Jogging leash – Hands Free, Versatile and My Top 5 Ranking

Roadrunner Running Dog Leash Hands FreeThink of those moments, when the sky is getting grey and the clouds are rolling in. You are just about to go out for your daily jog, but then remembered … you have not walked the dog. There’s no time to do both safely and comfortably, right?

Not if you have my type of versatile dog leash – the hands free jogging leash.  With the belt wrapped around your waist, the leash snapped unto the swiveling hook, my dog is free to run around me in any direction, without snagging the line – thanks to the smart quick-release and retracting system in the hands free dog leash.

With a good hands free jogging leash, you are able to walk, run, cycle or hike comfortably with your dog in tow.

I can pull back on the leash to keep my dog in control, especially when I am in a public park or close to busy roads with cars.

I have seen joggers with hands free dog leash let their errant pet dart around without control.  That is not a sensible way to use the a dog leash.  It gives you the convenience to jog, run or walk your dog with your hands free, but you still need to keep your dog in check.

If your dog is not trained to obey commands, I definitely recommend some obedience training before you start running with your dog with one of these hands free leashes.  Start slowly, and as your dog gets used to your commands and pace, you can then increase your running speed.

If you allow your dog to roam about without control, you will be pulled uncomfortably, and may not enjoy jogging or running with your pet.

Before I give you the list of my top 5 versatile hands free dog leash to consider, let me first summarize some of the benefits.

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Benefits of Jogging or Running with Hands-Free Dog Leash

  • Your hands are free! Freedom to swing about as you jog, run or power-walk. You are not hindered as you would be, if pulling or tugging on a dog leash
  • Your pooch will have more fun following and roaming around – still tethered to your waist belt.
  • A good hands-free leash need to be adjustable, so you can let out more or less lead that allows you to comfortably run or jog with your dog – and still have good control. Leashes that do not adjust may leave too much slack that can tangle with you and your dog.
  • Safety of your dog should be top on your mind when using hands free leashes.  My leash has reflective material that makes it visible in poor light, and LED flashing light I can switch on as additional safety in poor weather.
  • And for me, even more important is the fun of running and jogging with my dog with a hands free leash. The bond between me and Tiger has greatly increased since we switched to jogging together without me holding to the lead.  Just in case you are wondering, Tiger is the name of my fairly large and sweet German Shepherd.

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Criteria Used for My Top 5 Hands Free Dog Leashes

My top 5 hands free dog leashes were picked based mainly on two factors – high customer satisfaction from those who have purchased and used them, and the key features and their benefits.

You may already find there are many brands are designs dog leashes, especially if you shop online.

No two ranking will produce the same result, but whichever ranking criteria you use, if high customer satisfaction rating is top of the things you consider, you can’t go wrong in choosing a good hands-free leash that will suit an active outdoor lifestyle with your dog.

So, here are my top 5 hands free leashes to help you make a decision on which dog leash to buy:

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#1 – Running Hands Free Dog Leash By Roadrunner  – Includes LED Light

Roadrunner Running Dog Leash Hands FreeThe Roadrunner hands free dog leash did not make my #1 choice by accident. With a very high 4.7 out of 5 Stars customer satisfaction rating, and currently the #1 bestseller in this category of dog leads, it is perhaps no surprise that active pet owners love the product.

The design is simple, yet versatile to accommodate small and large dogs, and the belt will fit nicely around your waist if you are size 26” to 49”.

The LED light is a bonus safety feature that will increase your visibility in poor light, and so help prevent collision with objects and humans.

The lead is about 4’ 3” when fully extended- enough length to let your dog roam around you with you still in control.

You can adjust the length of the leash to suit small and large dogs. You may also buy an optional tether to use with the leash if you have more than one dog, or purchase the version of the leash designed for two dogs.

Here are some of the features that make the Roadrunner hands free leash so popular:

  • It comes in 1” wide adjustable belt that goes comfortably around your waist and can be extended to suit dog owners with 26″ to 49″ waistline.
  • It is study and comfortable – with quick connect and release mechanism to the belt and dog collar
  • The swivel hook and quick release mechanism allow the collar attachment to connect easily to harness types with O-rings or D rings – making it very versatile to use with different dog collars and harnesses if you so decide.
  • Great for running, jogging, walking, hiking and much more.
  • Unlike other brands, it is available in one model that is suitable for large and small dog – which makes it less confusing to  pick the right size for you and your dog
  • The LED light is a bonus that enhances your dog’s safety in poor light
  • Suitable for small and large dogs

Here are what dog lovers think and say about the Roadrunner Running Hands Free dog leash:

I find the leash, buckles and clasps very sturdy, and it works well jogging hands free with my dog, one user remarked. The LED light is a bonus for walking out in the dark he added.

