Mountain Buggy Plus One

Mountain Buggy Plus OneCompact with a unique inline design, Mountain Buggy Plus One jogging stroller accommodates one or two kids in stadium styled seat that uses no more space than a single stroller.

It is the ideal choice for a growing family concerned about traditional bulky, wide, double jogging strollers.

Mountain Buggy +One adapts easily from a single to a double stroller with seven modes of configuration that seats either a toddler and a newborn or two toddlers until they are six years.

Without the removable second seat, it looks just like a single stroller, but the Tandem design of the +One offers growing active families with more than one kid the versatility to go out jogging, running, or to use it as a regular stroller for trips to the mall, and strolling with kids in crowded areas.

The +One stroller bundle comes with a cocoon Carrycot for newborn and a second seat for families with more than one kid. In the double toddler mode, each seat can carry a child weighing up to 44 lbs.

The range of options for adjustment on the stroller provides very smooth and comfortable ride for the occupant and is a pleasure for parents to push.

Quality inline double jogging strollers are very rare, and if you are have exhausted your search and do not particularly want a bulky side-by-side jogger, take a very good look at the Mountain Buggy Plus One.

Mountain Buggy Plus One with a second seat has a fresh and more elegant look in the new 2015 design.

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5 Key Features I like about Mountain Buggy Plus One

  • Unique inline design that adapts from a single to a double stroller in 7 modes, and carries babies from birth till they are up to 6 years.
  • Compact, Simple to fold and stands independently to keep fabrics off the ground.
  • Require less force to ‘pop’ up the front wheel over kerbs, thanks to flawless weight distribution that makes the Mountain Buggy Plus One easy to push.
  • Fully adjustable durable comfort grip handle that can be raised from 30.7 – 44.9″ to suit parents of any height or stride length.
  • Sleek, stylish and contemporary design that is the hallmark of Mountain Buggy strollers.

Quick Video Review of Mountain Buggy +One
This very short video shows how the stroller accommodates two toddlers with the weather canopy adjusted for good protection from sun or wind.

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What parents are saying in Consumer Reviews

An excited mum described the Mountain Buggy +One as truly awesome with the ease of movement a Tandem stroller has over the side-by-side double strollers.  It is so much more functional and she still goes for a walker with her 3 and 5 year old on the stroller.

One parent initially wanted a BOB but opted for the Mountain Buggy inline stroller because it is narrower than a BOB double. She also liked the raised seats that are higher above ground than BOB strollers.

Love this stroller, another mum wrote. It was difficult to find a convertible jogging stroller that could go through deep snow and maneuver narrow doorways, but the Mountain Buggy Plus One does all these very well, she added.

 Mountain Buggy +One

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Who should use Mountain Buggy +One?

If you are hesitant about the size and bulkiness of side by side double jogging strollers, the inline style of the Mountain Buggy +One will suit you. Parents with newborns and an older child will also find it appealing that the +One can be used with a Carrycot or with an optional full bassinet as pram.

The second seat and Carrycot are also optional purchases, so parents that do not need the accessories immediately will find the lower cost of the initial purchase of the single stroller attractive.

What is the cost of a Mountain Buggy +One?

It is very common for retailers to bundle the Buggy +One with the second seat and Carrycot. Manufacturer’s recommended retail price for the bundled stroller is $649.99. I would consider discounts close to 10% plus free shipping a good deal.

Because of the popularity of the stroller, it is a bargain if you get a better deal – grab it.  Amazon is a good place to check for good deals on the Inline Mountain Buggy Plus One.

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Baby Comfort Features While you Jog

Based on the much loved Urban Juggle chassis, the +One is compact, and yet accommodates a second seat for families with two kids, or a cocoon Carrycot for newborn babies.

Mountain Buggy Plus One with CarrycotThe Buggy +One is smartly designed as a space saver that will appeal to urban dwelling active parents. The frame is made from high strength, yet lightweight aluminum for easy transportation.

