InStep Flight or Safari Double Tandem Stroller – Affordable Easy to Turn Baby Joggers

Mountain Buggy Plus One

Mountain Buggy Plus One

UPDATE >>>  InStep Tandem Jogging strollers are now discontinued and currently not available for purchase. Mountain Buggy +One Tandem jogger which has been updated in the 2015 design to look sleeker and very minimalist, is a great alternative to consider.  

The +One is more compact than the Instep Tandem jogger, and can be configured in 7 modes to carry 1 or 2 kid from newborns to 6 years.

Read the full review here, or you may continue with Instep Tandem jogger review below. Note however that the links in the review are now redirected to the Mountain Buggy Plus One Tandem jogging stroller.

For active parents and keen joggers caring for two kids, the Instep Flight or Safari Tandem Double jogging strollers are very affordable, and will appeal to many parents on a budget shopping for a quality stroller.

At under $250, both strollers come complete with child and parents trays that would cost you extra on other stroller brands like the Baby Jogger. You also get a universal Infant Car Seat Adapter that works with most popular infant car seats, allowing you to convert the stroller to a travel system for newborns.

The Tandem design, and stepped “stadium” seats of the double strollers are unique, offering much more narrower profile than the traditional side-by-side double jogging strollers. You can be sure they will turn eyes when you take them out with babies.

The 360 degrees swivel front wheel on the InStep Flight and the Safari Tandem Double turns on a dim, making it easy to turn at tight corners – much easier than you will find with the wider side-by-side double alternatives. The front wheel can be locked forward in a jogger mode for more stability and control when jogging or running with the strollers.

Read the rest of  my review of both InStep Tandem Jogging strollers below:

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Instep Flight or Safari Tandem Double jogging stroller are out of stock, but this Mountain Buggy Plus One is also a stadium styled seat jogging stroller and a great alternative to the Instep Double Tandem. I will warn you though that it is more expensive than the Instep Double Tandem, which reflects the better quality of Mountain Buggy Strollers over the Instep.

Mountain Buggy Plus One Buggy with Cocoon and Second Seat BlackInline Jogging Stroller – Mountain Buggy Plus Oneprice 

InStep Safari Double Tandem Jogging Stroller

Because Instep Flight and Safari Tandem Double jogging strollers and now discontinued, all links in this review have been redirected to my review of Mountain Buggy Plus One Buggy with Cocoon and Second Seat. It is a great alternative to the Instep Tandem strollers.

Table of Contents (Jump ahead!)

Compact, Easy to Fold & Carry?

InStep Tandem Double Stroller FoldedThe InStep Flight, and the Safari have a dual trigger folding system that collapse the strollers to a fairly compact size, considering that they are double strollers for two kids. Most double strollers will take up a good amount of storage space in the trunk of a car, and these are no exception.

Transporting the double strollers in the trunk of an SUV is not a problem, but if you have a small to medium car with limited space in the trunk, do check the dimensions of the Flight and Safari Tandem Double strollers below to ensure you can transport them in your car.

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Baby Safety Features on InStep Tandem Strollers

The safety of your baby is paramount in any baby jogging stroller you decide to buy, and it is reassuring to note that InStep Flight and the Safari Tandem strollers meet all requirement for the safety of a child riding on it. These are some of the features that will keep your baby safe and secure on the baby joggers:

  • Both tandem seats come with a five-point safety harness which straps around children, by passing it over their shoulders, hip and between the legs, and is adjustable to fit securely but snugly.
  • The adjustable weather canopies provide very good cover over the seats, shielding the occupants from the elements.
  • There is a foot brake that is very effective at keeping the stroller stationary when you come to a stop – simply step on the brake lever to prevent the InStep Flight or the Safari Tandem jogger rolling off with your child.
  • The handlebar is rubberized for firm, comfortable, and slip resistant grip while strolling and jogging. 

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How Comfortable for Baby and Easy to Push?