Walking my pit bull has never been a fun job till I bought the Roadrunner dog leash. I no longer suffer from broken leash or my pit bull running out of control, the customer added with excitement

This is best dog leash I have ever purchased. No strain in my neck or side since I started using the hands free leash, and I would highly recommended it, added this active mum.

  • Any Cons?

If you are looking for an elastic leash, this may not be the one for you. The lead can be extended, but it is not elastic as some users were expecting.

The List price for the the Roadrunner hands free leash is $59.0, but you can buy it for considerably less online.  At the time of this review,  it is selling at a discounted price of $27 on Amazon.

 4.7 out of 5 Stars Customer Satisfaction Rating – Roadrunner Hands Free Dog Leash

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#2 – OllyDog Mt Tam Hands-Free Dog Leash and Running Belt System

OllyDog Mt Tam Hands-Free Dog Leash and Running Belt SystemI ponder if the OllyDog hands free running leash should have been my #1. It is so different from my top choice and packed with options not available in the Roadrunner dog leash. Its customer satisfaction rating is the same as the Roadrunner dog leash at 4.7 out of 5 Stars.

If you like running hands free with your dog and want the option to carry something along, the OllyDog leash will appeal to you. It is essentially a comfortable waist pouch that attaches to a very versatile hands free dog leash.

The pouch conveniently holds your small items like keys, phones and dog treats while allowing you the freedom to jog with your dog without holding the lead.

The leash has elastic end, and belt is wider for a more comfortable fit. It extends much longer for your dog to dart and roam around.

Here are some of the convenience features I like about the OllyDog dog leash:

  • Zippered pouch with Pooch bag port: The belt leash pouch (6″ wide and 4″ tall) has a key clip and internal mesh pocket with an exit port that holds and dispenses waste baggies. The pouch has plenty of room that can hold your phone, media player, keys or dog treats
  • Daisy-chain loops on waist belt that makes it easy to attach the running leash
  • It is simple to detach the Mt. Tam Hands Free Leash from the waist belt, and use it as a handheld lead or tether.
  • Adjustable length leash – You can adjust the 3/4″ wide tubular nylon from 5 to 8 ft plus 15” from the bungee stretch
  • Elastic shock absorbing section that reduces pull: The Mt. Tam running and jogging leash has a shock-absorbing, pull-reducing elastic section that stretches up to 15″, providing a smoother walk or run for you as your dog darts about – tugging and pulling on the leash
  • Elastic 1.5″ wide belt allows comfortable and secure fit around your waist
  • Reflective safety strip: The 9″ long traffic handle has a reflective strip to make you and your dog more visible in low light
  • The waist belt can adjust from about 26” to 54” to accommodate small and heavily built dog owners.
  • OllyDog Mt Tam Hands-Free Dog Leash is most suited for dogs over 20 lbs

Here are how some satisfied users have described the OllyDog Hands-Free Dog Leash:

This user commented that he walk and run his Australian Shepherd with this leash every day. It is solid, and I can adjust it to a suitable length when running with my dog.

And this super active parent run two young strong and big (75 and 100lb) dogs using the belt. The reinforced fabric is sturdy and the belt has enough room for just about anyone – she added

I am thrilled with the elastic that prevents my large dog from jerking me, and the length of the leash is just right, this parent remarked online. I use the pocket to keep my iPhone and mace safe when running, she added.

  • Any Cons?

Some users have observed that if you have a hyper-active dog that is difficult to control, it can be more challenging to quickly pull your pooch back from danger.  The extra stretch allows your dog to go a little bit  further than you can quickly pull it back.

Most users however agree that it is an excellent leash for running or jogging with a dog.

4.7 out of 5 Stars Customer Satisfaction Rating – OllyDog Mt Tam Hands-Free Dog Leash

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The OllyDog hands-free dog leash has a list price of $45, but at the time of reviewing the product, you can get it on Amazon for $41 – discounted price.