Versatile and an all-in-one baby jogger in every sense, here is a tandem jogging stroller with a ton of features:

  • Two in-line modes – for newborns, attach the cocoon seat behind the toddler’s seat in upright position, and to carry two toddlers, attached the rear second child that is slightly raised more than the front seat.
  • Outstanding kerb pop –  Mountain Buggy strollers are designed so parents require less force to pop the front wheel over kerbs and obstacles allowing the +One to glide with ease over any terrain in both the single and double configuration.
  • Rear wheel suspension – absorbs bumps over rough terrains, providing very smooth rides for babies.
  • Zip extension in the main seat – provides additional space when parents place newborn babies lying flat in the carrycot, or it can serve as a large storage for shopping and stuff when carrying only one child on the stroller.
  • Second Seat foot well – can be zipped away when not in use, and offers a lot of legroom for sibling in the second sea.
  • Gear undercarriage tray – accommodates up to 11 lbs of storage.

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Features to your baby safe on Buggy +One

Mountain Buggy strollers are rigorously tested to levels that exceed mandatory regulatory standards on safety in child carriers, and the +One jogging stroller is no exception.

The tough lightweight aluminum frame provides a structure that is robust, durable and will last for years in a family. The seats and canopies are made of 100% polyester that is water repellent and easily removed for cleaning to keep the stroller hygienic for babies.

You will also find these other child safety features on the tandem Mountain Buggy +One stroller:

  • Comfort grip handle – provides a firm non-slip grip for parents.
  • Twist-and-slide harness – adjustable to give your baby and toddlers comfortable fit as they grow, and yet keeps them firmly in their seats. Harness is tail free, so removes the risk of snagging on any part of the stroller.
  • Adjustable canopy with flip out sun visor – extra large canopy with sun visor that can be flipped out to cover both children in the inline mode. Keeps children protected from harmful effects of harsh sun.

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Compact, Easy to Fold & Carry?

Mountain Buggy Plus One Compact FoldWhen you’re done with the stroller for the day and ready to store it away or in the trunk of your car, the Buggy +One folds into a compact size in two easy steps, even when the second seat is still attached.

While folded, the stroller stands independently to keep fabrics off the ground.  An instant ‘click’ let’s you know the stroller frame has automatically locked when folded.

You can remove the wheels on the stroller to fold it into an even more compact size that measure only height – 43″, and depth 15.5″.

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Tires and Wheels Designed for Which Terrain?

The stroller has a rear suspension that combines with all round 12” pneumatic tires to provide a very efficient shock absorber on the inline Mountain Buggy Plus One. The ride over bumps is smooth, and the stroller glides over any terrain – grass, gravel, sand and off road.

The front wheel swivels 360 degrees, which is great when turning at tight corners or pushing your way around crowded places.  It can also be locked in the forward position in the jogging mode that delivers greater stability, and tracks better on straight line when jogging or running with the stroller.

Whenever you come to a stop, simple press on the foot operated parking brake to hold the inline stroller firmly stationary.

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Size and Capacity for 1 and 2 kids

Unlike other tandem double jogging strollers that can be just as bulky as side-by-side strollers, the Mountain Buggy Plus One is cleverly designed to pack the capacity of a double stroller in the space of a compact single stroller.

Mountain Buggy Plus One with Two KidsIt is such an ingenuously thought out design with features that cater for the need of active parents raising their families in busy urban environment.

The stroller will carry one or two children, from newborns to 6 years, up to maximum weight of 44 lbs per toddler seat.

These are other key dimensions of the Mountain Buggy +One:

Stroller Weight:  – 29.5 lbs

Stroller Width:  –  25in

Stand Folded  (without wheels)

Height: 43in

Depth: 15.5in

Handlebar Height: 31 – 45in

The +One tandem stroller can be used for one child, leaving you huge storage for your shopping, or use it for two children to travel together and still have enough undercarriage storage, or use it for a toddler and newborns.

There are seven configurations on how parents can put the +One baby jogger stroller use.

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Available Styles, Design & Colors

The stroller is not only smartly designed and compact, the inline feature adapts from single to double jogging stroller with seven modes to accommodate one or two children plus stuffs for the kids or whatever bargain you have picked up from the mall!

It can be purchased with one seat. However, the stroller is often bundled with a second toddler seat and the carrycot, offering a completed double jogging stroller for two kids.

