Schwinn Discover Jogging Stroller – Affordable like Turismo & Instep Strollers

Schwinn Discover Jogging StrollerCan you tell a Schwinn Discover jogging stroller from a Turismo, or from an Instep Safari Grand Safari? If you can’t, you are not alone. I am sure not many people can see the small differences between the three jogging strollers if placed side by side with their name stripped off.

Until now, I could not also tell a Schwinn Discover jogging stroller from the Schwinn Turismo. A friend asked me to research an inexpensive but quality jogging stroller to buy, and the Schwinn Turismo quickly came to mind because I have done a full review of the jogging stroller, but the Schwinn Discover was also popping up with high customer satisfaction rating from jogger moms and dads who have used it.

A quick look at Schwinn Discover did not show any difference in the design and features with the Schwinn Turismo, and even a closer look still left me wondering if I was not looking at exactly the same jogging stroller. If not for the different colors, you will not be able pick the jogging strollers apart.

The difference between Schwinn Discover and Instep Grand Safari jogging strollers is however, less challenging. Though the design and most of the features are again very similar, the spoked aluminum wheels and frame on the Discover compared to molded plastic rims on the Grand Safari help to quickly tell the jogging strollers apart.

The Schwinn Turismo and Instep Grand Safari are jogging strollers I have picked in my earlier reviews as reasonably priced quality baby joggers with features you only find in high-end baby joggers that will cost you a lot more. And I can now include the Schwinn Discover in this mix of value for money jogging strollers.

All three models of jogging strollers come complete with accessories like child and parent trays that are optional purchases on more expensive stroller joggers. You can buy the Schwinn Discover, and the other two lookalikes either as a single or double jogging stroller.

The Discover, Turismo and Instep Grand Safari feature adjustable handlebars, and remote lock for the swivel front wheel – again features found only on far pricier baby joggers. They can be used in all terrains, with pneumatic front and rear tires, and coiled spring suspension system that give babies smooth and comfortable rides.

The Schwinn Discover is however available only in one appealing color, while the Turismo and Grand Safari have more color choices.

The Schwinn Discover and Instep Double jogging strollers have been unavailable to buy for sometime and we suspect they may have been discontinued by manufacturers. While the Schwinn and Instep double strollers are the more affordable quality strollers that we highly recommend, they are no use to parents, if they are not available to buy. Some of the links in this review have been updated to take you to the detail pages of the Baby Trend Double Jogging Strollers.

The Baby Trend Range of double and single jogging strollers compare very close in price and quality to these strollers that have been discontinued, and parents love the features just as much as the Schwinn and Instep strollers.  You may want to take a look at the Baby Trend strollers.

The Schwinn Discover Double Swivel Stroller has been discontinued by the manufacturer is no longer available to buy. These range of Baby Trend Double jogging strollers are great alternative affordable joggers we would recommend. They are of similar price and quality as the Schwinn Discover, and parents love features on the strollers.

Baby Trend Expedition Double Jogger CentennialBaby Trend Expedition Double Jogger CentennialpriceBaby Trend Expedition Double Jogger ElixerBaby Trend Expedition Double Jogger ElixerpriceBaby Trend Navigator Double Jogger Stroller TropicBaby Trend Navigator Double Joggerprice

You can read the rest of  my Schwinn Discover jogging stroller review below:

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Schwinn Discover Double Swivel StrollerTable of Contents (Jump ahead!)

Why the Similarities in Schwinn Discover, Turismo and Grand Safari

Digging a bit into the background of companies that manufacture these three lookalike jogging strollers, the reason for their similarities becomes obvious.

The information may not be immediately apparent when you buy any of the three jogging strollers, but they are available for those that care to read far down to the last page of the user manuals. But how many parents really read past the first few pages of the manual of their jogging stroller?

Schwinn, Turismo, and Instep are registered trademarks of Pacific Cycle, Inc, a division of Dorel Industries.  Discover, Turismo and Instep strollers are different brands of child carriers produced by the same company, and this explains why the designs are features are so similar.

