Bob Revolution SE Single Jogging Stroller Review

Bob Bob Revolution SE Single StrollerThe Bob Revolution SE Jogging stroller is an all terrain stroller that is popular with parents. It is available as a single or double jogging stroller. Bob Revolution SE is solidly built with light aluminium frame, pneumatic tires and a suspension system that makes it glide on sand, grass, rough terrains or city surfaces giving your baby a smooth ride while you jog or stroll.

Turning and twisting in crowded city sidewalks or corners is very easy with the swivel front wheel in the Bob Revolution SE. And the stroller can be converted to a fixed wheel stroller with a simple flick of a knob when you are out jogging in the open.

Your baby is safely secured with a 5 point harness that can be adjusted for a tight but comfortable fit.  It is available in 4 colors that many moms and dads will find appealing.

If you want a stroller that you can use in all terrains, has a lot of safety and comfort features for your baby and is built with quality materials that are long lasting, the Bob Revolution SE in our opinion is worth checking out before you buy a jogging stroller.

Bob Revolution Flex and Revolution Pro and newer versions of BOB’ SE jogging strollers with a lot of improvements over the older Revolution SE. The Pro is designed as a versatile jogger runner for the more active parents. The Revolution SE are becoming increasing difficult to find, and I have replaced the links in this review to point to Bob Revolution Flex.

BOB 2016 Revolution FLEX Stroller BlackBOB Revolution FLEX Stroller BlackpriceBOB 2016 Revolution PRO Stroller BlackBOB Revolution PRO Stroller Blackprice

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Bob Revolution SE Duallie Jogging Stroller

How Easy to Fold & Carry Bob Revolution SE

Bob Revolution SE Jogging Stroller is truly designed to suit the active get up and go life style of many parents. It is easy and quick to fold in two steps.  Built with high strength aluminium alloy, it is strong, very light weight and durable.

The frame folds down to a compact size that you can conveniently carry by hand, or take in a car to your favorite jogging spot. And when it is time to put the Bob Revolution SE in storage, the fold down compact size means you do not have to worry about large storage space.
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Baby Safety Features

Some of the most important features available in the Bob Revolution SE Jogging Stroller are the safety features that have been designed to give your child maximum protection while you are out jogging or strolling in any terrain. A re-assuring padded 5 point harness will keep your child securely but comfortably strapped in the stroller. The harness can be adjusted or tightened with easy to pull rings to give your child a snug fit.

The stroller handlebar has a wrist strap made of strong polyester fabric webbing. This allows you to firmly attach the jogging stroller to your wrist and not worry about the stroller rolling away from you. At the rear of the stroller, there is a foot activated brake that will keep the stroller stationary when you come to a stop or would like to park the stroller.

And when the weather is not so kind, Bob Revolution SE comes with a canopy that can be toggled into five positions to protect your child from rain, sun or wind. The canopy has a large reviewing window so you are not restricted from keeping an eye on your child when you have a need to use the canopy.
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Baby Comfort Features While you Jog

After ensuring a child can be safely protected any jogging stroller, the next thing on the mind of many parents is the comfort of their child in a jogging stroller. And in this, Bob Revolution SE Jogging Stroller has also done a good job. The stroller is equipped with a coiled spring suspension system that you can adjust in two positions to give your child a smooth and comfortable ride while you jog or stroll in any terrain, and the seat is generously padded to relax your child in the jogging stroller.

For babies that are too young to hold their head up, BOB recommends using additional head and neck support for a safe and comfortable ride for the babies. With optional BOB Infant Car Seat Adapter and compatible infant car seat, newborns can safely ride in the Revolution SE baby jogger.

The seat can be reclined 70 degree from the vertical position to give your child the most relaxing seating angle, and this can also be useful when your child wants to sleep – it can be reclined to give the comfort of a bed!

The Revolution SE has a lot of storage space to hold your stuffs and your babies’ whether you are out jogging or strolling. A Low Boy Cargo Basket provides ample undercarriage storage space. Large pocket at the back of the seat provides additional space for books, keys, your phone and much more. And there are internal seat pockets where you can keep toys and snacks within easy reach of your child.

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Choice of Colors, Styles and Easy to Clean

Bob Revolution SE is available in 4 colors that you will find appealing – black, navy, orange and plum. The seat is made of Polyester and Dobby weave fabric which gives it nice textures and patterns that are fashionable.

The seat fabrics are water repellent for easy care. BOB recommends that you sponge the stroller seat with a solution of lukewarm water and mild soap, rinse the fabric with clean water and allow the fabric to dry. To keep the jogging stroller fabric in pristine condition, using detergents to clean the fabric is not recommended.

