Baby Jogger City Mini GT Single Stroller – A Close Up Review

Baby Jogger City Mini GT Single StrollerThe Baby Jogger City Mini GT designed as an all-terrain stroller for city use, extends the features and capability available in the also popular Baby Jogger City Mini. Parents and care givers looking after babies and infants use it regularly and praise how easy it is to stroll with the Mini GT.

It is highly maneuverable with lockable swiveling front wheel, very comfortable for babies, and folds in a snap with the patented one-hand fold technology.

The stroller is not meant for jogging, but with strong forever-air tires and suspension, the stroller moves smoothly on all types of terrain – in cities and the countryside.

For busy parents, it is ideal for all-day family weekend trips out of the city, or for strolls in the city parks and shopping malls. The Mini GT is distinctive for its one handed quick-fold technology and removable auto lock that keeps the stroller closed whenever folded. It also has an adjustable handlebar and a bracket to accommodate all your accessories.

You need only one hand to open the stroller and get it going. With the auto-lock facility, the stroller locks in place when folded which makes it easy for you to transport or put away in storage.

The City Mini GT, packed with innovative baby safety and comfort features, is a big hit with parents with babies and infants. You will be be spoilt for choice with the variety of optional accessories available for the stroller.

You can read the rest of  my close up review of the award winning City Mini GT Stroller below:

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How Compact, Easy to Fold & Carry?

As the Mini in the name of the stroller suggest, it is the most compact All-Terrain stroller in Baby Jogger range of strollers. It can only be compared with the City Mini, but then that model is not built for All-Terrain. The stroller features the one handed folding design common with Baby Jogger products, allowing parents to open or fold the Mini GT flat with one hand while still carry a baby with the other.

It fits easily into the trunks of small cars, and still leaves you plenty of space to carry other stuffs. For City dwellers with limited space at home, storage is not an issue with the City Mini GT as it takes up much less space than you would normally require for an all-terrain stroller.

Features of the Baby Jogger City Mini GT compare closely with the City Elite, except for the larger frame of the City Elite and bigger 12″ tires.

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Baby Safety Features the City Mini GT

To keep your baby safe and secure on the stroller, a five-point adjustable safety harness that is a standard feature on Baby Jogger strollers is fitted on City Mini GT. It has a hand operated parking brake with the lever conveniently located on the frame, close to the handlebar for easy reach. For added security, you can add a belly bar for about $34.95. The belly bar provides a soft padded area for your child to hold on to while you push the Mini GT, and also acts as guard around the seat.

Its SPF50+ (Sun Protection Factor) sun canopy was built especially to protect and keep your baby safe from harmful effects of harsh weather.

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Baby Comfort Features While you Jog

The City Mini GT stroller stands out from its peers on various counts. First, it has a smart and well padded seat that gives a lot of support to the baby’s back. The seat will recline to almost flat position suitable for babies to take a snooze. It is vented at the to, allowing for good passage of air inside the stroller. The big canopy with windows is detachable, and can be retracted in multiple positions. The canopy serves as an excellent sun protection and keeps babies comfortable in the stroller.

City Mini GT has an extendable seat back and foot rest that accommodate children as they grow.

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Tires and Wheels Designed for All-Terrains

Baby Jogger City Mini GT Single Stroller Tires

Forever-Air Tires

Unlike the City Mini with 8” rubber tires, the City Mini GT comes with an 8.5″ forever air All-Terrain tires that ensure a smooth and comfortable ride on any surface. Compared with pneumatic tires that are air filled, Forever-Air tires are rubber tires inflated with lightweight foam, and this ensures the tires do not go flat with the frequent use over rough terrains.

The Mini GT has front wheel suspension and a lockable swivel front wheel which makes long distance strolls easy. Its all-terrain wheels are made of very tough material.

Whether you are strolling on a beach with sand or gravel, or you are taking your baby for a walk on uneven grounds off road, the Mini GT is designed to tackle the terrain while proving maximum comfort for your baby.

