Chariot Cougar 2 – A High Performance, 5 Activities Bike Trailer

Chariot Cougar 2The Chariot Cougar 2 is not your ordinary all-in-one bike trailer. With a variety of conversion kits that transform the chassis to a child carrier suitable for multiple outdoor activities, you can quickly change the Chariot Cougar without any tool to a rugged, high performing jogging or regular stroller, a bike trailer, or a child carrier for hiking or cross-country skiing.

It is aerodynamic designed and versatile to boost multi-sports activities for active families with children. Sleek and beautifully crafted, with key technologies like the VersaWing™ Brackets, ezClick™, ezFold™, and the Click n’Store™, the Cougar 2 is easy and quick to change from one mode of child carrier to the other. You will find it sturdy, yet lightweight, with high strength aluminum frame and wheels that are rust resistant.

Parents and care givers can start by buying the basic Chariot Cougar Chassis with stroller kit included in later releases, and then add the conversion kits of their choice to create the child carrier suitable for specific family outdoor activities.

Thule Chariot Cougar 2 eliminates the need for active parents that may sometimes buy several dedicated high performance child carriers to cater for a range of family outdoor activities. Adding a conversion kit when and if you need it is cost saving, and an effective way to avoid cluttering your home with strollers that are rarely used.

With adjustable suspension, adjustable handlebar height, spacious cockpit for two kids, large 20” all-terrain pneumatic tires, this convertible Chariot Bike Trailer is packed with features that provide very comfortable ride for children, and is easy to push, tow or pull by parents.

It is available in single and double child carriers, though for a growing family, the Cougar 2 with capacity for two kids is my preference, again for long term cost saving and the more space it provides for growing families.

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Apart from the conversion kits, there are several optional accessories like the Infant Sling reviewed down the page you can add to the carrier. They enhance child and parent comfort, and your enjoyment of the multi-function Chariot Cougar Bike Trailer.

Read the rest of  my Chariot Cougar 2 child carrier review below:

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Chariot Cougar 2 Conversions and the VersaWing™ Brackets

Chariot Child Carrier VersaWingMaximum flexibility and performance are Thule’s core objectives in the design of Chariot Cougar multi-activities Bike Trailer. However, before revealing the great features, quality built, ease of use, baby comfort and adaptability of the Chariot Cougar 2, there is a core and innovative part of the child carrier design I would first like to show you – the VersaWing™ Brackets.

Without the VersaWing™, the seamless and effortless transformation of the Thule Chariot Cougar from one mode to another would not have been possible.

The set of brackets is the hub for the various optional conversions kits available for the Cougar 2 – whether you are using the jogging kit to change the chassis to a rugged all-terrain baby jogger, the strolling kit to transform it to a highly maneuverable swivel front wheel double stroller, or the bicycle hitch to turn it to a safe and comfortable bike trailer to be towed along with your kids inside.

Chariot Cougar 2 in Jogging Mode

Chariot Cougar 2 in Jogging Mode

And there are more, the Thule Cross Country Skiing and Hiking Kit converts the versatile Cougar 2 into a unique cross-country ski pulk, to be pulled behind, or pushed along with the handlebar.

The VersaWing™ brackets, integrated like aerodynamic winglet on either side of the chassis provide this simple, fast and uncomplicated single point customization of the Chariot Cougar 2, whichever kit you use.

The arms of any of the conversion kit slide horizontally into the VersaWing™ brackets, and vertically if you use the stroller kit, then are securely locked into place with Thule’s patented ezClick™ push button design. Another layer of locking security is provided with a pin tethered close to the end of the brackets, which is slipped through each bracket.

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The VersaWing™ brackets are truly the central feature that helps extend how you use the Chariot Cougar for various family activities as you need it, and when you need it.

The Click n’ Store functionality is another feature on the Thule Cougar that allows the Jogging and Bicycle Trailer conversion kits to be stored, attached to the frame of the chassis when they are not in use. You can also store the stroller wheels in an inverted position on the VersaWing™ brackets.

