Jogging Stroller Travel System

Jogging Stroller Travel SystemStrollers, joggers and travel systems everywhere, but do you know which one to buy if you are a mom or dad with newborn baby or caring for toddlers and infants?

In my review of infant car seats compatible jogging strollers, I looked at some of the best joggers that convert to travel systems with appropriate infant car seat adapters.

In this review, I will be looking at jogging stroller travel systems that are designed with, and sold mostly together with car seats.  The joggers can be used alone, used with the infant car seats that fit seamlessly on the strollers.  There is no need to buy special and sometimes complicated adapters to mount car seats on a full jogger travel system.

While, you can convert many brands of jogging strollers like the BOB and Baby Jogger into Travel systems, the drawbacks in some of these are –  buying the right adapter separately, choosing a compatible infant car seat that will go with the adapter, and fitting everything correctly on the jogging stroller – every time you use it.

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Some parents get it right, but many despair with the performance, stability, and the safety of their child on a travel system if they choose the wrong combination of adapters and infant car seat.

Graco FastAction Jogger Travel System

Graco FastAction Jogger Travel System

My advice is, always buy the adapter made by the stroller manufacturer, and stick with infant car seats brands and models listed on the compatibility list. BOB and Baby Jogger have such a list.

However, with the complete jogging stroller travel systems in my review, you don’t need to worry or be concerned about any of the issues with converting a normal jogger to travel system.

Infant car seats and the jogging strollers fit together as a combo – as if they are molded into each other. They are used for babies from birth, and when your baby outgrow the car seat and is old enough to seat on a stroller, the jogger can be used alone.

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Another irritation with folding most jogging strollers converted to travel systems, is removing the infant car seat adapter every time you fold the joggers, and fitting it again when you want to use it. That alone drives many parents up the wall, more so, when they have made the wrong choice by picking a complicated adapter.

Features I like to See in Combo Jogger Travel Systems

  • Easy attachments for Car Seat – easy click-on and notches on a jogging stroller that allow car seats to be fitted and removed with ease.
  • Compact and Lightweight – are important features to look for, as some travel systems are notoriously heavy, and can be a real concern when carrying a baby, and have to haul heavy stroller around.  You also want to check a travel system will fit in the trunk of your car.
  • Graco Jogging Stroller Travel System with Baby

    Graco FastAction Fold

    Infant Car Seats sold with a Base? – a base allows an infant car seat to be used in cars. With a car seat base fitted in your vehicle, it is quick and easy to install and remove the car seat without disturbing your child. Newer cars use LATCHES that are more convenient, but older cars are more likely to use car seat belts to install and secure car seat bases.

  • Canopy Cover – Can you adjust the canopy to fully cover the car seat? This will provide your newborn complete protection from harsh weather when needed.
  • Adjustable Handlebar – can you raise or lower the handlebar to a height that is comfortable to push a travel system whatever your height? This will prevent tall parents to bending, or a shorter partner tip-toeing to push the family jogger travel system.
  • Good Storage with Easy Access – is very useful when it is big enough to hold as much stuff for your baby as you want to take with you – diaper bags, toys, spare baby clothing and your personal stuff too.
  • How Maneuverable? – Typical travel system will be a swivel front wheel 3 wheeler, but there are many brands of 4 wheelers also.  Fixed wheel full travel systems are not common, and are mostly those converted from jogging strollers that are compatible with infant car seats.  3 wheelers have less foot print, are more agile and generally turn at corners better.
  • Price – can be a major factor in deciding which jogging stroller travel system to buy.  Depending on brand, quality and features available on a travel system, the price can range from about $200 to $500 and over for strollers that are more posh and upscale.

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Quick Video Review of a Combo Jogging Stroller Travel System

The Graco Relay Performance Jogger is my idea of a high quality, and yet affordable travel system. It is designed as a combo, but can be purchased without the infant car seat.  It fits many models of Graco baby car seats.

Watch this short video review of the jogger stroller, and then you may want to read more about the features available on the travel system down the page.

I will be reviewing the top 2 jogging stroller travel systems from 3 popular brands. The models were selected because they have many of the features I listed above for a good jogger travel system, and their customer satisfaction feedbacks are above 4.0 stars out of maximum 5 stars rating.

Starting with low priced – about $200 travel systems, to more expensive – $400 plus combo jogger travel system, I will be looking at products manufactured by Baby Trend, Graco and Chicco.

Baby Trend Travel Systems

Baby Trend combo jogging stroller travel systems have been around longer than most brands.  They are more affordable than most brands, and very popular with parents.

At the time of writing this review, Baby Trend makes the Expedition, LX, ELX, Range and Velocity models of travel systems.  I have picked the Expedition and the ELX for my review because of their attractive price, bundle of features, and great customer reviews.