The adjustable handlebar is one of my favorite feature on the  stroller.  The handle can be raised or lowered to a level that is comfortable for parents to push the stroller without bending their back – which often results in back pains for parents.

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Size and Weight Capacity of City Mini GT

The City Mini GT is lightweight, weighing only 20.9 lbs, and can carry babies up to a maximum weight of 65 lbs, a surprising high baby load capacity for such a compact stroller. Other dimensions of the Mini GT are:

Unfolded Dimensions 44″ x 24.5″ x 30-43.5″

Folded Dimensions 9.75″ x 24.5″ x 31.5″

Maximum Load in Seat Back Pocket – 2 lbs

Maximum Load in Undercarriage Basket – 10 lbs

The handlebar height can be adjusted from 30” to 43.5”, which is a good range for a comfortable pushing height, even for a 6 feet plus parent like me.

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Available Styles & Colors Mini GT Stroller

The Baby Jogger City Mini GT is available in single and double strollers that accommodate either one infant or two at a time. Both designs are made of 47% nylon, 43% polyester, 8% polyurethane Foam and 2% TPU material that is highly fire resistant, safe, and very comfortable for babies.

It can be purchased in six shades of colors – shadow and green, shadow and bamboo and shadow and orange, apart from black and red.

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Warranty and What’s Included

Baby Jogger City Mini GT Single StrollerUnder normal use, Baby Jogger has a lifetime manufacturing defects warranty for the frame of the stroller. Other parts of the strollers like textiles has a 1 year warranty.  Tires and tubes are not covered.

You will get only the stroller when you order one. However, the City Mini GT has a lot of optional accessories that can be purchased separately to enhance the features available on the stroller for you and your baby.

Further down on this review, I have covered the full range of optional accessories you can use with the City Mini GT.

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What Others are saying – Consumer Reviews

Baby Jogger Strollers are popular and reputable for their sleek design, high quality construction and durability and the City Min GT is no exception. Parents love the features and performance of the stroller and often come back after purchase to leave favorable comments about how satisfied they are with the stroller.

Customer satisfaction rating of the stroller you will find online is averaging about 4.4 out of 5 Stars. If you are like me when making a buying decision, a high customer rating is one of the things I consider before reaching for my wallet to buy. Here is how some parents have described their experience with the Baby Jogger City Mini GT:

“I would highly recommend the City Mini GT. It’s awesome!…”

“Overall, I am so happy with this stroller and its performance…”

“Awesome engineering!”

“Easy to fold and very small (if not light) when folded, fits in my small trunk.”

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Any Complaints?

Baby Jogger City Mini GT Though you will find tons of favorable comments from parents who have purchased and used the Baby Jogger City Mini GT, there are others who have also observed what they consider lacking.

Parents only get the stroller when they buy it.  Every accessory is an optional purchase, and some parents do not like this. For the amount you pay for the stroller, you would expect at least a child’s tray included in your purchase – but not so with Baby Jogger Strollers. The optional accessories can add to the cost of the stroller, depending on which you decide to buy.

Baby Jogger know parents would pay for a quality stroller, and do not need to load their strollers with accessories to sell them. You may want to check my list of optional accessories that can go with the City Mini GT.

Limited space for storage is another common observation by parents. It is a compact stroller, so space in the undercarriage cargo is limited. However, you can increase storage space available on the stroller by adding a parents console, Child’s tray, Cooler bag, or Carry bag.

One parent complained that her stroller front wheel lock broke soon after purchase, making it difficult to steer. What can I say, for a stroller with lifetime warranty from Manufacturers defect, it would have been replaced easily for her, as it seems obvious she may have purchased a defective stroller.

Please do not hang heavy grocery bags over the handlebar of the stroller if you are pushing a baby with the stroller, as you are likely to tip it backward. Sounds obvious, but some parents have discovered this with alarm. Because the Mini GT is a compact and lightweight stroller, you are more likely to tip it over than larger strollers with the weight of heavy grocery bags hanging off the handlebar.

