Graco FastAction Fold Jogger Click Connect Stroller Review

Check Today's PriceThe convenience and comfort features in a stroller, and performance of an all-terrain baby jogging stroller are combined in the Graco FastAction Fold Jogger Click Connect. The design of this stroller makes you feel that Graco must have been listening to the need of active parents crying out for an affordable all purpose jogger that is easy to use.

Popular one handed fold for strollers features in the jogger as a FasAction Fold design, allowing parents the ability to hold a baby with one hand while folding the stroller with the other in a single step. It is a swivel front will jogger that turns tight corners with ease for every day use, and can be locked into a fixed wheel, transforming it to a jogging and running stroller that do not veer from straight tracks.

The air-filled rubber tires provide a very smooth ride for babies, and if your baby just arrived, there is good news for you. Graco FastAction Fold Jogger accepts all Graco Click Connect infant car seats in one-step attachment to create a travel system ideal for newborns.

Storage is plentiful on the stroller to hold baby and parent stuffs. The seat is comfy and can be reclined to near flat position for for your baby to doze while you are still exercising or strolling the neighbourhood.

For a jogging stroller under $200, Graco packed in more features in the FastAction Fold Jogger than you will find in more expensive baby joggers. This is a sturdy crossover stroller that kids will grow with.

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How Easy to Fold & Carry

When it come to folding a jogging stroller, a one handed fold is the best, and I am pleased to see this design in Graco’s proprietary FastAction Fold. It allows parents to hold their baby while collapsing or unfolding the jogger. The stroller locks automatically when fully folded for safe and easy storage, and you can stand the stroller by itself in the fold position. Watch the video review below to see this in action.

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Baby Safety Features on Graco FastAction Fold Jogger

In any jogging stroller, the safety of your baby is paramount. Graco’s convertible three or five-point harness keeps your baby safe and secure in the stroller. The harness is adjustable to fit comfortably as your baby grows. Plush seat padding provides not just comfort for babies, but cushions your baby from bumpy rides in the jogging stroller.

In low lights, there are reflectors on the stroller that ensures you and your baby are visibility from a safe distance

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Baby Comfort Features While you Jog

Jogger mums and dads will love all the baby and parent comfort features on Graco FastAction Fold Jogger. The provisions clearly show that a lot of thinking about the needs of parents and babies have gone into the design. The multi-position reclining seat allows babies a good view of their surroundings in the vertical position, and when babies are tired and need to sleep, the seat can be pulled back to a near flat angle that is good as a baby bed on the go.

Extra large storage basket with easy access from the rear of the jogger can accommodate good sized diaper bags, toys, plus drinks and baby food. There is unique smartphone holder on the parent tray that gives your phone a tight fit, preventing it from falling out when pushing the stroller over rough terrains. Underneath the phone holder is a covered compartment to keep your precious items. The tray also holds two cups of drinks within easy reach as you jog.

Graco FastAction Fold Jogger Click Connect Stroller
Jogger is Free Standing when folded and is held Securely for Easy Transportation.Check Today’s Price

Graco FastAction Jogger Baby Stroller & SnugRide Car Seat Travel Set - Grapeade
Graco FastAction Jogger Baby Stroller & SnugRide Car Seat Travel Set – GrapeadeCheck Today’s Price

Graco FastAction Fold Jogger Click Connect Travel System/Click Connect 35 Chili Red
Parent Tray with 2 Deep Cup Holders for Drinks. Smartphone Holder Covered Compartment.Check Today’s Price

Graco FastAction Fold Jogger child tray is on a pivot that makes it easy to remove so a child has unimpeded access in and out of the stroller seat. It also holds bottles or cups of food and drinks at close reach to a baby.  The weather canopy is retractable and at a good height to shield babies and toddlers.

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Choice of Colors, Styles and Easy to Clean Stroller

The jogging stroller is available as a swivel front wheel jogger that is suitable for daily use to the shopping malls, strolling the neighbourhood or taking the baby along on errands. Lock the front wheel, and Graco FastAction jogger is transformed to a stroller that is versatile for all terrain.

You will find it for purchase in a choice of 3 different color patterns: Tidalwave, Tangerine, and Grapeade; and accepts all Graco Click Connect infant car seats with one step attachment that seamlessly converts the stroller to a full baby travel system.

Only use household soap and warm water when cleaning the stroller frame and fabric. Do not use bleach or detergent with bleaching agent.

