Double Jogging Stroller – Top 5 Reviews

Double Jogging StrollerIf you are a parent or carer, and have not discovered one of the simple ways you can enjoy going out with young children without them driving you nuts when tired, perhaps you have not taken the time to explore the benefits of an all-terrain double jogging stroller.

Double joggers have made life much easy for parents caring for twins or two little kids.  Can they help you? Read on to find out.

When I work around the parks and malls, it is common to see how children with tired feet struggle to keep pace with adults, and how stressed out parents struggle to keep them in check.

And I then contrast that with the relaxed look of families leisurely walking about with their little ones comfortably strapped in double jogging strollers. That is just one of the key benefits of a baby jogger that every parent can enjoy.

But what if you are an active jogger or runner caring for two kids? Wouldn’t it be lovely to take them in a stroller for a run? It is great fun for kids, and you do not have to worry about leaving them with a carer while you keep up with your regular jogging exercise to stay fit.

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There are two types of all-terrain double jogging strollers that can help you add more fun to outdoor activities with children – the swivel font wheel, and the fixed wheel joggers. The decision on which model to buy depends on how you plan to use the stroller as I will explain below.

Swivel vs Fixed Wheel Double Jogging Stroller

Swivel wheel Double jogging strollers:

Swivel Wheel Double Jogging StrollerDouble Jogging strollers with swiveling front wheel are generally more versatile. The front wheel turns 360 degree on the spot, making them very easy to push around sharp corners, and crowded places like malls and busy sidewalks.  The front wheel of an all-terrain double jogging stroller can be locked forward in a jogging mode that tracks better on straight lines and rough surfaces.

They serve as hybrid strollers – a cross between the swivel, and fixed front wheel jogging strollers.

However, expect a slight wobble of the front wheel when swivel double joggers are used as fixed wheel strollers. This is a design feature in some strollers that manufacturers that improve stability and wheel movement on uneven surfaces.

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If you are a jogger or runner caring for two kids, and do not wish to splash out on a second fixed wheel double jogging stroller, an all-terrain swivel jogging stroller is a good choice to consider.

Fixed Wheel Double Jogging Stroller:

Fixed wheel double jogging strollers are designed mainly for keen jogger moms and dads who may also be doing long distance 5K and 10K runs with the kids. The fixed front wheel makes the stroller easier to push on straight lines and tracks better than swivel wheel strollers.

Fixed Wheel Double Jogging StrollerThe fixed wheel double joggers however has one main disadvantage over the swivel front wheel – they are not as nimble and easy to turn. This is only a concern though, if you plan to use a fixed wheel jogger as a regular every day stroller for running errand with the kids. The swivel wheel stroller is simply better suited for this.

The fixed front wheel in this model of all terrain double jogging do not suffer the wobble that you may find in swiveling wheel child carriers, when used in the jogging mode.

Because the wheel is fixed, turning at corners requires slightly lifting the front wheel, then turning the stroller on its rear wheels.  This skill is easily mastered by some parents, but many I have found struggle with turning a fixed wheel double jogger. Take a look around when you are next in a mall, you may find the evidence is not far from you.

Fixed wheel double jogging strollers are for the very active parents that love jogging with the kids, and the challenge of off-road tracks. You may however have to purchase another stroller – the swivel wheel double for regular daily use.

Top manufacturers and brands of Double Jogging Strollers

There are many manufacturers of double jogging strollers, and a good number of them produce the swivel and fixed wheel versions of any particular model.  I will however be looking at five brand manufacturers – Instep, Schwinn, Baby Trend, Baby Jogger, BOB, and some of the best and popular double jogging strollers they make.

My review starts with the cheapest double jogging strollers, and move up the price scale as I explore the features and benefits of double joggers.

Video Review of a Cheap Double Jogging Stroller

The Baby Trend Expedition Double Jogger is one of the inexpensive baby carrier for two kids.  This quick video demonstrates the features available on the swivel wheel double stroller.

I have put together a picture comparison of five popular brands of double jogging strollers in this review, starting with the cheaper Instep baby joggers to the more expensive BOB and Baby Jogger double strollers. Browse through them for current prices and customers’ satisfaction comments. But if you want more information about a specific double jogging stroller, you can read my full review below.

