Rain cover for jogging stroller

Jogging Stroller Rain Cover

Baby Protected with Stroller Rain Cover

I check the weather, so never really bother about rain cover for jogging stroller to protect my kid until those unexpected showers drove me to buy one. And what is it with the rain that catches you straight in the face, relentlessly coming at you horizontally. The Jogging stroller canopy offers no protection with such rains, and having learnt my lesson, I don’t go out with my kid on jogging runs without a stroller rain cover neatly tucked in the back pocket of my baby jogger.

I bet you have seen this too, parents soaking wet with rain and baby unprotected, yet we still make the same mistake of going out with a stroller, and not prepared for the weather. That is when a leisurely jog or stroll suddenly turns into a dash run for home, if you fail to take a stroller rain cover with you.

Jogging stroller rain covers offer the protection your baby needs in unexpected rains. They are generally made of heavy duty clear vinyl with side air holes that allow good ventilation for children. Good rain covers fold into compact sizes that go into storage bags that are included. They fit easily into side or rear pockets found in many Jogging Strollers.

Shopping Guide for Jogging Stroller Rain Cover

You will find that Stroller manufacturers make rain covers for specific models of their brand of jogging stroller, and may also make some that can be used on a wider range of strollers. If your jogging stroller manufacturer has own brand rain covers, they tend to have a better fit, but could be more expensive than others covers that are equally good for your stroller.

Keys Features of a Good Rain Cover for Jogging Stroller:

  • Ensure it is made of heavy duty clear material that will last. Rain covers are used quite regular by active parents who keep up with their exercise regime even in wet seasons. And the regular folding and unfolding do test the strength of a rain cover, so buy one that is durable.
  • Choose a cover that can fold small and has a storage bag to go with it. You don’t want a bulky stroller rain cover that will take much of the storage space on a storage you will need for baby stuffs.
  • I like the rain covers that do not leave permanent wrinkles on the material.
  • A good rain cover for a stroller should have sufficient side vents to allow air flow and ventilation without letting in rain and moisture that will wet your baby.
  • Does the cover attach to the jogging stroller firmly so it is no blown away in heavy wind and driving rain? Some covers use hooks and tabs, while others may be designed with Velcro attachments to a stroller.

These popular best selling stroller rain covers on Amazon may help you decide on which is best for your stroller. Some are universal covers and others are specific to make and models of 3 wheel jogging strollers. You may also want to read customer satisfaction comments at Amazon before making your purchase.

Valco Baby Universal 3 Wheel Rain Cover
Valco Baby Universal 3 Wheel Rain Cover. Provides full body protection from rain wind and snow

Jeep Jogging Stroller Weather Shield
Jeep Jogging Stroller Weather Shield. Waterproof and windproof. Fits single strollers with a canopy

InStep Weather Shield Single for Swivel Wheel Jogger/Stroller
InStep Weather Shield Single for Swivel Wheel Jogger/Stroller. Fits most styles of 3 wheel jogging stroller.

Double Jogging Stroller Rain Cover
Double Jogging Stroller Rain Cover. Protects most double joggers from rain, wind, sleet or snow.

BOB Revolution Duallie Weather Shield - Gray
BOB Revolution Duallie Weather Shield – Gray. For BOB double Sport Utility and Ironman Strollers

Sashas Rain and Wind Cover for Schwinn Turismo 2011 Single Jogger
Sashas Rain and Wind Cover for Schwinn Turismo Single Jogger. Easy to fit and clean. See material.

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BOB, Jeep, Baby Jogger and other major brands in our reviews have stroller rain covers designed specifically to fit their brands and models strollers. Remember though that you may get better value for your money with a universal stroller rain cover like the Valco Baby Universal 3.

The following are other popular stroller rain covers for specific models of jogging strollers.

Bob Revolution Single Stroller Rain Cover

BOB Weather Shield For Single Revolution

Stroller Rain Cover for BOB Strollers

The BOB Weather Shield for the Single Revolution and Stroller Strides is made of water resistant polyurethane coated nylon with large clear windows, so parents can see their child when the stroller is fully covered. This particular rain cover is specifically made to fit only the Revolution and Stroller Strides joggers, but it can be purchased in the right size and fitting for all models of BOB strollers.

Benefits of BOB stroller rain cover:

  • Waterproof and windproof – Keeps your child fully protected from rain and wind from all directions
  • PVC coated nylon windows – Allowing a clear view of your baby in the stroller
  • Air Vents – Strategically located around the cover so there is good air flow, and ventilation inside the stroller rain cover, while still keeping a child completely dry.
  • Elastic attachments – Allow for easy and quick installation of the cover, and also make easy to remove when it is no needed.
BOB Revolution Stroller Rain Cover  
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