Phil and Teds Dot – The Smallest Full Feature Convertible Inline Stroller

Phil and Teds Dot StrollerDescribed as the world’s smallest inline stroller, yet the compact, versatile and lightweight design of the Phil and Teds Dot is packed with features and dimensions you would expect in full-sized strollers, and it will comfortably accommodate two children.

The Dot will suit the city lifestyle of a growing family, but will also serve you well with the all-terrain tires if you reside in the countryside. Sold as a single stroller, the optional doubles kit converts the Phil & Teds Dot to a slim inline double stroller that will carry two babies from birth, till they are up to 5 years old.

It is the ideal stroller for zipping around with the kids on daily family errands, trips to the mail, family day outs, and holiday travels.

Apart from the ultra-compact design of the Dot Buggy stroller, the one hand fast fold with frame lock, nippy 10” air filled tires that pops over curbs with ease, and adjustable handlebar to suit tall and short parents, are some of the features moms and dads really like about this unique stroller.

Used with the many optional accessories like the Snug Carrycot and infant car seat, the Dot Buggy can be configured in seven different ways to carry your kids.

If you have ever struggled, or watch parents take up practically the whole sidewalk with bulky side-by-side double strollers, you will appreciate the benefits of easily maneuvering crowded places and tight corners with the 360 degrees swiveling front wheel, and the super slim tandem double seating arrangement on the Dot stroller.

The Dot is similar to the Phil and Teds Navigator in many aspects, but it is significantly a more compact inline stroller.

Read the rest of my review of the Dot Buggy, and some of the optional accessories available for the stroller below. Be sure also to watch the short but very informative video reviews down the page.

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Compact, Easy to Fold & Carry?

Phil and Teds proudly describe the Dot stroller as the smallest inline yet full featured stroller, and that is a bold statement from the manufacturer. But why is it the smallest? The dimensions and unique design seem to support the claim.

Narrow Design

The Dot is 15 percent smaller than Phil & Teds’ Explorer inline stroller, but yet has full sized seats for two kids. The narrow width is just 22.2 inch and easily goes through doors, and gates in public places like the Metro and elevators. You will also find the Dot can effortlessly wiggle through crowded places like malls and restaurants, even in the full setup with the doubles kit.

One Handed Compact Fold

With one hand, the Phil and Teds Dot folds into a very compact size that can be easily carried in and out of the trunk of small cars. It takes up little space for storage, leaving you plenty of room for other stuffs. The one handed folding design means your other hand is hold your baby while handling the Dot Buggy, unlike other strollers, where you joggle to hold on to your baby and open, fold or carry the strollers at the same time.

You should watch the video review further down the page to see the folding system in action. The frame automatically locks for safe transportation when the stroller is folded.

The Dot wheels are removable, which makes it possible to fold the stroller even smaller. I should mention though that you cannot fold the Phil and Teds Dot stroller with the second seat still attached.

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Phil and Teds Dot Stroller Features

Baby Safety Features on the Phil & Teds Dot

Dot stroller design and features have been rigorously tested to ensure the safety of children riding on it. The stroller is certified for USA safety standard ASTM F833 -11, Canadian SOR/85-379, Europe EN1888:2005, and Australian/New Zealand CPN8 safety standards. So, parents can really be confident with what Phil and Teds has provided to protect occupants of this other model of their convertible double Tandem strollers. And what are these safety features on the Dot?

  • A five-point adjustable harness with innovative tail-free, no dangling webbing that is common in other strollers. This means less clutter around the seats of the Dot stroller, which often get in the way of children.
  • The Dot has a large canopy to keep the sun away from your child as they watch their surrounding go by. It also spots a Velcro peek-a-boo window you can flip open to keep a close eye on your child. The canopy provides a good shade, protecting your little one from the elements – especially the hash and harmful effect of sun’s UV ray. The double kit sold separately also includes a sun hood to protect a second child riding on the Dot stroller.
  • It is equipped with foot operated parking brake that is easy to engage, or release. The brake system engages both rear wheels, and is very effective at holding the stroller stationary whenever you come to a stop – either to chat with a friend, or window shop in the mall. It is highly recommended you use the parking brake on any stroller every time you stop with your baby on-board. I have seen parents so many times chasing after strollers that have rolled away from their grip with babies still strapped in – you really do not want to find yourself in this situation.
  • The Phil and Teds Dot is safety satisfied to carry one child in the back doubles seat kit, and none in the front and still remain very balanced without any risk of tipping over. How often have you seen strollers not so well designed tipping over? I bet as many times, as I have.