If your head is spinning with all these options, and you wonder how Thule could have packed them all in the Chariot Cougar 2, watch the video demos in this review, and be amazed.

Images: Courtesy of Amazon 

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Chariot Cougar 2 Easy & Compact Folding System

The Chariot Cougar 2 though large, tough and rugged as you would expect from a Thule’s double child carrier, it is surprisingly easy to fold and unfold, thanks to the design and two key patented technologies used in the construction. Thule ezFold™ and Click n’ Store™ work together to fold the Cougar 2 into a fairly flat and compact package that is convenient and stress-free to transport, or safely placed in storage when not in use.

Chariot Cougar 2 Compact FoldTo unfold the Chariot Cougar child carrier, simply release the auto-lock disc on one side of the frame, and with the other hand press down on the Click n’ Store™ bracket. Repeat the process on the other side of the frame, and then push the two half of the bike trailer chassis together.

The two 20” wheels on the chassis are removable, and pop out by pressing, holding the quick release button, and then pulling out the wheels from the child carrier’s axle. This allows Chariot Cougar bike trailers to fold relatively compact. Reverse these steps, and the wheels are securely put back on the bicycle trailer in quick time.

In the short video reviews of Chariot Cougar child carrier down the page, I invite you to watch how one the video clearly demonstrates these easy folding steps.

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Folding and Unfolding the Chariot Cougar 2 – The Video Demo

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Baby Safety Features on Chariot Cougar 2 Bike Trailer

Chariot Cougar 2 Stroller ModeIn any child carrier, especially one like the Thule Cougar 2 that converts to various modes of transporting children, the safety of your child is paramount and should form an important factor when comparing features that will help you make a buying decision.

The Chariot Cougar 2 you will be happy to know, did not disappoint with features integrated into the design to keep your child safe and secure. Let me now take you through a quick tour of enhanced safety features available on the bike trailer and its various modes.

Anodized Aluminum Roll Cage and Temperature Control Cockpit

The cockpit is where your child will always be, in whichever mode you use the Chariot Cougar. It is reassuring to know that the Chassis is made of high strength anodized aluminum that is though lightweight, gives the cage a strong and rugged frame that will protect your child against external impacts.

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Silent Quickclip Weather Cover

Temperature and good airflow is controlled inside the cockpit with full or partial window venting. Chariot Cougar carrier has a 2-in-1, mesh/polyurethane front cover. This can be rolled up and secured with a silent QuickClip front clasp (non-Velcro). It also has a front sun shade made of tinted polyurethane material that offer protection against harmful UV and harsh sun on bright days

Though the weather cover provides excellent protection against the elements – wind and sun, it is not fully waterproof. You may want to buy an optional rain cover that is sold separately, and customized to fit the Chariot Cougar 2. You will find this in my review of accessories for the child carrier down this page.

There are vents with flaps on either side of the carriage that help maximize air flow and temperate control inside the carriage.

Chariot 5-Point Padded Harness

Chariot Cougar in Trailer Mode with Safety FlagEach of the plush and comfortable seats inside Thule Cougar 2 cockpit is provided with uniquely designed 5-point harness. You can adjust the harness to snugly wrap around your child securely. Detaching the harness is simple, at the touch of a button.

Conveniently Located Parking Brake

The foot operated parking brake on the Chariot Cougar 2 works with the axle to engage the wheels, and keep them firmly stationary when applied.

The brake is engaged by simply pressing down on the conveniently located lever with your foot, and is disengaged when you are ready to move on by lifting the lever.

It is highly recommended to use the parking brake when placing your kids in and out of the child carrier, and when the stroller is stationary.

Reflective material

The outer fabric is made of reflective weather resistant polyester that is hard wearing and very durable. The material increases the visibility of the Cougar 2 to other road users, helping them keep a safe distance from the carrier, and so reducing the chances of impact with the chassis, especially when used as a bike trailer.