Bob Revolution SE Jogging Stroller Colors & Style

You can get Bob Revolution SE Jogging Stroller either as a single or double stroller.  The Bob Revolution SE Duallie Stroller is the double style.
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Size and weight Capacity

Build with high strength light frame and weighing 25 pounds, Bob Revolution SE Jogging stroller can carry a child with a maximum weight of 70 pounds and is recommended for babies from 8 weeks old.

The overall length of Bob Revolution SE in “jogging mode” is 51.5 inches and in “swivel mode” 46 inches. The stroller is 25.5 inches in width and has a handlebar height of 40 inches. The fold dimensions vary but are generally smaller. It is a heavy duty stroller that you can trust to carry small or chubby babies.
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Tires and Wheels & Brakes Designed for All Terrains

The design of tires, wheels and suspension of the Bob Revolution SE Jogging Stroller is what makes it a popular all terrain jogging stroller. The swivel front wheel allows the stroller to be easily manoeuvred in tight city corners and rough open terrains. The two rear wheels are sturdy and widely spaced for stability and to smoothly push the stroller in any surface.

The front wheel can also be locked in a forward position to increase the stability of the stroller when you are jogging or strolling quickly.

Tires in the Bob Revolution SE Strollers are pneumatic meaning air filled tires and tubes that make pushing the stroller seem like gliding. And when you are out jogging, the stroller can be fine turned to track better with an adjustable knob.

A foot activated brake located at the rear of the stroller allows you to securely park the stroller when it is stopped.

Bob Revolution SE Jogging Stroller Features

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Consumer Reviews of Bob Revolution SE Jogging Stroller

Reviews of Jogging strollers on Amazon has a lot of complimentary remarks about the Bob Revolution SE.  At the time of writing this review, it is ranked 4.5 out of 5 Stars by 100 consumers who have purchased and used the stroller. Other online reviews are equally favorable about Bob Revolution SE Single or Double jogging strollers. These are some of the comments you will find online about the Bob Revolution SE:

A dad was very pleased that rides on the stroller are so smooth for their infant and they hardly feel the bump when they roll over uneven pavements, rocks or branches.

Another dad commented that he uses the jogging stroller almost every day for either jogging or walking with the wife and baby.

A young mom was thrilled with the first rate construction and the ability to open and close it in seconds.

One mom called the jogging stroller a great addition to their family, and is very pleased it has helped them jog and walk more around their neighborhood. At well under $400 on Amazon promo, worth the price she added.

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Pros and Cons of Bob Revolution SE Jogging Stroller

Bob Revolution SE Jogging Stroller ProsFor keen joggers and strollers looking for an all terrain stroller, Bob Revolution SE is hard to beat. Other strollers perform well on specific kind of surface, but Bob Revolution SE stroller is designed for and out performs many strollers in all surfaces.

Parents love the seat that can be reclined to sufficient angle, converting the stroller to a comfortable sleeping bed for their baby when they are out for a jog or a walk. It means parents can stay out enjoying their favorite exercise while baby is having a good sleep.

The stroller is made of strong durable material ensuring parents can use it for a long time and not worry about purchasing another stroller before their child out grows the need for a stroller.

Bob Revolution SE Jogging Stroller ConsSome parents find the canopy difficult to adjust, but others have commented that if you follow the instructions, it is quite easy to adjust the canopy.

Another hesitation you may find as others online reviews have mentioned is the price tag on Bob Revolution SE.  It is more expensive than the competitors with the manufacturer list price set at just under $450, but that is because it is an all terrain quality jogging stroller. The good thing though is that you can buy the Bob Revolution SE for about $300 on Amazon promotional deals.
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Where Can You Get a Good Deal on Bob Revolution SE Stroller?

The best deals on the Bob Revolution SE Jogging Strollers are available on online shops, but our reviews have found that Amazon offer better deals compared others. Amazon has a daily promotion that can reduce the price on the stroller by up to 25%, plus you can take advantage of the Super Saver option on Amazon and get the jogging stroller shipped Free!

One other good thing about shopping with Amazon is that they do not quibble about their return policy. If you do not like any purchase on Amazon, simply return the product and get your money back. The Bob Revolution SE Jogging Strollers in our opinion though is a product you will be very pleased to have purchased.

Bob Revolution SE Single Jogging Stroller Price

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Jogging Stroller in Video Review!

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I would recommend the newer Bob Revolution Flex and Revolution ProRe in pictures below, as they are improved versions of the Revolution SE with more comfort and performance features for babies and parents.

BOB 2016 Revolution FLEX Stroller BlackBOB 2016 Revolution FLEX Stroller BlackpriceBOB 2016 Revolution PRO Stroller BlackBOB 2016 Revolution PRO Stroller Blackprice

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