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How Comfortable for Baby and Easy to Push?

The design of the Phil and Teds Dot Stroller is not just sleek and eye-catching; a lot of thought and consideration for baby comfort have gone into the construction. Here are some of the features parents would like about this uniquely compact inline stroller:

  • The seat back (in single mode) can be reclined in multiple positions, from near vertical to completely flat – positions that are very good for newborns to doze when feeling sleepy, or kids up to the age of five to seat up and take in the view around them.
  • The seat is well padded, ventilated and contoured to provide increased support for a child posture while seated on the stroller.
  • It has an all-plastic easy to clean foot-well that children can rest their feet on. Some strollers you will find lack a good footrest, and others do not have any, leaving your child’s feet uncomfortably dangling off the stroller.
  • With air filled tires and swiveling front wheel, the Dot requires little effort to push, as it rolls smoothly over any surface. The tires also act as shock absorbers, providing a comfortable ride over bumps.
  • Tall and short parents with different strides can raise or lower the adjustable handle on the Phil and Teds Dot to a level that is most comfortable for them to push the stroller – no more hunching if you are tall, or short parents tip towing while pushing the stroller.
  • Large Bonnet styled sun hood with peekaboo window is designed to provide good protection for your baby from the elements, without obstructing his or her view of the surrounding when out for a stroll.
  • With the smart inflated tires, pushing on the Dot’s handle provides enough force to easily lift the front wheel up, and over curbs – in either single or double mode of the Dot stroller. 

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Tires, Wheels and Brake on Phil and Teds Dot Stroller

If you have mistaken the Phil and Teds Dot for a rugged all terrain jogging stroller, you are not alone. With 10” inflated tires in front and rear, three wheel design common with baby joggers, and mud guards on the wheels, the Dot does really look like the stroller for serious jogging. But sorry if I disappoint you, it is only recommended for light jogging, and so also is the Navigator. Keen joggers should take a look at the Phil and Teds Sub 4, or the Baby Jogger Summit X3.

You and your child or children will however enjoy great features on the stroller that deliver as much comfort and benefits as you find in bigger baby joggers.

  • The 10” wheels are nimble for navigating city terrains, and the swivel front wheel turns 360 degrees for tackling sharp and tight corners, crowded sidewalks or shopping malls.
  • The Dot’s front wheel locks into the rear position to prevent the wheel from veering off direction if you hit a large bump or rock, and you can use the stroller in this mode for light jogging or strolling over rougher terrain.
  • Though, the stroller lacks a suspension system, the air filed tires are designed to absorb the shocks over bumps, so making riding the Phil & Teds Dot just as comfortable as strollers with suspensions.
  • The parking brake on the Dot stroller is foot operated, and effectively locks the two rear wheels when engaged. Using the foot brakes on stroller is much overlooked by many parents when they come to a stop, but you will find every stroller manufacturers recommend using it as an important safety measure when stationary with your child on a stroller. It may be stating the obvious, but this will stop the stroller skipping away with your child if you ever leave your grip on the handle. 

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Size and Capacity of the Phil & Teds Dot Ultra Compact Stroller

Much-admired as the world’s smallest inline stroller, the Dot really surprise parents with its full sized seats and the capacity as a compact, highly versatile, and convertible double stroller for one or two kids.

Slim and light weight, it is a stroller city dwelling parents will particularly like for running every day errands with their children, from newborns up to 5 years. The following are important dimensions and capacity of the Dot stroller that may help you decide if it is the right stroller for your family.

Phil & Teds Doubles Kit for 2 KidsStroller Weight is: 26 lbs/12 kg

Dot Stroller Child Age/Weight Recommendation:

When used with carrycot or infant car seat that are optional accessories, the Dot can carry newborns; and used alone, it will carry children from 4 months up to the age of 5 or 44 pounds in weight.

The Double kit can carry children up to 44 lbs in front and up to 33 lbs at the rear.

