Jogging Stroller Bike Trailer – And the Top 3 Rated

Burley Encore Bike TrailerI marvel at the transformations and possible uses of a Jogging Stroller Bike Trailer.  Now it is an ordinary stroller for every day use, next it has changed to a robust all terrain baby jogger, and when I feel like cycling, it transforms from a jogging stroller to a family fun to ride in bike trailer for transporting my kids to the shopping malls, parks, schools and playgrounds.

Such are the many ways a jogging stroller bike trailer can easily transform itself, making it one of the most versatile jogging stroller that has gained popularity with parents – particularly active jogger moms and dads who also take to cycling to keep fit.

As gasoline is increasingly more expensive, many parents are cutting back on their car usage, switching to cycling – Go pedal power! School runs in the morning is where I have observed more bike trailer jogging strollers on the road, as parents with preschooler ferry their toddlers and infants to their various places of learning. The number of jogging strollers that have changed to bike trailers are also up on the roads at that time of the day, when parents are fetching their kids from school.

The multi use and long term cost saving when you purchase a bike trailer stroller are some of the top benefits and appeals for parents looking after small children. But that is not all, jogging stroller bike strollers are safe, robust and offer more spacious and comfortable cabin seat than you will find in many standard baby joggers.

Our top 3 Jogging stroller Bike Trailers. Each easily converts to a stroller, jogger or bike trailer with adapters that are sold separately.

#1 - Burley Design Encore Child Bike Trailer Blue#1 – Burley Design Encore Child Bike Trailer Blueprice#2 - Baby Jogger 2013 POD Chassis Crimson/Gray#2 – Baby Jogger POD Chassis Crimson/Grayprice#3 - Aosom Elite II 3-in-1 Double Child Bike Trailer#3 – Aosom Elite II 3-in-1 Double Child Bike Trailerprice

The market for jogging stroller bike strollers is growing fast , and it will not surprise you to find that most major manufacturers of baby strollers have their own model and design of the product. They come in single and double chassis with conversion kits that easily transform them to swivel or fixed baby strollers, jogging strollers, and bike trailers.Instep, Burley, Schwinn, and Baby Jogger are some of the popular brands of convertible trailer bike jogger strollers available. To help you decide on which may be best for your family needs, I have reviewed my top 3 jogging stroller bike strollers below.

Selection criteria for my top 3 baby bike trailers: 

  • Construction of the bike trailer stroller – durability, style, ease of conversion, and ease of use
  • Safety features for kids
  • Price – Affordability and value for money
  • Customer satisfaction rating – Are parents pleased with their purchase of the the bike trailer stroller?

#1 – Burley Encore Bike Trailer – Highly Versatile and Stylish

Burley Encore Baby Bike Trailer StrollerThe Burley Encore Bike Trailer is my #1 choice of a convertible baby bike trailer, without any hesitation. It is in what I consider the luxury range of baby bike trailers with a list price that is just under $450.

Burley Encore easily transforms to a stroller, jogger, bike trailer and a Ski unit with the appropriate conversion kits that are readily available as optional accessories.

The design is sleek, spacious to take 1 or 2 kids, and with a large maximum weight capacity of 100 pounds, it will carry older and bigger children.

The Encore Baby Bike Trailer has a 5 point safety harness that is richly padded to hold kids comfortably secure in the cabin. The seat is hammock styled and more comfortable than the bench styled seat in other models or brands of stroller bike trailers.

A tall or short person will find the bike trailer easy and comfortable to push in the stroller mode with the adjustable handlebar on the Burley Encore, which also doubles as a roll bar.

The tinted side windows not only protects occupants from hash UV rays from the sun, but it adds a touch of class to overall design of the Burley Encore.

It is not the cheapest of my top 3 jogging stroller bike trailer, but the Burley Encore ticked all my selection criteria, topping it with a respectable customer satisfaction rating of 4.1 out of 5 Stars on Amazon.

