Special Tomato Jogger Stroller Review

Parents caring for a child with special needs have more choice of jogging strollers than ever before thatSpecial Tomato Jogger Stroller can greatly assist their child enjoy every activities. The Special Tomato Jogger is one of such strollers designed for children that need mild to moderate help in their movement. It is an all-terrain jogger that provides comfort and support on smooth and rough surfaces.

It is a light weight special needs stroller that is easy to fold and transport in the trunk of a car. Weighing only 27lbs, Tomato Jogger Stroller has a quick release mechanism to fold the stroller even more compact.

If you are an active parent that like the outdoors, Special Tomato Jogger allows you to take your child along on a stroll or light jogging with a rear suspension system that provide a comfortable ride for the occupant, and foot well with side guard for additional cushion and safety.  You can also use it as regular stroller for running errands or walking the park and neighborhood with your child.

Key Features of  Special Needs Tomato Jogger

Some of the features that really like about this Special Needs Jogger are:

12” Pneumatic Tires – The tires allow parents to easily maneuver over small obstacles with not much effort

Swivel Front Wheel – The jogger’s front wheel easily swivels for easy change of direction when strolling. And when you are jogging, it can be locked in place for better stability.

Adjustable Handles – Parents come in all sizes, this is why the handles on the Special Tomato Jogger is adjustable so it can easily cater to the parent’s height.

Latex Free Padding and Seats – If your child is allergic to latex, then you will be happy to know that this stroller comes with latex free padding that ensures that your child will not slip when seated.

Washable Upholstery – Accidents always tend to happen when you least expect it; which is why parents will be happy to know that the stroller’s upholstery can easily be washed whenever necessary.

Reversible Padding – Depending on the weather, you can choose to have fleece padding for colder weather or canvas padding for warmer weather.

Canopy with Window – When the sun is up, easily bring down the canopy to protect your child from the sun’s harmful rays. And it even comes with a small window so you can keep an eye on your child as you go.

Easy Folding – The stroller easily folds and it comes with a strap that allows you to lock it in its folded setting for storage.

Special Tomato Jogger Stroller is designed for children with mild to moderate restriction in their mobility.

Special Tomato Jogger StrollerSpecial Tomato Jogger Strollerprice

Safety Features

Foot well with Side Guard – Most strollers come with a foot rest, but the Special Tomato Jogger takes this to new level with side guards. The side guards prevent your child from sticking their legs out from the sides which can cause injury.

Rear Suspension – The rear suspension on the Special Tomato Jogger allows parents to go off road for their stroll and jog.

Parking Brake – In order to avoid any accidents, the Special Tomato Jogger features a parking brake that allows parents to easily engage it when taking a break. This ensures that no matter how fidgety your child is, the stroller will stay in place safely.

Reclining Seat – The seat easily reclines, allowing your child to sit back and take a nap if they wanted to.

5 Point Harness – Keep your child safe in their seat and prevent them from falling off with the stroller’s 5 point harness.

Can Hold up to 100 Pounds – Unlike other jogger strollers, the Special Tomato Jogger can handle up to 100 pounds; this means it can be used for older children with special needs.

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Available Styles

The Special Tomato Jogger comes in only one style: a nice brown color with black undertones. The color is not too bright nor is it too dark; it is just the perfect shade for you and your child.

Size and Capacity

Before getting the Special Tomato Jogger, here is the size and capacity for your reference:

Maximum weight capacity: 110 lbs.
Stroller weight: 27 lbs.
Folded Dimensions: 33” x 21” x 16”

IMPORTANT: Always follow the maximum weight capacity indicated on your stroller, as overloading it could affect the stability of the stroller.

How much should you pay?

The features and overall design and construction of the Special Tomato Jogger Stroller are enough to justify its price tag of about $699.98 on many online stores. Some parents may find it pricey, but it is far cheaper than the Baby Jogger Special Needs Freedom jogging stroller, and the Kool- Stride Special Needs Stroller.

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The stroller’s design is near perfect; great safety features for your child with special needs and even better maneuverability and usability. Generally speaking, parents have no complaints about the product, describing it as the perfect stroller; the only complaint was the bulk of the stroller when it is folded up. It takes up a lot of closet space when not in use. It has also proved to be difficult to fit into a small car’s trunk.

You will however find similar issues with any good sized jogging stroller for special needs.  So if you are looking to buy the Special Tomato Jogger Stroller, or any other brand, keep in mind that the strollers can be bulky.

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Just because your child has special needs and can’t move like the other kids does not mean they have to stay at home at all times. Use the Special Tomato Jogger to take them on your errands, runs or just a regular stroll through the park.

Let your child walk and play, and when it becomes too much for him or when he gets tired, let him on his stroller so he can rest up. The Special Tomato Jogger is the a great choice stroller for both parents and children with special needs to make their lives a little easier.

Sturdy, easy to fold and comfortably padded, the Special Tomato Jogger Stroller is designed for children with mild to moderate restriction in movement.

Special Tomato Jogger StrollerSpecial Tomato Jogger Strollerprice

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