Folded Dimension: The Dot quickly folds into a very compact size that measures only 30 by 10 by 9 inches (with wheels off) or 30 by 23 by 10 inches (with wheels on)

Other Specification of Phil & Teds Dot Stroller:

Overall length: 39″

Overall width: 23″

Handle bar height: 40″

Seat to canopy height: 28″

Wheels: 10″ (Front & Rear Wheels)

Maximum load

Main seat: 20kg / 44lbs

Recommended Age Range for Phil & Teds Dot:

Newborn to 5 years

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Available Styles, Design & Colors

Phil & Teds Dot Buggy though lightweight and compact and proudly described as the world’s smallest inline stroller, it has all the features of full sized strollers, with normal sized seats in either the single or double mode.

The Dot Buggy is designed so it is versatile for everyday needs for a stroller, easily converting from a single to double stroller with optional kit.

By attaching a second seat to the base single stroller, it transforms to a unique double stroller that remain in use as our family grows. This makes it real good value for money in the long run.

The Dot is available in three colors – Black/apple, Black/flint, and Black/chili.

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Is the Dot Buggy Infant Car Seat Compatible?

Phil and Teds Dot Stroller Infant Car SeatPhil &Teds Dot stroller can be used with many popular brands of infant car seats, instantly changing it to a compact Baby Travel System, and a stroller that can be used for babies from birth. If you like to treat your cherished little addition to the family with more comfort, you could add the optional Snug™ Carrycot to create a luxurious bassinet style pram.

The Dot is compatible with Graco, Chicco, Peg Perego, and Maxi-Cosi range of infant car seats.

Seven Configurations of Phil & Teds Dot and How to Use Them

The Dot Buggy Stroller we now know is equipped to accommodate one or two kids – from newborns up to the age of 5. But what I also find equally fascinating this ultra-compact buggy is the seven different configurations of the stroller you can setup to transport your children – and each form of the Dot is quick and easy configure, three setups for newborns, one for a toddler, two for newborn and a toddler, and two more configurations to carry two toddlers:

Phil and Teds Dot Seven Configurations

Images: Amazon/Courtesy of Phil & Teds

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Dot Configurations for Newborns

1) Lie flat with or without the cocoon carrycot

2) Use the snug carrycot with huge canopy for luxury baby comfort

3) Attach an infant car seat to transform the Dot to a compact travel system for your baby

Dot Toddler or Toddler and Newborn Configuration

4) Use only the main seat to carry a toddler in the single stroller mode

5) Add the doubles kit to the rear and infant car seat in front to carry a Toddler and a newborn

6) Or fit the doubles kit in front so a Toddler seats in front with a good view of the surrounding

Dot Configuration for two Toddlers

7) With the main seat in front, add the doubles kit to the rear for a full featured compact inline stroller that will carry two toddlers

Instructional Video Review of Phil & Teds Dot Stroller

The official Phil and Teds instructional video guide below is one of the best I have seen from any stroller manufacturer. The presentation is easy to follow, with step by step picture illustrations on how to put the Dot stroller together, attach accessories like the doubles kit, and infant car seat, to achieve the various configurations of the stroller. Be sure to watch this fascinating video!

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Phil and Teds Dot vs Navigator

The Dot is very much a smaller version of the Phil & Teds Navigator in so many ways. Bu while the Navigator is much more versatile with mind bending options, the Dot is more compact for pickup and go daily errands with the children.

While you can change the Dot in 7 configurations, the Navigator has 26 different transformations with optional accessories to transport two kids from newborns to toddlers. Both have the same baby weight limit and are suitable for children from newborns to toddlers up to the age of 5. Below are some important differences and similarities between the Phil & Teds Dot and Navigator

                   Dot                                           Navigator                               
Stroller Weight: 26 lbs 27.5 lbs
Stroller Capacity:  2 Kids  2 Kids
Dimensions L x W x H:  39″ x 23″ x 40″  44” x 23.5” x 43.5”
Wheel Size:  10 Inches  12 Inches
Riding Configurations:              7  26 !
Parking Brake:  Foot Operated  Foot Operated
Handle Height:  Adjustable  Adjustable
Carrycot:  Snug/cocoon baby carrycot Snug/cocoon baby carrycot
List Price:  $449.99  $499.99

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Warranty and what’s included

The Dot stroller comes with one year manufacturer’s limited warranty. If you buy a Dot Buggy that is defective due to fault in manufacturing, or one that gets damaged in normal use within a year of purchase, it will be fixed or replaced for you. The warranty however does not cover willful damage to the stroller.

