Pink Jogging Stroller

Pink Jogging StrollerA completely pink jogging stroller is a rare find, so do not set your hope too high if you are looking for one that is affordable. You are more likely to find jogging strollers with fabrics in shades, strips or patterns of pink color.

Pink is very gender specific, associated and liked by females, but jogging strollers are common in black, green, red and many neutral colors, and manufacturers tend to produce more of a product that appeals to a wider market.

I hardly find popular brands like BOB or Baby Jogger that make their strollers in full pink colors. And when I do, the pink stroller is discontinued soon after.  Not even the Baby Trend with one of the largest range and variation of colors in jogging stroller has been able to stick with a model that is made in full pink fabrics.

But if you must have a pink stroller to match your girlie taste, do not despair.  I have researched some great pink jogging strollers for you. Parents and care givers looking for feminine baby joggers will find them appealing, though the strollers are in various shades and patterns of pink.

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Color however should not be the only thing that guides your choice of a jogging stroller. You should also consider some of the key features I like to see in a good baby jogger – which are:

  • Pink Jogging Stroller Compact FoldLightweight –avoid jogging strollers that are very heavy. They will literally weigh you down when carrying your baby and lugging hefty strollers around. Get the lightest pink stroller that you can afford. Strollers with aluminum frames are lighter than those made of steel
  • Compact and Easy to Fold – simple one-step folding mechanism is now used in many quality jogging strollers like the Graco Fastaction Connect, but these are hardly in pink colors.
  • Adjustable Handle – will help you raise or lower the stroller handlebar to the most comfortable pushing height.
  • Tires and Wheels – strollers with pneumatic all-terrain tires are easier to push and provide a more comfortable ride for the occupants
  • Good Size Storage – your pink stroller should have enough under-carriage storage and pockets to hold as much of your baby and personal stuff when you go jogging.

I have narrowed my choice for now, to two pink jogging strollers, and thrown in a popular pink doll jogger for parents that may want to go jogging in color matching strollers with their infants.

Instep Safari, Urbini Avi, and Mommy & Me My First Doll pink joggers are the three strollers I will review to help you make a decision on which to buy.

This review will remain a work in progress as I will keep adding more pink jogging strollers to it whenever I come across a brand and model that meet my benchmarks for quality jogger strollers.

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InStep Grand Safari Pink Jogging Stroller

Instep Grand Safari Pink Jogging StrollerI like how pink is used in the fabric and seat of the Instep Grand Safari.  The stroller is not overly pink. The clever use of patterns, stripes and hues of pink and tan colors makes the stroller very appealing to look at, and it stands out in any pack of jogging strollers.

You can read my full review of Instep Grand Safari jogging stroller here, and why I picked it as the best stroller that gives parents the most value for their money.  The pink Instep Grand Safari is available only in the single stroller.

It is a jogging stroller that ticked all the criteria I like in a jogging stroller.

Key Features of Pink Instep Grand Safari Jogging Stroller

  • Easy Fold  and Lightweight? –the pink Grand Safari has a dual trigger folding mechanism that folds the stroller compact and secure it safely. The stroller weights 33lbs so it is not in my lightweight category. Graco FastAction Connect and Chicco TRE weigh a lot less and fold more compact, but they are far more expensive and not available in pink
  • Adjustable Handlebar –  the handle can be raised or lowered to suit your height, providing the most comfortable pushing posture.
  • Ample Storage – space to keep baby and parents stuff is more than enough on the stroller – in undercarriage baskets, rear and side pockets.
  • All Terrain Tires – the tires are air-field and ride well on any terrain
  • Built-in MP3 speaker – keeps your child entertained while you jog.
  • Color – Pink/Tan
  • Price – at only $159.99 and often available far cheaper in online promotions and sales, you may think that this is a cheap pink stroller.  Yes, the price is cheap compared to a Chicco TRE that will set you back more than $500, but this pink Grand Safari single jogging stroller compares very well with the top strollers in quality and features.

Rated  4.1 out of 5 Stars in Customer Satisfaction

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Pink Urbini Avi Jogger

Urbini Avi pink JoggerThe Urbini Avi pink jogger is a stroller many parents will not be very familiar with.  Urbini brand is not widely available as Baby Jogger, BOB or the Instep strollers.  Urbini however make very good strollers that compete with the top brands in quality and price.

It is a performance jogger with a wide pink band on the canopy fabric.  The seat is also cover in pink material.

I like the unique chunky design, and pink color variation of the stroller.  It stands out more than the blue and black Urbini Avi  strollers.

Urbini Avi jogger is also sold as a travel system that includes pink Petal Infant Car Seat and base.

Keys features of the pink Urbini Avi jogger strollers are

  • One-hand quick-fold – for easy transportation and handling of the stroller.
  • Multi-position handle – offer comfortable pushing postures and control on the stroller
  • All-terrain tires – has removable pneumatic tires that provide very smooth rides on rough and smooth surfaces.
  • Single-touch brake – keeps the stroller safely stationary when you come to a stop.
  • Price – the recommended retail price of the pink Urbini Avi jogger is $199, makes it one of my under $200 baby jogger.  You will however find that some online retailers do not stock the stroller in sufficient number and sell them way beyond the recommended retail price.  I would not pay more than $199 for the stroller.

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Mommy & Me My First Doll Jogger

Pink Doll Jogging StrollerThis is the full pink doll stroller I promised.  If you are a parent that likes exploring the outdoor with your little girl, you will like the Mommy & Me My First Doll Jogger.  It is completely pink in a girlie fashion.

The stroller is sturdy, can take very rough handling from kids, and does not fall apart like many doll strollers.

Keys features of Mommy & Me My First Doll Jogger

  • Very easy assembly – simply put the wheel on and you are ready to go.
  • Easy to fold – with storage basket under the seat
  • Buckle to keep doll safe – fits dolls up to 18”
  • Safety tested  – and lead free
  • Color – Hot pink & black
  • Price – Cost only $24.99

Rated 4.3 out of 5 Stars on Customer Satisfaction

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If you have any questions, please leave a comment below and I will reply. And if you have any other thoughts to share about this review, your comments are welcome.

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