Baby Trend Expedition Jogger Travel System

Baby Trend Expedition Jogging Stroller Travel System

Baby Trend Expedition

The Baby Expedition is the cheapest in my list of affordable jogging stroller travel system.  The manufacturers recommended price is $209.99, but it is often sold online below $200.

Baby Trend Expedition is a light weight combo travel system that comes with a matching car seat that is strong enough to accommodate a baby from birth, weighing 5 to 30lbs, or up to 30” tall. The jogger can also be bought separately.

It is a swivel front wheel jogger that can be locked to convert to a fixed wheel in a jogging or running mode. The Expedition is loaded with accessories like child tray and parent console that you will pay extra to purchase on other strollers like Baby Jogger and the BOB.

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Keys Features on Baby Trend Expedition Travel System

  • Easy attachments for Car Seat – comes with Baby Trend FLEX-LOC 30 Infant car seat that can carry babies from birth up to maximum weight of 30 pounds, or 30” in height. The car seat locks securely into the stroller without a need for additional adapter. It has an adjustable carry handle and a base that makes installing and removing the car seat a lot easier in cars.
  • Baby Trend Expedition Combo Travel SystemCompact and Lightweight?  It is made of durable lightweight steel frame, with a stroller weight of 41lbs. The dimension is 22″W x 44″L x 46″H. Though lightweight for a jogger travel system, the Expedition is heavier than competing strollers made of aluminum frame.  There is a trigger feature on the stroller that effortless folds the Expedition to a compact travel system.
  • Canopy Cover  – is adjustable with covered sunroof ratchets to protect your baby from sun and wind
  • Adjustable Handlebar? –  extra wide and ergonomically designed with foam padded handle. Handle is however not adjustable.
  • Good Storage with Easy Access?  – Large undercarriage storage basket with unrestricted access from the rear and sides of the stroller. It comes with parent tray that includes two cup holders and covered compartment to securely hold small items like keys and phones. You also get a convenient child tray as standard.
  • How Maneuverable? – It is a three wheel jogger travel system with swiveling front wheel that turns 360 degree on the spot. The Expedition is very easy to navigate around bends, and with the front wheel locked in the jogging mode, it is very stable and keep to straight line.
  • Price – At $209.99 recommended manufacturers , or under if you shop smartly online, the Baby Trend Expedition is one of the best value for money jogging stroller travel system.

 Rated above 4.5 Stars in Customer Satisfaction – this is a stroller not to be overlooked!

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Baby Trend Expedition ELX Travel System

Baby Trend Expedition ELX Jogging Stroller Travel System

Baby Trend Expedition ELX

The Baby Trend Expedition ELX is an improvement on the Expedition and the LX versions of the jogger travel systems. The LX is identical to the Expedition in features, except for color.  They are priced the same – at $209.99

The ELX has new stuffs that are not available on the LX and the Expedition – like the MP3 speakers plug-In, and adjustable handlebar.  It is more expensive with a recommended retail price of $279.99, though it is often sold cheaper by retailers.  It ticked more of the boxes for my key features in a jogging stroller travel system with the additional features

Extra Features on Baby Trend Expedition ELX Travel System

  • Adjustable Handlebar – which you can raise or lower in multi position, offering the best pushing height whether you are tall or short.
  • Parent Console with MP3 Speakers – parent tray includes speakers with MP3 jack inside, and wire to connect to MP3 players.
  • Price – at $279.99 recommended retail price, the Expedition ELX travel system is about $70 more expensive than the earlier models – LX and the Expedition. However, I would gladly pay the extra to have an adjustable handlebar – it will save you the pains of bending or tip toeing to push a jogger travel system!

Rated 4.0 out 5 Stars in Customer Satisfaction

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It is rated lower in customer satisfaction than the Expedition at the time of this review, but the Expedition has been around far longer than the ELX, and has far higher numbers of customer feedbacks, which explains the lower rating.

Graco Travel Systems

The top 2 Graco jogger Travel systems that made my list are, the Graco FastAction Fold Jogger Click Connect, and the Graco Relay Performance Jogger Travel Systems.  Graco travel systems are more upscale than the Baby Trend, and so more expensive.  But for parents that can afford it, the FastAction Fold travel system is worth every $$$, and has been an online best seller for many years.

Graco Travel systems carry maximum Baby weights of 50lbs and 70lbs depending on the model.  They are more compact than Baby Trend systems, and have easier folding mechanism. Weighing only about 32lbs or 28lbs, depending again on which model, the Graco Travel systems in my review are lighter than the Baby Trend Expedition.

Graco FastAction Fold Jogger Click Connect Travel System

Graco FastAction Jogging Travel System

Graco FastAction Jogger Travel System

Slightly more expensive than the Baby Trend Expedition ELX, but still very much affordable, Graco FastAction Fold travel system delights parents with newborn and infants. It has remained a best seller with tons of features that I love in a good travel system.