What’s included When you Buy?

If you buy Phil & Teds Dot in the single mode only, you will get the stroller with the main seat, a sun canopy and seat liner. You can however purchase the stroller with the doubles seating kit as a bundle, and this will include everything in the single stroller plus the doubles kit.

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Phil and Teds Dot With Doubles KitHow Parents Rate Phil & Teds Dot

I take real customers’ online reviews and ratings seriously when making a major purchase like the Dot Buggy Stroller. Favorable reviews and high ratings are always good indicators of a good product.

You will be pleased to learn that at the time of writing this review, the average online customer satisfaction rating is 4.5 out of 5 Stars for the Phil & Teds Dot.

Not everyone gave the Dot top mark, but such a high score by majority of parents who have used the stroller is strong testimony that Moms and Dads love the stroller. Here are some of the ways parents have described their experience with the Dot Bugger Stroller:

  4.5 out of 5 Stars Customer Satisfaction Rating – Phil & Teds Dot Stroller

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Any Complaint About the Dot?

Though the Dot has a very a high customer satisfaction rating, as close to any of the best strollers I have reviewed, I would be disappointed if no one has complained about one or even two things about the stroller they do not like. No single stroller will completely satisfy what every parent would want out of a baby Buggy or stroller, not even one as versatile as the Dot.

Because the Dot is so compact, and indeed proudly marketed by Phil and Teds as the world’s smallest inline stroller, some parents have observed that their child grow too big for the stroller quickly. That did not surprise me, as some babies are born bigger than others, and grow really quick. So any compact stroller will have similar issue with fast growing babies.

There is some assembling required to put the stroller together, and the best way to handle this is to first read the easy to follow manual for the Dot stroller, watch the quick video on how to install it, and then give it a go. Some parents fail to read the manual, or watch the easily to follow instructional, then struggle and complain.

Overall, I have not seen a serous issue that is a deal breaker for the Dot, if you want a versatile and very compact buggy stroller.

How Much Would You Pay for Phil and Teds Dot?

Though the manufacturer’s recommended price for the Phil & Teds Dot stroller is $449.99, it can be purchased a lot cheaper from online stores. At the time I was researching and writing this review, Amazon sells the stroller with the main seat for about $400, with free shipping and returns thrown in. If you want to buy it with the doubles seat kit bundle, it retails for about $589.

Bear in mind though that those prices on Amazon do change without notice, either up or even further down with special discount. You may want to check the price today for a good deal on the Dot stroller.

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Pros and Cons

In summary, these are the reasons why you should seriously consider buying the the Phil and Teds Ultra small convertible stroller.  I have also highlighted some of the reasons why some parents may have second thoughts about the stroller.  Overall, the Dot’s benefits and value for money  far out weigh any concern you may have about it.

Phil and Teds Dot Stroller with Doubles KitPros:

  • Compact, lightweight, sleek, and stylishly designed, the Dot at the time of this review remains the smallest double inline stroller in the market.
  • It folds into compact size with one hand, and takes up little space in storage, so is easy to transport in the trunk of most family cars.
  • This Phil & Teds Dot stroller can be used for babies from birth till about 5 years
  • Add the optional doubles kit as your family grows to transport two kids. You don’t need to spend the extra money, until you really need it.
  • Nippy 10” air filled tires with lockable swivel front wheel pops over pavements with ease, providing smooth rides for children on all terrains – grass, gravel, beach or off road, the Phil and Teds Dot stroller can tackle it.
  • It has a good sized adjustable canopy with that provide protection from hash sun in all directions. It can be moved up and down the stroller frame to accommodate the height of your child. The canopy is flexible and can be detached, so it is out of the way when not needed.
  • The large covered peekaboo window provides a good view of occupants on the stroller and helps parents to keep a close eye on their baby. The window has a Velcro cover to keep it close when not needed.
  • Adjustable handle bar on the Dot can be raised or lowered from 32” to 42” to accommodate the varying heights at which tall and short parents require to comfortably push a stroller.
  • A safety strap is provided for extra security of your baby on the stroller. Strapped round your wrist, it ensures the stroller will not roll away with your child if you forget to engage the parking brake when you stop.
  • The seat can be reclined completely flat, so you can put your child in a more comfortable position when sleepy on a long stroll, or day out with the family.
  • The five point safety harness is designed so it adjusts snugly and securely around your child without loose ends that is common in harnesses on other strollers. It is a much neater and safer design.
  • The under seat basket is large with ample space and easy access for your baby’s stuff when you go strolling with the Dot.
  • The parking brake is just one foot operated brake lever located between the two rear wheels. When you step on it, it immediately locks both the rear wheels into place. 