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How much is the Cost of City Mini GT

Although the Mini GT stroller has a list price of $349.99, it can be purchased for far less if you shop smartly online. I would not pay more than $300 for the stroller.

At the time of writing this review, Amazon has a 30% discount on the stroller with free shipping thrown in with a purchase. That is over $100 savings on the list price if you buy from Amazon.

I like shopping on Amazon, not just because of their regular deals on strollers and other products, but their customer service is excellent, and you can return a product without quibbles if it turned out you don’t like your purchase.

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Pros and Cons


Baby Jogger City Mini GT Single StrollerThe Mini GT stroller has a lot of positive features going for it, and it is no surprise that in many online reviews I came across during my research, the customer satisfaction rating averages above 4.4 out of 5 stars. Some of the many positives of the City Mini GT are:

  • It can be steered smoothly over a variety of surfaces – smooth tarmac, sandy or gravel path, and is great for family day out to the beach.
  • It folds easily with one hand, leaving your other hand free, and can be stored in the trunk small cars, or small spaces at home.
  • The handle is adjustable and can be raised or lowered to heights from 30” to 43.5”, a great feature for tall parents to push the stroller with comfort.
  • It has a richly padded seat for the maximum amount of baby safety.
  • The seat reclines to near flat position that is ideal for babies to doze off when you go out on long strolls.
  • A five-point adjustable harness keeps your baby securely strapped to the seat.
  • The Mini GT frame is made of high strength material that is durable and makes the stroller last long in a family.
  • A weather cover protects your little one in any weather.
  • Mesh screen lets in air when the canopy is in use, or seat back lowered.
  • The stroller is lightweight and compact, weighing merely 20.9 lbs.
  • It comes with two peek-a-boo viewing windows that allow parents to keep a close eye on baby.
  • Suspension on the stroller absorbs shocks over bumps, providing a comfortable ride for your baby on rough terrains. 
  • Baby Jogger Mini GT can carry a maximum baby weight of 65 lbs, far more than larger strollers that carry only 50 lbs.
  • The stroller is sleek and stylish and is available in several colors – in fact, in six different combinations of colors so one at least will suit your taste.
  • Easy to maneuver around tight corners with the swiveling from wheel that can be locked for more stability and better tracking when strolling on straight lines. 


The pros greatly outweigh some of the features some parents would have loved to have on the stroller, but they have been mentioned, and here you have them:

  • The undercarriage storage space is small, but Really! Isn’t it one of the reasons it is a Mini Compact stroller. Check the many Baby Jogger accessories that will increase storage on the stroller.
  • Its accessories are sold separately. I agree, this can increase the cost of owing the City Mini GT if you purchase many accessories.
  • It can tip over if you overload the seat back pocket, or hang heavy grocery bags on the handle bar. But so will any other stroller, if you overload it.  Keep to the recommended maximum load limits. 

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City Mini GT in Video Review!

Be sure to watch this short but very informative video review of the jogging stroller – put together by Baby Jogger, the manufacturer of City Mini GT stroller. The video demonstrates how to operate the brake, lock the front wheel, use the canopy and seat back. It shows the storage spaces, how to fold the stroller, adjust the handlebar, and much more …

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Conclusion and My Recommendation

With the very compact design, one handed folding system, light weight and very maneuverable swivel front wheel, Baby Jogger City Mini GT is an ideal stroller for the fashionable urban parent – moms and dads that need a stroller for regular daily errands, and day out with the family in the park and beaches.

It will also appeal to the active parents as a compact stroller to complement a larger jogging stroller in the family. While the jogging stroller can be used strictly for jogging with the baby, the compact Mini GT will serve well as a stroller that is used much more frequently, and can be carried around a lot easier than a jogging stroller.

The Baby Jogger City Mini GT is not intended or designed for jogging stroller, I will emphasis.

Though some parents may find it expensive compared to other strollers available at under $200, if you can afford it, the Mini GT is worth the price with quality and features that are well above what you will get in cheaper alternatives.