Safety Wrist Strap

Just like the foot operated brake that stops the carrier rolling away from you in stroller mode, you should also make a point of using the safety Wrist Strap provided on the Chariot Cougar 2.

Looping the free end of the strap around your wrist when used as stroller or baby jogger prevents the Cougar 2 getting separating from you, and racing away with your child still onboard!

When you are not using the carrier, the loose end of the strap is neatly stowed away inside the large mesh pocket at the rear.

Thule Chariot Bike Trailer Flag

The Bike trailer Visibility and Safety flag is included when you buy the optional Chariot Cougar Jogging Kit. It is an essential safety kit that will make the chassis more visible to other road users when towing your child in Bike trailer mode.

The brightly colored flag flies high above the chassis making it more noticeable to drivers, other cyclists, and pedestrians.

If the Safety flag is not included in your purchase, it is inexpensive and there are alternatives that will work well with the Chariot Cougar chassis that can be purchased for less than $15.

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How Comfortable for Baby and Easy to Push for Parents?

Just as the safety of occupants is carefully designed into the Chariot Cougar 2, the comfort of children riding the carrier and parents pushing or pulling it is reflected in features provided on it.   Here are some of the key comfort features you will find on the Chariot Cougar:

Roomy Cockpit with Well Padded Seat

The cockpit on the Cougar 2 child carrier is very spacious, with separate seats for two kids, unlike some brands of bike trailers with bench like seats that do not provide as much comfort, or offer that sense of personal space for kids.

Chariot Cougar 2 Roomy Interior

Chariot Cougar 2 Roomy Interior

The seats are richly padded, and combined with the cozy interior of the Chariot Cougar, your children will feel as if they are driving their own fancy little car. The seat pads can be detached and washed, which makes it easy to clean the fabric and keep the child carrier hygienic.

If you have tall kids or fast growing toddlers, the front frame provide a lot of leg room and the inner roof of the cabin is integrated with head room that will accommodate children’s helmet.   Parents do not have to worry about buying a bigger child carrier as their children grow – the Cougar 2 has the space for a growing family.

Chariot Cougar Adjustable Suspension

The smart design of the suspension on the Chariot Cougar 2 allows it to be adjusted to suit the weight of the occupant. The CAS (Chariot Adjustable Suspension) as is popular named by Thule ensures as your child grow, that even distribution of weight is maintained on the carrier and shocks over bumpy surfaces efficiently absorbed before they reach your child.

The smart suspension provides a very smooth ride for kids in any terrain, and over the life time of the rugged multi-function child carrier.

Adjustable Handlebar for Tall and Shorter Parents

Chariot Cougar Adjustable Handlebar

Chariot Cougar Adjustable Handlebar

I am pleased that one of my favorite features on jogging and running strollers is included on the Cougar 2 child carrier – Chariot’s HeightRight adjustable handlebar suitable for parents of different height.

The push handle easily inserts into the rear frame of the chassis. Unlike adjustable handlebars in other brands of strollers which use telescopic or rotating designs to achieve different pushing height in strollers, the Chariot Cougar uses an inversion design to achieve the same result.

The handlebar on the Cougar has only two height level.  Tall parents will find the handlebar at the high level more comfortable to push the Cougar 2, and short parents would find that the low handlebar height is the right level for them.

To change handlebar height on the Thule Cougar, remove the handle, inverted it and then firmly re-insert it in the rear frame of the carrier.

Ample Storage Space

Storage space on the Chariot Cougar 2 can hold a lot of kids and parents stuff. There is a large external storage bag at the rear of the chassis that folds up neatly and is secured to the frame when not in use.

Internal mesh pockets inside the cockpit are conveniently located within easy reach to keep kids stuff handy.

For keen jogger parents, who I expect will be using the jogging mode a lot, the Thule parent Console 2 is an optional storage accessory that will increase storage space on the Cougar 2 and enhance your enjoyment of the carrier in this mode. Read more about the Console 2 in my reviews down this page, where I have highlight optional accessories available for the Cougar Child carriers you may want to consider adding to the carrier.