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Other key features of the Burley Encore Baby Bike Trailer are:

  • Fast-action folding system, with quick release wheels for a compact fold that is easy to transport in the trunk of a car.
  • Plenty of cabin space for 2 kids, or storage for groceries if you decide to go shopping with the bike trailer
  • 20 inch rush free black alloy wheels with pneumatic tires that make the stroller very easy to push
  • Removable, washable seat pad and shoulder harness
  • Reclining seats and padded seat cushion.
  • Tinted side windows
  • Adjustable sunshade
  • Parking brake
  • Water resistant, all weather cover

Dimensions of the Burley Encore Baby Bike TrailerBurley Encore Bike Trailer stroller

  • Maximum Weight limit – 100 lb/ 45.4 kg
  • Trailer Weight – 24.8 lb/ 11.2 kg
  • Interior height 25.0 in/65.0 cm
  • Interior width 21.3 in/54.0 cm
  • Interior seat width 19.5 in/50.0 cm
  • Handlebar height 30-46 in/76-117 cm
  • Size Open L x W x H (in) 34.0 x 31.0 x 37.0
  • Size Folded L x W x H (in) 36.0 x 31.0 x 11.0

Accessories for the Burley Encore Baby Bike Trailer:

The conversion kits and accessories you can buy for the Burley Encore are optional.  Simply pick the kit that suits your conversion need at any time , and transform the look and function of the the Encore bike trailer chassis. The following accessories and conversion kits are available for purchase:

  • NEW! We! Ski Kit
  • 2-Wheel Stroller Kit
  • One-Wheel Stroller Kit
  • Jogger Kit (double)
  • Baby Snuggler
  • Handlebar Console
  • Trailer Light Kit

How Should the Burley Encore Bike Trailer Stroller Cost You?

Amazon is doing a good deal on the Burley Encore bike trailer, and at the time of writing this review, a quick check on the price show that Amazon has a 9% discount on the list price, plus free shipping. Product promo changes quite regularly on Amazon, but you may still be able to grab this good, or even better deal on the baby bike trailer if you check today’s price.

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#2 – Baby Jogger POD Chassis – Convertible to a Stroller/jogger/Bike Trailer

Baby Jogger POD Stroller/Jogger/Bike TrailerThe Baby Jogger POD compare quite closely in style, quality, capacity and usage options with the Burley Encore. The list price is however more expensive by about $50, and it lacks conversion to a Ski unit that may come in useful for any Ski slopes loving parent!

You may find it difficult to differentiate between the Baby Jogger POD and Burley Encore by look alone.  They look quite similar in design if not for the colors, but the more usage options and cheaper price tag on the Burley Encore pushed the Baby Jogger POD to the #2 spot of my top 3 jogging stroller bike trailer review.

The POD has many features going for it though. It is easily converted to a stroller and an all terrain rugged jogging stroller with the optional kits without the need for tools. Constructed with light weight aluminum, it has the quick fold design popular with Baby Jogger strollers which makes the POD easy to transport and put away for storage.

Equipped with 5 point safety harness just like the Burley Encore, the Baby Jogger bike trailer has capacity for two children, and can carry a load of 100 lbs which is equally suitable for parents with older and heavier kids like the Encore.

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The conversion kits are sold separately, so you can purchase the options that suits you when you need, and possibly save some money on the option you do not require. This also can be said for the Burley Encore.

With the high adjustable handle on the Baby Jogger POD stroller bike trailer, tall and short parents can have the handle as the level that is individually comfortable for them to push when in stroller mode.

The POD has a very high customer satisfaction rating of 4.8 out of 5 stars on Amazon, the highest scored for a convertible baby bike trailer. I will however add that fewer parents has reviewed it because it is relatively newer product than the other two bike trailers on my top 3 list.

Other features and benefits of the Baby Jogger POD bike trailer:

  • The POD is folded in one simple step
  • Conversion kits do not require tools
  • Uses a two-wheel stroller kit that converts the POD to a standard stroller. The stroller mode has the wheels not far out in front as you will find in most designs
  • Large 20 inch rear wheels with air filled tires that is easy to push, and covers more ground quicker than strollers with smaller wheels
  •  The brake is hand operated, and located on the handlebar for better control when jogging or stroller.
  • You will not find storage lacking on the POD, either for keeping children items, or hauling your groceries back from the mall.

Baby Jogger POD Stroller Bike Trailer

How Much Should You Pay for a Baby Jogger POD?

