Safety Tips When Jogging with Infants and Newborns in a Stroller

The age at which you can start jogging with a newborn varies for every baby as babies develop at different rate. One thing that is strongly advised is if your baby is not yet able to hold the head up without support, do not jog or stroll with the baby without an Infant Car Seat that can provide this support in a jogging stroller.

To give you an idea of manufacturers’ age recommendations for jogging with babies, for the Bob Revolution SE, Bob recommends using an Infant Car Seat Adapter for newborns from birth to 8 months – only for walking. And from 8 months, you can start jogging with your baby with the stroller.

The main point I would like you to take away here is that Jogging with newborns and infants requires a stroller that can be used with a Car Seat Adapter, and a compatible Infant Car Seat.

Top Safety Tips for Jogging with Babies

  • These are other safety tips that will keep you and baby safe when you go out jogging or strolling. They are not medical advice so you may want to seek specialist opinion before jogging with your newborn.
  • If you must stroll or jog with your baby from birth, get a jogging stroller that is Car Seat Compatible and be sure to follow the manufacturer’s safety recommendations as they vary by the brand and model of jogging stroller.
  • Use an Infant Car Seat when jogging and strolling with a babies too young to seat on strollers. Infant Car Seat provides much superior level of safety and comfort for a young babies than a stroller seat.
  • Check that the Infant Car Seat is firmly secured with appropriate Adapter to the Jogging Stroller, and your baby is comfortably strapped as well.
  • Protect your baby from the elements with a Sun and Wind Shield.
  • Avoid congested roads and traffic with all the nasty stuff in the air that your baby may inhale.
  • If strolling with newborns, keep to smooth terrains to reduce the jolts on the stroller over bumps that will make the ride uncomfortable for your baby.
  • Stroll or jog at a steady and gentle pace that may even loll your baby to sleep.
  • Lock the front wheel of your Swivel Jogging stroller to provide more stability and control on straight lines.
  • Use a safety strap attached to your wrist to ensure the jogging stroller does not run away from, particularly going on a slope.
  • When stationary with a jogging stroller, use the foot or hand break to park the stroller. I would not buy a stroller without a foot or hand brake. They help control strollers better, and prevent them rolling away with occupants when you come to a stop.
  • Always use the 5 point safety harness provided on the Infant Car Seat or stroller to secure your baby. When used properly, safety harnesses stop even the clever toddlers and infants from wiggling out of a stroller.

These are some of the popular brands of Jogging Stroller Car Seat Adapters and Car Seats that parents that parents have purchased on Amazon, and come back to leave great comments that they like them. They may help you make pick a good choice of either a Car Seat Adapter, or an Infant Car Seat that is good for you.

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