Schwinn Scout Bicycle Trailer Review

Schwinn Scout Bicycle Trailer Black/BlueEvery other day, the market is proud to announce a new product, and so it is with the Schwinn Scout Bicycle Trailer. It is truly a product to be proud of, whether you’re an active parent looking for the perfect bike trailer to transport your kids, or would like something that double as regular swivel wheel stroller and a bike trailer.

Schwinn Scout Bicycle trailer is crammed with features that make it stand out from your normal bike trailer, and converts very easily into a double stroller. The Coupler attaches to almost any bicycle, so you do not need to worry about changing your bike if you have one already.

It is affordably priced at under $250, and you can buy it at much under the list priced if you shop smartly online. For families under budget, this is an ideal choice compared to bike trailers like the Joovy Cocoon X2 that will cost you more than $500.

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If you are looking for a quality bike trailer that is affordable, sturdily built yet stylish, and one that will not deeply dent your savings to buy – take a close look at the Schwinn Scout trailer. It looks modern, easy to use, fold, travel with store— what else could you ask for in your child’s bike trailer?

Features and Benefits of the Schwinn Scout Bicycle Trailer

Though primarily designed for use as a bike trailer, Schwinn Scout is sold with with the InStep Stroller Conversion Kit that easily transforms it to a swivel wheel stroller with a padded push handle for everyday use. With this bike trailer, there is no need to spent extra on conversion kits as is common with many other bicycle trailers.

In stroller mode, it is a highly maneuverable swivel front wheel stroller that provide a smooth ride on any terrain.

One of the unique features of the bike trailer is the two-in-one canopy that serves as a rain shield and a bug protector for your kids. Rain shields and bug covers you will find are additional purchases for many other brands of bike trailers.

Schwinn Scout is a 2-in-1 Bicycle Trailer that is built with quality material, rugged aluminum rims, deluxe five point safety harnesses, and comfortably padded seats that will accommodate two kids, or a toddler and family pet dog.

Folding System and How Compact

Schwinn Scout Bicycle Trailer FoldedThe frame of the Schwinn Scout folds with ease, and with the quick release wheel design, you can remove the two 20 inch wheels, and fold the whole trailer into a compact size for easy transportation and storage.

It is lightweight, constructed with high strength aluminum frame that is durable and rust-free. The folding frame and removable wheels are great features that will allow you stow the trailer in the trunk of your car when traveling to camp sites or adventure holiday with the kids.

The Baby Safety Features

  • Safety of your child is well taken care of in the design of the Schwinn Scout bike trailer. It has deluxe safety harnesses to keep the little passengers secure in the cabin as you stroll, or ride along with the bike trailer.
  • This product is fully compliant with ASTM F1975, the international standard for non-powered trailers that are meant to be pulled behind cycles.
  • It is certified to carry one child or two children, with total weight of occupants and accessories not exceeding 100 lbs
  • Schwinn Scout bike trailer is also fully compliant with F833, another international standard for consumer safety which examines safety performance features so that hazards to the child user in the stroller are minimized or negated.

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How Comfortable for a Baby and Easy to Push?

The trailer is sold with a two-in-one canopy which is both a bug screen to keep out unwanted pests and a weather shield against unpredictable weather. The seating is inbuilt with heaps of padding that add to the comfort, and pleasure of of riding in the trailer for long periods.

The handlebar is also well padded for firm and comfortable grip while pushing the bike trailer in the stroller mode. The bicycle Coupler is versatile, and simple to attach to almost any make and model of bicycles.

Tires, Wheels and Braking System

Schwinn Scout Bicycle Trailer Black/BlueThe large 20” pneumatic tires with aluminum rims enhances the look and overall performance of the trailer. With these huge tires, more distances are covered with one rotation of the wheel, and with the swivel front will attached, the trailer is very maneuverable as a stroller. The air-filled tires also provide a more comfortable and easy ride for your children.

The wheels have a quick release mechanism, that allows parents to quickly remove them, or pop them back on when transporting or putting the bike trailer away for storage.

There is a parking brake for extra safety when you come to a complete stop with the Schwinn Scout Bike Trailer in the regular stroller mode.

