Mountain Buggy Urban Jungle Stroller

Light weight, compact, elegantly designed and versatile, the Mountain Buggy Urban Jungle is an all-terrain stroller that out performs the competition in many ways. With stable foot print and high adjustable handlebar, the stroller pops easily over curbs more effortlessly than other strollers, and even with heavier loads. The rear wheel suspensions combine with air… Continue Reading »

Over the Shoulder Baby Holder – And My Top 3 Sling Wrap

An over the shoulder baby holder is a fantastic compliment to a stroller as a baby carrier, and both no doubt, serve different purposes for parents with very young children. While a stroller offer you the freedom to roam and push your little one around, nothing beats the close contact and bonding with your baby… Continue Reading »

BOB Revolution PRO

If you are one of the parents that suggested improvements on what is already a very popular jogging stroller, you will be pleased with the new features on BOB Revolution PRO. Vastly improved over the Revolution SE, the PRO is equipped with hand activated drum brakes that out perform calliper brakes for better control of… Continue Reading »

Mountain Buggy Plus One

Compact with a unique inline design, Mountain Buggy Plus One jogging stroller accommodates one or two kids in stadium styled seat that uses no more space than a single stroller. It is the ideal choice for a growing family concerned about traditional bulky, wide, double jogging strollers. Mountain Buggy +One adapts easily from a single… Continue Reading »

BOB Revolution Flex

The BOB Revolution Flex is so much an improved version of the popular Revolution SE jogging stroller. The Revolution Flex retained all the things parents like about BOB strollers – features like adjustable suspensions that tailor the smooth ride to the weight of babies as they grow, two steps folding system that collapses the Flex… Continue Reading »

BOB Stroller Accessories

You don’t need to buy any of the BOB stroller accessories to enjoy the range of BOB jogging strollers with your baby or toddler. The accessories can however, add additional features to a BOB stroller that will benefit the occupants, and make the stroller more convenient for parents to push, transport or put in storage.… Continue Reading »

Chariot CX2 and CX1 Review

Chariot CX2 and CX1 are proudly described by Thule as child carriers for five activities, and four seasons, and this is  not just because of their elegant design and looks, they truly transform into five modes of great child transports with ease. For active families keen on outdoor activities, Thule has engineered the Chariot CX… Continue Reading »

Strassburg Sock – My Night Splint for Plantar Fasciitis

Ever heard of the Strassburg Sock? I didn’t know about it until my Plantar Fasciitis came back after almost one year of me being pain free.  Just as with my first attack of heel pain, the first steps I took in the morning were as excruciating as I have ever felt – pains shooting up… Continue Reading »

Jogging leash – Hands Free, Versatile and My Top 5 Ranking

Think of those moments, when the sky is getting grey and the clouds are rolling in. You are just about to go out for your daily jog, but then remembered … you have not walked the dog. There’s no time to do both safely and comfortably, right? Not if you have my type of versatile… Continue Reading »

Schwinn Discover Jogging Stroller – Affordable like Turismo & Instep Strollers

Can you tell a Schwinn Discover jogging stroller from a Turismo, or from an Instep Safari Grand Safari? If you can’t, you are not alone. I am sure not many people can see the small differences between the three jogging strollers if placed side by side with their name stripped off. Until now, I could… Continue Reading »