Baby Trend Range Jogging Stroller

Baby Trend Range Jogging StrollerParents don’t have to sacrifice their morning jogs once their bundle of joy is born. All you need is a way to spend time with your child and at the same time, get the most out of your mornings. This is where strollers come into the picture; they help parents get a run while they take their children out for a stroll. And a good jogger stroller to have is the Baby Trend Range Jogging Stroller.

Extra wide, ergonomically shaped, converts to a baby travel system, and priced at about $100, the Baby Trend Range is a great choices for parents that do not want to spend a lot of money on a jogging stroller.

Key Features of Baby Trend Range

Here are some of the features that compare favorably with far more expensive strollers like the Schwinn baby joggers:

  • Extra-wide handle bar – Parents will have no trouble holding onto the handlebar of their child’s stroller. Baby Trend Range comes with a rubber grip that gives a comfortable experience when gripping the handlebar as you push along.
  • Cup holders – staying hydrated when you’re out and about is important. The child tray that comes with the stroller has two built-in cup holders for your child’s drinks. It also comes with a convenient parent organizer on top so parents have their drink within easy reach as well.
  • Multi-position seat – When you take your child out for a stroll, position the seat so they are sitting up and taking in all the sights and sound; and when they’ve had enough and are ready for a nap, re-position the seat so your child is comfortably sleeping wherever they want.
  • Large Storage basket – The Baby Trend Range Jogging Stroller comes with a built-in storage basket located at the bottom of the stroller. This storage basket is perfect for keeping a small baby bag for east access.
  • Adjustable Canopy – Prevent your child’s skin from the sun with the adjustable canopy. Pull it down when needed, and pull it back up when not in use.
  • Peakaboo window – when the canopy of the stroller is down, you can still check on your child without having to stop and look at them from the side. The peekaboo window allows parents to look down from the handlebars and see what their child is doing.

Check Today's PriceSafety Features

Baby Trend Range Arial ViewHaving large storage baskets and easy maneuvering and pushing is just half of what you would want in a stroller. This particular jogging stroller is not only packed with cool features, it also comes with some unique safety features that make it a must have for parents:

Foot activated Dual Rear Brake – This is a safety feature not a lot of jogging strollers have. When activated, the brake ensures that when you’re stopped, you remain stopped.

5-point harness – When you jog, you never have to worry that your child is getting shaken up. The five point harness ensures that your child stays in place and is always safe.

Tether strap – The tether strap attaches to the parent’s wrist. This will always ensure that you are never far from your child.

Lockable Swivel Wheel – the front swivel wheel allows you to easily maneuver through the sidewalk and even trails. When you want to jog, the front wheel locks in place for added stability as you go.

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Available Styles

The Baby Trend Range Jogging Stroller is only available in one style: black with gray and white stripes. The stroller itself is mostly black with a gray and white stripe on the canopy and a white line on the basket at the bottom.

The stroller is compatible with Baby Trend Infant car seats and is sold as a bundle in 3 different color variation.

The style is perfect for parents who don’t want their baby’s stroller to be too flashy or bright when they go out.

Baby Trend Range Jogging Stroller converts to a travel system with matching infant car seats. It is sold as bundle, and it might be a good idea to buy the travel system if you do not have an infant car seat already.

Baby Trend Range Jogging Stroller LibertyBaby Trend Range Jogging Stroller LibertypriceBaby Trend Range Jogger Travel System SpartanBaby Trend Range Jogger Travel Systemprice

 Size and Capacity

The great features should be enough to make you want to get the Baby Trend Range Jogging Stroller. But as additional information, here are the technical specifications of this Baby Trend model:

  • Item Weight: 28.8 pounds
  • Product Dimensions: 17.5 x 13 x 34 inches
  • Maximum weight recommendation: 50 pounds

When you’re done using it for the day, the stroller can easily be put folded up by releasing a lever at the side. Just one pull and the stroller easily folds up for transport, and can be further folded up for when it’s time to store it in the closet.

How much should you pay?

If you’re on a budget and don’t really feel like spending a lot on a jogger stroller, then the Baby Trend Range jogging stroller is definitely for you. Online, it only costs $99.99 plus shipping. But you can look for websites like Amazon who offer it with free shipping so you can save up on costs.

There are also retail outlets that sell them so that you can see for yourself just how great it is before paying for it.

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Great wheels for easy maneuvering, comfortable handlebars for easy grip and safety features that truly mean safety; the Baby Trend Range is a stroller I would definitely recommend for all parents and guardians who want to keep active or just want a stroller that is going to give them exactly what they are paying for. A very good stroller from Baby Trend range of under $100 strollers.

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