The tandem style seating design of the InStep Flight and Safari allows children to sit behind each other rather than next to each other as you will find in side-by-side double strollers. Tandem or inline strollers take up less space and are easier to maneuver around corners and crowded places like shopping malls, going through doors in public places.

InStep Safari and Flight Tandem StrollersThe completely separate seating area of the Tandem design on the InStep Flight and Safari double strollers gives children their defined space on the stroller, and reduces the chance of the usual squabbling between siblings when riding on strollers. The seats are richly padded and comfortable.

These tandem strollers come with stepped double seating, large and comfortable with thick seat padding for each child. The raised rear seat gives a child on it unrestricted view of the surrounding.  The seat can be reclined for a more suitable and relaxed position for your children – very useful when a child is tired and feeling sleepy.

Another advantage these Tandem strollers have over other competitors is, they come complete with a child’s tray and parent console to keep drinks, toys and small items within easy reach for your child and yourself while jogging or strolling.

  • The molded child tray can be flipped open and has two cup holders to hold cups of Sippy drinks for kid. It is easily removed to let bigger kids in and out of the stroller. The child’s tray acts as additional guard around the stroller seat.
  • The parent tray is also molded with dual fin grip cup holders. It fits conveniently on the handlebar of the stroller.
  • Each seat has a retractable weather canopy that provide good cover from the elements
  • Storage space on the stroller is ample with huge under seat cargo basket, and seatback pocket for additional storage. 

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Tires and Wheels Designed for All Terrains

Tires on the InStep Flight Tandem baby jogger are all pneumatic, mounted on high strength molded rims. The front wheel is 12 inches and swivels 360 degrees for great turns at corners and crowded areas. You can manually lock the front wheel forward in a jogging mode that offer more control and better tracking of the stroller, particularly when going downhill. At the rear are bigger 16 inch wheels that help in covering distances quicker.

The molded wheels are easily wiped clean when you come back from off road jogging or running with the stroller, and they do not rust as will some metal wheels.

There is an effective foot operated parking brake on the stroller, but sadly there is no handbrake that I find very useful in controlling speed when jogging with all-terrain strollers.

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Size, Dimensions and Capacity of InStep Tandem Strollers

Though the InStep Flight and Safari Tandem Double folds into compact size, they still occupy quite some space as you would expect from any quality double jogging stroller in this class.  Being about 15% longer than the single jogger, but the same in width, it is the ideal solution for transporting two kids in crowded places because of the inline narrow profile.

Instep Flight Tandem Double Dimensions

The stroller can carry two kids not weighing more than 50 lbs on each seat.

These are other measurements of the InStep Fight Double Tandem:

Stroller Weight – 49 lbs

Dimensions in inches (L x W x H): 60.0 x 25.0 x 43.0 

InStep Safari Tandem Double Dimensions

You would have guessed, just by looking at the pictures that both strollers are the same – except for the colors. The dimension of the Instep Safari is exactly the same as the Instep Flight Tandem Double stroller.

The Instep Double Tandem will carry two kids not weighing more than 50 lbs on each seat.

Other Dimensions of the Safari Tandem Double stroller are:

Stroller unfolded and upright (L x W x H): 60″ x 25″ x 43″

Stroller folded with back wheels on (L x W x H): 32″ x 24″ x 16″

Stroller folded with back wheels removed (L x W x H): 32″ x 24″ x 12″

The stroller weighs about 49 lbs.  It is on the heavy side compared with some popular side by side double jogging stroller like the Baby Jogger Summit X3 that weighs about 36.2 lbs

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Available Styles, Designs, and How to Seat Your Kids

The Instep Flight and this particular model of Safari are available only as tandem double strollers. The inline narrow design will appeal to parents with two kids that find the double side-by-side too wide to navigate tight corners, crowded places, and standard doorways. It is easy to navigate places like these with these two Instep Double Tandem strollers.

