Allen Sports JTX-1 Trailer Swivel Wheel Jogger

Allen Sports JTX-1 Trailer Swivel Wheel JoggerAt an early age, children should be exposed to nature. It has been proven that fresh air is good for a child’s lungs. Take them out to see nature as you, the parent, also get some well-deserved exercise.

The multi-purpose Allen Sports JTX-1 Trailer cum Swivel Wheel Jogger is a perfect choice to get the most out of your cycling, walking, jogging or running in nature with your child.

Key Features of  Allen Sports JTX-1 Trailer/Jogger

  • Compatible with most bikes – Cycling is one of the best ways to get around. The JTX-1 model easily latches on to standard bicycles, allowing parents to take their children on their rides around town, or in nature.
  • Large Cabin & Windows – As your child rides in the Allen Sports JTX-1, they will be able to enjoy all the scenery you pass by thanks to its large cabin, which allows your child to move freely within, and the windows that allow them to see everything.
  • Recessed Foot Area – Other cabin strollers similar to the JTX-1, can be stuffy, luckily this model comes with a recessed foot area to ensure that your child’s legs are comfortable.
  • Bug and Rain Shield – The rain and bug shield prevents bugs and the elements from harming your child. And on especially hot days, the shield can easily be removed so your child can feel the wind on his face.
  • Adjustable Handlebars – When converted to jogger mode, parents can easily adjust the handlebars according to their height. The handlebars itself is padded, making it comfortable to the touch as you run along.
  • Quick Release Wheels – the JTX-1’s front wheel can easily be removed and the front can be locked for it to be easily attached to your bike.
  • Rear Storage Pockets – Keep your items and your child’s items safe in the Allen JTX-1’s rear pockets. It comes with a Velcro cover that ensures that your items stays inside the pocket as you go for your ride.

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Safety Features

Allen Sports JTX-1 Trailer JoggerRear Suspension – Nature tends to be a bumpy ride. Luckily, your child does not have to feel it. The Allen Sports JTX-1 has rear suspension that absorbs all the bumps you encounter on the road so that your little rider doesn’t have to feel it. It will always be smooth sailing for your child.

Raised rear axle – allows parents to get a better stride as they run or walk with their child’s stroller without kicking the rear of the jogger and hurting their foot.

Foot activated brake – this is an arched brake arm located at the axle. The arched design ensures that it doesn’t get in the way, while its location makes it easy for parents to lock the stroller when they stop to take a break.

Harness – Inside the cabin is a harness that ensures that as your child is enjoying his ride, he stays safe and in place.

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Now that you have an idea of the JTX-1’s key and safety features, you are probably wondering just how big this stroller/trailer is. It is just about the right size for a trailer with the following dimensions:

  • Interior Dimensions: 20”W x 22”L x 23”H
  • Capacity: 1-child/50lb

When not in use, it can easily be folded up with a pull of a lever and put safely in the closet to ensure that it is out of the way. It does not take up too much space, making it perfect for families who want to save their closet space.

Available Styles

Stand out from the sea of dark colored strollers with the Allen Sports JTX-1 by choosing from the three available colors: Blue, Green or Orange.

Something to note about the colors is that they are all light shades. This is perfect because when you attach the cabin to your bike, you are going to want everyone to notice your child, and having the cabin in light colors ensures that they get the attention of riders and other joggers behind you. So in a way, this is another subtle safety feature.

Allen Sports JTX-1 Trailer Jogger is available in 3 colors – Blue, Green and Orange

Allen Sports JTX-1 Trailer/Swivel Wheel Jogger BlueAllen Sports JTX-1 Trailer/Swivel Wheel Joggerprice

How much should you pay for the Sports JTX-1?

The Allen Sports JTX-1 Trailer is up for sale online. Some websites charge for shipping, but others like Amazon offer the item with free shipping. Online stores are where to get the best deals on the bike trailer cum jogger, as it is more expensive from the manufacturer website.

Another thing to note is, depending on what color you choose, the price may vary. On Amazon, the price varies by about $25, and if you grab it during a promotion, you may get the JTX-1 even cheaper. keep this in mind when you are about to order one online.

If you don’t want to order online or would like to physically see the Allen JTX-1 before you buy, you can check out retail outlets near you that offer the bicycle trailer jogger. You can finder local dealers, by typing your address/Zip code on the manufacturer’s website’s domestic dealer locator page.

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This trailer is highly recommended for parents with active lifestyles as this introduces your child to the importance of staying active and going outside to play at an early age.

Another reason that the Allen Sports JTX-1 is perfect is the fact that it is convertible from trailer to jogger stroller with just the attachment of the front wheel. It will be like you’re paying for two items for the price of one. When in jogger mode, parents can use it to take their child to the mall or for when a parent needs to do errands.

Whatever mode you use the JTX-1, your child will always be safe and comfortable.

If you have any questions, please leave a comment below and I will reply. And if you have any other thoughts to share about this review, your comments are welcome.


  1. Jim soriano says:

    I have a specialized rock hard 29″ bike with a quick release rear axle can guide me in finding the right attachment to hook up the stroller to my bike

    • Jeff Adam says:

      Hi Jim,

      I am not sure if the hitch for Allen Sports JTX-1 will work on your type of bike with quick release rear axle. The hitch may not allow enough space to safely snap on the quick release. Take a look at the BIKE TRAILER HITCH on Allen Sports website. You may already have this hitch.


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