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#3 – The Buddy System  Dog Leash

The Buddy System Hands Free Dog LeashI like the Buddy System dog leash not only for the simplicity in the design, the ease of use, and how it converts to a traditional hand-held leash on the go. It is available in medium, large and extra-large that are suitable for all dog sizes.  The leash swivels around the waist belt as your dog race around, ensuring you don’t get tangled.

The Buddy System hands free dog leash is available in a range of seven colors to match your taste and lifestyle.

Here are other features I like about the Buddy System dog leash:

  • It has a quick release mechanism on the belt so you can unhook the leash immediately from your waist in an emergency
  • The Collar attachment also features a quick release mechanism, and a swivel hook that can be connected to any D-ring or O-ring on dog collars
  • You can adjust the leash to any length from 22″ and 40’’
  • The Regular Buddy System leash is available in 3 belt sizes that will accommodate waists from 22” to 60” – that is a lot of waist allowance from petite to heavily built dog owners
  • When the leash is not in use, you can store it on the belt
  • The adjustable Leash can be converted to a traditional hand-held leash
  • Buddy System hands free leash is suitable for walking, jogging, running and hiking.

Sizing Options for Buddy System Dog Leash:

This is not well explained in the product description, so I have researched to offer more explanation on the sizing options:

The Buddy System Dog leash comes in two versions – small and regular. The small version is for dogs weighing less than 20 lbs, and the regular is for dogs weighing over 20 lbs. Sizing options is based on dog owners’ waist.

Regular Buddy System Dog Leash – is available in 3 adjustable sizes based on human’s waist:

Belt is 1″ wide

Regular – Extends 22″ to 40”

Large – Extends 27″ to 50″

Extra Large extends 33″ to 60″.

Leash extends 22″ to 40″.

Small Buddy Dog Leash – is available only in one adjustable size based on human waist, and is suitable for small pooch less than 20 lbs.

Belt is 3/4″ wide and extends 27″ to 50″.

Leash is 3/4″ wide and extends 33″ to 60″

Here are some snippets on how users have described the versatile Buddy System dog lead:

The leash is sturdy with nice clips and clamps that easily attaches to my dog’s collar – one user remarked. And he added that the adjustable leash is long enough to give more or less distance to her dog as needed. No complaints she excitedly concluded.

One customer called the Buddy System Dog Leash a Running Lifesaver! Not sure if I will go that far, but that is how pleased and satisfied he was. He was able to increase his running mileage with the dogs from 3 to 6 miles with optional splitter attached to the end of the leash. A happy runner, and happy dogs he added.

A mum was able to walk her dog and two kids – one toddler walking beside her, and a baby in stroller. And she could re-arrange the leash around the waist belt to suit her. Awesome product she added

  • Any Cons?

The sizing is not well explained in the product description as many customers have observed. Hopefully I have provided enough information from my research to help you decide on which size of the Buddy System hands free dog leash is suitable for you.

4.6 out of 5 Stars Customer Satisfaction Rating – The Buddy System Dog Leash

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The Buddy System dog leash has a manufacturer recommended price of $25.99, and at such a good price range, it is rarely heavily discounted.  Amazon has just $1 discount on it at the time I was researching the dog leash

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#4 – Stunt Runner Hands-Free Dog Leash by Stunt Puppy

Stunt Puppy Stunt Runner Hands-Free Dog LeashHere is another very good dog leash that made my #4 spot. The Stunt Puppy Stunt Runner leash could easily have even been on #3 spot with a close customer satisfaction rating of 4.5 out of 5 Stars.

It has tons of features that keen joggers and runners would like a lot.

Some of the key features are:

  • Hands- free running leash that is comfortable and simple in design, and light weight in the material used.
  • It has a metal D-ring on the waist belt that slides to your preferred running position.
  • The connector stretches from 37 to 55 inches, reducing the force of tugging and pulling when your dog is having fun darting around.
  • Waist belt on the Stunt Puppy Runner leash can be adjusted from 26 to 42 inches – allowing slim and heavily built persons can wear it comfortably

The Stunt Puppy Stunt Runner leash is specifically designed for active dog lovers who enjoy hitting the trail with their pets.

