Bob Ironman Single Jogging Stroller Review

BOB Ironman Single Jogging StrollerBOB Ironman is a fixed front wheel jogging stroller with 16 inch air filled tires that offer great stability whether you are running or walking your favorite tracks with the stroller. It also features BOB unique suspension system that can be adjusted to suit the weight of a baby so the shocks over bumps and rough surfaces are fully absorbed ensuring your baby’s comfort in a reclining seat that is generously padded.

My hands on review of the Ironman reveal that it has all the popular features consumers have come to expect in a BOB stroller – light weight frame that is easy to fold and carry, a padded five-point harness to safely secure your baby, accessory adapter that allows the use of car seat adapter and snack tray.

With a list price of about $400 but considerably cheaper if you shop online, BOB Ironman is a stroller to consider for anyone looking to buy a quality fixed front wheel jogging stroller that is built to last.  BOB regularly updates its range of jogging strollers with new features.

Read the rest of my Bob Ironman Jogging Stroller review below and learn about the great features that make it the official stroller of the IRONMAN Triathlon.

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How Easy to Fold & Carry an Ironman

Strollers that are easy to fold and carry are what most parents prefer to purchase, and the BOB Ironman light weight frame and durable aluminum alloy construction makes it a good choice for parents. The stroller folds into a compact size in two easy steps and can be conveniently carried in the trunk of a car or put in storage without occupying too much valuable space.
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Ironman Baby Safety Features

When you are out jogging or possibly running with the Ironman which is what it is designed to do best, you want to be sure that your baby is safely secured. The five point safety harness of the Ironman will put your mind at rest. The harness is well padded and adjustable to fit snugly and securely around the changing size of babies as they grow.

Parents can strap the stroller to their wrist with a strong line provided on the handlebar and this prevents the BOB Ironman from running or straying away from parents especially on hilly terrains.  A foot brake is available to secure the stroller when you are stationary, and there is an adjustable canopy with large viewing window to protect your baby from sun, wind or rain.
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Baby Comfort Features While you Jog

The comfort of babies and parents when they go out with a jogging stroller has been thoughtfully designed into the features of the BOB Ironman. The seat is softly padded and can be reclined up to 70 degree from the vertical position that converts into a good sleeping angle for those moments your baby will fall asleep while you are still out jogging or running.

Pushing the stroller over rough surfaces is very smooth with an efficient shock absorbing system that is provided by coil spring and elastomer core. The shock absorber allows three inches of wheel travel when the Ironman is pushed over bumps on your jogging track, cushioning the force. The suspension can be fine tuned in 2 positions to suit the weight of a baby.

The handlebar is softly padded so it can be gripped firmly without hurting your palms. There is a low cargo basket with easy access from the rear of the stroller that provide ample under carriage storage on the BOB Ironman for diaper bags and large items. Additional storage spaces are provided in a good size pocket at the back of the seat, and internal pockets that are ideal places for handy toys and snacks that will keep your baby engaged and entertained.

With the accessory adapter, you can convert the BOB Ironman to a Baby Travel System that will allow the use of an Infant Car Seat Adapter and a compatible Car Seat. Parents with newborns can use this combination of features on the Ironman to start jogging with their baby from birth.

You can purchase BOB Ironman jogging stroller in these colors and styles – Yellow or Navy, Single or Duallie.  The accessories will convert the strollers to a full baby travel system.

Yellow BOB Ironman Single Stroller
Yellow BOB Ironman Single Stroller will be suitable for either boy or girl.Check Today’s Price

Navy BOB Ironman Single Stroller
Navy BOB Ironman Single Stroller is a Color that will go well for boys.Check Today’s Price

BOB Ironman Duallie
BOB Ironman Duallie is a Double Jogging Stroller Suitable for TwinsCheck Today’s Price

BOB Handlebar Console For Single Strollers - Black
BOB Handlebar Console For Single Strollers – 2 water bottle holders.Check Today’s Price

BOB Infant Car Seat Adapter for Graco Single Strollers
BOB Infant Car Seat Adapter converts Ironman to Baby Travel System.Check Today’s Price

BOB Duallie Snack Tray Black
BOB Duallie Snack Tray with Two sippy cup holders and tray for snacks.Check Today’s Price

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Choice of Colors, Styles and Easy to Clean

BOB Ironman jogging stroller is a fixed front wheel stroller that is available as a Single or Duallie (Double) stroller. It can be purchased in a choice of two colors, Yellow and Navy.

The seat of the Ironman is made of water repellent fabric and the padding is open cell foam. It is recommended to sponge the seat with mild soapy lukewarm water, then rinse thoroughly with clean water and allow the seat to dry.

