at home, or in the trunks of cars with limited space. The frame locks automatically for safety when folded.

Made with light, compact aluminum frame, and weighing 23 lbs, it is a rugged stroller you can easily lift and carry with one hand.

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Baby Safety Features on BOB Motion Travel System

In any stroller, the safety of your child should be the first consideration before buying the stroller. I would also consider comfort, but for me the safety of my baby is paramount.

Very well balanced on four wheels, the Motion Stroller does not suffer from the tipping-over problem you will find in some poorly designed three wheeled strollers.

Peace of mind when it comes to safety is one of the benefits of the BOB Motion.

A Five-Point, Richly Padded Seat Harness secures your baby to the stroller. The harness straps pass over the shoulder, around the hip and between the legs with the ends slotting into a child proof center buckle with in-built system of lock-offs. The harness can be adjusted to fit snugly, yet firmly around your child. There are four harness heights and two buckle adjustable positions for children as they grow.

The basic test I use to ensure my child is securely strap and comfortable on a stroller is by passing my fingers between the harness and my baby’s body. There should be just enough space for my fingers to move freely. A harness that is too loose will not properly protect your child. And if it is too tight, an uncomfortable and a very irritable child on a stroller is what you will get.

Foot-Operated Parking Brake allows you to hold the BOB Motion rooted to a spot when you come to a stop,  and not worry if the stroller will roll away with your child aboard.

Large sized Multi-Position Weather Canopy is another safety feature on the stroller that helps protect your child from harsh wind, rain and harmful effects of sun’s UV rays on delicate skin of babies.

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How Comfortable for a Baby, and Easy to Push?

You now know that BOB have your baby covered on safety with the Motion stroller, but how does it perform on baby comfort features?

BOB Motion Stroller Baby Comfort FeaturesCoil Spring and Elastomer Suspension – Just as in any BOB stroller, the shock absorber on the Motion allows significant wheel travel up to 1.25 inches that smoothens the ride over bumps and rough terrains. Whether you are pushing your baby over gravel, dirt road undulating surfaces, the stroller’s exposed coiled spring suspension absorbs the jolts before they reach your child – providing a very comfortable ride.

Adjustable Seatback – The seat on the BOB Motion can be reclined in infinite positions from near vertical to almost flat, which is great for babies to sleep when you are out on a long stroll.

Large Canopy with Ventilation Window  allows free flow of air to keep your baby cool and comfortable in hot weather, and you can adjust the canopy in different positions that offer the best protection against the elements for your child.

With Swiveling Front Wheels for Superb Maneuverability, BOB travel system stroller turns on a dime, tackling tight corners effortlessly. The front wheels can be locked forward when strolling on rough terrains, or straight tracks for greater stability, control,  and better tracking. I will also add that swiveling front wheel is an innovation BOB introduced in strollers and this revolutionized stroller design. Parents no longer have to awkwardly tip their strollers backward and forward to turn at sharp corners or congested areas like shopping malls or crowded sidewalks.

Adjustable Handle on the stroller is a bonus for tall and short parents as they are able to lower or raised the handlebar to the level most comfortable to push the stroller.  As a tall parent with shorter partner, we checked the handlebar height of every stroller we have purchased, knowing how much damage you can do to your back stooping if you are tall, or tip-toeing if short, to reach the handle of a stroller.

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Tires, Wheels and Brake Designed for All-Terrains

The Motion stroller is the first and only BOB four wheeled stroller as at the time of this review. BOB has a reputation as a manufacturer of rugged three wheeled jogging strollers, and the Motion is their entry into compact four wheel stroller for every day family activities, a product area dominated by Baby Jogger.

Four Pneumatic Tires on the Motion travels well on all surfaces, providing smooth and comfortable ride for your kid – Two Rear 10″ x 1.75″ tires, and Two smaller Front 7″ x 1.75″ tires. The tires are Semi-slick suitable for strolling web and dry surfaces.

High Impact Polymer Composite Wheels on the stroller are rugged and tackle any terrain without fear of buckling, or coming off  as you may find in other strollers. Air-filled tubes with Schrader valves on all the four wheels ensure the tires stay inflated for very long.

