Chariot CX2 and CX1 Review

Chariot CXChariot CX2 and CX1 are proudly described by Thule as child carriers for five activities, and four seasons, and this is  not just because of their elegant design and looks, they truly transform into five modes of great child transports with ease.

For active families keen on outdoor activities, Thule has engineered the Chariot CX as the sports series of child carrier for jogging, biking, hiking, cross country skiing or just for strolling in the parks and your neighborhood.

The Chariot CX chassis when used with the variety of optional conversion kits allows parents to enjoy a wider range of outdoor activities.  While comparable child carriers can convert only for strolling, jogging and as bike trailer, the Chariot CX will do these better, and can also be used for hiking and cross country skiing.

Stylish, rugged, and enhanced for comfort and safety of your child, the Chariot CX features anodized aluminum frame, spacious interior with richly padded seats for comfort and integrated helmet space.

The large air filled tires on 20” wheels work well with adjustable suspension system to provide very smooth ride on all terrains.

Converting the Chariot CX2, or the CX1 to the five transport mode is simple and easily done with the VersaWing bracket that takes all the various optional kit attachments.

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This is not just a child carrier for the seriously active families.  Any parent that enjoy outdoors with the kids will like the Chariot CX.

You can read the rest of my Chariot CX2, and the CX1 below:

Table of Contents (Jump ahead!)Chariot CX Jogging Mode

Chariot CX2 & CX1 Comfort Features for Baby

The interiors of the CX1 and CX2 are very roomy, with sizeable seats and ample leg space for growing toddlers. It may be the only multiple activity stroller most families with children will ever need as the features can accommodate them as they grow.

Here are the key comfort features on the Chariot CX strollers:Chariot CX  - Family Jogging Together

Suspension can be adjusted according to the weight of occupants, so the carrier provides a stable and smooth ride in all types of terrain.

The seat on the Chariot CX2 and CX1 are large, richly padded for comfort and can be detached, which is great when you need to clean off any mess after a fun day out with the kids.

Handlebar that is ergonomically designed for jogging, running, and also walking

High quality disc brakes that increase braking control, and allow better handling of the carrier, especially on steep terrain

The inside temperature of the cabin is controlled with full side window venting that let in the right level of fresh air.

There are three layers of covering on the Chariot CX to suit different weather condition – an inner tinted layer that shades the sun, next is the a layer of mesh that keep insects at bay, and  then an outer plastic sheet that provide good cover from rain, snow and wind.

The Chariot CX has very good ground clearance, much higher than other brands of jogging stroller.  This stops children getting splashed with water when you push the carrier over puddles.

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Baby Safety Features on Chariot CX

No matter how elegant a child carrier may look, it is not much use in my opinion you if your child is not absolutely secure and safe when riding on the carrier.

Wow! – here is a sturdy,and sleek looking child carrier, is the first impression you get of the Chariot CX.   But it is not justChariot CX Key Comfort Features looks, the CX1 and CX2 are constructed with high strength anodized aluminum, and yet they are surprisingly lightweight compared with many child carriers in the same class.

The foot print of the wheels is wide at the rear, and the front wheels are set far forward, providing a lot of stability when in use as a jogger, stroller or bike trailer.

For enhanced safety, a five-point harness system keeps your baby safely attached to the seat via a strap that goes over the shoulders, to the hip, through the legs, and then held together or released at the press of a button.

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Chariot CX Folding System and How Compact

With the ezFold™ design common with Thule’s baby carriers, the Chariot CX folds very nicely, and dare I say compact for a multi activity stroller. The single CX1 jogger carrier and the double CX2 can be quickly collapsed in simple steps.

He rear wheels are removable to fold the chassis even smaller for transportation or storage.

I will warn however that, though the Chariot CX is slightly smaller than the Chariot Cougar, both do require a fair amount of space for storage, and if you have a car with small trunk, you may struggle transporting the CX in your car. This is not unique to Chariot carriers, as you will find most quality multi activities bike trailers in this class require more storage space than normal jogging strollers.