These are the storage spaces available on the Chariot Cougar 2:

  • One cargo bag on the lower back
  • One large mesh pocket on the upper back.
  • One small pocket inside large upper back mesh pocket.
  • Two small mesh pockets inside the carrier at the front

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Tires, Wheels and Braking System on Chariot Cougar 2

The design of tires, wheels and suspension system on a child carrier are features that for me, define great convertible all- terrain and multi-activities strollers. I like the sleek and elegant look of the Chariot Cougar that turn eyes on the streets, but the tires, suspension and rugged built stands it out amongst the competition as an all-terrain child carrier.

Mom Jogging with Chariot Cougar 2

Mom Jogging with Chariot Cougar 2

The Chassis sits on two large 20” pneumatic tires with spoked aluminum wheels that tow smoothly as bike trailer.  16” pneumatic tire also on spoked aluminum wheel is used to convert the carrier to a fixed front wheel stroller ideal for running and jogging with your child.

And transformation of the Chariot Cougar is where the integrated VersaWing™ brackets on either side of the chassis come into play.  Switching the Chariot Cougar 2 between modes is easy and quick by inserting the appropriate conversion arms to the VersaWing™ brackets. It works together with the Thule’s ezClick™ system for ease of conversion from one mode to the other.

In stroller mode, the Chariot Cougar uses two 8″ wheels that turns 360 degrees and allows the carrier to be used as a highly maneuverable baby stroller suitable for different terrains, and turning at tight corners.

The stroller wheels are not air filled and can be stored inserted vertically in the VersaWing™ brackets when they are not in use. The stroller wheels are optional conversion kits, and not included when you buy earlier models of the Cougar 2. They are now part of the purchase if you buy from the Sports release, models from 2013.

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The design and how to adjust the suspension on the Chariot Cougar is better explained by watching the video review below. It is a simple and clever construction that moves the position of a clamp up or down the suspension cable to achieve the setup that is most comfortable for the weight of your child.

Thule Chariot Cougar Video Review

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Size and Capacity of Chariot Cougar 2 Child Carrier

Chariot Cougar 2 has capacity to carry two children in separate seats designed to give them individual space in the cockpit. The cabin is roomy to accommodate children as they grow, giving them sufficient leg room, shoulder and head space.

The carrier is relatively lightweight at 28 lbs, and the double carrier has a total load capacity of 100 lbs including passengers and cargo.

The following is a summary of the dimensions and specifications of the Cougar 2:

Number of children: 2

Maximum passenger weight per seat: 49lbs/ 22Kg

Maximum Load carrying capacity: 100lbs/45Kg

Dimensions without handlebars (L x W x H): 35 x 32 x 34 in / 90 x 82 x 86 cm

Dimensions folded (L x W x H): 42 x 31 x 11 in / 107 x 80 x 27 cm

Weight of Chariot Cougar 2 without Thule Conversion Kits: 28lbs/13kg

Maximum body height of passenger(s):  44 in/111 cm

Warning – It may sound obvious, but your child’s head or helmet should not stick out of the carrier frame 

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Available Styles and Designs of Chariot Cougar Child Carrier

Aerodynamic, sleek and very contemporary, the Thule Chariot Cougar is available in single and double child carrier – appropriately named Cougar 1 and Cougar 2. Both have the same quality built and feature. My preference though is the Cougar 2, even for parents currently caring for one kid.  It offers more space for your child,  and is great for taking pet along too on a stroll, or your child best friend as companion on day out biking and hiking with the carrier.

The carrier can be purchased in a choice of two appealing colors – red and avocado.

Though Chariot Cougar 2 is more spacious than the single child carrier, the Cougar 1 load capacity is quite impressive – 75lbs compared with Cougar 2 100 lbs total load capacity. In many brands, as you may have observed, the load capacity of single version of a stroller are usually half that of the double carrier.

The images below show a good comparison of Chariot Cougar 1 and the Cougar 2 side by side. Differences between the child carriers are only in dimensions and price.