BOB strongly advised not to wash the seat with Detergent as this may degrade the quality of the material over time.

Fixed front wheel on the Ironman is great for jogging and strolling, but this feature excels at running where the performance at tracking on straight lines is far better than you will find on swivel wheel strollers.
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Size and Weight Capacity of BOB Ironman Jogging Stroller

It is a compact, highly portable stroller but still sturdily built to take the weight of big kids. It can carry babies from newborns to a weight limit of 70 lb or 31.8 kg. The following are the dimensions are weight capacity of BOB Ironman:

Baby Weight Capacity: Up to 70 lbsBOB Ironman Jogging Stroller
Height Limit of Baby: up to 44 inches
Net Weight of Stroller: 23 lb, 10.6 kg

Wheel Base: 29 in (74 cm)
Overall Length: 50 in (128 cm)
Handle Bar Height: 40.0 in (102 cm)
Overall Width: 25 in (64 cm)

The Interior Seat Width is 14.5 in (37 cm)

Folded Dimensions of the BOB Ironman:
Length with the wheels attached: 41.5 in (105 cm)
Length with wheels removed: 35 in (89 cm)
Height with the wheels attached: 18 in (46 cm)
Height with wheels removed: 13.5 in (34 cm)
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Tires and Wheels Designed for All Terrains

The 16” pneumatic tires of the BOB Ironman and sealed cartridge ball bearings on the wheels are important features that make it easy to push on rough or smooth surfaces, even when you are jogging with the heavier weight of bigger kids.

The wheels are made of rust free aluminum alloy that are easy to clean by washing or hosing them down with water if you have been out with the stroller on dirty jogging trail.

Though the fixed front wheel is designed to track well on a straight line when jogging or running with the stroller, there is a tracking knob on the BOB Ironman that can be used to fine tune the tracking if it goes out of alignment.
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How Smoothly Can You Brake?

For gentle strolls, and If you ever need to use the BOB Ironman to its full potential as an extreme jogging and running stroller, you will find the breaking systems very effective in all situations. The front wheel has a calipter hand brake with the control lever conveniently located within easy reach on the handlebar. It can be used to gently slow down the stroller and bring it to a stop. The handbrake also gives a runner better control of the BOB Ironman when going downhill.

And when you come to a complete stop, a foot activated rear break allows you to secure the stroller in a stationary position.
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Consumer Reviews

The greatest customer satisfaction I found in my review of BOB Ironman jogging stroller is with those that have tried less expensive strollers and finally decided to purchase the Ironman. They are more appreciative of how well the stroller can track on straight line, and the comfortable and smooth design of the seat that keep their babies secure and happy.

Many parents also love the sturdy construction and durability of the Ironman that have allowed it to be passed on from one child to another as they grow.  The BOB Ironman can be purchased for around $300 on Amazon promotional deals, which is a good investment that have saved parents money in the long run. Remember the old adage, buy cheap and you will buy twice!

Average Customer Rating on Amazon for BOB Ironman is  4.3 out of 5 Stars at the time of this review

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Pros and Cons of BOB Ironman Jogging Stroller

These are some of the features that make the BOB Ironman very popular with parents:

  • Durable construction with sturdy look, and yet the Ironman is amazingly light weight, compact, and easy to fold for transportation or storage.
  • Large undercarriage space with easy access from the rear and many pockets for additional storage
  • Comfortable seat that can be reclined to a good sleeping position for a baby
  • An effective suspension systems that smoothens the ride over bumpy surfaces for the baby
  • A combination of hand and foot breaks that is lacking in many jogging strollers.
  • Large clear canopy window that allows parents to view and keep eye contact with their baby when jogging or strolling with the BOB Ironman.

With all the glowing qualities, there are a few concerns customers have expressed with the BOB Ironman.

  • If you are on a budget, the first constraint you may have in purchasing a BOB Ironman is the price of the stroller. The List price is $409, but you can get it for a lot cheaper at Amazon. I remember what my mama always tell me, buy cheap and you will buy twice.  Reflect on this when deciding whether to buy the BOB Ironman.
  • The handlebar is on the Ironman is not adjustable like you will find on the Jeep Overland Limited, but it is at a good level that will suit most parents if they will both be using the stroller and one parent is taller than the other

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Where Can You Get a Good Deal on BOB Ironman Jogging Strollers?

If you want a good deal on the BOB Ironman Single Jogging Stroller, then Amazon is the online store to visit. There is a 24% discount on the stroller at the time of writing this review which translate to $100 saving on the list price. Prices on Amazon are however subject to change, but they do regular promotional sales and you can still make a nice saving if you take action and visit the site today.
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Running With Bob Ironman Jogging Stroller – Video Tips

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