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Phil $ Teds Navigator Buggy Stroller

Phil $ Teds Navigator – 8 Different Setups

A recent visit to a department store threw up a big surprise for me. I was amazed to see an entire range of strollers for kids.

It was heart warming to see that manufacturers of these products have given great thoughts to the designs of child security and comfort features on each model – things that will keep babies, toddlers and infants safe and secure.

The product that caught my eyes is the Phil and Teds Navigator Inline Stroller. It stood out amongst the rest with the elegant design and add-on second seat.  The Navigator accommodates newborn babies and children up to the age of six years.

When used with the double Seat kit, the stroller jogger can be configured for eight different uses, including the traditional flat buggy position where a baby or toddler can lie or seat in comfort, I decided to write a full review of the Phil & Teds Navigator.

Though it is lightweight, the Teds Navigator stroller has a sturdy construction that is firm even when pushing over uneven terrains. The shock absorbing features combined with three 12 inch pneumatic tires that make for easy strolling in the city, parks and malls.

However, these are not my only admiration for the stroller, here are its other features:

Features and Benefits of the Phil & Teds Navigator Inline Stroller:

With a fully adjustable smart handle to suit tall and short parents and stroller setup in eight modes that babies will use from birth to toddler, and share with siblings as a double stroller with an optional kit, the Phil and Teds Navigator is the stroller that will not only grow with your family, it will also cater for all position use for a buggy stroller.

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Folding System and How Compact

As a parent, you will need to fold away the stroller when not in use. With this stroller, you can easily fold it in one easy move, thanks to the fast fold facility that’s usable with one hand. To store it away, the frame of the stroller locks automatically, and keeps it in place with a clip. To fold it to a more compact size, simply detach the wheels.

 Baby Safety Features on the Phil & Teds Navigator

When you push the stroller, using the handle, you use enough pressure to release its front wheel over curbs, whether in single or double mode. If you want to stop and speak to a friend, the wheels are immediately locked into place by engaging the flip-flop pedal foot brake. This keeps your baby safe inside the stroller and ensures the stroller will not roll off on its own.

For extra safety, it has a unique five-point harness without the conventional tail, so there is no loose webbing that dangles. Any extra length of harness is tucked behind the liner of the seat.

There’s also a completely adjustable hood that gives your baby good shade from any direction of the sun. It can also be adjusted for bigger kids. Besides, a visor keeps your child’s eyes shaded from the sun. The double kit that’s sold separately also comes with a hood for the second kid.

How Comfortable for a Baby and Easy to Push?

Phil and Teds Navigator in many Configurations

The Navigator – So many uses

Any newborn to kids six years of age can use this Phil and Teds Navigator either in a single mode for one kid, to carry two toddlers, or one baby in an infant car seat and one toddler together.

There are eight different transport modes offered here, making it very comfortable to use for the baby or toddler. This is a stroller truly designed for a growing family.

Use it for a newborn baby in the comfortable flat buggy setup, then reconfigure the stroller for older child as your baby grow and can seat up in comfort.

Alternatively, a baby and a toddler can sit in it together with the optional double kit in fitted in front as an inline traditional buggy configuration, or the kit can be fitted at the rear allowing two toddlers to sit comfortably on the stroller – one in front, and the other behind.

Besides, the Phil and Teds Navigator offers contoured seating with a detachable seat liner, designed to offer good posture, while maximizing air flow and reducing the build-up of moisture. Its Seat Performance System provides a four-position seat reclining feature that adjusts between a flat position and upright.

The 5 point safety harness can be adjusted to accommodate big children and those in thick winter coats, while extra strap is tucked away to offer harness without any extra webbing dangling.

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Tires, Wheels and Braking System

One of the top salient features of this stroller is its easy 360 degrees manoeuvrability with the nippy front swivel wheel. It works as smoothly as a single would even when you attach the double kit.

This stroller has three tires, filled with air, to give your baby a smooth ride and give you the ease of pushing it. This is a boon when your baby grows and becomes heavier. It also comes with one brake pedal that locks and unlocks the back wheels.

