Phil & Teds Classic Stroller Review

Phil & Teds Classic StrollerThe first product from the New Zealand-based company, Phil & Teds, the Classic stroller though the most basic of all their three-wheel stroller models, it is built to the same high standard as top end strollers like the Navigator, and the Dot.

Phil & Teds designs products that are safe for little kids to use while their parents pursue their active lifestyles together with their children.

The Classic stroller followed in the tradition of Phil & Teds slime and sleek inline strollers, with multiple configurations for newborns and toddlers. It can be setup in 7 modes. Using a double kit or an infant car seat converts the Phil & Teds Classic to a stroller that can carry a newborn and a toddler, or two toddlers.

If you’re buying this for your newborn or toddler, the good news for you is that you won’t have to change this for another until your kid is six years old. Now, isn’t that money-saving for you? This stroller is good to take out in the city and on uneven terrain.

It’s wonderful when you have two little ones as you can accommodate them comfortably together. The Classic Inline stroller grows adapts to the changing needs of a growing family.

5 Key Features I like about Phil & Teds Classic Stroller

  • 7 Modes Configuration – with a double seat kit, infant car seats, or Carrycot, the Classic changes seating arrangement to take two children from newborns till 6 years.
  • Easy one-hand fold – the Classic folds with one hand, leaving parents the other hand to hold a baby.
  • Compact and light weight – It is a very lightweight stroller and folds into a compact size that is convenient for storage and transportation in most trunks of family cars
  • Highly Maneuverable – with a 12” swiveling front wheel that turns 360 degrees, and easy to push around tight corners and crowded areas.
  • Loads of optional Accessories – allow you to pick and choose an accessory when you want, and if you need it. Helps reduce the cost of owning a Phil & Ted Classic stroller.

Quick Video Review of Phil & Teds Classic Stroller

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What Others are saying – Consumer Reviews

Here are just a few samples of how parents have described their experience with the Phil & Teds Classic stroller:

“Fantastic and versatile”

“Great double stroller that’s tiny!”

“Awesome customer service”

  Rated 4.1 out of 5 Stars in Customer Satisfaction

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Who is Phil & Teds Classic for?

The stroller is a good choice for parents with newborns, and will also work well for parents with older children. Accessories like infant car seat and Carrycot allow quick and easy conversion of the stroller to a travel system that can be used for babies from birth.

It is a stroller that that can be used either as a single seater for one child, or a double stroller with the optional second seat. For a growing family, the Classic will carry children up to the age of 6 years.

How much is the Cost of Phil & Teds Classic Stroller?

It is available on Amazon for $399 with the double seat kit, and free shipping. Without the optional double seat kit, the Classic stroller can be purchased for about $319.

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Baby Comfort Features While you Jog

Phil &Teds Classic Stroller Double Seat KitErgonomically designed: The Classic is ergonomically designed to give the young riders in it a safe and comfortable ride. To make this stroller useful to you for much longer, you can clip on a second seat to the basic stroller so that you take both your children out. This double kit is sold as an accessory and must be bought separately.

Reclining Seat: The fact that your stroller’s seat can be reclined in three graded positions is a big boon when you need to take him out while he sleeps instead of putting him in a crib. He can continue to lie there undisturbed rather than crouched up in a car seat position.

Optional Double kit Reclining Seat – The add-on doubles kit seat can also be reclined so the second occupant of the strollers has as much comfort as on the main seat. This is an example of the great foresight with which this stroller has been conceived.

This feature allows you to seat your second child in the lower seat to nap in a comfortable reclining position. And this is really wonderful, particularly when you think that as the child in this seat grows, he or she will need more foot space that is afforded by the reclining feature.

Reversible Handlebar: One more safety feature includes a reversible handlebar that can be used in two positions.

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Baby Safety Features

Five-Point Safety Harness: This stroller assures safety to your baby or toddler at the highest level possible. It does this by instituting a five-point safety harness that goes beyond international standards to keep your little one safely in place. This harness also keeps your little one comfortable and secure in his seat.

Adjustable sun and rain Canopy: To keep your little one safe from harsh weather conditions, there’s also an adjustable canopy in the new follow the sun hood design which can be adjusted in several ways. It keeps your baby in the shade and has a flip-out visor that protects him from the sun’s rays and wind.

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Compact, Easy to Fold & Carry?

This stroller is so easy to fold that you can do it seamlessly, using just one hand. When folded, it measures 29.9″ (H) x 11.8″ (D) x 24″ (W), or 76 cm x 30 cm x 61 cm, and fits very nicely into the boot of a majority of mid-sized cars.