With a list price of just under $500, the Baby Jogger POD is more expensive than the other two on my top 3 list.  But as a versatile, multifunction bike trailer/stroller/jogger, it is a good choice that followed in the tested quality design of Baby Jogger strollers. It may not have made the top spot in my review, I still find it one of the finest amongst bike trailers – stylish, solidly constructed with the durability families will enjoy for a long time.

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If you shop at Amazon, you will buy the POD a lot cheaper than the list price. I did a quick check when writing this review, and the POD convertible baby bike trailer was selling at 33% discount on Amazon, which makes it cheaper than the Burley Encore. You may still get this great deal if you check today’s price.

#3 – Aosom Elite II 3-in-1 Double Child Bike Trailer/Stroller/Jogger

Aosom Elite II 3in1 Double Child Bike TrailerIf my top 3 review of jogging stroller bike trailer is based only on style, the Aosom Elite II will not make my list. But thank goodness I have other criteria in my selection. The Aosom Elite II is just as versatile as the Burley and the Baby Jogger, and converts to a stroller, jogger and bike trailer with as much ease.

What struck me most in the design and perhaps not very attractive look is the steel guard around the wheels on either side of the cabin, which is really a great safety protection for the occupant. Think about those SUV with guards around them, do you ever want to come too close to them and dent your car? That is the feeling you get with the Aosom Elite II. A baby bike trailer that is strong, rugged and will protect your kids on busy roads.

Though at #3 of my top 3 jogging stroller bike trailer, the Aosom Elite II is not a push over. It is affordable priced at just under $250, yet packed with features available in far more expensive bike trailers, including a swivel front wheel that can be locked forward for jogging, full suspension system for smooth rides and hand brake for better control in the stroller mode.

The Aosom Elite II 3 in 1 child bike trailer has the same capacity as the top 2 on my list, and will carry 1 to 2 kids with a maximum load of 100 lbs.

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And the icing on the cake if you decide to go for the Aosom Elite II bike stroller is that the conversion kits are included in the purchase. You will buy the kits as optional accessories with a Burley or Baby Jogger stroller bike trailer.

Other key features and benefits of the Aosom Elite II bike trailer are:

  • Handle bar is adjustable to various heights – great for pushing at the right level if one partner is taller than theAosom Elite II Child Bike Trailer in Red other.
  • Pocket styled seats that help secure your kids better
  • Ultra smooth-rolling 20″ front wheels that ride easily across uneven terrain.
  • Sling seat with 5-point safety harness – offering security and comfort for passengers.
  • Will fit in the trunk and storage areas of most vehicles when folded.
  • 2-in-1 weather canopy – helps protect kids from sun and rain.
  • Rear storage area – extra room for parents to carry items.
  • 6 reflectors on the front, back and wheels; 6′ long safety flag

Dimenions of the Aosom Elite II baby bike trailer/jogger/stroller:

  • Max Weight Limit: 100 lb
  • Assembled Weight: 37lb
  • Front wheel size 12″
  • Rear wheel size 20″
  • Full dimension – 55″ x 37″ x 43″
  • Folded dimension – 32″ x 27″ x 9″
  • Interior dimension: 27.5″ x 23″ x 24″

How much should the Aosom Elite II Child Bike Trailer Cost You?

If you are not particularly crazy about stylish design, or you are on a budget, and would like to go for a value for money baby bike trailer, the Aosom Elite II though at #3 of my top 3 list, is the jogger bike trailer I would recommend for the best value for money over the Burley and the Baby Jogger.

For families that may not want to spent close to $500 on a stroller bike trailer, the Aosom Elite II could easily save you over $200. Many parents like the features of the bike trailer and recommend.  It currently has a high customer satisfaction rating of 4.6 out of 5 Stars, and this score compares closely with the Burley or the Baby Jogger. Follow the ratings, and you will hardly go wrong with a purchase.

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If you shop wisely online in places like Amazon, you may even save more on the stroller. I had a look at the price while writing this review, and my jaw dropped when I saw a 44% discount on the bike trailer. it was going for under $140 in that promo. Check today’s price, it may just be your lucky day, if you would like to go for the Aosom Elite II convertible stroller bike trailer.

If you have any questions, please leave a comment below and I will reply. And if you have any other thoughts to share about this review, your comments are welcome.

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