Size and Capacity

Fully assembled, the Schwinn Scout dimensions are: 61.5 ” L x 41.3 ” H x 32.5 ”

Folded dimension of the bike trailer are: 32” x 32.5” x 19.25”

The stroller weighs 24.9 lbs, and accommodates two children with a maximum load capacity of 100 lbs

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Available Styles and Designs

If you’re an active parent, you’ll find the Schwinn Scout Bicycle Trailer just right for your outdoorsy life. In seconds, your trailer can be converted from its towable bike form to a toddler’s stroller.

It has a lightweight aluminium frame which makes for easy handling and a versatile coupler which can be attached to the trailer and your existing bike.

Schwinn Scout Bicycle Trailer is available in black and blue colors.

What’s Included in the Box?

Schwinn Scout comes complete with the trailer and Coupler, and the stroller conversion kit which includes two swivel wheels and a padded push handle.

Does it Include a Warranty?

The bike trailer  has a five-year manufacturer’s warranty for a complete peace of mind, if you decide to by but it.

Any Customer Complaints?

One user complained that the trailer’s stroller wheel wobbles. You will however find that this is a design feature in all swivel front wheel strollers. The slight wobble gives them the flexibility for 360 degree turns, and maneuverability at tight corners.

Boxed Schwinn Scout Bicycle TrailerPros:

  • Superb quality overall
  • Excellent value for money
  • Spoked wheels give a really good look and smooth ride
  • Very easy to assemble
  • It has five-point adjustable harnesses
  • It has a sturdy aluminum frame that is also rust free
  • The quick release wheels are simple to remove, and put firmly back on.
  • Designed to seat and carry one child or two children, and can be comfortably towed behind parents’ bikes.


  • The canopy does a great job at protecting occupant from bugs and rain and wind, but does not provide a sufficient shade from the sun.

What Others are Saying

“Very light and easy to steer, easy going on and off curbs & maneuvering.”

“This is a great trailer for a great price!”

“So far it’s been a great trailer for my daughter.”

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How much Should you be Prepared to Pay?

The manufacturer’s recommended price is very competitively placed at $250. At this price range for a quality bike trailer, many parents with eye  for bargains would love to take a closer look at the Schwinn Scout.

There are however better deals online if you are looking to buy the Schwinn Scout. Amazon, at the time of this review has a promo on the bike trailer at 24% discount, saving you $60 on this particular promotion, and more if you add the free shipping on the offer.

Note however that promos on Amazon are time sensitive and change regularly for better or deals that may be more expensive. Hop across and check what price you can get today on the bicycle trailer.

My Recommendation

At less than half the price you would pay for for a Baby Jogger POD or Burley Encore, though I should add that these are 3-in-1 bike trailers; overall, Schwinn Scout Bicycle Trailer is a very good value for money 2-in-1 bike trailer.

It comes complete with stroller conversion kit that is optional purchase in other bike trailers – adding more cost to the already more expensive alternatives. It however lacks a jogging stroller kit available in 3-in-1 bike trailers. No surprise there, because that is why it is a 2-in-1 bike trailer.

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If your primary need for a bike trailer is for hauling your kids on errands, shopping and taking them to school, with the option to convert to a regular stroller when you are not cycling – the Schwinn Scout at about $200 if you shop smartly online, is hard to beat for value for money.

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If you have any questions, please leave a comment below and I will reply. And if you have any other thoughts to share about this review, your comments are welcome.


  1. Hi! How do I replace a flat tire? Can I purchase just the tire? Air does not stay in it.
    I’m very happy with it, aside from the flat. It seems the air is leaking out of the nozzle as opposed to a hole in the tire. Thank you, Patty

    • Hi Patty,

      Looks like you have a leaking valve on the Bike Trailer. From what you described, I think the tire on your Schwinn Scout is ok. There are two options you could try to fix the flat tire on your Bike trailer:
      1) DIY – How to Fix a Flat on Schwinn Scout Bicycle Trailer

      Follow Schwinn instruction in the link below on how to repair leaking tube on Tires. If the leak is from the valve though, option 2 may be a better solution for you:

      How to Fix a Flat on Schwinn Scout Bicycle Trailer

      2) Get yourself a new Schwinn Scout Bicycle Trailer tube

      You can buy a new 20″ Schwinn Scout Bicycle Trailer tube from eBay for about $11 with free shipping, and then follow the relevant instruction in Option 1 to replace the leaking tube. This would be my preferred option, as a new tube is relatively inexpensive on eBay.

      I hope this will help you fix the leaking tube. The Schwinn Scout you would have known is one of the best value for money Bike Trailer.


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