Linked Foot-Activated Parking Brake keeps the BOB Motion firmly stationary when you come to a stop, especially in slopes where parents are often caught out distracted and failing to engage the parking brake on strollers. Well you know what often happen in situations like this – stroller just disappears down the slope with your baby. But not so with a BOB Motion when the linked parking brake is used – both rear tires are immediately stopped with a simple flick of the foot operated brake lever.

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Size and Capacity – So Compact Yet Large

You will be pleasantly surprised at how much load such a compact stroller can carry. It followed in the reputation of BOB jogging strollers for ruggedness and heavy load bearing.

The stroller will carry your child from birth up to a maximum weight of 65 lbs, and can take additional 10 lbs in the low boy under-seat luggage space. You can also tuck in up to 1 lbs of stuff in the storage pocket.

Dimension of BOB Motion Stroller:

Wheel Base: 22.5 in (57.15 cm)    [A]BOB Motion Stroller Dimensions

Overall Length: 38 in (97.3 cm)   [B]

Overall Height: 42 in (106.7 cm) [C]

Overall Width: 21.8 in (55.3 cm)

Interior Seat Width: 13.5 in (34.3 cm)

Folded Dimensions:

Folded Length, wheels on: 28 in (71.2 cm)

Folded Height, wheels on: 11.5 in (29.2 cm)

Folded Length, wheels off: 28 in (71.2 cm)

Folded Height, wheels off: 9.5 in (24.1 cm)

Stroller Weight:

The Motion stroller weighs 23 lbs (10 kg) without occupant and luggage, and will carry a maximum load of 75 lbs which includes a baby weight limit of 65 lbs.

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Available Styles and Designs – Single or Double Seater?

The BOB Motion is available only as a single stroller to carry one child. While it is not designed for jogging, it is a perfect complement to any BOB jogger like the Revolution or Ironman.  If is a far more compact stroller that parents can whip out at short notice for daily errands with the kid.

This four-wheel, lightweight stroller is meant for everyday strolls like going to the grocery store, shopping, or visits to the doctor, the beach, park or off-road adventure stroll with the kid.

You have a choice of three combinations of cheerful colors mixed with grey if you decide to buy the BOB Motion – black, orange and navy blue.

BOB Motion Stroller BlackBOB Motion Stroller in Black. Can also be purchased in Navy or OrangepriceBOB Motion Travel System OrangeBOB Motion Travel System with Matching Orange Infant Car Seat.price

BOB Motion Stroller Travel System Compatibility

The included Click & Go adapter instantly converts the BOB Motion seamlessly into a full Baby Travel System using matching BOB B-SAFE, or any BRITAX Infant Car Seats that are sold separately. You need a conversion like this to use the stroller for newborns, and babies that are not old enough to hold their head upright without your help.

BOB and BRITAX Infant Car Seats have Side Impact Protection, head and neck support with Energy-Absorbing Foam Liner that distributes the impact of a bump and collision so that your tender baby doesn’t feel the shock. Infant Car Seats offer superior protection for newborns, and that is why they are used in cars and strollers.

And for a wider choice of Infant Car Seats that parents can use to convert the stroller to a Travel System conversion, I would recommend the BOB Infant Car Seat Adapter Frame that works with the following brands and models of Infant Car Seats:

Chicco Key Fit, Chicco Key Fit 30, Graco Snugride 32 Classic Connect, Graco Snugride 35 Classic Connect, and Peg Perego Primo Viaggio.

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Warranty on the Motion Stroller

BOB Gear by Britax is immensely proud of the construction of their products, and guarantees all their strollers against defects in material and workmanship. BOB Motion has a 5-year limited warranty on the stroller’s frame and a year’s warranty on the fabric and minor parts.

However, warranty on the stroller is for normal use, and does not include defects as a result or wear, abuse or alteration.

What’s Included When You Buy?

In the BOB Stroller box, you will find along with the stroller, the rear and front wheels, the Canopy, Infant Car Seat Adapters, and the manual to help you quickly assemble the stroller. It requires very little assembly. Snap in the wheels and canopy and you are ready to go.