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  • Some parents with fast growing babies have found that being so compact, and yet designed to carry two kids, their children quickly outgrow the space on the doubles kit seat.
  • Though the air filled tires do a great job absorbing shocks over bumps before they reach occupants of the Dot stroller, a suspension system would have added more comfort to rides, particularly when going over bumpy surfaces and off road tracks. But then, the Dot in my opinion is really aimed at city dwelling parents for quick and easy transportation of kids around town. Not really for the very rough terrains that can be experienced off road.
  • A tall child may not get enough leg room in the doubles seat when fixed at the rear of the stroller. Phil and Teds recommends carrying smaller kids on the rear seat.
  • Though the handle bar can be adjusted from top to bottom, it isn’t telescopic to create more space between you and the rear of the stroller. So if you are tall, or have long strides, you could well be kicking the rear of the stroller.
  • The lack of child and parent consoles on the Dot stroller may be a concern if you need more storage closer to you and baby. Otherwise, stuffs are stored in the undercarriage basket. You can however buy child and parent trays as optional accessories. 

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Phil & Teds Dot in Another Video Review!

Here is another video review from Phil & Teds that clearly demonstrates how versatile and agile the Dot stroller can be. It also shows how the stroller pops over curbs better than other strollers.

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Conclusion and My Recommendation

The Dot will work well for parents looking for a stroller that is very compact, lightweight, but still has capacity to carry two kids. Phil & Teds described the Dot stroller as the world’s smallest inline stroller, and the features as I have worked you through so far, and the comparisons I have done with other strollers, suggest the Dot truly lived up to the claim.

It is the ideal stroller for regular runarounds with the kids, and light jogging if you want to.

If you are not a keen jogger, and would only be using the stroller for transporting kids on daily errands, family holidays and day outs, the Dot will work well for you are your kids.

And if you are an active parent, with a bulky baby jogger as your running or jogging stroller, you will benefit from the features of the ultra-compact Phil and Teds Dot – that is of course if you can afford a second stroller. The Dot can be your zippy second stroller that comes out quickly and does most of regular family strolling with kids.

Parents that do not particularly want an inline stroller that is as ultra-compact as the Dot, the Phil & Teds Navigator is a bigger inline stroller, and more versatile than the Dot, with up to 26 configurations using tons of available optional accessories. The Navigator is just about $50 more expensive than the Dot, and is a stroller I would certainly recommend if being ultra-compact is not a factor in your buying decision.

You may not immediately need the full features of the Phil and Teds Dot or Navigator, but over time as your family grows, and you take advantage of the additional features by adding optional accessories , both strollers will work out to be very good value for money.

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Phil & Teds Dot Accessories

The Dot does not come with accessories included when you buy it, but you are spoilt with a wide range of optional kits to enhance the features, benefits and your enjoyment of the stroller. I will now briefly touch on some of these accessories, particularly those I consider very useful to have.

Doubles Kit

Phil & Teds Doubles Kit for 2 KidsThe Doubles Kit is what converts the Dot from a single mode, to the ultra-compact inline stroller for two kids. You only need to buy it when you need the stroller to carry two children. A very smart design that can save you money, if later, you don’t need a double stroller.

Doubles Kit for the Dot will carry children weighing up to 33 lbs when attached to the back of the stroller, and up to 44 lbs when in front.

Fabric on the kit is made of 100% Polyester. It comes with 5-point adjustable safety harness, comfortable seat liner, and features a 2-position, one-hand seat recline.

The Doubles Kit though has a list price of $139.99, it can be purchased for about $110 if you shop smartly online. It was selling on Amazon at 21% discount when I was researching this review.