Phil and Teds Classic Stroller folded flat

Compact flat fold

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Tires and Wheels Designed for Which Terrain?

Detachable 12″ pneumatic air tires: The Phil & Teds Classic lays great emphasis on the safety of children traveling in it. So, it works on removable 12″ pneumatic air tires that offer a smooth ride, irrespective of the terrain.

Traction and Shock absorber: Its inverted tread design improves traction and absorbs the shock impact, delivering a safe and comfortable ride for your children.

Easy Manoeuvrability: Its unique technology makes the front wheel pop up far easier than in any other stroller, particularly over city kerbs. When on rough terrain, all you need to do is to lock the front wheel or switch over to swivel for the best manoeuvrability.

Security and Enhancing Brakes for Rear Wheels: It also has strong brakes that keep the back wheels secure. Another important convenience is that you can apply the brakes with either foot.

Secure and Easy Parking: The distance from the front of the stroller to the rear wheels may be long, but turning it into narrow areas is smooth. The two rear brakes keep the stroller parked securely.

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Size and Weight Capacity

Its dimensions are 24.4″ (H) x 41.3″ (D) x 40.9″ (W), or 62 x 105 x 104cm, and it weighs barely 24lbs (17kg). It can very easily carry the weight of two kids, a newborn and a slightly older child, or two toddlers.  The stroller can carry children from newborns till they are six years.

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Available Styles & Colors

It converts easily from being a single stroller to a double stroller by simply clipping the second seat on to the main seat, either in front of it or behind it. They can be pushed either in a fully reclining or in an upright position.

Phil and Teds Classic Infant Car SeatThe Classic stroller can be set up in 7 different seating that will accommodate varying combination of age of the occupants.  This is achieved with the optional double seat kit, infant car seat, or or Carrycot. The

Phil & Ted slim inline design of the Classic stroller ensures you can navigate it in crowded places that double side by side strollers will not dare.

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Infant Car Seat Compatible?

Another beauty of the Phil & Teds Classic is the ability to use it for newborns from day one with compatible infant car seats.  It will fit popular infant car seats like the Graco Click Connect and Chicco Keyfit – requires the use of appropriate car seat adapter.

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Warranty and what’s included

The Classic stroller comes with a one-year warranty that covers manufacturing defects and faults. The popular choice for parents is the bundle that comes with the double seat kit for a second child.

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Phil and Teds Classic Stroller prosPros and Cons


  • Pushes very smoothly despite the weight of two toddlers
  • It is the size of a single stroller but efficient enough to push two kids
  • Lightweight at 24lbs despite having a double seat
  • Easy to use


  • Storage space is sufficient only for one kid, not two
  • One needs to detach the second seat to fold the stroller

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Another Quick Video Review of Phil & Teds Classic

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Phil & Teds Classic vs a Bob Stroller

Phil & Teds Classic stroller in my opinion can only be compared with a similar urban stroller in BOB’s range of strollers – and that will be the BOB Motion stroller.  BOB strollers like the Revolution Flex, Pro, or the Ironman are rugged all-terrain jogging and running strollers meant for very keen jogger parents. The Classic is not designed to compete with such jogging stroller.

Classic can certainly hold its ground with the Motion stroller, and even beat it in many features.

The Motion stroller lack the assortment of seating configurations available on the Phil and Teds Classic, especially the conversion to a double stroller, and ability to carry two toddlers.

Both strollers convert to travel systems with compatible infant car seats, and though the Motion stroller is more compact, it is no match to the many uses the Classic offers a growing family. The Classic is also a three wheeler that I find more manoeuvrable than the BOB Motion, which is a four wheel stroller.

Phil & Teds Classic compared side by side with the Bob Motion stroller in pictures. While the Motion stroller is more compact, the Classic is a much more versatile stroller for urban use.

Phil Teds Classic Stroller with Double Kit - BlackPhil Teds Classic StrollerpriceBOB Motion Stroller BlackBOB Motion Strollerprice 

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Conclusion and My Recommendation

Very compact and extremely adaptable, this Classic Phil & Teds is an inline stroller that will suit the daily runs with the kids in an urban and city environment. It is great for brisk and speed walking, but if you are a keen jogger or runner, strollers like the BOB Revolution Flex and Pro are what you need.

The Classic is a stroller that literally grows with your family. It will cater for your needs for a stroller from the first day you have your baby, up to the age of 6. As your family expands, add the double kit to convert the Classic to a double inline stroller for two kids.

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If you have any questions, please leave a comment below and I will reply. And if you have any other thoughts to share about this review, your comments are welcome.

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