InStep Tandem Double Jogging Stroller in Use

Sorry! – Discontinued

The seats are one behind the other, providing your kids their completely separate space. The child in the front seat does however have a better view of the surrounding when you take them out strolling or jogging, especially when the canopies are in full use.

The restricted view on the rear seat is common in most tandem strollers, but this is hugely minimized with the stepped seats on InStep Tandem baby joggers.

Instep Flight is only available in one color – Orange. If Orange is not your color, Instep Safari double Tandem in blue is an alternative that is exactly the same as the Instep Flight, except in color.

Take note that the canopy height on the front seat is lower than that on the rear, and also smaller. The front seat is better suited for a smaller child when the canopy is fully retracted for weather protection. I would place a tall child in the rear seat with higher canopy roof. However, the front seat has more leg room, and would be the place I may place a tall kid when the canopy will not be used.

For parents hesitant about buying a Tandem jogging stroller and many are still fascinated but wary about the unique design, InStep Safari is available in the traditional side by side double jogging stroller.

The InStep Double Tandem jogging strollers, either the Flight or Safari are best suited for children of different age, with the smaller kid in the front seat.

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Available Adapter and Infant Car Seats

Instep car Seat adapter for single strollers model 25-AR101 can be used with InStep Tandem Double strollers,  and most popular brands of Infant Car Seats. Simply replace the child’s tray on the stroller with the adapter and insert your car seat.

It will specifically fit the following brands of car seats – Graco™, Evenflo Embrace™, Dorel™, Peg Perego™, Britax™, Chicco™, Combi™, Combi Centre™, Combi Connection™, and Compass™, and other models.

You should however verify from the manufacturers’ website that the Infant Car Seat of your choice is compatible with the Instep Flight Double Tandem stroller of your choice.

There is no specific Infant Car Seat made to match the strollers. You will have to shop around for the best color and design coordination that suit you.

Though Baby Trend Infant Car Seat is not listed above, parents have been able to use if with the stroller.

The Instep Safari Double Tandem comes with an infant car seat adapter and Amazon ship it too with the InStep Flight Double Tandem.

InStep Flight Compared with Safari Double Tandem Stroller

If you take a close look at the Instep Flight Double Tandem and the Instep Safari Tandem Double, you will hardly tell them apart, but for the obvious color difference, and model numbers for those with eye for details. The InStep Safari Tandem is model number 11-AR224 and comes only in a deep blue, while the InStep Flight model number is 11-AR301AZ, and you will only get it in the Orange color.

Both strollers are available in the traditional side-by-side double jogging stroller, in the same color as the Tandem Doubles.

Both are also closely priced, with only $10 difference in their manufacturer recommended sale price. The Safari Tandem stroller is priced higher.

InStep Flight Double Tandem compared with the Safari Tandem. Can you spot the difference. There is none, except in colors – one is Orange, and the other Blue.

InStep Flight Double Tandem StrollerInStep Flight Double Tandem Stroller (Orange)priceInStep Safari Double Tandem Stroller (16-Inch Blue)InStep Safari Double Tandem Stroller (Blue)price


InStep Flight and Safari in the traditional Side-by-Side Double strollers. There are more choice of colors in this design of the strollers.

InStep Flight Double Swivel StrollerInStep Flight Double Swivel StrollerpriceInStep Safari Swivel Wheel Double Jogger Gray/GreenInStep Safari Swivel Wheel Double Jogger Gray/Greenprice

Warranty and What’s Included

Many of the accessories you will need are included when you buy either the InStep Flight or Safari Tandem jogging stroller – not so with many other top quality baby joggers. Hardly will you find manufacturers throwing in child and parents consoles for free. Try a Baby Jogger Summit or BOB Revolution stroller, and you will cough out extra cash for these as optional purchase.  The following items are included when you buy the strollers:

  • The complete parts needed to assemble the Tandem strollers, including canopies
  • 2 canopies
  • Parent Console with cup holder
  • Child trays with cup holder

InStep Safari Double Tandem comes with an Infant Car Seat Adapter, and though it says it is not included in the Instep Flight, parents who bought from Amazon have been pleasantly surprised to find it in the box!