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Universal Travel Bag for Phil & Teds Strollers

Phil & Teds Universal Travel BagThe travel bag for me is essential if you would be transporting the stroller a lot in cars, or travelling with it by airplanes or trains. It makes transporting the stroller easy, convenient and also preserves the stroller from wear and tear associated with robbing against other cargo. The Dot is not a cheap stroller, so you would want to protect your investment, and make it last with a travel bag.

The universal travel bag will work with all range of Phil & Teds strollers, and will also fit strollers from most major manufacturer like mountain buggy. These are some of the features of the Dot Travel bag.

  • It is compact and rolls into a bundle for easy storage.
  • The outer material is hard, with padded interior to protect the stroller
  • The bag is smart looking, and on sturdy wheels for easy roll away, allowing parents to carry other loads in the bag – not just the stroller. It can be used for transporting infant car seats, small bikes, toys and clothes.

Available in Black, Chili, and Chocolate colors, the list price is $99.99, but price vary on Amazon depending on the color, and some colors were selling at up to 10% discount at the time of writing this review.

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The Freerider Stroller Board for Phil and Teds Dot Buggy

Phil and Teds Dot Freerider BoardThe Freerider is a fun and exciting way for older kids to ride along with the Dot while the younger sibling seats on the stroller. It attaches easily with a connector to the rear axle of the Dot, and kids can hop on and off to be pushed along with the stroller.

The Freerider is both a buggy board and a full scooter. Parents would let their kid have fun skipping along in the scooter mode, and when they are tired, hook the board to the stroller for free rides – great fun, and very exciting for kids. Apart from the Dot and other models of Phil & Teds’ strollers, the rider board can be used with appropriate connectors with other popular brands of strollers like BOB, Baby Jogger, and Mountain Buggy.

The Freerider board has the following features:

  • Quick release button for attaching and detaching the scooter
  • Connector that can be positioned anyway on the rear axle
  • 2-mode rear wheel caster – the swivel for use as stroller board to follow the Dot buggy in any direction, and the fixed straight mode for scooting.
  • Rear wheel brake for use in scooter mode
  • Anti-slip surface that is safe for your child
  • Clip on handlebar that can be taken off for folding up at the back of the stroller
  • The Freerider has a maximum weight capacity of 44 lbs

It is available in Orange, Blue and Pink, and can be purchased for about $99, or cheaper on promotional deals on Amazon. For parents that love outdoors with the kid, this accessory for the Dot is worth every cent.

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Phil & Ted’s Universal Child Food Tray

Universal Food Tray for Select phil&teds BuggiesFood and storage trays on strollers are what I consider essential accessories and will add convenience and more benefits to the Dot or any stroller indeed. Thankfully Phil and Teds Food tray is not expensive, considering the cost of the stroller.

The child tray fastens securely to the bumper bar of the Dot stroller and Keeps bottles, juice and snacks within easy reach for your child. The child food tray is universal for a range of Phil and Teds’ buggy, and will fit on the Classic, Sport V1 & V2, Dash, Hammerhead, Explorer, S3, S4, Navigator buggies.

The tray cost about $15, and you should buy it if you decide to go with a Phil & Ted stroller.

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Phil & Teds Snug Carrycot for Dot

Phil and Teds Dot Stroller CarrycotI am yet to meet a parent with newborn that would not prefer the extra comfort and luxury of a pram over infant seats for the little one. With the Snug carrycot you can convert the Dot into a customized cozy pram with a choice of optional canopy covers to match the colors of the Phil and Teds Dot stroller.

With the Snug Carrycot, your child can lie flat on the pram, very relaxed on the soft and plush mattress, surrounded by padded sides. The sun hood is large to shade and protect your baby from all directions. Other features of the Snug carrycot are:

  • Easy to attach to the carrycot and detach, with simple snap-lock design.
  • Adjustable canopy for plenty of sun protection
  • Mix & Match color hoods
  • Carry handles for easy transfer from the Dot stroller
  • Base feet to keep the Carrycot off floor

The Snug Carrycot is not cheap, and will set you back about $149.99. But if you can afford it, your newborn will enjoy blissful comfort you will not get with infant seats. Amazon has regular promotions on Phil and Teds accessories, and you could bag a bargain if you check the price today.

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