These are how some customers have described this hands free dog leash:

One active mum was so thrilled with the dog leash; she said she could not be any happier with the Stunt Puppy Runner. She is petite at 5′ 3′ and running with a strong Weimaraner with this hands-free dog leash is like a breeze for her.

A must-have if you love running with your dog another excited mum added. She was initially worried that her dog may pull and run off after squirrels, and although her dog still enjoyed chasing squirrels, it wasn’t a problem – thanks to the Stunt Puppy Runner.

  • Any Cons?

Some users have experienced the waist band sliding up while running.  This can result in your back absorbing the impact when dogs are having fun pulling and tugging.  There is no general fix for this as we are all shaped differently around the waist.

The best way to wear the Stunt Puppy Runner waist band is as close as possible to your waist bone, adjusting it so it is tight yet comfortable for you when running or jogging.

4.5 out of 5 Stars Customer Satisfaction Rating – Stunt Puppy Runner Hands-Free Dog Leash

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You can buy this Stunt Running dog leash for about  $38. Because the leash is so popular, don’t expect a lot of discount. There was no price cut on Amazon when I last checked, but that does not mean you can’t get it at a great price if you check today.

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#5 – PetSafe Pet Hands Free Leash

PetSafe Pet Hands Free LeashIt will not surprise me if many active dog owners go for the PetSafe hands free leash over some of my top choices.  It is an inexpensive dog leash that is well made by a well know brand manufacturer. The design is simple, sturdy, and the material durable.  It has achieved an eye catching 4.7 out of 5 Stars in customer satisfaction rating.

It could have been on my top list, if it had some of the extra features found in higher ranked hands free dog leash on my review.

If you just want a hands free dog lead, without all the extra bells and whistles, you will make a very good choice with the Petsafe leash.

Here are some of the key features of the Petsafe dog leash:

  • The waist belt can be adjusted from 31” to 54” for a one size leash that will fit most dog owners
  • The length of the leash is also adjustable from 31” to 54”
  • The belt has a Velcro® closure for quick release. This goes around a metal D-ring to close the belt. The belt is smartly designed so you can adjust it, just as you would on a backpack.
  • Great for training dogs on leash, jogging, running, hiking and walking
  • The leash attaches easily and securely to the belt and dog collar with a swivel snap-on hook, allowing you to use the leash with most dog collars with an O-ring or D-ring attachment.

Here are what some users have to say about the Petsafe hands free dog leash:

When a guy says – my wife loves this Petsafe leash, and that her only regret is not getting it a year ago; and then added that she wears it cross her body like a sash! That kinda says it all for the Petsafe dog leash, doesn’t? But there is more …

This is definitely what I was looking for, and a bargain compared to the cost of other premium hands free dog leashes –  that is a remark from a very happy user.

Me and my American Bulldog are very happy – is the simple and straight to the point customer satisfaction feedback from an active dog lover.

  • Any Cons?

With such quality, and simplicity at a great price, there is hardly any shortcoming with the Petsafe dog leash. One user has however observed that if you don’t line up the Velcro strap properly, it can rub on your skin when jogging or running.

4.7  out of 5 Stars Customer Satisfaction Rating – Petsafe Hands Free Dog Leash

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The Petsafe dog leash has a manufacturer’s list price of $19.99. It is very competitively priced for such a quality dog leash. But you can buy it even cheaper from online stores like Amazon.  The last time I checked, it was selling for $11.99

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Conclusion and My Recommendation

The OllyDog Hands-Free Dog Leash though the second most expensive in this review, it is my preference because it has the waist pouch, the stretching lead that can absorb pulling and tugging from dog, and also has reflective material for visibility in low light. It has more extra features than others, but the pouch and shock absorbing lead is the clincher for me.

At the lowest price range comes the PetSafe Pet Leash, about half the price of OllyDog. If I am not looking for extra features on hands free dog lead, I would seriously consider the Petsafe leash. It is made from high qualify material, and by a well-known brand manufacturer.

You can always buy optional extras separately, and though this can turn out to be more expensive, it still make the Petsafe dog leash an attractive inexpensive choice – for those that don’t need the extra features now.

If you have very young, old or convalescing dogs that can’t keep up with your pace, hands free leashes compliment Pet jogging strollers very well.

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If you have any questions, please leave a comment below and I will reply. And if you have any other thoughts to share about this review, your comments are welcome.

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