The Warranty

InStep strollers come with a limited one year warranty from the date of purchase, which covers any defects in material and manufacturing workmanship of the strollers. Defective parts within one year of purchase are sent to customers at no charge.

The limitation on the warranty is on wearable parts like tires and tubes and are not covered. You can make a warranty claim or order a replacement part by calling or emailing InStep Customer Service. Current details can be found on their website.

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What Others are Saying About InStep Tandem Double Strollers

The InStep Flight and Safari Tandem strollers have mixed reviews online by parents who have used them. Many are amazed by the quality and unique space saving design, others are curious, and those on a budget are drawn to them because they are affordable compared to a BOB or a Baby Jogger.

Here are some snippets online on how parents described their experience with the Tandem strollers:

Great jogger for a double an excited mom remarked. My boy is tall for the front seat though when I put up the canopy. Well, I did say that about the front seat, didn’t I?

It is perfect for my two kids; another mom chipped in, and comes with an unexpected Infant Car Seat. Yes, she bought hers from Amazon, if I may add.

It is a bonus for us that it is a jogger as we purchased it for recreation, a family commented.

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How Much Should you Pay for the InStep Flight Double Tandem?

The list price for the InStep Flight is $249.99, and I would add that the Safari Tandem is priced at $259.99. However, at the time of writing this review, there are 12% to 16% discounts on both strollers plus free shipping if you shop online from Amazon.

The prices on Amazon compared favorably with other reputable online shops, but the unquestionable trust and customer service you get from Amazon is the attraction for many and why they shop with them. Items when purchased can be returned free of charge without quibbles if Amazon is the seller.

Prices on Amazon do change without notice, I would add – sometimes even lower.  You may want to check today for current prices of the InStep Tandem Double strollers.

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Any Complaints About InStep Double Tandem Jogging Strollers?

Big, bulky and heavy are the common complaints parents have about the strollers, and that include those that have rated it 5 out of 5 stars. So, if you intend transporting this in the boot of your car, it is a good idea to check that you have big enough space.

The low height of the front seat canopy has also bothered some parents, but they have worked around this by seating a tall child at the back.

Pros and Cons


  • The InStep Flight and the Safari Double Tandem are very affordable jogging strollers priced at under $250, and will appeal to many parents shopping on a budget.
  • The strollers fold into a compact package with its dual trigger folding system, and removable wheels for a more compact fold.
  • Air filled tires at the front and rear make the stroller easy to push in all terrains – sand, gravel, grass or tarmac, and the molded rim is rust free and easy to clean.
  • The child on the front seat has a molded tray with cup holder and there is a parent handlebar console – all included in the purchase of an InStep Double Tandem stroller.
  • The front wheel can be locked in forward position converting the stroller to a fixed wheel jogger that is more stable and tracks better when jogging or running on straight trails.
  • The stroller is compatible with most Infant Car Seat and comes complete with a universal Car Seat Adapter.
  • Cargo space on the strollers is plentiful, with very large under seat cargo basket and seat back pocket for storage.
  • Handlebar height is high and will be very suitable for tall parents.
  • Has a wrist strap to tether the stroller to your wrist, preventing it from rolling away if you trip, or forget to engage the foot operated brake when you come to a stop. 

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  • Though the handlebar is high and will work well for tall parents, it is not adjustable and very short moms and dads may find it uncomfortable to push the stroller.
  • There is no handbrake on the InStep Double Tandem Strollers. You will find this feature in more expensive strollers like the new BOB Revolution Pro. I find it useful to have on jogging strollers as it gives more control when jogging or running downhill with a stroller.
  • Some parents find it bulky and heavy, and others do not. Remember the InStep Flight and the Safari Tandem are double jogging strollers, not single. You will find most sturdily built double strollers can be bulky and heavy. 