The stroller is available only in black color.

In a complete bundle, +one comes with a plush cocoon Carrycot for your newborn baby, as well as the second seat for your growing family.

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Mountain Buggy Plus One Infant Car Seats

Is +One Infant Car Seat Compatible?

Used with Mountain Buggy  +One car seat adapter, you can attach most leading infant car seats to the stroller, converting it to a compact travel system for babies.

You can also convert the +One buggy to a full bassinet style pram with the optional lie-flat baby Carrycot.

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Warranty and what’s included

The stroller carries a manufacturer’s warranty for a year against any defects in material and workmanship.

What’s included?

If you buy the bundle, it includes the stroller, a cocoon Carrycot for newborns, a second rear seat, and the canopy and extensions.

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Pros and Cons Summarized

Mountain Buggy Plus One with-St rageFor those that just want to quickly check the core of features and benefits of the inline Mountain Buggy +One stroller, here they are condensed.


  • Convertible double jogging stroller for one or two kids packed in the space of a single stroller.
  • Rear suspension and air filled tires work together to provide children comfy rides
  • Study and lightweight aluminum that folds into compact size in two easy steps
  • Highly maneuverable with front swivel wheel that can be fixed in a jogging mode
  • Converts in seven modes to carry toddlers, newborns and your groceries in a variety of layout.
  • Adjustable handlebar suit tall and short parent’s comfortable level of pushing height and strides.
  • Parents with babies too young for strollers can use the +One with matching Infant Car Seats.
  • Being lightweight, it is easy to carry out of storage. It also fits into the boot of most family cars, when folded.
  • Large adjustable sun canopy that offer great protection for two occupants of the stroller.

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Cons and Any Complaints?

  • The compact size is one of the great attractions parents have for the Mountain Buggy Plus One. However, this quality has its drawback. Some parents have remarked that that leg room is limited for a child on the rear seat. This observation I may add, is common on compact inline jogging strollers.
  • The seats are shallower than you will find on normal side by side jogging strollers.
  • The second rear seat cannot be reclined in the double seater tandem mode.

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Fold Mountain Buggy +One with Second Seat – Video Review

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Conclusion and My Recommendation

Parents concerned about the size and bulkiness of traditional side by side double strollers often look at alternatives line the inline Mountain Buggy Plus +One before deciding on which to buy.

Mountain Buggy Plus One UsageThe major advantage of going for any tandem stroller is the narrower width that allows it to go through normal doors and maneuver more easily in crowded places.

Mountain Buggy Plus +One , however has more benefits over normal inline jogging stroller with the seven mode configuration that can be used as single stroller, a double for two toddlers, or converted with a Carrycot for a baby and newborn.

The number of ways parents can use the +One is a lot more that you will find in other jogging strollers, and it folds far more compact than competitors like the Instep Tandem jogging stroller.

The +One is a stroller I would seriously consider, if I have a growing family, an urban keen jogger, and I am concerned with the weight and difficulties in transporting unwieldy double jogging strollers.

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Accessories for Mountain Buggy Plus One

Mountain Buggy Plus One has many optional accessories that will enhance your enjoyment of the stroller.  You do not need to buy any of them to get the full benefits of the +One, but I can assure you the Freerider is great fun for the kids

Here is a summary of some of the main Mountain Buggy Accessories that can be used with the +One

Freerider Stroller Board

Mountain Buggy Freerider Kiddie BoardYou will need the connector 1 adapter to use the Freerider stroller board with Mountain Buggy Plus One.  It is one of my must have accessories for the +One stroller.  It converts to a Scooter, and can be used in a variety of ways to provide endless fun for children.

Here is a summary of key Mountain Buggy Freerider Features:

  • Connector 1 can be positioned anywhere on the stroller rear axle at the pusher prefers
  • 2-mode rear wheel castor – swivel mode for using as a stroller board to follow the buggy in any direction, and a fixed mode for scooting
  • Handle bar clip can be taken off to fold the Freerider back to the Buggy
  • Maximum weight capacity of 44lbs for a child only

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If you have any questions, please leave a comment below and I will reply. And if you have any other thoughts to share about this review, your comments are welcome.

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