The Click Connect design allows one-step secure mounting of infant car seats. It folds into a very compact size with one hand, and stands by itself when folded.

Key Features of Graco FastAction Fold Jogger Travel Systems

  • Compact and Lightweight  – it folds with one hand and in a second – really fast action. Also locks automatically when fold, and stands upright without support. Weighing only 32lbs, Graco FastAction jogger is one of the lightest travel system.  The folded length is 39″, folded Width 23.6″, and folded height 15.3″.
  • Infant Car Seats sold with a Base? – It includes the Graco Snugride Click Connect 35 infant car seat that accommodates infants from 4 – 35 pounds and up to 32″ rear facing. The Infant car seat is equipped with LATCH base that stays in the car, with on-base level indicator for easy installation.
  • Canopy Cover  – is extra-large,  with zippered expansion panel for maximum coverage and protection from sun and wind.
  • Adjustable Handlebar? – stroller handlebar height on Graco FastAction jogger is 42”, a good pushing height for most parents, but sadly it is not adjustable.
  • Good Storage with Easy Access – storage on the FastAction Connect travel system is hugely generous.  It has an extra-large storage basket with completely free rear access that is ideal for storing baby stuff like diaper bag, snacks and other parents and baby gears. The parents’ tray with two deep cup holders has a secure cradle for smartphones – which you can use to entertain while you stroll or jog with your baby.
  • How Maneuverable? –  the front wheel swivels 360 degree, and combine with air-filled  tires to provide smooth rides, and easy turning at corners. The front wheel can be locked in a jogging mode when you have ready to have a go!
  • Price – $319.99 is the retail recommended price for the Graco FastAction jogging stroller travel system. But having been a best seller for so long, there are great bargains around.  It is being sold online for $209 with free shipping when I was writing this review. You may grab yourself a good deal if you check the price today

Rated 4.3 out 5 Stars in Customer Satisfaction

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Graco Relay Performance Jogger Travel System

Graco Relay Performance Jogger Travel System

Graco Relay Performance Jogger Travel System

The Relay Performance is Graco’s premium jogger and travel system. It has all the features you will find on the Graco FastAction Connect, plus additional and enhanced stuff that earned it the “Performance” in the name.

Key Differences Between Graco Relay and FastAction Jogger Travel Systems

  • Child Weight Capacity – Graco Relay Performance can carry a child weighing up to 70lbs (child + essentials), while the FastAction Click Connect is capable of carrying only 50lbs occupant weight. Both come with the SnugRide 35 Infant Car Seat that can accommodate up to 35 pounds in child weight.
  • Stroller Weight – weighing 28lbs, Relay Performance jogger travel system is lighter than the FastAction Click Connect that weighs 32lbs.
  • Graco Relay Performance Combo Travel System

    Graco Relay Performance Jogger Combo

    Canopy – Graco Relay Performance jogger has UV 50 sun-protective fabric canopy with visor that is not available on the FastAction Click Connect.

  • Premium Fabrics  – includes reflective materials for visibility on the Graco Relay Performance jogging stroller travel system.
  • Storage – The Relay Performance has a more deluxe parent storage console with cup holder, zippered storage pocket and smart phone pocket- The child’s arm rest bar with cup holder is removable.
  • Brakes – The foot brakes on the Graco FastAction Click Connect are engaged in 2 steps, but only 1 step is required to operate the brakes on the Relay Performance jogger.
  • Wheels – The Relay Performance travel system features adjustable tracking on front wheel and superior suspension on all wheels that offer smoother ride over the Graco FastAction Click Connect jogging stroller.
  • Price – At $449.99 recommended retail price for the Graco Relay Performance Combo travel system, it is about $120 more expensive than the FastAction Click Connect jogger Combo.  However, the real market price can be considerably cheaper if you shop online.

With the lighter weight, more child load capacity, and additional features on the Graco Relay Performance, this might be an option you may want to consider – if you can afford the price tag.

 Rated 4.8 out 5 Stars in Customer Satisfaction

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Chicco Travel Systems

Most parents would know Chicco for their wide variety of strollers, Infant car seats, and baby accessories, but do you know Chicco also makes some of the best jogging stroller travel systems? Perhaps not, and many parents have not discovered the unique sport design and tons of features on Chicco jogger strollers.

Chicco models of combo jogger travel systems are at the higher end of the market that compare closely with the Graco Relay Performance jogger.  I will be looking at two of these models – Chicco’s Activ3 and TRE combo travel systems.