InStep Grand Safari Double Swivel Stroller InStep Grand Safari Double JoggerpriceSchwinn Turismo Double Swivel Stroller Grey/BlueSchwinn Turismo Double JoggerpriceBaby Trend Expedition Double Jogger Baby Trend Expedition Double Jogger priceBOB Revolution Pro Duallie Stroller OrangeBOB Revolution Pro Duallie Stroller priceBOB Ironman Duallie Stroller YellowBOB Ironman Duallie Double Stroller priceBaby Jogger 2014 Summit X3 Double Stroller Baby Jogger Summit X3 Double Joggerprice

 InStep Double Jogging Strollers

Instep Double Jogging StrollerInsteps jogging strollers are made for Pacific Cycle, a division of Dorel Industries. They have a variety of swivel and fixed wheel double jogging strollers which are very colourful, and priced far cheaper than other brands.  However, they are not as durable, or attract high second hand value as the BOB or Baby Jogger strollers.

It is a brand very popular with parents shopping for budget double jogging strollers, and the best amongst their stable of swivel and fixed wheel strollers are the Instep Grand Safari and the Instep Flash double jogging strollers.

Instep also makes another model simply called “Safari”, without the “Grand”.  It is available in both swivel and fixed wheel designs. The Grand Safari is slightly more expensive.

The main differences between the Grand Safari and the Safari are adjustable handlebar and remote front wheel lock on the Grand Safari that are not provided on the Safari. Otherwise, both double jogging strollers look very much alike.

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Instep Grand Safari Swivel Double Jogging Stroller

The key features on the Grand Safari Swivel Double jogger are:

  • Pneumatic tires and molded rims – 12” front and large 16” rear wheels provide performance and style
  • Molded, flip open child tray – with dual cup holders within easy reach of your kids
  • Parent console with cup holders – to hold your drink and small items
  • Remote locking front wheel – only available on the Grand Safari for easy transformation from swivel to fixed wheel double jogging stroller.
  • Adjustable handlebar – improves user comfort whether you are short or a tall parent
  • Rear shock absorbers – Exposed spring shock absorbers for a smooth ride for the occupant
  • Independent, retractable canopies – protects your children from harsh sun and keep them cool
  • Canopy mounted speakers – accept most MP3 players
  • Removable fleece seat pad – is machine washable

Stroller Capacity – can carry two children with a total weight of 100 lbs. Parents should always try to balance the weight on both seats of a double jogging stroller to avoid the stroller tipping to one side

Stroller Dimension – 49” x 32.25” x 40” (L x W x H)

Price – The Grand Safari double jogging stroller is sold for $215 at the time of this review.  But on online promotional sales, I have seen it going for a lot under $200.00

It is rated 3.5 out of 5 Stars by parents in customer satisfaction

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Instep double jogging stroller will appeal to any parent shopping for a quality stroller, but is on a tight budget. Loaded with all accessories that are optional purchases on more expensive strollers, it is great value for money.

Instep Flash Fixed Wheel Double Jogging Stroller

InStep Flash Double JoggerIf you are a serious jogger or runner, you will like Instep Flash.  It is a fixed wheel double jogging stroller specifically designed for running and jogging at fast or slow pace.

The front wheel is fixed and does not suffer from the wobble that is common on swivel wheel strollers when used in the jogging mode. It tracks better on straight line, and is more stable on rough terrains.  The stroller also has the benefit of a handbrake for controlling the speed of the double jogging stroller when going down hills. Features on the Instep Flash and the Grand Safari double strollers are almost identical, except in areas I have highlighted below.

The Instep Flash has been retired, but if you can afford a superior double jogging stroller that is more expensive, I would recommend you take a look at the BOB Sport Utility Duallie Jogging Stroller.

Key features of the Instep Flash Double Jogging Stroller are:

  • All 16″ wheels with pneumatic air tires – with molded rims, and fixed front wheel to provide better jogging and running performance.
  • Bicycle hand brake – for additional stopping power and control of the stroller on inclines
  • Molded parent tray – with dual cup holders. The Flash does not come with a child’s tray

Stroller Capacity – Side by side seating for 2 childs with maximum weight limit of 100 lbs

Stroller Dimensions – 53” x 32.5” x 41.5” ( L x W x H)

Price – The list price for the Instep Flash double jogging stroller is $209.99, but can be purchased for considerably less from online stores. Amazon has a discount of 29% on the fixed wheel double jogging stroller at the time of this review.

Rated 3.2 out of 5 Stars in customer satisfaction

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At less than half the price of fixed wheel double jogging stroller from manufacturers like BOB and Baby Jogger, the Instep Flash is an excellent choice if you are looking to buy a quality budget fixed wheel running stroller.

Schwinn Turismo Double Joggers

Schwinn Turismo Double Jogging StrollerThe Schwinn brand of jogging stroller, just like the Instep, is made for Pacific Cycle Inc.  This explains a lot of the similarities in features you will observe in both brands of double jogging strollers.