Take a look at the Schwinn Discover and Turismo in side by side pictures in this review; are they not exactly the same? Nothing separates them, except the different color.

Features, dimensions and baby comfort on the three strollers are practically the same in many areas.  Since this is a review of the Schwinn Discover, I will give you a quick tour of what to expect if you decide to buy Discover jogging stroller. Where it differs from the other two, which is not very much except with the Instep Grand Safari, I summarize their differences.

Schwinn Discover – How Compact and Easy to Fold?

Schwinn Discover Folded with Wheels Removed

Schwinn Discover Folded – Wheels Removed

The Dual trigger folding system of the Discover makes it really easy to fold the single or double stroller. The single folds into a compact size that fits into the trunk of small cars, the double however require bigger space for storage, but will fit into trunks of medium sized cars with room to spare.

The wheels are designed with quick release mechanism, so they can be removed to fold the Schwinn Discover into a more compact package that is convenient to transport, and require less space to store when not in use.

You will find the Schwinn Turismo and the Instep Grand Safari are folded exactly the same way as the Discover.

Constructed with lightweight Aluminum frame, parents find the Discover and Turismo easy to handle and transport.

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Baby Safety Features

In any good design of jogging stroller, the features that will keep your baby safe and secure while using it, should be paramount in deciding which stroller jogger to buy.

The Schwinn Discover did not hold back in this respect, with the following primary child safety features:

  • A five point adjustable safety harness  that is padded, and designed to comfortably wrap around your children while keeping them firmly secure on the seat
  • Handlebar that is rubberized, slip resistant and provide firm and comfortable grip for parents while pushing the Schwinn Discover.
  • Foot operated brake that is easy to apply. When engaged, the foot brake locks the two rear wheel firmly, and keeps the stroller stationary when you come to a stop. It is particularly useful on slopes where there is an increased chance of strollers getting separated from parents and running away with babies still on board.

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How Comfortable for Babies, and is it Easy to Push?

The seat on the Schwinn Discover is covered with removable fleece that is cozy for children, and gentle on their tender skin. The fleece is machine washable so it is easy to care for, and keep clean and hygienic.

The seat can be reclined to near flat position, providing comfortable position for your child to doze when on a long and tiring jogging run with you. The adjustable handlebar is a feature tall and short parents will find very convenient when pushing Schwinn Discover. It is one of my favorite features on jogging strollers, and often found only on more expensive brands.

Adjustable handlebar allows parents of different heights to raise or lower the handle of the Schwinn Discover to a level that is most comfortable for them to push the stroller, without awkwardly bending their back, or tip tiptoeing. These are other great comfort features on the jogging stroller:

  • Large multi position sun canopy that you can adjust to shield your child from harsh sun light
  • Molded child tray with two cup holders for drinks and snacks within easy reach of your child. The tray can be flipped open to let your child in and out of the stroller seat with ease. The tray also act as a safety bar across the seat, and has side handles for your kid to hold on while riding on the jogging stroller
  • The stroller also comes complete with molded parent tray with two cup holders, and a covered compartment in the middle to hold your personal item like keys and phones securely.
  • The canopy mounted speakers are unique to the Schwinn and Instep Grand Safari jogging strollers and can be used with any MP3 player to entertain your child with their favorite music and songs while you jog.
  • The stroller has sufficient leg room and a foot rest that is easily kept clean by wiping down after strolling, jogging or exploring muddy trails with the kids

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Tires, Wheels and Braking System on the Schwinn Discover

Schwinn Discover Single Jogging StrollerWith large 16 inch air-filled rear tires and a smaller 12 inch swivel wheel front tire, the Schwinn Discover requires little effort to push, and easily maneuvers over any terrain – rough or smooth. Exposed coiled spring suspension on the stroller provides a very comfortable ride for babies when going over bumpy roads, gravel or off terrain jogging.