Chariot Cougar 1 Chassis Bundled with Strolling Kit. Up To 1 Child - AvocadoChariot Cougar 1 Chassis Bundled with Strolling Kit Up To 1 Child – AvocadopriceChariot Cougar 2 Chassis Bundled with Strolling Kit Up To 2 Children - RedChariot Cougar 2 Chassis Bundled with Strolling Kit. Up To 2 Children – Redprice

Thule’s Limited Lifetime Warranty on Chariot Cougar

A lifetime warranty is what you get on the frame of the Cougar 2. Thule Child Transport Systems Ltd, the company that makes the child carrier guarantees that the frame is free of any manufacturing defect for the lifetime of the product.

The fabric and hitch are however warranted for one year, from the date of purchase to the original purchaser. The warranty does not include wheels and tires which are subject to normal wear, or damages caused by misuse of the child carrier.

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What Parents Say About Chariot Cougar Child Carrier

As I was researching this review, one thing that stood out is the excitement in the feedbacks and comments from parents who have used the Chariot Cougar 2.  They come back online to rave about the sleek design, quality construction, and ease of conversion from mode to the other and much more.

It was averaging 4.4 out of 5 Stars in online customer satisfaction reviews at this time, and I have no doubt this will keep increasing as more parents buy the all-in- one stroller, jogger, bike trailer, hiking and cross-country skiing child carrier.

Here are some examples of how active moms and dads have described the Thule Cougar 2:

It rides like a dream, one excited mom commented, turns tight corners beautifully and navigates hills, she added.

It is easy to run, jog or walk with, a dad remarked, and my kids love the cozy cockpit he finished with.

A truly high-end stroller, another parent observed, and worth every cent.

And this is one of my favorite comments from a parent – Walking, Running, Biking, the Cougar 2 does it all. Biking is a breeze and hauls my two boisterous kids and all their stuff with ease

 4.4 Out of 5 Stars Customer Satisfaction Rating – Chariot Cougar 2

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How Much Should You Pay for a Chariot Cougar 2?

Reputable online stores are where to get good deals on Chariot Cougar child carriers. But don’t expect huge discounts, if any indeed. Chariot child carriers are rated highly for their quality built and so well sought after by parents who can afford them.

They are not cheap, but with so much transformation and many uses for a growing family, it works out very good value over the life of the child carrier.

At the time of writing this review, most online sites, including Amazon, sell the Chariot Cougar 2 bundled with the strolling kit for about $749.95. Amazon however, offer free shipping and no quibble return policy, plus the benefit of great customer service.

The Cougar 2 chassis, without the strolling kit will cost about $685.00. Considering that the strolling kit generally cost about $74.95, it works out slightly cheaper to buy the Chariot Cougar bundle with the strolling kit. Later releases of the carrier include the stroller kit in the box.

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What’s Included in the Box?

If you purchase from Amazon, you will get the following in the Chariot Cougar 2 box:

  • Chariot Cougar 2 chassis
  • Adjustable Height Handlebar
  • 2 – 20″ Aluminum wheels
  • 2 in 1 weather cover
  • Accessory Cross Bar
  • Strolling kit with two 6”castor wheels

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Any Complaints About the Cougar 2?

Chariot Cougar in Trailer Mode with Safety FlagWith such a high customer satisfaction score, it is no surprise that price is what parents complained most about the Cougar child carrier.  It is pricey, and you have to buy the conversion kits separately, which adds even more to the cost. But once purchased, parents who can afford it are very pleased with the quality and performance.

Some parents are also concerned that it is bulky and may not go through normal size door.  They need not worry, the double Cougar can go through standard doors, and with the highly maneuverable stroller swivel wheels, positioning and pushing the Chariot Cougar 2 through narrow paths is smooth and easy.

The space required to fit the bike trailer in the trunk of cars is another concern for parents. Though double strollers can be notoriously bulky, the Cougar 2 can be folded into a size that fits into the trunk of medium size family cars, and still leave space to spare.  Watch the video review to see this in action.

