Best Stroller Hooks

Going out with your child requires you to bring all of his essentials. This means diapers, extra clothes, bottles and even toys. The diaper is of course, the staple of any family with a child, and it can be difficult to carry that bag together with the groceries, and having to push the stroller all… Continue Reading »

Aosom Elite II Pet Dog Bike Bicycle Trailer Stroller Review

Dogs, especially big dogs love going outside and running around. In fact, they need it to stay healthy, much like humans. However, when dogs get older, or are recovering from an illness, they won’t be able to keep up with you and your long walks or jogs like they used to. Perhaps, this is the… Continue Reading »

Pet Gear No Zip Double Pet Stroller Review

It is always important to take your pets outside to experience some fresh air and get their exercise. But as pets get older, they slowly lose their ability to walk the distances that they used to cover in their younger years. Don’t let your pet slowly fade away at home! With the Pet Gear No… Continue Reading »

Sepnine 2 in 1 Pet Dog Bike Trailer Review

Have you ever wanted to go biking with your pet, and tempted to attach your dog leash to your bike’s handlebar as you may have seen some reckless pet owners do? You could both get tangled and end up in a heap.  Get yourself a dog bike trailer, and avoid the dangers in riding a… Continue Reading »

Pet Gear No Zip NV Pet Stroller Review

Traditional pet carriers can be stressful for your pets, not to mention uncomfortable when in transport. This is why some pet owners look for alternatives when transporting their pets, or when they want to take them to the park without having to worry about their pets escaping their leashes. A great solution many dog and… Continue Reading »

OxGord Pet Stroller Cat Dog 3-Wheel Walk Jogger Review

If you tell your friends that you’re getting a jogging stroller for your pet, some of them may look at you look at you as if you’ve lost a few marbles. What they don’t know however is that strollers like the OxGord pet walker jogger have lots of benefits for active dog or cat owners… Continue Reading »

Jogging leash – Hands Free, Versatile and My Top 5 Ranking

Think of those moments, when the sky is getting grey and the clouds are rolling in. You are just about to go out for your daily jog, but then remembered … you have not walked the dog. There’s no time to do both safely and comfortably, right? Not if you have my type of versatile… Continue Reading »

Bike Trailer for Dogs

Dogs naturally love the open air and being with their owners, and what better way to get that than in the safety of a trailer? This allows your dog to join you on your bike ride, but at the same time experiencing the sights, smells and sounds while in the comfort of their own portable… Continue Reading »

Pet Jogging Strollers and My Top 3 List

With greater awareness to keep fit and stay healthy, it is common to see active parents with young children jogging or running with a baby jogger as part of there exercise routine, but take a closer look and you may be surprised that what many parents are actually pushing are not baby joggers, but pet… Continue Reading »

Jogging Stroller Handlebar Extender

Tall parents that have used a jogging stroller know that height comes at a price when it comes to pushing a stroller. Some of the burning issues for tall jogger Moms and Dads are – arching and bending over to hold the handlebar, kicking their toes at the undercarriage or bottom of a stroller because… Continue Reading »