The wheels are spoked like bicycle wheels and made with shiny aluminum that is rust proof, easy to clean, and matches the frame of the stroller.

The front wheel of the Schwinn Discover swivels 360 degrees, and turns at tight corners or crowded areas like malls and sidewalks with so much ease and agility.

You will enjoy the same safety and comfort features on the Schwinn and Instep Grand Safari jogging strollers.
However, while the size of their pneumatic tires, brake and suspension system are the same, the Grand Safari wheel is made of molded plastic, which in my opinion, gives it a cheaper look – and maybe that is why it is priced slightly less than the Schwinn Discover and Turismo.

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Size and Capacity of the Jogging Strollers

The single Schwinn Discover has the capacity to carry a child up to a maximum weight limit of 50lbs, and the double jogging stroller will carry twice that weight limit – 100lbs

The strollers are recommended for children from 6 month, which is roughly the age at which a child is able to hold the heard straight unsupported. All stroller manufacturers give this same advice – parents should use infant car seats on strollers if their child is still too young to hold the head up without support.

Dimensions of the Schwinn Discover:

Single Stroller Unfolded L x W x H: 49” x 24” x 43.7”
Double Stroller Unfolded L x W x H: 49” x 32.7” x 40”

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Available Styles & Colors

Discover baby jogger is available for purchase in single or double stroller. It is however; only made in one color – alluring blue with bands of grey. Schwinn Discover as you now know is essentially a Turismo jogging stroller, except in color.

The Turismo can be purchased in three colors, so for parents that want the stroller in another color, I would say go for the Schwinn Turismo in Green/Black or Grey/Blue

The Discover, just like the Turismo and Grand Safari jogging stroller is elegant, sleek and streamlined, matched with beautifully patterned colors that will turn eyes when you go out with your baby.

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Is Schwinn Discover Infant Car Seat Compatible?

Schwinn Discover Infant Car SeatThe single stroller can be fitted with a range of compatible infant car seats, which converts the Schwinn Discover to a travel system for parents with newborns.

There are tabs on either side of the frame to hold infant car seats, and the groove on the child tray also serve as receptor that supports a car seat.  A broad selection of car seats can be used with the single stroller, including but not limited to Safety 1st, Cosco and Eddie Bauer. There is no need to buy a separate car seat adapter.  The safety harness on the Schwinn Discover is also used to firmly hold an infant car seat in place.

This feature is also available on the Schwinn Turismo and Instep Grand Safari single jogging strollers.

For obvious safety concerns and the tender age of babies that would require infant car seat, parents should not jog or run with the Schwinn Discover with a car seat attached.

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Warranty and what’s included

The stroller is sold with one year manufacturer’s warranty. Schwinn warrants the jogging stroller to be free of defective materials and workmanship for 1 year from the date of original purchase. The warranty does not however cover damage caused by miss use or normal wear as you use the stroller.

What’s Included When you Buy a Schwinn Discover?

Instep and Schwinn jogging strollers come complete with loads of accessories that are optional purchases on strollers like the Baby Jogger and BOB. The following are what you get when you buy either the Schwinn Discover single or double jogging stroller:

  • The complete stroller
  • Sun Canopy
  • Child Tray
  • Parent Tray

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What Others are saying – Consumer Reviews

The number of online reviews on the Schwinn Discover is no way near that of the Turismo which has been around for much longer, but customer satisfaction feedback from parents is just as good – with a near 5 out of 5 Stars rating. Here is a sample of how parents have described their experience with the stroller:

A GREAT quality stroller that folds fairly flat for a double jogger and can fit in the back of my minivan, one excited parent remarked

Cool looking stroller that attracts attention when we go out with the kid, a mom commented

We have gone jogging, walking, and even hiking with this stroller. Loving it, one dad added

>>>Read More Customer Reviews on Amazon<<<

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How Much Should You Pay for a Schwinn Discover Stroller?