A full instruction on setting up and caring for Graco FastAction fold jogger is available at User Manual

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Size and weight Capacity

The stroller is recommended for a child up to 50 lbs in weight. With Graco infant car seats, it can be used for a baby from birth as a travel system. The following are size and dimensions of the stroller:

Graco FastAction Stroller Weight is 30 lbs

The Dimensions Are:
Unfolded L: 40″, W: 24″, H: 42″
Folded Length: 39″, Folded Width: 23.6″, Folded Height: 15.3″

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Tires and Wheels Designed for Which Terrain?

Air filled tires and a swivel front wheel give the Graco FastAction Fold stroller the manoeuvrability to turn easily in tight corners that are common in side walks,  malls or crowded streets.  You can quickly transition from strolling to jogging and running by locking the front wheel, which makes more stable for faster pace, and tracks better on straight lines. The suspension on the front wheel absorbs the shocks from bumps, cushioning your baby from rough rides.

The wheels are bicycle type wheels with radial spokes – a 12 inch diameter wheel at the front, and two 16 inch wheels at the rear.

Rear Wheel and Breaks of Graco FastAction Fold Jogger
16 Inch Rear Air-filled Bicycle Wheels and Individual Foot Breaks. Large Under Seat Storage.Check Today’s Price

Graco FastAction Jogger Baby Stroller & SnugRide Car Seat Travel Set - Grapeade
Graco FastAction Jogger All-Terrain Jogger – Suitable for Everyday use and Jogging Exercise.Check Today’s Price

FastAction Fold Design of Graco Jogger Click Connect Stroller
How to Use the FastAction Fold on a Graco Jogger Click Connect Stroller – Slip in your palm and lift.Check Today’s Price

Although the stroller does not feature a hand break, it is quite easy to slow down with the firm grip handle and the pneumatic tires that is smooth to push over any surface. Foot operated breaks on the rear wheels are used to keep the stroller stationary when the jogging stroller is pulled to a complete stop.

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Consumer Reviews

Quality, price and the multi purpose use of the Graco FastAction Fold baby jogger are some of the benefits that attracts many parents the stroller. For a stroller that can be purchased for under $200, parents with newborns are excited pleased that the stroller converts to a travel system, is easy to fold and transport with the FastAction design, has plenty of storage with easy access, and is a versatile stroller for everyday use and jogging exercise. Here are some of the comments from parents that love this stroller:

For value for money, Graco FastAction Fold jogger beats other more expensive strollers like BOB and Phil & Ted, a parent remarked. It is easy to setup as most items are pre-assembled and click into place to let you know they are secured, she added.

The seat reclines to a conformable position that babies love to sleep on, a mum commented, and it is easy for her to move baby between stroller and car.

One parent advised that the wheels can be taken off very easily, and when they get muddy, just remove them, wrap them so you don’t soil the trunk of your car, and rinse the wheels to clean when you get home. 

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Pros and Cons


There are many positive features on the Graco FastAction Fold jogger that you will not find in many more expensive jogging strollers, and parents particularly like these:

  • One handed fast fold design of the stroller that is similar to Baby Jogger Summit X3, though it is a more expensive jogging stroller. Infact, either of the Baby Jogger Summit will cost you twice as much as the Graco FastAction Jogger, but they are superior jogging strollers in my opinion.
  • Swivel wheel that turns corners with ease, and quick conversion to front fixed wheel jogger
  • Ample storage with easy access to keep baby and parent items secure
  • Easy to remove wheels for storage, transportation or cleaning.


There is no doubt that parents loves Graco FastAction Fold jogger, but be aware that the stroller is sturdy, looks and feels strongly built, and at 30 lbs, I do not consider this a lightweight stroller. Some parents do find it heavy to move in and out of car trunks. An adjustable handlebar would also have been nice to have on the stroller, so tall and short mums and dads can lower or raise the handle to a comfortable level that suits them when pushing the stroller.

At under $200, most parents agree that the pros far outweigh the cons of the Graco FastAction Fold jogger, and many happily recommend the stroller to other parents looking for a stroller for everyday use, or a stroller for jogging and running.

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Where Can You Get a Good Deal on Graco FastAction Fold Jogger

We all know that comparing prices online before making a purchase can save us a lot of money, and to help your search for a good deal on the Graco FastAction Fold jogger, I have done some of the the hard work for you. Online prices can vary widely on the jogger, but Amazon has one of the best deals with about 7% discount at the time of this review plus free shipping.

Another good thing about shopping on Amazon is that you can read more parents reviews that can help your buying decision. The jogger has a high customer satisfaction rating of 4.6 out of 5 stars which is re-assuring and a confidence booster that can help you decide whether this is a jogging stroller for you.