The Schwinn is what I consider an up market, or upgrade of the Instep brand of strollers.

Schwinn double jogging strollers are constructed with lightweight aluminium, which sets the frames and shiny wheels apart from Instep strollers. The Schwinn is available in swivel and fixed wheel joggers – Turismo as swivel, and the Arrow as fixed wheel double jogger.

They are more expensive than the Instep equivalents.  if you fail to observe the aluminum construction of Schwinn jogging strollers, you may mistake both as the same stroller.

Schwinn Turismo Swivel Wheel Double Jogging Stroller

Key Features:

  • Lightweight aluminum construction – frames and rims are made of rust free, high strength aluminum
  • 12” front and 16” rear pneumatic tires – provide style and all terrain performance
  • Molded flip open child tray – with dual cup holders, and can be swing aside for easy access to the seats
  • Remote locking front wheel – transforms the Schwinn double jogging stroller from swivel to fixed wheel jogger by a simple flick of trigger.
  • Adjustable handlebar – provides pushing comfort for parents.
  • Rubberized grip – is comfortable and slip resistant
  • Rear Shock Absorbers – exposed spring suspension system for a smooth
  • Canopy mounted speakers – accept most MP3 players for entertaining your kids while jogging with the stroller
  • Removable fleece seat – is machine washable

Stroller Capacity – Seat two kids side by side up to a maximum weight of 100 lbs.

Stroller Dimension –  49” x 32.7” x 40” (L x W x H)

Price  – The list price of the Schwinn double jogger is $339.99. But again, you buy it considerably cheaper if you shop smartly online. Amazon has 23% discount on the stroller at the time of the review.

Schwinn Double Jogger is rated 4.1 out of 5 Stars in customer satisfaction

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Customer satisfaction rating of the Schwinn Turismo double jogging stroller is higher than the Instep, which reflects the better quality of Schwinn brands of double joggers.

Schwinn Arrow Fixed Wheel Double Jogging Stroller

Schwinn Arrow Double Jogging StrollerSchwinn Arrow double jogging stroller is very similar to the Instep Flash in design and features, and this is not a surprise to those that know that both brands as I explained earlier, are manufactured by the same parent company – Pacific Cycle Inc.

The Schwinn Arrow Double Stroller has been retired and may no be available to buy from major retailers. If you definitely prefer a fixed wheel double jogger, I would recommend increasing your budget, if you can and go for the highly popular BOB Sport Utility Double Jogging Stroller.

Arrow fixed wheel double jogger has the trade mark aluminum construction of Schwinn strollers, and so is priced more than the Instep Flash equivalent. The frame and rims are made of strong, lightweight aluminum.

Key Features of Schwinn Arrow Fixed Wheel Double Jogger

  • 16” quick release pneumatic tires and aluminum rims – Stylish and provide better performance
  • Bicycle-style hand brake – for additional stopping power and control of the double jogging stroller when going downhill
  • Independent, retractable canopies  – protects occupant from hash sun in all direction, keeping your children cool
  • Real wheels exposed system – absorbs shocks for smooth rides
  • Canopy mounted speakers – accept most MP3 players. This is a feature not available in more expensive double jogging strollers
  • Rubberized handle grip – is comfortable and slip resistant
  • Removable seat pads – make the Schwinn Arrow double jogger easy to clean

Stroller Capacity – carries two children side by side, up to a maximum weight of 100 lbs

Stroller Dimension – measures 40.5” x 32.25” x 54” unfolded

Price – the manufacturers recommended retail price for the Schwinn Arrow double stroller is $299.99. Would you like grabbing a 25% online promo? That is the discount on the double jogger when I checked while writing this review.

Rated 4.1 out of 5 Stars in customer satisfaction

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Schwinn Arrow is about as cheap as you can get a quality fixed wheel jogging stroller from a top brand. At about half the price of fixed wheel double joggers from competitors like the Baby Jogger Summit X3, you may want to consider the Schwinn Arrow before making your final buying decision. I would add though that the Summit X3 is of a far better quality and more durable than the Arrow – in my assessment.

Baby Trend Double Jogging Strollers

Baby Trend Expedition Double Jogging StrollerThe Baby Trend Expedition double jogging stroller is a swivel wheel jogger that compares very closely with the Schwinn Turismo double jogging stroller in quality and price.  With a list price that is just under $200, it will be crazy not to consider the Baby Trend, if you are shopping for a budget double jogger stroller.

The frame is lightweight and rims made of aluminium. It has MP3 compatible entertainment system just like the Schwinn double jogger stroller.

