Jogging Stroller Travel Bag

Jogging Stroller Travel BagHaving purchased an expensive jogging stroller, it was an easy decision to protect and make it last longer with a jogging stroller travel bag. That bag has served me well, for even with heavy usage and a lot of weekend and long distance travels with the stroller, my baby jogger is still going strong and looking quite neat and tidy for the age.

But a stroller travel bag is not just for expensive jogging stroller, and quite frankly I am yet to see a good jogging stroller that will not cost you over $100, and that is not cheap for many parents. So make your investment last longer and protect it with a travel bag.

Travel bags are available for double and single jogging strollers, and when you are not using them to transport your stroller, they can also be used to store and carry your beach chairs, baby high chair or camping gears.

Some bags are specifically made for certain models of jogging strollers, but there is no shortage of a good choice of travel bags that will fit a variety of brands and models of strollers. The universal travel bags are very generous with space and have several pockets to hold other items apart from your stroller. Travel bags are generally made of high strength, water resistant material with padded interior on superior quality bags. The carry handles and adjustable shoulder strap are sufficiently padded so they are easy and comfortable to carry with the weight of a stroller.

You can also get stroller travel bags with Roller wheels which makes theme extremely easy to carry and manoeuvre.

JL Childress Standard and Dual Stroller Travel Bag Black
JL Childress Standard and Dual Stroller Travel Bag, Black. Fits BOB, Joovy, Baby Jogger and many more. Check Today’s Price

J.L. Childress Gate Check Bag For Standard and Double Strollers Red
J.L. Childress Gate Check Bag For Standard and Double Strollers, Red. Protects stroller from dirt and germsCheck Today’s Price

Bob Single Stroller Travel Bag Black
Bob Single Stroller Travel Bag Black. Will fit every single Bob Jogging Stroller. Not for Bob Double Strollers.Check Today’s Price

Quick shopping guide for a good Jogging Stroller Travel Bag

Transporting, protecting, and helping to keep your jogging stroller in pristine condition are the main uses of a travel bag, but when you are not using them for strollers, the generous storage in large in travel bags is ideal for packing on a family trip, or a weekend to the beach.  Travel bags are very versatile in their use as you will soon find out, if you decide to buy one.

Before you make your final choice, here are essential features to look for in a good travel bag for jogging strollers:

  • Check the measurement of the travel bag to ensure you can fit your stroller in it when it is folded. Some of the complaints you will hear from parents is not being able to fit their stroller in a bag they have made a purchase. Well did you check the size against the dimension of your stroller before parting with your money?
  • If it is a universal travel bag, check that your model of jogging stroller is on the list it can carry. I would still check the dimension against my stroller before purchasing, just to be doubly sure.
  • Is the material or fabric strong and waterproof? Very important to avoid a bag that tear easily, or one that leaves you with a soaking stroller.
  • Padded carrying handles and shoulder straps are good signs of a well made travel bag
  • How is the bag opened and will it allow you to easily remove and put a jogging stroller inside the bag. I prefer bags with end to end zip that open the travel bag wide for uninhibited access.
  • It may sound trivial but the color of a stroller travel bag can be a very important factor that sway the buying decision for some parents, so go with the color that do it for you. My colors are black or red. What color would you buy?

Bob, Baby Jogger and other major brands make great bags for their jogging strollers, but If you are unable to purchase a travel bag made by the manufacturer of your stroller, a universal travel bag is a very good alternative to consider, and they could also save you a lot of money as you will find them considerably cheaper than travel bags from own brand manufacturer.

I would also consider a travel bag on wheels if traveling a lot by air as this will make transporting a stroller in and out of airports easy, and offer additional storage on the go.

Valco Baby Universal Stroller Roller Travel Bag Orange or Black
Valco Baby Universal Stroller Roller Travel Bag, Orange or Black. Padded protection. Easy roll away.

Baby Jogger Carry Bag
Baby Jogger Carry Bag for Select Models. Durable fabric construction with a sturdy carrying strap.

UPPAbaby G-Series Stroller Travel Bag Black
UPPAbaby G-Series Stroller Travel Bag, Black. Multiple handles for carrying by hip or over shoulder.

If you have any questions, please leave a comment below and I will reply. And if you have any other thoughts to share about this review, your comments are welcome.

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