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Graco Click Connect Feature in Video Review

This quick video shows how the Click Connect works on Graco strollers with this feature.  Though a different Graco stroller has been used in the video demo, installing infant car seat with Click Connect is the same on Graco FastAction Jogging stroller in this review.

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Price of  Graco FastAction Fold Jogger Today!

Graco FastAction Fold Jogger is a fast selling stroller because it meets most needs of a growing family. The all-in-one capability gives parents with newborns, toddlers and infant the opportunity to use the same stroller for different stages of a child’s growth – saving you money from buying another stroller as children grow.

If you are on a budget, you may find that Graco FastAction is really affordable when purchased from online promotions. This display refreshes every few seconds to show you the current prices and the deals available on Amazon today!

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If you have any questions, please leave a comment below and I will reply. And if you have any other thoughts to share about this review, your comments are welcome.


  1. Lori Scott says:

    Hi, I have a Graco jogging stroller just like the one in this ad and I love it. However the rear wheel no longer holds air and I cannot find replacement tires or tubes for Graco on line. I believe it is the 16″ tire. I need your help. Thanks, Lori.

  2. I have just bought the Graco Fast Action Fold Jogger… I followed the instructions on how to insert the car seat into the stroller. I have figured out that the front of the car seat (baby’s head) clicks over the 2 cup holders on the childs food tray….but I cannot figure out how the rear (baby’s feet) clicks into anything in this area. It seems super unsafe and not sturdy without clicking to something in this area. Have I missed something? Or does the car seat only connect to the stroller in the front?
    Help Please!

    • Hi Chelsea,

      There should be Click Connect Mounts on both sides of the stroller, about where the child’s tray connects to the stroller. The car seat will connect to the mounts with audible clicks, and also be supported by the child’s tray cup holder.

      The infant car seat must have the Click Connect logo to work with the stroller.

      You can read page 34 of the Graco Fast Action Fold Click Connect Travel System User Manual to find out how to properly connect compatible infant car seats.

      You can download the manual from the link I have provided. It clearly shows where to find the Click Connect Mounts and how to use them.

      I hope you find this helpful.


  3. Hi
    I know it would sound bizzare, but has anyone tried converting those air filled tires into a tubeless/non tube-plastic tires? My tube gets punctures every now and then(primararily because we go to parks that has those nail like grass/plant on which definitely no tubed-tires would ever hold up against….

    I am thinking of converting it into tires which are hard…Sure enough its going to make ride more bumpy for my baby but she is already 2 yrs now so i am OK with that. Love this stroller for ample storage and sturdiness….Any suggestions/ideas/comments before i start my customizing dyi project please ?

    • Jeff Adam says:

      Hi Yesh,

      I can understand how you feel with a punctured stroller tire, but I would not advise the brave modification you are contemplating. Unless you are changing a stroller air filled tires with foam filled tires recommended by the manufacturer, the safety of the stroller can longer be guaranteed.

      Every child carrier is tested and certified by governments before they are available for sale, and manufacturers are particular on what attachments are compatible with their strollers.

      I would rather suggest that you carry an Aerosol Tire Inflator with you when you go strolling off road. Good Aerosol Tire Inflators are quick and effective in inflating and sealing regular punctures on stroller tires.

      The Fix-A-Flat S430 Aerosol Tire Inflator is a good one I would recommend.


      The Fix-A-Flat S430 Aerosol Tire Inflator is a quick and easy way to repair flat stroller tires on the go. If you like going off road with your stroller, you are more likely to experience a puncture in the rough and rugged terrain. Keep a can of Fix-A-Flat S430 Aerosol Tire Inflator with you to avoid the frustrations a stroller puncture can bring.

      Fix-A-Flat S430 Aerosol Tire Inflator with Hose for Large Tires - 20 oz.Fix-A-Flat S430 Aerosol Tire Inflator with Hose for Large Tires – 20 oz.price

  4. Does anyone know where I can buy a set of new replacement tires for a GRACO Stroller.

    thank you

  5. My daughter has a graco jogger stroller that is only about a year. We discovered that the reason the rear tire keeps going flat is because the rear Wheel rim is bent. Where can we find a replacement wheel?

    • Jeff Adam says:

      Hi Diane,

      A wheel that will fit your Graco jogger is not a replacement part you can easily get from a third party. I would advice going to Graco Replacement Parts website in this link Graco Replacement Parts. Enter your stroller model details and see what parts they have for it. I suspect they may not have the wheel as a replacement part, and if that is the case, contact Graco through the details on the site and they will advise if a wheel can be ordered for you.


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