Size and Capacity

The Phil and Teds Navigator weighs 26 lbs, or 12 kg and is about 2 ft wide, which makes it suitable for use in parks, playground pathways, subway platforms and malls. It boasts a full-size 2 ft high seat with a backrest one foot wide. And the better part of this is that it grows just as your child does, providing him support all the way.

Available Styles and Designs

It is available in two styles—the single mode which accommodates one baby or child of a maximum weight of 44lbs/20 kg, or with the double kit that converts the stroller to an inline buggy accommodating one child weighing up to 44lbs in the front seat, 33lbs in the rear.

The stroller is so stable that there is no danger of tipping when you are moving children in and out of the stroller. It can also be used with compatible infant car seats for carrying your newborn. The Navigator can be purchased in a choice of 4 bright colors – Black, Cherry, Sky and Golden Kiwi.

Phil and Teds Navigator

Phil and Teds Navigator – 4 Colors

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Mix and Match the Colors

Phil and Teds Navigator Mix and Match Colors

Navigator Mix and Match Colors

The Navigator offers a variety of replaceable colors for the main seat, double kit, carry cot and canopy. You can interchange these colors and give your stroller a unique look that will stand out from the rest

What’s included?

  • Phil & Teds Navigator buggy (black)
  • Sun canopy
  • Removable padded seat liner for comfort and easy care

Does it include a Warranty?

Yes, you get a manufacturer’s one-year limited warranty.

What others are saying

The stroller has a 4.5 star rating out of 5, and several words of appreciation from its customers on Amazon, such as:

  • Such an amazing stroller my child has used from birth, and still using as an infant
  • The Navigator folds easily into a compact size with one hand 
  • The foot brake holds the stroller rock solid with a flick of the lever 
  • I am glad I bought the Phil and Teds Navigator – so practical, durable and yes so pretty!
  • Very versatile stroller I have enjoyed setting up in many configuration when taking my kids outdoors

The Pros Summarized

  • Seating for the baby is very comfortable with a thoughtfully designed sun hood to shield him from the sun.
  • Sturdy, easy to push in the city and outside.
  • It’s easy to push even on uneven terrain.
  • It has an easy-to-use strap system that can be used when the baby is lying down instead of the conventional zippers.
  • It also has a foot brake that works easily.
  • Its seats can easily be wiped.
  • It can be folded away with a smooth, one-handed action.

 … and the Cons

The kit for two kids or toddlers does not come with the facility to recline when used at the front with the baby below. But this is really so designed so the baby at the rear will have enough space to seat comfortably with less restricted view.

  • It has a narrow bassinet.
  • It is  forward facing, but is rear facing with infant car seat or the face to face seat attachment
  • It’s not for newborn twin babies.

The Phil and Teds Navigator may look in every way like a jogging stroller, it is not designed for jogging. If you are looking to jog, run and walk with your baby, check out the all new Phil and Teds Sub4, acclaimed to be the world fastest jogger with complete impact absorption system.

The Sub4 is the only baby jogger made by Phil and Ted at the time of writing this review.

Any complaints?

One of the main complaints about the Phil & Teds Navigator is that with the sleek and streamlined design, it isn’t large enough for big babies and infants. Some parents also remarked that they would have liked more leg room for toddlers and infants.

As the removable liner is not fastened to the seat, some users find it has to be pulled to keep it neat and tidy after the baby or toddler gets in.

How much should you pay for the Phil and Teds Navigator?

This product can be bought with the doubles kit and without. Without the doubles kit, the Phil & Teds Navigator Inline Stroller sells for under $500, and in addition, the doubles kit or the carry cot will cost just under $150 .

Deals I have seem on Amazon will considerably bring down this cost, and if you add the free shipping, you can make some big savings purchasing the Teds Navigator from Amazon

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Watch this! – Phil and Teds Navigator Video Instructions

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If you have any questions, please leave a comment below and I will reply. And if you have any other thoughts to share about this review, your comments are welcome.

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