Baby Trend also makes this unique Navigator double jogger with four wheels.  I am not really a fan of four wheeler jogging stroller. They are not as agile as the three wheeler, but what they lack in agility is very much compensated for in stability. Fixed wheel jogger is not a range Baby Trend produce at the time of this review.

Key features of Baby Tend Expedition double jogging stroller

  • Baby Trend Expedition Double Jogging StrollerLarge smooth air filled wheels – with all-terrain bicycle tires
  • Swivel Front wheel – can turn 360 degrees and be locked forward for jogging
  • Easy release fold mechanism  – and compact fold that makes the double jogger easy to store or transport.
  • Parent Console with Cup holders – and Soft Grip handle that is non-slip
  • Large Canopy – with peek-a-boo shade so parent can keep close eye on their babies
  • Individual Reclining Seats – offers improved comfort for the occupant
  • Large Storage Basket  – with ample space for babies and parents’ stuff
  • Padded washable seat – is easy to remove and clean

Capacity of Baby Trend Expedition – recommended to carry two children, side by side, from 6 months to 50 lbs for each child, or up to a height of 42”

Stroller Dimension – 31.5″W x 46″L x 42″H

Stroller Weight – 32.5 lbs

Price – The recommended retail price for the Baby Trend Expedition is $199.99, which is very competitive with the Instep and Schwinn double joggers.

Rated 4.1 out of 5 Stars in customer satisfaction

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You may get $10 or $20 online discount on the stroller, but do not expect huge price cuts at such a low selling price. I am yet to see a huge discount on the Baby Trend Expedition double jogging stroller.

You can check out Baby Trend Expedition user manual for more details of the stroller. –

BOB Duallie Jogging Strollers

BOB makes one of the best jogging strollers, pricey though, but worth every dollar if you can afford it.  The BOB range of double jogging stroller is one of my favorites, and they have recently added more models to their range of double joggers.

The term “Duallie” is what you will find in all BOB double jogging stroller. I suppose that is BOB’s on way of saying “double”. The varieties of BOB swivel and fixed wheel double joggers as I write this review are:

BOB Revolution PRO Duallie Double StrollerThe Revolution PRO and the FLEX Duallie double jogging strollers are the most recent models on the list, with improved features that built on the innovative technologies in BOB all-terrain jogging stroller.  You may be familiar with BOB’s High-impact polymer composite wheels, and adjustable elastomer core shock absorbers.  You can now add adjustable handlebars, and handbrakes to the new models like the PRO.

All the double jogging strollers on my BOB’s list above are swivel wheel joggers, apart from the Ironman.  The Ironman Duallie and single strollers are the only BOB fixed wheel jogging strollers.  They have been around for a while, and still remain a very popular running stroller that many keen runners absolutely rely on. They would not buy any other.

My pick of the best BOB Duallie double jogging stroller is the Revolution PRO swivel wheel jogger.  This improved model has all the features I have always wished to see on a double jogging or running stroller – handbrake for better control, and adjustable handlebar that offers comfortable pushing height for everyone.

Key features of BOB Revolution PRO Duallie jogging stroller:

  • Hand activated rear deceleration drum brakes – adds more control to tackle hills and inclines
  • 9 position adjustable handlebar – accommodates any parent’s height, whether tall or short.
  • State-of-the-art, adjustable suspension system  – provides an exceptionally smooth ride for children
  • Swiveling front wheel – allows the BOB Revolution PRO superior turning, and can be locked as fixed wheel stroller in a jogging mode.
  • Easy, two-step folding system – with lightweight frame for convenient transport and storage.
  • Ultra-padded, adjustable reclining seats – offer enhanced seating comfort for children
  • Slim and elegant design – fits through standard door frames

BOB PRO Duallie Capacity – recommended to seat two kids side by side from 8 weeks up to a total weight of 100 lbs, or maximum child height of 44”

There are more features on the Revolution PRO I could write about, but I would rather you read all the rave customer reviews of what I think is the best BOB double jogging stroller to date.

Stroller Dimension – Weighs 36.5lb, and measures 53.5″ x 31″ x 31.5″ – 47.5.0″ (L x W x H) unfolded

Price –  The BOB PRO Duallie has a recommended retail price of $709.99. Ouch! It is expensive I warned you, but worth every dollar if you can afford it. It is relatively new as I write this review, so it is hard to find huge online discounts on the double jogging stroller. 

If you find the Revolution PRO too expensive, Revolution FLEX is a close alternative I highly recommend if you are keen on buying a BOB double jogging stroller. It has all the features you will find on the PRO, except rear hand activated deceleration drum brakes that makes the PRO a jogger for – the PRO!