The Click n’Store™ feature allows you to securely keep the trailer arm on the carrier when using the carrier in the jogging or stroller mode.

The VersaWing™ – You will find these little wing-like receptors on either side of a Thule baby carrier. It is the universal adapter that accepts all the various attachments needed to convert the Chariot CX1 or CX2 into a stroller, jogger, bike trailer, hiking or cross-country skiing child carrier.

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Chariot CX Video Review

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Tires, Wheels and Braking System on Chariot CX

If you decide to buy from the 2014 release of Chariot CX Sport child Carrier, it comes with a stroller Kit. This comprises two 8” castor wheels that turn easily, allowing complete 360° turns of the stroller. 

The wheels are set apart wide at the base, have a low centre of gravity, and combined with the large rear wheels, the carrier is more stable than any other in this category. They also provide extremely safe rides and amazing manoeuvrability.

Adjustable suspension and disk brakes are features that make the Chariot CX comfortable ride and easy to control. Drum brakes at the back of the carrier are now replaced by disc brakes that provide faster and better power to stop when you apply the brakes. For secure parking, you can always depend on the parking break.

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Size, Capacity and Dimension of Chariot CX2 and CX1

The CX2 seats two kids and has a maximum load capacity of 100 lbs.  Chariot CX1 is for one child and has a load capacity of 75 lbs.

These are the keys measurement of the multi activities child carriers:

Chariot CX1 Chariot CX2
Dimensions (LxWxH) 48 x 27.5 x 43.5 in 48 x 33 x 43.5 in
Folded Dimensions (LxWxH) 42 x 24 x 11 in 43 x 31.5 x 12 in
Stroller Weight 29.7 lbs 33.7 lbs
Load Capacity 75 lbs 100 lbs
Sitting Height 25.5 in 25.5 in
Can Pass through 27.5 in 33 in

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Available Styles and Designs of Chariot CX

The CX is the sports series in Thule’s range of child carriers. The design is unmistakably aerodynamic, with handle bar that provide a firm grip of the stroller when jogging or running.

Ruggedly built to tackle extreme terrains and outdoor activities, the Chariot CX series are very versatile and available in single (CX1) and double (CX2) child carriers.

Unlike other range of Thule Child Transport System (CTS), Chariot CX is now sold with the strolling kit. Both are easily converted to five modes of child carriers  with the VersaWing brackets – a feature in all Thule child carriers that serves as the universal hub that takes whichever optional conversion kit you decide to purchase

Ergonomic and stylishly from whichever angle you look at them, the Chariot CX carriers are ideal not just for newborns when used with the appropriate kits, they are great for toddlers, and kids up to the age of 6 years.

They are available in copper, blue and burgundy.

Thule Chariot child carrier is available as a single – CX1, and a double, the CX2

Thule Chariot CX Double Stroller - BlueThule Chariot CX Double Stroller – BluepriceThule Chariot CX Single Stroller - BlueThule Chariot CX Single Stroller – Blueprice

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Is Thule Chariot CX Infant Car Seat Compatible?

Chariot CX carriers are not compatible with infant car seats. Thule however provide accessories for the carriers that can be used in place of infant car seats.

The Chariot Baby Bivy, and the Thule Infant Sling are alternatives to infant car seats that you can use with the stroller for newborns and babies not old enough to ride on a stroller.

These are alternatives to infant car seats for Thule Chariot CX baby carriers. They can be used for newborns and babies not old enough to hold their head without support.

Thule Infant SlingThule Infant SlingpriceChariot Baby BivyChariot Baby Bivyprice

Warranty and what’s included

Limited lifetime warranty is what you will get on a new Chariot CX child carrier. Just like any product warranty, it does not cover damages caused by miss use of the carrier.

The 2014 release of the Chariot CX includes the strolling kit when you buy it.  Earlier model included the jogging kit instead of a strolling kit. All other conversion kits are sold separately, and these are the jogging, trailer, cross country and hiking kits.