Pros and Cons


  • Sleek and intelligently designed so it seamlessly converts from one mode to the other – and tools are not needed.
  • Sturdy construction that is durable and will last in a growing family.
  • It is an all-terrain, go anywhere bike trailer, jogger and stroller that is easy to push on grass, gravel, tarmac, or uneven dirt trails when you go cross country hiking with the carrier.
  • Very easy to turn at corners with the stroller kit
  • Adjustable handlebar allows parents of different heights to either raise or lower the handle to a comfortable pushing level.
  • The seats are well padded, comfortable and designed to give children their separate space in the cockpit.
  • The cabin is well ventilated and temperature inside can be controlled to suit your kids by partial or full window venting.


  • It is high-end all-in-one bike trailer, and some parents may find it expensive and not within their budget.
  • The conversion kits are sold separately, unless you buy the Sports and later versions bundled with the stroller kits only.

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Chariot Cougar 2 in Another Video Review!

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Conclusion and My Recommendation

I will say it again, the Chariot Cougar 2 is elegant, sleek and sturdily constructed, with key Thule technologies like the VersaWing™ and ezClick™ systems that allow for quick and easy transformation from one mode to the other, it is an ideal all round multi activities child carrier for the growing family that love active outdoor lifestyle.

Instead of owning a collection of child carriers, each serving different need, the optional conversion kits changes the Cougar 2 to most family requirements for a child transport system.

It converts to regular swivel wheel stroller for popping out to the malls, or walking the neighborhood, changes to a running or jogging stroller to keep up with your fitness plan, and transforms to a supremely comfortable bike trailer when you need one to haul the kids around. And don’t forget you can also go cross country hiking or skiing with the rugged chassis on wheels or ski. You will not get so much transformations and uses with other equally good convertible child carriers like the Croozer Kid Bike Trailer.

Some parents may find the Chariot Cougar 2 expensive, but it works out as good value for money, over the time your kids will need a child carrier.

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This could be the only child carrier a growing family will ever need to purchase to serve all family outdoor activities with the kids.

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Thule Chariot Cougar Conversion Kits

Thule child carriers are designed for maximum flexibility and performance, and the Cougar 2 is no exception. The design offers parents the ability to adapter the carrier to different family activities with the appropriate conversion kits.

You only need to buy the Cougar Chassis, which now include the stroller kits from the 2014 Sports series, and add any of the other three optional conversion kits below when and if you need them.  This eliminates the need to buy several child strollers, each dedicated to specific need.

There are four conversion kits available to transform the Chariot Cougar Chassis for different family child carrier needs.

Chariot Cougar Strolling Kit

Thule Chariot Strolling KitThe stroller kit is included in the later release of the Cougar 2, and if you decide to purchase from Amazon, it is included in the box. The kit consist of two 8 inch castor wheels that swivels 360 degrees, which makes the carrier nimble and effortless to push around tight corners and crowded places.

The kit inserts easily in the underside of the VersaWing™ Bracket without using any tool. When you are using the carrier in jogger mode, the stroller kit can be stored inverted on the upper side of the VersaWing™ – keeping it within easy reach if you decide to change the Chariot Cougar back to a stroller on the go.

The Click n’ Store™  brackets on the Chariot Cougar also allow the jogging and bike trailer kits to be stored on the carrier when they are not in use.

The strolling kit will cost you about $75 extra if you have to buy it separately. Apart from the Cougar 1 and 2, it can also be used for Cheetah 1 and 2, CX 1 and 2, Corsaire 1 and 2, Cabriolet range of Thule Child carriers.

Thule Chariot Cougar 2 Jogging Kit

Thule Cougar 2 Jogging KitIf you are a keen jogger like me, the Jogging kit should be top of your list of conversion kits for the Cougar 2. This is all you need to transform a Thule child carrier into a high performance, rugged all-terrain, fixed wheel jogging or running stroller.

It includes two ezClick™ Aluminum jogging arms and one 16 inch quick release wheel.

