Mountain Buggy Urban Jungle Stroller

Mountain Buggy Urban Jungle StrollerLight weight, compact, elegantly designed and versatile, the Mountain Buggy Urban Jungle is an all-terrain stroller that out performs the competition in many ways.

With stable foot print and high adjustable handlebar, the stroller pops easily over curbs more effortlessly than other strollers, and even with heavier loads.

The rear wheel suspensions combine with air filled 12 inch tires to absorb shocks extremely well before they reach your child, offering very smooth and comfortable ride for occupants of the jogging stroller.

Highly maneuverable with the swiveling front wheel, the Mountain Buggy Urban Jungle allows parents to pick their way through crowded places like sidewalks and shopping malls that are typical in urban areas.  The front wheel can also be locked forward in a jogging mode for increased stability in rough terrains, and better tracking when jogging in a straight line.

Made from high grade aluminum, the Mountain Buggy Urban Jungle is durable, with study frame to tackle family outdoor adventures in rough terrains. Aptly named the Urban Jungle, it is a stroller designed to help parents with young children plough through the hectic lifestyle of crowded cities, or the tranquil countryside.

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It is a stroller with more configurations than its competitors, and can be used to carry babies from birth as it transforms into a versatile travel system when used with optional infant seats, bassinets and prams.

5 Key Features I like about Mountain Buggy Urban Jungle

  • Can be used for Newborn up to the age of six, or 55lbs child weight
  • I like the high adjustable handlebar that allows tall and shorts parents to set the handle at the most comfortable pushing level.
  • Slim and sleek design that maneuvers easily through standard doors and narrow passages
  • Rear suspensions that make rides on the stroller very comfortable for babies
  • Very versatile for strolling, jogging, running and converts to baby travel system with many optional accessories

Quick Video Review of Mountain Buggy Urban Jungle Stroller

Read the rest of  my Mountain Buggy Urban Jungle stroller review below:

Mountain Buggy Urban Jungle Adjustable HandlebarTable of Contents (Jump ahead!)

What Others are saying – Consumer Reviews

These are just a few snippets of comments made by parents and careers that have purchased and used the Mountain Buggy Urban Jungle all-terrain stroller:

“I feel like I got the Porsche of strollers.”

“Best multi-purpose stroller I’ve found! “

“Great pram!!”

 4.1 out of 5 Stars Customer Satisfaction Rating – Mountain Buggy Urban Jungle 

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Who is Mountain Buggy Urban Jungle?

Mountain Buggy Urban Jungle with CarrycotThe versatile design of the stroller will appeal to growing families with babies and toddlers, as Urban Jungle converts seamlessly to  to a travel system that can be used to carry babies from birth, until they are old enough to use the stroller seat.

As babies grow, the various conversion options to pram with a Bassinet or Carrycot can be very useful for family outdoor activities with very young babies.

How much is the Cost of a Mountain Buggy Urban Jungle?

The list price of the stroller is $499.99 which is what Mountain Buggy recommends it should be sold. However at the time of this review, the stroller is discounted on Amazon at 21%, a great deal if you check the price today, and lucky to grab it at the promo price. Shipping is also thrown in without at no cost to you.

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Baby and Parents’ Comfort Features While you Jog

Mountain Buggy Urban Jungle StrollerThe comfort and safety features in a stroller go hand in hand, and both should be key things to look for when choosing an all terrain jogging stroller. You will be glad to know the Mountain Buggy Urban Jungle followed in the tradition of Mountain Buggy high quality comfort features on their strollers. These are some of the things to keep occupants very comfy on the stroller:

  • Reclining Seat – The seat has several reclining positions from lying flat for babies to sitting in an upright position for toddlers and children up to six years of age. To enter and exit the stroller easily, the bumper bar can be detached from the stroller.
  • Shock Absorbers – Rear suspensions on the stroller ensures a smooth ride even over very rough terrains. When strolling, jogging or running on rough terrains, lock the front wheel forward for increased stability.
  • Adjustable Handlebar Height – Allows parents to set the height of the handle to a level that is more comfortable for individual parent. A great feature when both parents are using the Urban Jungle and one parent is taller than the other. It allows tall parents with greater strides to use the stroller without kicking the rear of the Urban Jungle stroller.
  • Detachable Seat and Zipper – For babies, the stroller comes with a removable seat with a zipper. Once you remove the main seat, you can clip on a car seat on to the chassis using an adapter to convert it into a travel system for all terrains.
  • Snug Carrycot – It converts to a pram, using an optional accessory – the Snug Carrycot. This has a flat mattress with handles on either side for a smooth transition from the stroller.
  • Face-to-Face Parent Facing Seat – You can also use another optional accessory – the Face-to-Face Parent Facing Seat. This is a small seat that you can hook on to the stroller frame and enjoy your moments together. This is best when your baby has grown too big to be in the carrycot but not big enough to be in the toddler seat. It has a five-point harness.
  • Toddler Seat – After your child has outgrown his bassinet, parent facing seat or car seat, move him or her over to the toddler seat. With the zip, you can take the fabric on or off and put the seat into the stroller frame quick enough.

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Baby Safety Features

Rigorously tested for safety and certified as being compliant with the highest international standards of safety, these are some of the features on the stroller to keep your baby safe and secure:

  • Five-point Harness – Richly padded adjustable five-point safety harness fits your baby snugly and keep him or her firmly secure on the stroller.
  • Strapless Harness – The harness on this newer model of the stroller is tangle free, which enhances the safety of your child on the Mountain urban Jungle.
  • Safety Tether – is an additional feature that can be wrapped around your wrist, to prevent you loosing grip of the stroller, if you trip or fall while jogging or strolling with your kid aboard.
  • Easy-to-use brake pedal – To apply the brakes and to be sure that it’s well parked, press the foot operated lever, and the parking brakes are firmly engaged to hold the stroller stationary on the spot.
  • A large, follow-the-sun canopy – with flip out sun visor protects your baby from any angle, and there is a peek-a-boo flap allowing you to keep close eye on your baby from above.