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Consumers reviews of Chariot CX

Parent s with active lifestyle and those that enjoy outdoor activities love the variety of features on the Chariot CX.

The ease at which the chassis can be transformed to five different modes of child carrier is very much admired by parents.

And the ability to pick and choose the conversion kits of your choice keep the overall cost down, and prevents parents from paying for kits they may never use.  Here are some consumer comments about the Chariot CX1 and CX2:

Very deluxe, and a really impressive stroller!, one parent commented

Worth every penny, another added

Lightweight, easy to manoeuvre, with an option to attach to a bike, and this sounds may sound very obvious.

This baby stroller is the pinnacle of quality and luxury for your little one, and I would agree!

 5 Stars Customer Satisfaction Rating – Chariot CX 2

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Who is Chariot CX for?

The Chariot CX will appeal to families with active life style that love jogging, running or hiking to keep fit.  Families with pre-school kids will also like the bike trailer mode of transporting their children – if they are a biking family.

The stroller mode will appeal to many that like a baby carrier that stands out from the rest, even if they are not keen joggers, runners or bikers.

How much should you pay for a Chariot CX?Chariot CX

Chariot CX2 two Child Carrier has a recommended retail price of $1,149.95, and the CX1 has a list price tag of $599.99. However, I would not pay the full price for the strollers, as you can purchase them online at discounted prices.

You are likely to get the CX2 at a more discounted price than the CX1.  At the time of this review, Amazon has 20% reduction of on the CX2 child carrier, plus free shipping.

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Any complaints?

One user was disappointed with the product she received as she thought the Chariot CX comes with all the kits for the five activities described. This as you know from my review is not the case.  Optional conversion kits are purchased separately for the Chariot CX.

Some parents have also found that because of the size, they cannot use it as an everyday stroller – though they love it as an outdoor activity child carrier.

As you will find with any multi-function stroller, storage space may be a concern if the trunk of your car is small, or you struggle for space at home

Pros and Cons


  • Great experience for parents and their kids in terms of design, safety and ride.
  • It’s good value for money as you only have to buy the chassis and add optional kits as and when needed.Pros & Cons of Chariot CX
  • It has spacious interiors, and a lot of leg room for growing children.
  • There is ample storage in the rear basket that is folded away when not in use.
  • There are three layers, one each to block out the sun; another mesh layer to prevent insects; and one more that protects your little one from the snow and rain. Fluorescent lining on the inside of the stroller is a boon when you’re out at night.
  • The handlebar comes with an attachment on the wrist and a integrated hand brake for complete control of the stroller, especially when going downhill. When you are out hiking or jogging with the Chariot CX, this can be extremely important.
  • Occupants get a very smooth ride due to the weight-based shock absorber that is adjustable.
  • Your baby is held securely to the seat with padded 5 point harness that is firm and yet snugly wraps around the body. There are two small mesh pockets inside of the stroller to place small toys. Parents can use it to hold keys, phone and other small items.
  • Assembling the stroller is a breeze.


  • Chariot CX is not the type for everyday use to the mall, or for running family errands with the kids because of the large size.
  • It requires more storage space than regular strollers

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Conclusion and My Recommendation

The Chariot CX is a stroller that will appeal to families with keen interest in outdoor activities – jogging, biking, hiking and even skiing with the kids.

Thule child carriers are at the top end of baby carriers, and comparatively more expensive than what I consider very good alternatives like the Croozer Kid, Burley Encore.

But for parents who can afford it, the Chariot CX1 or CX2 is worth every dime, and is more versatile for more mode of transport – more than you will find with other child carriers I have reviewed so far.

For a growing family, I would recommend the CX2 over the CX1. It will cost you more to purchase, but over the life of the child carrier, it is better value for money.  The Chariot CX is a durable stroller that will last a long time in the family, and it is common for families to pass it on to others when their kids have outgrown the need for a child carrier.

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If you have any questions, please leave a comment below and I will reply. And if you have any other thoughts to share about this review, your comments are welcome.

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