Baby Jogger Summit X3 – Close Up Review of the Single and Double Strollers

Award winning Baby Jogger Summit X3 strollers released in 2013, in single and double hybrid jogger/stroller, are remarkable improvements on the popular, but now discontinued model – the Summit XC. New features were introduced on the Summit X3 that increased jogging performance and baby comfort on the strollers. The unique one hand Quick-Fold system common in… Continue Reading »

Baby Jogger City Mini GT Single Stroller – A Close Up Review

The Baby Jogger City Mini GT designed as an all-terrain stroller for city use, extends the features and capability available in the also popular Baby Jogger City Mini. Parents and care givers looking after babies and infants use it regularly and praise how easy it is to stroll with the Mini GT. It is highly… Continue Reading »

Baby Trend Velocity Jogging Stroller – Affordable Jogger Travel System

The stores are filled with strollers, each one more attractive than the other. Which one should you choose and why? It’s a tough call to make, particularly when you don’t have much time to mull over your options. A jogging stroller may meet the need of one mom and dad, but the same stroller may… Continue Reading »

Baby Jogger City Elite – The Full Review

In my comparison of the Baby Jogger City Elite and the Bob Revolution, I revealed why it is a luxury swivel wheel stroller designed for city dwelling, fashion conscious parents. As a parent caring for children, you are likely going through a lot of research regarding the stuff to buy your newly born little one,… Continue Reading »

Phil and Teds Navigator – Why Parents love this Stroller

A recent visit to a department store threw up a big surprise for me. I was amazed to see an entire range of strollers for kids. It was heart warming to see that manufacturers of these products have given great thoughts to the designs of child security and comfort features on each model – things… Continue Reading »

Bob Revolution SE vs Bob Sport Utility

I would start my comparison of BOB Revolution SE and the Sport Utility by saying that there are strollers for jogging, and strollers for running. The BOB Sport Utility with a fixed front wheel is a jogger designed for runners, while the Revolution SE though more versatile with the swivel front wheel is a stroller… Continue Reading »

Compare Bob Revolution SE vs Stroller Strides

If you have seen the BOB Revolution SE and the Stroller Strides side by side, and find it difficult to tell one from the other, you are not alone my friend. Many parents are confused about the purpose of the Stroller Strides having been used to the hugely popular Revolution SE as tough all-terrain jogging… Continue Reading »

Car Seat Adapters for Jogging Strollers

For active parents with newborns, a car seat adapter for jogging stroller is one of the most important accessories they will buy for their joggers. It may sound obvious that the purpose of a car seat adapter is to allow parents attach a compatible car seat to a stroller, converting it to a travel system that is… Continue Reading »

Bob Revolution SE vs City Mini GT

The Bob Revolution SE and City Mini GT are very different strollers, both loved by parents, but designed to serve specific needs of any one caring for babies, toddlers and infants. The Revolution SE by BOB is an all terrain swivel wheel jogging stroller that is sturdy, can be locked into a fixed wheel stroller… Continue Reading »

Bob Revolution SE vs CE – Which is a Better Stroller?

Bob Revolution SE and CE may look alike in appearance and size, with similar features like a swivel front wheel; the strollers are however designed to serve different needs for parents, and anyone caring for babies and toddlers. The Revolution SE is described as an all-terrain stroller for on-road and off-road fitness, ideal for walking,… Continue Reading »