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The Revolution FLEX list price is only about $20 cheaper than the PRO, but it is discounted for up to 20% on Amazon as I write. You may want to check it out now.  The promo may still be available.

BOB Revolution FLEX Duallie is rated 4.8 out of 5 Stars in customer satisfaction

BOB Ironman Duallie Fixed Wheel Jogging Stroller

BOB Ironman Duallie StrollerThe Ironman Duallie is the only BOB fixed wheel jogging stroller. Sturdy and durable, the Ironman has been a top choice of double jogging stroller for parents able to dig deep into their wallet for a top of the range all-terrain running stroller.

Ironman double jogger has all the features retained in the BOB Revolution FLEX and the PRO, except the hand activated rear drum brakes introduced on the PRO, and the adjustable handlebar on both the FLEX and PRO.

Ironman Duallie Stroller Capacity – Can seat two children side by side from 8 weeks up to a total weight of 100 lbs, or till they are 44” in height.

Stroller Dimension – weighs 34lbs, 54.7″ x 30.5″ x 40.0″ (L x W x H)

Price – BOB Ironman double jogging stroller has a list price of $569.99.  But having been around for a while, it is often discounted online. Amazon has a 20% promo on the double jogger  as I write, which is over $100 saving with free shipping added

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Rated 4.3 out of 5 Stars in customer satisfaction

Baby Jogger Double Jogging Stroller

My best double jogger strollers are from the BOB and Baby Jogger brands. They are elegantly designed, study, and built with durable quality materials that last a long time in families. They compare very closely in price, but are more expensive than double joggers from Instep, Schwinn or Baby Trend.

Baby Jogger Summit X3 Double StrollerA Baby Jogger double jogging stroller, just like the BOB strollers, is worth every dollar invested on it. You will enjoy great shock absorbers, adjustable handlebar and hand operated handbrakes on the stroller, just as you would on the new BOB double jogging strollers.

I will also add that Baby Jogger had these features on the Summit long before BOB introduced them on their Revolution FLEX and PRO.

The Summit X3 is Baby Jogger only double jogging stroller at the time of my review. It is a swivel front wheel jogger that folds itself into a compact size by simply lifting the straps with one hand.

One handed fold is a popular features in Baby Jogger strollers that allows parents to fold, unfold and carry the jogger with ease while still holding a baby with the other hand.

Key Features of the Baby Jogger Double Jogging Stroller

  • One handed quick fold technology –  allow parents to fold or unfold the Summit X3 with one hand
  • Independent all-wheel suspension – soaks up road bumps and offer the smoothest ride for children.
  • Hand operated rear drum brakes  – give better control on hilly or uneven terrains
  • 16″ rear and 12″ front air filled tires – with remote front wheel lock mounted on the handlebar for easy conversion to jogger mode on the go.
  • Seats reclines to a near flat position – offering comfort and safety for your children with vents and a retractable weather cover.
  • Large adjustable sun canopies – with peek a boo windows for parents to check on the kids, and side vents for good ventilation in the double jogging stroller.

Capacity of the Summit X3 – seats two kids up to a combined maximum weight of 100 lbs.

Stroller Unfolded Dimension – weighs 36.2 lbs, and measures 50.75″ x 32″ x 40″ (L x W x H)

Price – The Summit X3 double jogging stroller has a list price of $649.99, about $60 cheaper than the list price of the BOB Revolution PRO. It is being sold with a 10% discount on Amazon as I write this review.  You may want to check it out.

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Rated 4.7 out of 5 Stars in customer satisfaction 

The Summit X3 is a highly navigable jogging stroller with comparable features with the BOB Revolution PRO that make it really challenging for parents that can afford it, make a decision on which to buy.

My preference is however slightly tipped towards the BOB Revolution PRO double jogging stroller. Though more expensive than the Summit X3, it is more streamlined, and I like the hand-operated rear drum brakes a lot!

The Summit X3 and the BOB Revolution double jogging strollers command very good second hand values. So for parents hesitant about buy one, you can get a big chunk of your investment back when you are done with the strollers, and sell them on as pre-loved double joggers.

If you have any questions, please leave a comment below and I will reply. And if you have any other thoughts to share about this review, your comments are welcome.


  1. Thank you for this in depth review! I am in the market for a good double jogger. I have come down to either the BOB Revolution FLEX or the Summit X3. Do you know anything about car seat adapters for these strollers? We have a baby trend car seat from our first baby and we would like to use the same one for #2. I would like to be able to put the car seat right onto the stroller for walks, outings etc. but so far I can’t find anything that will allow me to do that with the Baby Trend car seat on either of these strollers. What would you suggest?

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