Chicco TRE Compared With Activ3

Chicco Activ3 (left) Compared with TRE (right)

The TRE is an improved version of the Activ3, with features like deceleration hand brake and removable seat that are not available on the Chicco Activ3 jogger stroller. Both jogger travel systems are made of aluminum frames, and very lightweight – 27lbs for the Activ3, and 28.5lbs for the TRE. The lightness of the Chicco joggers compare very closely with the Graco Relay Performance that weighs 28lbs.

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Chicco – Activ3 Travel System

Chicco Activ3 Travel System

Chicco Activ3 Travel System

Chicco Activ3 is an all-terrain jogger that is also sold as a combo jogging stroller travel system that comes with the Keyfit Infant car seat – the #1 on Chicco’s range of car seats. Adjustable FlexCore suspension on the jogger fine-tunes the stroller to match your terrain, and the level of your outdoor activities, offering very smooth and comfortable rides.  This is achieved by a simple toe tap.

ACTIV3 is great for brisk walks and light jogs, but if you are a keen jogger, the TRE has larger pneumatic tires that offer higher performance, and faster jogging with infants.

Swivel lock, parking brake, fold lock, and handle lock controls are positioned within easy reach, and are all hand-operated.

Key Features I like About Chicco Activ3 Travel System

  • Easy attachments for Car Seat – has integrated removable arm bar, and accepts all Chicco KeyFit  and KeyFit 30 infant car seats.
  • Compact and Lightweight – made with lightweight aluminum elliptical tubing, Chicco Activ3 is folded with one hand in three different mode – self-standing fold for the garage, flat fold for the trunk and compact fold for storage.
  • Infant Car Seats sold with a Base? – The Combo includes Chicco Keyfit 30 infant car seat with the base.
  • Canopy Cover – is large with tinted peek-a-boo windows. It adjusts forward to completely cover and protect your baby.
  • Adjustable Handlebar – can be raised or lowered in 4 positions from 39″ – 44″ height ranges to push the stroller with comfort.
  • Good Storage – has large and convenient storage basket with easy unhindered access from the rear. Removable parent’s tray with cup holders is included in the purchase.
  • How Maneuverable?– The front wheel swivels 360 degrees for easy turns, and locks on the go with hand-activated switch to a fixed wheel mode for jogging and running.
  • Price – With $459.99 price tag, Chicco Activ3 travel system cost just more than the Graco Relay Performance jogger Combo, but it packs more features that I like in travel systems.

Rated 4.2 out 5 Stars in Customer Satisfaction

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Chicco TRE Jogging Stroller Keyfit 30 Travel System

Chicco TRE Jogging Stroller Travel System

Chicco TRE Jogger Travel System

The Chicco TRE has the same sporty, athletic design of the Activ3, but adds more performance features to suit very active jogger moms and dads.

The larger rear 16” air-filled tires and deceleration brake that are not available on the Activ3 makes the TRE travel system the perfect choice for jogging and running with a stroller.

It includes the Keyfit 30 infant car seat, so can be used to carry babies from birth, and when they are old enough to seat on the stroller, you can start your jogging or running workout rides with them.  The TRE offer faster rides with the all-terrain pneumatic tires and spoke wheels.

Keys Differences between Chicco TRE and Activ3 Jogger Travel Systems

  • Easy attachments for Car Seat – the arm bar is removable on both joggers to fit the Keyfit 30 infant car seat. However, on the TRE, you can remove the stroller child seat also to create a frame carrier for the Keyfit during the first 6 months of your child. It makes the Chicco TRE even lighter when used in this mode as a travel system.
  • Chicco TRE Stroller Frame Mode

    Chicco TRE Stroller Frame Mode

    Compact and Lightweight – can be folded with one hand, in three configuration just like the Activ3, though the TRE stroller is 1.5lbs heavier.

  • Canopy Cover – the weather shield window comes with a vent cover.
  • Hand Operated Deceleration Brake  – is only available on the Chicco TRE as performance feature that offer better control of the stroller in fast  paced jogging and running, especially going downhill.
  • Wheels  and Tires – Tires on the Active3 are maintenance-free rubber and they are all 12” – rear and front.  The TRE high performance jogger is boosted with pneumatic tires for smoother rides in all terrains, and pushes faster with larger 16” tires at the rear.  The wheels on the TRE are spoked.
  • Price – The TRE as you would expect has a higher price tag than the Chicco Activ3.  The retail price is $529.99 with free shipping on Amazon, and there is hardly any discount on the travel system as I write this review.

For parents that can afford the Chicco TRE, but still hesitating to buy, a quick look at the glowing customer feedbacks may be what you need to finally convince you. It is a jogging stroller travel system that ticked all the boxes I listed in my good buy. The Frame carrier conversion is a bonus.

Rated 5.0 out 5 Stars in Customer Satisfaction as I write this review

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If you have any questions, please leave a comment below and I will reply. And if you have any other thoughts to share about this review, your comments are welcome.

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