For parents shopping for a good jogging stroller but constrained by budget, I usually recommend Instep and Schwinn brands as one of the best value for money strollers that many parents can afford. I will add the Schwinn Discover to this category without hesitation.

Packed with great features like child tray, parent tray, adjustable handle, canopy integrated speakers for your MP3 player, you would expect the stroller to cost in the range of $500. A BOB or Baby Jogger stroller will cost you that much. But the Schwinn Discover is far cheaper – less than half that price, if you shop smartly online and buying the single stroller.

Manufacturer’s list price of Schwinn Discover single jogging stroller is $239.99, but at the time of writing this review, Amazon has about 8% discount on it with free shipping. And the double stroller though has a list price of $329.99; it is also being sold on Amazon at about 10% discount with free shipping thrown in.

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Any Complaints about the Schwinn Discover?

I was surprised, when one parent complained online that this stroller is overpriced. For about $230 for the single, you can’t really get a good jogging stroller any cheaper.

Look around, and if you find any good baby jogger that is cheaper, let other parents know by mentioning it in the comment section below. And I promise to do a full review of the stroller.

Pros and Cons


  • The Schwinn Discover is an affordable, yet quality jogging stroller that many active parents looking after babies may be able to purchase without over stretching their family budget.
  • It is highly maneuverable and turns at corners with ease.
  • Swivel front wheel can be remotely locked on the go, converting the Discover to a running stroller that tracks better on straight line in a fixed front wheel mode.
  • The stroller comes complete with most accessories parents need on a stroller – like the child and parent trays.
  • The handlebar is telescopic, and can be adjusted to the right height to suit tall and short parents.
  • Its easy folding mechanism collapses the stroller into a neat and compact package that can be conveniently stowed away in the boot of a car, or put away in storage.
  • Comes with canopy and adjustable backrests for your baby.
  • The Schwinn Discover is an all-terrain jogging stroller that can be used on any surface.
  • The Integrated MP3 speaker on the stroller is a feature you will rarely find in other major brands.
  • The Schwinn Discover is available in single and double jogging strollers to suit different family requirement for a stroller.
    • Large storage space on the stroller means you do not need to worry about how much kid’s stuff to take when going out or coming back – warm clothes, snacks, or grocery from the shops, there is storage for all.

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      • Schwinn Discover is available only in one color, whether you are buying the single or double stroller.  The blue color may not be your choice of color. Remember though that it is the same stroller as the Schwinn Turismo, so if Blue/Grey is not your color, go for a Turismo with more color choices.

Some parents have raised concern that the front wheel of their Schwinn Turismo has collapsed when engaging the remote lock.

I have not seen this issue raised about the Discover, but since both are essentially designed with removable front wheels, parents who have experienced this problem on the Turismo may not have locked the front wheel securely as instructed in the manual.

It clearly states to Check the front wheel quick release is properly seated and closed sufficiently tight. 

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Schwinn Discover, Turismo and Instep Grand Safari Compared

Take a close look at the design of the three jogging strollers. Spot the difference, if any? Perhaps you now agree they are so similar.

Schwinn Discover Single Swivel StrollerSchwinn Discover Single Swivel StrollerpriceSchwinn Turismo Single Swivel Stroller Grey/BlueSchwinn Turismo Single Swivel Stroller Grey/BluepriceInStep Grand Safari Single Swivel Stroller Blue/GrapeInStep Grand Safari Single Swivel Stroller Blue/Grapeprice

Conclusion and My Recommendation

In my previous reviews, the Schwinn Turismo jogging stroller has been my recommendation to parents looking for inexpensive quality baby jogger.  Without hesitation, I will add the Schwinn Discover to this class of affordable strollers.

The design and features of both strollers are the same, so whether you decide to buy the Discover or the Turismo, you are getting the same stroller.  The only difference between is in color.

