InStep Arrow Fixed Wheel Double Jogger Review

Going out with two children can be tough, especially when all you want to do is just get some runningSchwinn InStep Arrow Double Jogger done on a nice day. Maybe what you need is a jogging stroller that not only will be able to accommodate your two children, but also accommodate your need to run through nature easily without any worries of your child getting hurt.

Introducing the InStep Arrow Fixed Wheel Double Jogger from Schwinn. The double jogger stroller that has all the features a parent caring for two kids of stroller age is going to love.

This affordable Fixed front wheel double jogger from Instep has been out of stock for awhile and may have been discontinued by the manufacturer. 

Another great alternative to the Instep Arrow, though more expensive because of the superior brand quality is either the BOB Sports Utility or Ironman Double joggers.  The links in this review have been updated to take you to the BOB fixed front wheel double jogging strollers.

If you can afford BOB jogging strollers, you can read the full reviews of the BOB Sports Utility and the Ironman Double joggers here.

BOB Sports Utility and the Ironman Double Jogging Strollers and the ultimate front fixed wheel joggers and great alternatives to discontinued brands that you can no longer buy. They may be more expensive but worth every dollar. expensive

BOB 2016 Sport Utility Duallie Jogging Stroller MeadowBOB 2016 Sport Utility Duallie Jogging Stroller MeadowpriceBOB 2016 Ironman Duallie Jogging Stroller YellowBOB 2016 Ironman Duallie Jogging Stroller Yellowprice

Key Features of  InStep Arrow Double Jogger

  • Easy folding design – Parents won’t have a problem folding up and storing the stroller after their jog.
  • Rubberized grip – The handlebars feature a rubberized grip so your hands stay comfortable as you jog through the park or through the woodland path.
  • Peek a boo windows – Each cabin on the InStep Double Jogger features a peek a boo window that allows parents to regularly check on their children and make sure they are okay.
  • Fixed wheel – Unlike other jogger strollers, the InStep Arrow features a fixed front wheel, making it a stroller built and designed specifically for jogging.
  • 16” pneumatic tires – To ensure a smooth ride with your child, the InStep Arrow Double Jogger is fitted with 16” pneumatic tires.
  • Large cabins – The stroller features two cabins for your children. Each cabin is very spacious, making it easy for your child to stay comfortable while riding his stroller.
  • Adjustable handlebars – The handlebars on the stroller are designed so that parents can easily adjust it according to their height, making it easy for them to push their child’s stroller.
  • Parent tray – This stroller features a handy parent tray that features a place for you to safely store your phone, keys and wallet as well as two cup holders for your sports drink, coffee or water bottle.
  • Lightweight design – When people hear the term “double stroller” the first thing that comes to mind is the overall weight of the item. The InStep Arrow Fixed Wheel Double Jogger disproves this with its lightweight design, making it easier to take up and down stairs and store in the trunk of your car.
  • Large storage basket – Need to bring your diaper bag? The storage basket located underneath the stroller is large enough to easily fit your child’s baby stroller so you don’t have to carry it on your shoulder.

Schwinn Instep Arrow Fixed Wheel Double Stroller is more affordable than comparable quality brands of strollers. It is a baby jogger designed for runners and fast paced joggers

Schwinn Arrow Double Stroller Red/BlackSchwinn Arrow Double Stroller Red/BlackpriceSafety Features

  • 5 Point Harness – Each cabin of InStep Arrow Double Stroller comes with a 5 point padded harness. It keeps your child safely in place, and the pads ensure that your child’s skin doesn’t get irritated by the straps.
  • Bicycle Handbrake – The bicycle handbrake located on the handlebars allows you to stay control of your child’s stroller.
  • Dual Shocks – The stroller’s rear shocks allow you to easily go through rough terrain all while your child stays comfortable in his seat.
  • Retractable Canopy – When you go out during the day, chances are the sun is going to get to your child’s eyes. Protect your child from the sun with the retractable canopy that easily retracts back when not in use.
  • Foot Brake – Need to take a quick break from your run? Easily engage the foot brake located on the rear tires.

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Available Styles

This particular model only comes with one design: a striking red, gray and black colorway that is perfect for both boys and girls. The design makes it ideal for parents who have children of both genders and don’t want to buy light or dark colored strollers for their children.

Size and Capacity

The InStep Arrow Fixed Wheel Double Jogger has the following specifications:Schwinn InStep Arrow Double Jogger Folded

  • Maximum weight capacity: 40lbs in each cabin. (Total 80 lbs.)
  • Product dimensions: 40.50 x 32.35 x 54.00 inches

IMPORTANT: Always follow any stroller recommended size and capacity limit, as overloading a child’s stroller could make it unstable and lead to the stroller tipping over.

How much should you pay?

If you are a runner, or at least plan to do some fast paced jogging with the Schwinn InStep Arrow Double Jogger, it is priced far below many double jogging stroller brands like the BOB or Baby Jogger.
The best deals are from online stores, where you can buy the stroller at well under the list price of $299.99, especially during promotional sales with free shipping.

Check Today's PriceCons

As a jogging stroller itself, the InStep Arrow Fixed Wheel Double Jogger is great. But because of its fixed wheel design, it makes it a less than ideal stroller for everyday use. It is harder to maneuver through crowded places and sharp turns.

This is however not really a negative, because fixed front wheel jogging strollers like the InStep Arrow and designed for running where they perform better that swivel wheel strollers at tracking, and keeping to straight lines

Some parents also observed that the canopy does not extend far enough as they would like to give fuller cover for kids on sunny days.


Overall, the InStep Arrow Fixed Wheel Double Jogger may not be suited for everyday use because it does not turn corners so well like a swivel stroller, but if you are a runner of fast paced jogger, the InStep Arrow Double Stroller is fantastic value for money compared to other brands that cost over $500 for double fixed wheel jogging strollers.

It is a light weight double jogger that will appeal to many active families shopping for a good stroller, but with an eye on budget. If you want the best deal on the InStep Arrow Double Jogger, online stores are the way to go.

Schwinn Instep Arrow Fixed Wheel Double Stroller is more affordable than comparable quality brands of strollers. It is a baby jogger designed for runners and fast paced joggers

Schwinn Arrow Double Stroller Red/BlackSchwinn Arrow Double Stroller Red/Blackprice

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