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Baby Jogger Accessories for City Mini GT

The Bassinet/Pram

Baby Jogger Bassinet/PramBaby Jogger Bassinet/Pram is a popular accessory for parents with newborn babies. It has plush padding, sun protecting foot apron and a sun canopy that is adjustable.

If you would like to use the stroller for a baby from birth, and like more room and the option for your baby to lie flat on the back, side or tummy as you stroll; buy the Bassinet/Pram for City Mini GT.

This Bassinet/Pram has more room than the Compact Pram, and has a maximum baby weight capacity of 25 lbs.

It is not intended for overnight sleeping for babies. It is versatile and can also be used with the City Mini, City Elite, and City Mini 4-wheel.

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Baby Jogger Compact Pram

Baby Jogger Compact Pram Bassinet With the Compact Pram, turn your City Min GT into a comfortable and very stylish Bassinet for your little one – from birth to 6 months old.

It has a large sun canopy and protecting foot apron to shield your baby from harsh sun light. The mattress is machine washable so easy to clean and maintain.

If you have twins, you can fit two Compact Prams on your Mini GT to accommodate the babies. The maximum carrying weight of the Compact Pram is 25 lbs, and just like the Bassinet/Pram, it is not intended for babies to sleep overnight.

The Compact Pram is compatible with a wider range of Baby Jogger strollers:

The F.I.T jogger, summit X3 double, City mini GT double, City Mini double, summit X3, City Mini, City Elite, and City Mini 4-wheel.

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Belly Bar Single

Baby Jogger Adjustable Belly BarThe Belly Bar adds additional protection on the City Mini GT for your baby, and gives your child a safe and comfortable area to hold on to as you go about strolling.

It can be adjusted with the push of a button, and the cover is machine washable which makes it easy to clean and keep hygienic for a child.

Apart from the City Mini GT, the Belly Bar can also be used with other models of Baby Jogger strollers like the F.I.T jogger, City Mini, Summit X3, City elite, and City Mini 4-wheel.

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Baby Jogger Child Tray

Baby Jogger Child TraySome parents have complained that the City Mini GT does not have enough space to hold stuff for babies when strolling. If I were to buy the Mini GT today, the Child’s Tray is possibly the first accessory I will add to the stroller. It is money well spent, as it adds a space to hold drink, food and toys within easy reach of your child. It is easy to clean, and swings out to allow your child in and out of the stroller.

You will find that quite a few strollers come with a Child’s Tray as standard, but not so with any Baby Jogger stroller, as all accessories are optional purchase.

The Child Tray will fit all Baby Jogger models that you can attach a mentioned above Belly Bar.

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Parent Console

Baby Jogger Parent Console UniversalJust as I would recommend the Child’s Tray as an essential accessory in any stroller, the Universal Parent Console serves similar purpose for moms and dads when fitted to a City Mini GT. It is a convenient storage that attaches the handlebar, and has a cup hold and two storage pouches for your personal items.

Important items kept in the pouches are held securely with Velcro covers on the console.

The Universal Parent Console can also be used with the following models of Baby Jogger Strollers:

F.I.T Jogger, Summit X3 Double, City Mini GT Double, City Mini Double, Summit X3, City Versa, City Select, City Mini, City Elite, City Mini 4-Wheel.

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Car Seat Adapters -Single

Baby Jogger Car Seat Adaptor Single Mounting BracketThe Car Seat Adapter is the most cost effective and easiest way to transform your City Mini GT into your own customized travel system. Attaching a Car Seat Adapter to a Baby Jogger stroller allows you to choose from a selection of compatible Infant Car Seats that can be used with the stroller, extending the use of the strollers to newborns.

I would recommend using a Baby Jogger Car Seat Adapter with compatible Car Seat to parents with newborns, who at some point will be travelling with their baby or infants in a car. The Adapter and Infant Car seat combined with the Mini GT is all you need to customize your very own compact travel system.

