Schwinn Interval Jogging Stroller Review

Schwinn Interval Jogging StrollerSchwinn is best known for their bicycles. Over a century since Ignaz Schwinn founded the company, Schwinn continues to produce top quality bicycles and fitness equipment for everyone. But they have also added a range of great jogging strollers to their range of products and Schwinn Interval jogger is one of them.

The Schwinn Interval is an affordable jogging stroller designed for the active parents.  It is sturdy, well built and easy to push along as you jog. This allows both the parent and child to enjoy their day at the park. It is a stroller packed with features that is sure to help any parent put in the effort for their fitness.

Key Features of  Schwinn Interval

Some of the features that I really like about the jogger are:

  • Large Cabin – The Schwinn Interval features a large cabin that can comfortably seat your child. It has enough room for them to move around freely.
  • Cushioned seat – The stroller cabin features padded seating so your child stays comfortable even through rough terrains.
  • Adjustable handlebars – In order for parents to keep control of the stroller as they jog, the handlebars can be adjusted to suit the parent’s height for easier controller and handling.
  • Removable child tray – This affordable Schwinn stroller jogger comes with a swing away child tray with built-in cup holders for your child’s bottle or sippy cup so they can stay hydrated under the sun. The tray can also be removed completely, making it easier for your child to get on or off the stroller.
  • Parent tray – Your child isn’t the only one with a convenient place to store their belongings. The handlebar also features a parent tray that comes with two cup holders, as well as a compartment for your cellphone, wallet and keys.
  • Easy-access storage basket – The Schwinn Interval Jogging Stroller features an easy-access storage basket. Its size makes it easier for parents to keep any items they want under the cabin. And the large back opening makes it easy to fish out a bag or umbrella underneath.

The Schwinn Interval is a sturdy stroller designed for running and jogging. The lockable front wheel makes it a true jogger that converts easily back to a swivel wheel for stroller on the go.

Schwinn Interval Jogging Stroller OrioleSchwinn Interval Jogging Stroller OriolepriceSafety Features

  • Large Canopy – Keep the sun away from your child’s eyes with the retractable canopy that easily keeps your child protected from UV rays and even light rains.
  • The Schwinn Interval Jogging Stroller features air-filled bicycle tires. This allows parents to go just about anywhere with ease as the tires are designed to tackle rough and smooth terrains with ease.Schwinn Interval Jogging Stroller Storage Basket
  • Performance shocks – Do you enjoy off road runs? Now you can take let your child experience the woods with the Schwinn’s performance shocks. The shock easily allows you to get through rough terrain, so you can take your child through a walk in the woods without worry.
  • Wheel ball bearings – The bearings are there to give parents an extra hand when it comes to pushing the Schwinn Interval as it helps greatly in the reduction of rolling resistance.
  • 5-point padded harness – Your child stays in place in the cabin with the stroller’s 5 point harness. The padding on the straps prevents chafing and discomfort on your child’s skin.
  • Locking Swivel wheel – To keep in control and prevent the stroller from suddenly changing direction, the front wheel can be locked in place, allowing you to jog freely without worrying about the stroller capsizing.

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Available Styles

If you’re looking for brighter colors and styles in a stroller, the Schwinn Interval Jogging Stroller may not be what you are looking for. This particular model is only available in two styles:

Oriole: black and orange
Stone blue: light blue and black

The orange design is perfect as the bright orange color makes it easier for you and your child to be spotted when you go on your walks and runs. Meanwhile the blue style is more calming for the eyes.

Oriole and Stone Blue are the two styles available to buy if you like the The Schwinn Interval is jogging stroller. The designs are sleek and eye catching and I think new moms will like them.

Schwinn Interval Jogging Stroller OrioleSchwinn Interval Jogging Stroller OriolepriceSchwinn Interval Jogging Stroller Stone BlueSchwinn Interval Jogging Stroller Blueprice

Size and Capacity

The Schwinn Interval Jogging Stroller is designed for the active parent, and it is the perfect stroller for children who are big for their age. Here is the size and specifications of the stroller:

Item Weight: 35 lbs.
Product Dimensions: 15.2 x 20.1 x 35.2 inches
Minimum Weight recommendation: 15 lbs.
Maximum weight recommendation: 50 lbs.

IMPORTANT: Manufacturers advise never overloading your child’s stroller as it could lead to the stroller tipping over and causing injury to your child.

How much should you pay?

As far as jogging strollers go, the Schwinn Interval Jogging Stroller is by far one of the more affordable ones. The recommend retail price is $199.99, and most online stores sell the stroller just about that price. You may however get it get it cheaper on sites that are running promotion on the Schwinn Interval jogger.


Overall, Schwinn did a great job with the design of the jogger stroller as it really captures what parents want to do – jog. However, it still has a few hiccups that make it less than desirable to some families. Some parents find it heavy and bulky, and takes too much space in the trunk of small cars. This may be an issue if you have a small car and plan to transport the Schwinn Interval jogger in the trunk.

So it is more recommended for parents with larger vehicles.
The jogger is sturdy, but some parents have remarked that it requires more effort to push than they expected.

Check Today's PriceConclusion

If you are an active parent and want an affordable jogger, the Schwinn Interval is a good choice given all its amazing features. However, if you’re looking for an everyday stroller, you might want to reconsider joggers in our recommended light weight jogging stroller like the Graco Relay Connect. You may however find they are not as affordable as the Schwinn Interval. Otherwise, the stroller is perfect for parents who want to keep fit.

The Stone Blue color of Schwinn Interval will look great with baby boys if you are a parent that like color matching with blue.

Schwinn Interval Jogging Stroller Stone BlueSchwinn Interval Jogging Stroller Stone Blueprice

If you have any questions, please leave a comment below and I will reply. And if you have any other thoughts to share about this review, your comments are welcome.

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