Baby Jogger POD – The Stroller with Endless Possibilities

Baby Jogger Pod

Baby Jogger POD – Endless Possibilities

The Baby jogger POD is uniquely different from any other jogging stroller, with endless uses for a growing family. At the heart of the POD is a Chassis that is easily customized without tools. It switches between a jogger, bike trailer, or stroller for two kids to suit many needs, and is a fun transportation for children as parents go about their daily activities.

The conversions kits are optional purchases, and added when you need them to keep the cost of the stroller down, and avoid spending on a kit you will not require.

The POD comes with two large pneumatic 20″ wheels as standard. Using the appropriate conversion kits, you can change the mode of the stroller. A 16″ jogger fixed wheel turns the POD to a higher performance jogging or running stroller for the jogger moms and dads.

Alternatively, if you want to run errands with your kids, a a dual 8″ wheels kit easily converts the POD into a swivel wheel stroller for two. And that’s not all. You can also transform your stroller into a safe and rugged bike trailer, by attaching the tow bar kit so you can enjoy cycling for exercise, while your child enjoys the comfort and fun of being towed along as you biking.

The Baby jogger POD really caters for every need of parents with children, allowing them to tailor the stroller to their specific requirement.

Read on to find out what I learnt about this amazing stroller.

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Features and Benefits of the Baby Jogger POD Chassis:

Folding system and how compact:

The POD Chassis has the Quick-Fold Technology you will find in Baby Jogger strollers. It allows the stroller to be folded in one single step by simply pulling on the folding strap. You can tie the fold strap securely and store the stroller away, or transport in your car’s trunk.

Baby safety features:

Considering that this product has many usage modes, with parents switching between a stroller, a trailer and a jogger with great ease, the safety features on the POD has been taken seriously. It has the highly tested adjustable 5 point safety harness you will find in all good infant car seat. With these, children can be seated very comfortably and securely. The stroller comes with rear helmet pockets to give the kids enhanced safety and comfort.

You can adjust the handlebar of the POD Chassis from 37″ to 42″ to suit tall and short parents, ensuring a comfortable pushing posture that do not put strain on the back. It also comes with a rear foot operated parking brake.

Baby Jogger Stroller Mode

The POD in Stroller Mode

How comfortable for a baby and easy to push:

The seating is so designed that two toddlers can sit in this stroller together comfortably. This POD is perfect for parents with one or more children whom they can seat in this stroller, and since the maximum weight it will carry is 100 lbs, older and heavier kids can also enjoy a stroll in the park with you.

The Baby Jogger POD stroller has a smart, bench type seating which is comfortable, and spacious for two children. It has inner mesh pockets where you can store away your kids’ toys and snacks.

Tires, wheels and braking system:

Two 20″ diameter wheels that is easily removed with a quick release system is what the POD comes with as standard. The wheels are prominently large, and the pneumatic tires give minimum resistance for rolling over any terrain at very high speeds.

The stroller design is extremely stable for use with little kids. It also has better performing brakes in the jogger and stroller modes, thanks to its hand operated drum brakes at its rear.

POD Chassis Jogger Mode

The POD in Jogger Mode

Size and capacity:

The POD looks large but is quite lightweight for all it does, and has the following dimension:

  • Stroller weight is – 32.5 lbs
  • Total child weight capacity is – 100 lbs, and holds 1 or 2 kids
  • Assembled Dimension is – 57.5″ L x 29.75″ W x 37″ – 42″ H with fixed jogger wheel
  • Folded dimension with tires is – 20L x 29.75W x 31H folded stroller chassis

Available styles and designs of the Baby Jogger POD

The POD is sold as a highly versatile and easy-to-use stroller with hand-operated very responsive drum brakes. If you’re a parent who leads a busy lifestyle, you might want to use it as a jogger and a trailer while you spend time with your kid. For this, you need to buy two attachments—a kit for jogging and another for cycling that are sold separately.

So, every time you take the stroller out in the park, you decide if you want to stroll in the park with your kiddo, jog, or take a bicycle ride together and using the appropriate attachment. That’s the convenience and beauty of using this highly versatile stroller.

Baby Jogger POD Bike Trailer Mode

The POD Bike Trailer Mode

How much should you be prepared to pay?

Though the Baby Jogger POD Chassis list price is just under $500, it is available on Amazon for considerably cheaper. And if you buy in the regular promo with free shipping thrown, you could make over 30% savings on the Baby Jogger POD.

The optional conversion kits are also at a good price, if you want to have the extra attachments like the kit for jogging and the other for cycling, they will set you back by about $59.95 and $39.95 respectively.

The more reason many buy from Amazon is their great customer service, trusted brand, and no question asked return policy.

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What’s included?

  • POD Chassis in crimson and gray
  • Two rear wheels measuring 20”
  • An instruction manual

Does it include a warranty?

You get the manufacturer’s lifetime warranty on the frame and a one-year warranty for the parts.

What others are saying:

  • “Super easy fold, drives like a dream and stows in the car even with the large wheels.”
  • “It fits in our van next to the BOB, which is great because we live on a busy road and need to drive to a local school to run. ” 
  • “This chassis is really expensive, but totally worth the money.” 
  • “Easiest fold imaginable.”

Any complaints?

Users complain about the size of the stroller that’s supposed to accommodate two toddlers comfortably. They say it’s a tight squeeze for two kids but is rich on space for one kid. For its price, there are no attachments that come with it free of cost. After buying the jogging and strolling wheels, parents on a budget may find the stroller too expensive.

Lastly, it cannot be used for kids under one year of age as the seat is far too straight backed, which makes it very uncomfortable for the little one.


  • The fact that it easily converts into a jogger and trailer even while you’ve got your kid in the stroller is amazing.
  • It can easily be maneuvered through the doors of any house, which makes it easy to use at home.
  • The stroller can be folded really easily into a small and compact size.
  • It maneuvers very easily with the jogging and trailer wheels and a maximum kid weight of 100 lbs makes it an ideal stroller that kids grow with.
  • You can easily take off the cover, and show off the frame and bench seat on days of glorious weather. When it gets really hot, all you need to do is to open up the vents on the side and back and let the air flow in and protect your kid from the sun.
  • Stows easily in cars despite its large wheels.


  • The bench style seat can be uncomfortable and awkward for kids, particularly if they are sleeping.
  • The seat cannot be reclined.
  • It has no undercarriage storage, but the rear zipper bag and mesh pockets inside the POD provide ample storage space to put away things for your kids. An optional parent console will also provide additional storage for those days out at the zoo or at a picnic.

The Baby Jogger POD is worth every dollar if you can afford it, and a high customer satisfaction rating of 4.8 out of 5 star supports this is a uniquely versatile stroller that offer many usage options that many parents will enjoy with their kids, and I would recommend it.

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