There are 3 types of Baby Jogger Car Seat Adapters available as optional accessory for the City Mini GT:

Multi Model Car Seat Adapter – Single

The multi model adapter works with many brands of Infant Car Seats, and can be used with the following models of Baby Jogger Strollers:

  • aby Jogger Car Seat Adaptor Single Mounting BracketF.I.T Jogger, Summit X3, City Mini GT, City Mini, City Elite, City Mini 4-wheel. 
  • The following Infant Car Seats and compatible with the universal Baby Jogger Car Seat Adapter:
  • Baby Trend Flex Loc
  • Britax Chaperone (manufactured before mid-2012)
  • Chicco KeyFit
  • Chicco KeyFit 30
  • Cybex Aton
  • Evenflo Discovery
  • Evenflo Serenade
  • Graco SnugRide Classic Connect 
  • Graco SnugRide Classic Connect 22
  • Graco SnugRide Classic Connect 30
  • Graco SnugRide Classic Connect 32
  • Graco SnugRide Classic Connect 35
  • Maxi-Cosi Cabrio
  • Maxi-Cosi Mico
  • Maxi-Cosi Mico AP
  • Maxi-Cosi Prezi
  • Peg Perego Primo Viaggio SIP
  • Peg Perego Primo Viaggio SIP 30/30
  • Safety 1st OnBoard 35
  • Safety 1st OnBoard 35 Air 

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UPPAbaby Car Seat Adapter for Baby Jogger Strollers

Baby Jogger UPPAbaby Car Seat Adapter Single - Mounting BracketThe UPPAbaby® Car Seat Adapter is the easiest way to turn your stroller into a customized travel system. Attaching your UPPAbaby® car seat to a Baby Jogger stroller has never been easier. You can even fold the stroller with the adapter attached, giving you the most versatile travel system available.

This adapter works only with the UPPAbaby MESA infant car seat. You can fold the stroller with the adapter attached, and it works with the following Baby Jogger strollers:

F.I.T Jogger, Summit X3, City Mini GT, City Mini, City Elite, City Mini 4-wheel

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Britax Car Seat Adapter for Baby Jogger Single Strollers

aby Jogger Britax B-Safe CS/CV Car Seat AdaptorThese are mounting brackets that are easy to attach to Baby Jogger strollers allowing Britax B-Safe and Britax Chaperone Car Seats to be seamlessly attached.

Just like all other Baby Jogger Car seat adapter mounting brackets, there is no need to remove the bracket before folding the stroller – it does not hinder the folding system of Baby Jogger strollers.

This car seat adapter works with the following models of Baby Jogger strollers:

F.I.T Jogger, Summit X3, City Mini GT, City Mini, City Elite, City Mini 4-wheel

Use Baby Jogger Car Seat Adapter Guide to verify which adapter model will fit your stroller and infant car seat.  The guide is a full list of Baby Jogger adapters matched with strollers and infant car seats they fit.

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Weather Shield for City Mini GT and City Mini Single Strollers

Baby Jogger Rain Canopy City Mini/Mini GT SingleDon’t get caught out by what rain may throw at you and baby. You may take the soaking, but please spare your little one. I always tuck a weather shield in a stroller when I go with my baby, and I highly recommend you do the same.

This single weather shield is custom made to fit the Baby Jogger City Mini GT and City Mini. It is well ventilated, and zipped panel provide easy access for children.

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Baby Jogger Glider Board

Parents with a baby and an older child will love the Glider Board. It is a great and fun way for an older sibling to hitch a ride while you push your baby on the stroller.

Baby Jogger Glider Board For City/SummitBaby Jogger Glider Board attaches securely to the rear axle of the stroller, and with a non-slip surface, a children can safely hop on the board for a free ride, and get off easily when they are ready to walk alongside. You can also use it for an infant to alternate between seating on the stroller and riding on the Glider Board.

Parents can flip the Board out of the way when not in use, and it folds easily against the rear when attached to the stroller. For me, this is a fun accessories I can see my kid enjoy with the City Mini GT stroller.

The Glider Board has a weight limit of 45 lbs, and should not be used for jogging.