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Conclusion and My Recommendation

The price tags on the InStep Tandem strollers may lead you to think they are cheap and not top quality – far from it. The Flight and Safari Tandem Double are sturdy inline stroller built with quality material.

They are attractively priced at under $250 to appeal to parents shopping for jogging strollers they can easily afford without blowing a big hole in their family budget.  Considering that BOB and Baby Jogger double strollers are priced well over $500 if you include some of the accessories that are part of your purchase of an InStep Double Tandem, they come at a bargain in my opinion.

The strollers are best suited for families that will be transporting two kids of different age, so the smaller can seat in front with a lower canopy height.

And if you intend to use the strollers in crowded places like the shopping malls and working through public doorways, Tandem double strollers maneuver better than side-by-side double strollers.

The child and parent trays, and the included Infant Car Seat Adapters are bonus items you will pay extra on other strollers.

At such an affordable price, and with the overall quality of the construction, I really think active parents should consider the Instep Tandem Strollers, particularly if shopping for a double jogging stroller on a budget.

I would buy the Blue Safari Tandem Double if shopping for a jogging stroller for boys, and go for the Orange Tandem Double if my kids are girls.  But these are my color preferences, let yours decide.

InStep Flight Double Tandem StrollerInStep Flight Double Tandem Stroller (Orange)priceInStep Safari Double Tandem Stroller (16-Inch Blue)InStep Safari Double Tandem Stroller (16-Inch Blue)price

Accessories for InStep Flight and Safari Tandem Double Strollers

The two most popular accessories parents buy for their jogging strollers – the child and parent trays, are already included when you purchase the InStep Flight or Safari Tandem Double stroller. And parents with newborn also get the Infant Car Seat Adapter that allows them to convert either stroller to a travel system.

It may not surprise you then that InStep strollers do not have many accessories you can buy as optional addition to the strollers. InStep really does provide essential accessories you will need when you purchase most of their strollers.

However, I found one accessory you may wish to buy that makes the stroller seats more comfortable and provide good insulation against heat and cold for your baby. It is the InStep Lambskin Seat.

InSTEP Jogging Stroller Lambskin Seat

InSTEP Jogging Stroller Lambskin SeatThis Lambskin Seat for InStep Jogging strollers is made from real lambskin and absorbs up 30% of its own weight in moisture without feeling wet, and so keeps your baby dry and comfortable whatever the weather.

It fits all Insteps Jogging Strollers and is easy to remove and washable to keep it hygienic for baby’s tender skin. The Lambskin is Hypo-allergenic and flame-retardant.

It has a list price of about $49.99, but you can get it cheaper online.

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If you have any questions, please leave a comment below and I will reply. And if you have any other thoughts to share about this review, your comments are welcome.


  1. Maurella Furtado says:

    I’m wondering what the dimensions of the InStep Safari double tandem stroller is when is setup & when it’s folded included with & without the tire attached. Also how heavy it is?

    • Hi Maurella,

      I have updated the dimensions in my InStep Safari double tandem stroller review to include the measurement you have requested. Take a look at my updates to the dimensions of the strollers. I hope you find them helpful.


  2. What stores or website can I purchase the *car seat adapter* for my Instep tandem double jogging stroller? I bought my stroller used. I’ve been searching the net with no luck. Thanks in advance

    • Jeff Adam says:

      Hi Viv,

      The adapter has been discontinued by Instep and it is really difficult to find one. However searching online for the instep adapter model 25-AR101 is your best bet. You never know when and where one will turn up.


  3. Joel Sanchez says:

    I would like to know if I can get a part for my safari instep, i am very disappointed that after about 5 times of using it one of the front brown umbrella latchings came off.

    • Jeff Adam says:

      Hi Joel,

      If the store you bought your Instep Safari is unable to help you with the broken part, your best alternative is to contact Instep Customer Service. Their contact phone number is (800) 242-6110.

      Good luck.


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