Infant Car seats are optional purchases, and so are other accessories you may choose to buy like the Child Snack Tray, Parent Console, or Travel Bag.

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What Are Parents Saying About the Motion Stroller?

Motion Stroller in Crowded PlaceSmart moms and dads like you, and anyone looking to buy a stroller would research online for feedbacks and comments from those that have purchased and used the stroller.  Researching the BOB Motion stroller before you buy is no exception.  Though a recent addition to BOB Gear array of products, it is certainly not short of online comments to measure its popularity and customer satisfaction.

Parents love the quick Click & Go adapter that converts it to a full and yet very compact travel system. The agility and robust construction also receive glowing comments online. And the introduction of the one-handed fold in the Motion stroller makes it an attractive choice for those who have come to like this feature in Baby Jogger strollers.

The average online customer satisfaction rating ranges from 4.5 to 4.7 Stars out of 5 Stars depending on the online store you visit. Such a high rating is always a good indication that buyers are on to a good product.

You you find comments and observations like those below are frequently use to describe customer  experience with the BOB Motion stroller:

– Great stroller, one mom described it. Super smooth and very high quality she added. She also observed that it is easy to click the seat in and out of the stroller or the car seat base.

– Really sturdy, a dad remarked, well-thought out piece of stroller

– “Good product, Not oversized for airlines.”

– And this, “Great purchase. Totally worth the cost.”

 4.7 Stars Customer Satisfaction Rating – BOB Motion Stroller

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Do you know that the idea for BOB strollers came from the YAK, a versatile, lightweight, single track bike trailer produced by Philip Novotny, an airline mechanic in the California town of San Luis Obispo?

Roger Malinowski, a bicycle industry maven, saw Philip’s YAK in 1994 and together they formed a company called Beast of Burden, and built a booming stroller business. The name of the company was a mouthful though, so they shortened it to BOB – easier to spell, funny and simple as Roger explained. BOB Gear is now part of BRITAX.

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How Much Should You Pay for a BOB Motion Stroller?

Quality strollers are not cheap, and the Motion Stroller is again no exception.  It has a manufacturer’s list price of $349.99 for the stroller, and $519.99 for the complete Travel Systems. But should you pay the full whack for the stroller? I wouldn’t.

Shop smartly online as you have researched so far, and you will find the stroller at much cheaper prices in promotional deals. A quick check on Amazon as I write this review show that the stroller is selling at about 18% discount, and the Travel System at about $50 discount with free shipping.

Deals on Amazon do change – either up or down, and you may even get a better deal if you hop over for a quick check today.  I like Amazon’s no quibble return policy and great customer service, and it is my online shop of choice for big ticket items like a stroller. If don’t like my purchase, I know I can return it without hassle.

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Pros and Cons

I have taken you through various features on the Motion stroller and their benefits to you and your baby.  I will now summarize what the stroller has to offer, and explore any negative aspect of the Motion stroller.


  • The BOB Motion air filled tires combined with effective suspension system give your baby a smooth ride on all surfaces – grass, gravel, undulating or mulch terrains.
  • The four wheel designs makes the stroller very good balanced, and not easily tip over.
  • Swivel fronts wheel turns any tight corner with ease, making navigating crowded places like shopping malls, and sidewalks a breeze. You can lock the wheels for better tracking and control on straight trails and rough off-road trails.
  • Parents can fold the BOB Motion with one hand while carrying their baby with the other – a feature that is new in a BOB stroller.
  • The stroller folds very compact, and can still be reduced even smaller by taking off the quick release wheels
  • 75 lbs high load capacity of the stroller ensures your baby will grow with the stroller – possibly eliminating the need for a bigger stroller – that is, if you are not a jogger.
  • The 5-point adjustable safety harness on the Motion stroller is the industry accepted best design for Infant Car Seat, and it is generously padded so it comfortably fit securely around your baby.
  • It has a big-sized canopy which is great for shielding children against the element, and a big peeping window on the roof of the canopy allows parents to keep a close eye on their baby. This window can be opened and closed with Velcro.
  • The handlebar height can be adjusted up to 42 inches. Short parents can lower it to a comfortable pushing level, and tall parents can raise the handle to suit them.
  • The seat can be reclined from vertical to near flat position. Great when your baby is failing asleep while you are still strolling. It is also richly padded to keep the occupant very comfortable.
  • Behind the seat, you’ll find a spacious pocket where you can put away important things like your car keys, house keys, mobile phone and wallet, etc.
  • Though this stroller doesn’t come with a huge basket below the seat, but it’s certainly big enough to fit most baby stuff.
  • The parking brake is linked to both rear wheels, so when applied holds both wheels firmly stationary. Some strollers only apply the parking brake on one wheel – making the brake less effective. 