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Mountain Buggy Urban Jungle Compact FoldCompact, Easy to Fold & Carry?

The Mountain Buggy Urban Jungle stroller folds very easily and stands on its own so the fabrics stay off the ground. When it folds, it gives out a ‘click’ sound to let you know the frame of the buggy has been automatically locked.

Automatic frame latch is a feature that has been added to this upgrade model to keep the stroller secure when folded for transportation or storage.  This new innovation eliminates the strap that was used in earlier model of the Urban Jungle, thereby making the stroller easier to fold.

Weighing just 24lbs, the slim and compact design allow the stroller to navigate busy sidewalks, malls and city streets with ease.

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Tires and Wheels Designed for Which Terrain?

The pneumatic 12” wheels on the stroller makes the stroller easy to push in any terrain – gravel, sand, paved, and uneven off road trails.

While the front swiveling wheel turns 360 degrees so you can maneuver tight corners, it can be locked forward like a fixed wheel stroller for greater stability on rough surfaces and better tracking on straight line when jogging with the stroller.

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Size and Weight Capacity

The Mountain Urban Jungle dimensions are summarized below. The stroller weighs 24lbs, with maximum load weight of 55lbs:

Maximum Stroller Load 55lb/25kg
Stroller Weight 24lb /11kg
Handlebar Height 31-44in /78-111cm
Stand Fold Height: 41in /103cm
Depth: 12in /30cm
Width 25in /63cm

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Available Styles & Colors

Mountain Buggy Urban Jungle StrollerIt is only available as a single stroller, but the Mountain Buggy Urban Jungle is very versatile and adapts to a bassinet style pram with optional Baby Carrycot, allowing babies to lie flat and face their parents.

The stroller is available in Black, Flint, Chili and Jade limited edition of the stroller.

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Infant Car Seat Compatible?

Mountain Buggy Urban Jungle can be used with compatible infant car seats that transforms the stroller to a travel system, ideal for carrying newborns from birth. Mountain Buggy Protect infant car seat allows seamless conversion to a travel system.

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Warranty and what’s included

This product comes with a year’s warranty against defective material and workmanship.

The Urban Jungle stroller comes with complete parts for the full assembly.  The sun canopy, seat liner and bottle holder are included in the box.

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Pros and Cons


More of the things I like about the strollers:

  • It is remarkably sturdy for all terrains, thanks to the tough aluminum frame. It can be used in urban and rough off road trails for jogging and running.
  • Adjustable height that can be extended up to 44 inches – comfortable for very tall parents to push.
  • The three-wheeled Urban Jungle city stroller is easily steered with one hand.
  • It is infant car seat compatible, so can be used as a baby travel system
    Effortlessly pops over curbs


  • Mountain Buggy strollers are not cheap compared to jogging strollers like the Instep or Schwinn Turismo, and the Urban Jungle is no exception. Some parents on a tight budget for strollers may find it expensive.
  • Other parents find it bulky, but so are most all terrain strollers designed for jogging and running.

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Mountain Buggy Urban Jungle in More Video Review

This video show you how to use the fun Freerider board with Mountain Buggy strollers – including the Urban Jungle

The three popular Mountain Buggy All-Terrain jogging strollers – the Terrain, Urban Jungle and the Swift compared side by side in pictures.

Mountain Buggy Urban Jungle Limited Edition Stroller JadeMountain Buggy Urban Jungle StrollerpriceMountain Buggy Terrain Stroller (Flint)Mountain Buggy Terrain Stroller (Flint)pricemountain buggy Swift Stroller Flintmountain buggy Swift Stroller Flintprice

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Conclusion and My Recommendation

When buying a Mountain Buggy all terrain  strollers, the Terrain, the Swift, and the Urban Jungle are the three I would consider. While the Terrain is designed for the very keen joggers and runners, the Urban Jungle is more compact and better suited for the city dweller.  The Swift is even more compact than the Urban Jungle, but more for strolling and light jogging and strolling the with your kid.

For the city parent that love hitting the exercise jogging trail with the kid, the Urban Jungle is well equipped to meet your needs.

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Accessories for Mountain Buggy Urban Jungle

Stroller accessory do enhance how you enjoy it with your child, and the Urban Jungle comes with many optional accessories to help you do just that.

For parents with newborns, you may want to look at the Bassinet and Carrycot. An infant Car seats is also an accessory to consider for parent with babies not old enough to seat on a stroller.

If you are a parent with an older child, going out with two kids on the Mountain Buggy Urban Jungle can be real fun with the Freerider Kiddie Board that allows older kids to hitch a ride on the stroller, while the younger sibling is seated.
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These are some of the popular accessories for Mountain Buggy Urban Jungle. They will also fit the Terrain and Swift strollers..

Mountain Buggy Freerider Kiddie Board OrangeMountain Buggy Freerider Kiddie Board OrangepriceMountain Buggy Car Seat Adapter For Urban Jungle/Terrain/+One To Graco SnugrideMountain Buggy Car Seat Adapter For Urban JunglepriceMountain Buggy Urban Jungle/Terrain Carrycot Black (Discontinued by Manufacturer)Mountain Buggy Urban Jungle/Terrain CarrycotpriceMountain Buggy Face-to-Face Parent Facing Seat for Terrain Urban Jungle and Plus One BlackMountain Buggy Face-to-Face Seatprice

If you have any questions, please leave a comment below and I will reply. And if you have any other thoughts to share about this review, your comments are welcome.

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