The Instep Grand Safari is an alternative that cost less, however, I personally do not like the molded plastic rims that gives the Instep stroller a cheap look

I found that some parents that purchased the Turismo have unfairly compared the ruggedness to a BOB or Baby Jogger Stroller. The Turismo, Discover and the Instep Grand Safari are not in the same class as the BOB and Baby Jogger, which is why then are far more expensive – more than twice the price of a Schwinn Discover jogging stroller.

If you have up to $500 or more to spend on a jogging stroller, BOB, Baby Jogger, or the Chariot jogging strollers are for sure more ruggedly built.

But if you are looking for inexpensive baby joggers that come complete with most accessories that are optional purchases on other strollers, the Schwinn Discover and Turismo are my top choices of affordable quality jogging strollers.

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Accessories for the Schwinn Discover Jogging stroller

Weather Shield Single for Swivel Wheel Jogger/StrollerWhen you buy Schwinn Discover, Turismo or Instep Grand Safari, most of what I consider essential accessories for jogging stroller are included in your purchase. You will get a child tray, parent tray, and a sun canopy.

On other brands of jogging stroller, you will purchase an adapter separately to use an Infant Car Seat with the stroller, but that is not the case with the Schwinn Discover Single Stroller.  Compatible infant car seats are fitted in the same notch on the stroller that holds the child tray.

I will however, recommend buying a rain cover to keep your child protected from expected or sudden down pours when riding on the stroller.  I usually carry one on my stroller, as do not like being surprised with my kid exposed and put at risk of getting soaked!

Weather Shield for Single and Double Jogger/Stroller

The weather shield for the Schwinn Discover is completely waterproof and is available two sizes – one for a single stroller and the bigger size for double strollers.

Weather Shield Double for Swivel Wheel Jogger/StrollerIt is designed to keep your child warm and dry on the stroller in light or heavy rains.  The shield is easy and quick to attach to the stroller, so when the weather changes, your child is promptly protected before getting drenched.

The rain shield will cover from the top of the stroller, all the way to the footrest. As long as your child’s legs are not sticking beyond the footrest of the stroller, your child will be fully protected. There are air-vents in the rain shield to keep the inside ventilated for occupants.

The single and double weather shields perfectly fit the Schwinn Discover, Turismo and Instep jogging strollers.

This Weather Shield for a single stroller has a list price of $50.18, and the double is $59.56. Both weather covers are however discounted at great prices on Amazon – up to 45% on the double stroller ran cover at the time  I was writing this review.

A few parents have complained that the cover they purchased did not cover their child’s feet, and I really wonder if they got the wrong product.  This one certainly clips to the front wheel fender, which should cover your child feet.

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If you have any questions, please leave a comment below and I will reply. And if you have any other thoughts to share about this review, your comments are welcome.


  1. Is there a way to protect your child from winter conditions? I have a 2-month baby and would like to start jogging again but it’s cold and the position in the stroller would make my baby exposed.

    • Hi Nattie,

      I would recommend the Chicco Universal Baby Stroller Sleeping Bag and Foot muff. It is one of the most popular products that parents use to shield their baby from cold and wind while jogging during the winter months. Let me know what you think.


      For all-weather jogger moms, the Chicco Universal Baby Stroller Sleeping Bag is deal for protecting your child from cold and wind during the winter months.

      Chicco Universal Baby Stroller Sleeping Bag Footmuff BlackChicco Universal Baby Stroller Sleeping Bag Footmuff Blackprice

  2. What stores in Maine carry Schwinn Discover single jogging stroller in stock? It appears to me that one can only order them on line. I am Canadian going to Maine shortly and would really like to be able to pick one up while there. I can order through JCPenney but can not have it shipped to their store and they will not ship international. Any suggestions?

    • Jeff Adam says:

      Hi Ruth,

      Sorry I am not familiar with stores in Maine that may be stocking Schwinn Discover single jogging stroller. If JCPenney store is close to the area you will be visiting, ordering from them and having it delivered to their store is a good idea.


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