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From my review, the pros of the Bob Travel System far outweigh the reservations some parents have expressed about the strollers. This review would however not be complete, without me raising some of these observations and what I think about them:

  • Parents under strict budget for an every use stroller, may find the BOB Motion out of their reach.  If you are undecided because of the price, I can only add that the stroller is worth every cent if you can find the extra cash, plus check out promotional deals on online shops like Amazon. You may get the stroller at a bargain.
  • The Motion Stroller does not come with what I consider essential accessories like child and parents trays. Parents have to buy these items separately, which can increase the cost of owing the stroller.
  • Though it is not a deal breaker for me, the leg rest is not adjustable on the Motion stroller as you may find in some other quality strollers.
  • It is limited to only three choices of colors. Parents looking to buy a feminine color may find the closest to their choice is only the Orange/Gray combination.
  • The stroller weighs only 23 lbs (10 kg), but some moms have expressed they still find the it heavy so carry. You will be hard pressed to find a quality compact stroller like the BOB Motion that weigh less.
  • The axle bar at the rear arches upwards, and you may find that it restricts access to the undercarriage basket if you have large items to carry on the stroller. You can however access the baskets from both sides of the stroller. 

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BOB Motion Travel System Video Review!

This short informative video from BOB demonstrates the maneuverability, one-handed fold, brake, storage and how compact and easy to carry you will find the BOB stroller. If you are still wavering on whether to buy the BOB  Motion, watch the brief video – it may help you decide.

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Conclusion and My Recommendation

If your choice for a stroller will be based on features like compact size, uncomplicated folding system, light-weight, durability and ease of carrying a stroller  in and out of storage, I will highly recommended this compact, four wheeled BOB Motion Travel System. It is a great stroller for running family daily errands with the baby, and will particularly suit busy city dwellers.

Families with newborns will also like the Motion Stroller as it converts easily to a Baby Travel System by adding an optional Infant Car Seat of your choice. Car seat adapter is included in the purchase to be used with a BOB B-SAFE, or any BRITAX Infant Car Seats. It makes sense to look at these car seats first before checking out alternatives as you can save money by not buying another adapter.

However, you cannot jog with the BOB Travel System stroller. It is just not designed for jogging.

For keen jogger moms and dads, I would recommend the BOB Revolution or BOB Ironman, and the Motion can serve very well as a compact compliment – if you can afford to splash out on two strollers.

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Accessories for Bob Travel System Stroller

Having fully exhaustively reviewed BOB Motion, the quality and features are really great, and comments from parents who have used it abound as proof. But I still despair that BOB did not include a single accessory with the stroller when you buy it. Not even my inexpensive favorites – the Child and Parent Trays that offer additional storage within easy reach for baby and parents on the go.

Stroller accessories can increase the enjoyment you and baby get out of a stroller, and some like the Stroller Board extend the ways strollers can be used.

Take a look at the following optional kits available for the BOB Motion, you may find one that is useful for you and the your little soul:

Child Snack Tray

BOB Motion Stroller Child's TrayThis would be top of my list if I were to spend extra on a BOB Motion stroller. It includes one Sippy cup holder and tray for snacks or toy within easy reach of your child.  The tray attaches neatly to the stroller frame, and came be removed from either side to let your child in and out of the stroller.

It will set you back about $30 extra, but well worth having on the BOB Motion stroller to keep your child happy with food and drink.