Use it with the following wide range of Baby Jogger strollers, including the City Mini GT:

F.I.T jogger, City Mini GT Double, City Mini Double, City Select, City Mini GT, City Mini, City Elite, City Mini 4-wheel.

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Carry Bag for City Mini GT – Single

Baby Jogger Single Carry BagThe Single Carry Bag is a to great way to conveniently store or transport the Mini GT. The Carry Bag is richly padded to protect your stroller for a road trips, and in storage.

When you splash out on a Baby Jogger Stroller like the City Mini GT, you would want to protect your investment, and make such a quality stroller last even longer.

You can do this with the single stroller carry bag. Baby Jogger strollers fold incredibly small and fit neatly in the bag so they are more convenient to carry or transport in the trunk of a car.

The padding on the bag offer good protection for the frame and fabric of the City Min GT. The bag can also be used for the following models of Baby Jogger strollers:

Summit X3, City Versa, City Mini GT, City Mini, City Elite, City Mini 4-wheel, F.I.T jogger

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Baby Jogger Cooler BagThe Baby Jogger Cooler Bag

On a hot day, and you are on family day out with the baby, the Cooler Bag is a stroller accessory that can certainly be of very good use to keep things cool on the go.

The Cooler Bag is well insulated, and can hold six small baby bottles or 12 oz cans. It is easily attached to the stroller frame and can be used with most Baby Jogger Strollers, including the City Mini GT.

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The Liquid Holster for Baby Jogger Strollers

Though I will not be rushing out to buy one of these as a stroller accessory, I am sure some parents will find it useful. The Liquid Holster is a simple design that prevents your drink from spilling when strolling.

Baby Jogger Liquid HolsterFor parents that keep their drinks in open cups or bottles, the Baby Jogger Liquid Holster can come in handy. It uses a self-leveling mechanism to prevent unwanted spills.

It attaches to the handlebar securely, and can indeed fit most tubing so it’s not just for your stroller! I will probably use it on my bicycle more than I would on a stroller – if I were to buy the Liquid Holster.

It may sound obvious; this cute accessory is not recommended to be used with hot liquids.

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Foot Muff  for Baby

The Foot Muff is the best way to keep your child warm during the cold months. You can aby Jogger Foot Mufffold your stroller with the foot muff still attached. Use it to protect your baby from birth to approximately 24 months.

The Foot Muff is a practical and effective accessory to keep you baby warm on a Baby Jogger Strollers, and I would certainly recommend it. It works well on City MIni GT, and is also suitable for all other models.

It is well insulated and the fabric is machine washable for easy care.

You can use it to keep your baby warm from birth till about 2 years old.

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Hand Muff for Parents

Baby Jogger Plush Stroller Hand MuffThe Hand Muff provides a soft, warm, dry place for your hands while pushing your stroller. The plush inside and the weather-resistant exterior make sure your hands stay cozy and dry, even in the toughest cold weather conditions.

The Hand Muff for parents while pushing a stroller, is the logical compliment to the Foot Muff that keeps babies warm and cozy during the cold months. Sure you have taken care of your baby, would you let your hands freeze in the cold?

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The muff can be used with the City Mini GT, and all other models of Baby Jogger strollers. It is an accessory I would certainly consider if I would be using a stroller during the cold months.

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If you have any questions, please leave a comment below and I will reply. And if you have any other thoughts to share about this review, your comments are welcome.


  1. Ruth fromm says:

    Is the citi mini comfortable for a one year old to sleep for one hour or longer?

    • Hi Ruth,

      There is no reason why your one year old cannot sleep on the City Mini GT for up to one hour or more. The seat reclines to near flat position that is ideal for a sleeping baby, and the stroller has the capacity to carry a baby that is 44 inch or 111.8 cm tall weighing no more than 65 lbs or 29.5 kg.

      Sleeping on the stroller for prolong period will however not be as comfortable as you would expect from a Bassinet or Pram, which are more richly padded. Keep your baby still fastened even when sleeping on City Mini GT stroller.


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