BOB Motion Parent Handlebar Console with Tire Pump

Bob Stroller Handlebar Console with Tire Pump SingleHaving taken care of your baby with the Child Tray, time to treat yourself with this Parent Console. It has two insulated cup or bottle holder to keep beverages at the right temperate that will quench your thirst while you stroll. The large compartment center with cover has ample space to hold your personal stuff like keys and phone securely. You can buy the console separately, or together with an expandable tire pump – handy to have this compact pump tucked away for whenever you need it.

Secured storage pocket at the back of the console houses the tire pump for easy access. The Motion Parent Console cost about $40, but you can get it cheaper on deals online.

BOB Motion Stroller Bag

BOB Motion Travel BagParents on a tight budget for a stroller may have stretched their finances to buy the Motion stroller. But what this bag does very well is not just protect your investment and make the stroller last longer, it makes it easier to store and transport.

The Motion stroller bag is designed with heavy duty material, and the stroller fits folded in the bag without removing the wheel. With the shoulder strap, simply sling the bag over your shoulder, and have your hands free to carry other stuff.

The bag is particularly useful when traveling through airports with the stroller. It cost about $70, which is not cheap, but really do a good job at protecting and stretching the life of the Motion Stroller.

BOB Motion Stroller Board by Britax

Britax Stroller Board BlackStroller Boards extend the capacity of a stroller. BOB Motion can carry only one child, but can be instantly converted to carry two with the Stroller Board. It is a fun way to give a free ride to older siblings while pushing babies on a stroller.

Britax has a Board that works with the Motion stroller and fits other brands too, but I find it rather expensive at about $90, and parents don’t seem to like the design very much. The Board will carry a child up to a maximum weight of 50lbs, and is easy to install. It can be moved out of the way with a strap when not in use.

You can get the Englacha Plastic Board Rider for 20% or more less, and it is my preference over the Britax Stroller Board.

Infant Car Seat Adapter Frame

This is a universal adapter that can be used with most popular car seats model to convert the BOB Motion to a compact Baby Travel System. Cost about $50 and can be ordered direct from Britax.

BOB Motion Stroller Weather Shield

BOB Motion Stroller Weather ShieldThe Canopy offer good protection for your child if it is not raining and not particularly windy. But if the heavens open when you are out doors with the baby, you will need the weather shield to keep your baby warm and dry inside the stroller.

Made from water resistant material, it fits over the stroller completely, but still allows the occupant a good view of the surrounding. The weather shield cost about $50, which in my book is worth every cent to keep your baby warm and dry.  You can get it though cheaper from online shops.

BOB Motion Sun Shield

BOB Motion Stroller Sun ShieldMany parents confuse the BOB Motion Weather Shield with the Sun Shield. While they may look very similar, they are for totally different purposes.

The Weather Shields protects a child from rain and wind mostly, but the Sun Shield’s specially designed mesh screen keeps sun’s harmful ultraviolet UVA and UVB rays away from the tender skin of your child. It also create a barrier against flying insects and wind.

Warm Fuzzy for Motion Stroller

BOB Warm FuzzyThis a padded fleece seat liner insert you may want to purchase to give additional comfort and warmth to a baby on the Motion stroller. This can be useful in the cold winter months if you leave up north. Though it has some very good customer feedback from parents who have used it.  Others have observed though that it is no better than an ordinary fleece liner, and will cost you about $50.

Shop around online, and you could buy it cheaper from stores like Amazon that is doing a 12% discount on it at the time I was writing this review.  It fits all BOB Single and Double strollers.

The BOB Warm Fuzzy has been retired and may no longer be available for purchase. We however recommend this Waterproof Baby Infant Universal Stroller Sleeping Bag Warm as a great alternative.

This Outdoor Waterproof Baby Infant Universal Stroller Sleeping Bag is a great alternative to the retired Bob Warm Fuzzy

Outdoor Tour Waterproof Baby Infant Universal Stroller Sleeping Bag Outdoor Tour Waterproof Baby Infant Universal Stroller Sleeping Bag price

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If you have any questions, please leave a comment below and I will reply. And if you have any other thoughts to share about this review, your comments are welcome.

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