Again, the installation of the jogging kit is easy and simple without the need for any tool.  The wheel is locked in position, providing steady ride and tracks well on straight lines as a high performing fixed wheel jogging stroller.

The jogging kit is sold separately as optional kit so parents do not have to buy it, if they do not jog. It was selling for about $99.95 with free shipping on Amazon when I was writing this review. 

Thule Cougar 2 Bicycle Trailer Kit

Parents that cycle a lot and enjoy the outdoors and countryside cycling with the family definitely need the Chariot Cougar 2 Bike Trailer kit. You will also need it, if you are looking for an environmentally friendly and easy mode of transporting your kids around town.  The Chariot Cougar 2 Bike Trailer kit comes complete with all that is required to tow the child carrier with your children comfortably cocooned inside.

Thule Chariot Cougar Bicycle Trailer KitThe kit include the following items in the box:

  • A Lightweight Aluminum Hitch Arm
  •  An Axle Mount ezHitch™
  • Quick Release Skewer
  • Hitch Cup
  •  Safety Flag
  • Reflector Kit
  • A Backup Strap
  •  Protection Sleeve and Light attachment bracket

Thule patented ezHitch™ technology like all others used in the child carrier, is thoughtfully designed to make it easy and fast to hooked the carrier securely to your bike, and ready to go in quick time.

Parents can be reassured with the safety features that are industry approved, and that occupants of the trailer are well protected while riding along with other road users.

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High visibility of the chassis on the road is an important safety factor, and I would remind parents again to use the safety flag and reflector kits provided when using the Cougar 2 in Bike Trailer mode.

You should expect to pay about $79.95 for the Bike Trailer conversion kit, and if you buy from Amazon, you will enjoy free shipping. You may even be lucky to grab the kit cheaper on one of Amazon’s regular discounted deals. 

Cross Country Skiing and Hiking Kit for Chariot Cougar 2

Thule Cross Country Skiing and Hiking KitThis is the ultimate conversion kit for families that really take active lifestyle to another level.  Cross country Skiing and hiking may not be for every parents, but I can see a place for this conversion kit for parents that love family Ski holidays, and do more demanding sports and exercise than jogging.

The Thule Hiking and Skiing kit convert the Cougar 2 child carrier to cross-country Ski pulk, or carrier on wheels that can be pulled behind you.

The kit includes:

  • Two Lightweight Skis
  •  Two Telescoping Aluminum Tow Bars
  •  Padded Waist Belt with Bottle Holder and Locking Pin

The kit is easy and simple to install, and the length of the tow bars are adjustable to achieve the most comfortable pulling position.

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Chariot Cougar 2 Accessories

Thule has an assortment of optional accessories that increase convenience, comfort and ease of use that are bonus benefits to what you get with your normal purchase of a Chariot Cougar.

I would recommend that the first accessory you buy is the conversion kits for the Cougar 2 that would allow changing the carrier to the various modes that meet your family needs, and then look at adding other accessories those I have reviewed below.  They enhance comfort and enjoyment of the child carrier.

Thule Chariot Cougar 2 Jogging Brake Kit

Thule Chariot Jogging Brake KitIf I have my way, every jogging stroller must have hand operated break, as it offers more convenient control of a baby jogger, especially when going down slopes.

Lack of hand operated brake on the Chariot Cougar 2 is something I immediately observed while checking out key features I love to see on jogging or running strollers.

This missing feature can however be remedied with the Chariot Cougar Jogging Brake kit.  It is easily installed on the carrier, and provides braking control while using the carrier in jogging mode, particularly over steep terrains.

Thule Chariot Jogging Brake kit will cost you about $99.95 with free shipping if purchased from reputable online stores like Amazon.

Thule Infant Sling

Thule child carriers are recommended for children from the age at which they are able to seat in the carrier and hold their heads upright unsupported.  You will find that this is manufacturers’ general recommendation for strollers and child carriers. Parents are advised to use compatible infant car seats on strollers for children younger than this age – which is about 6 months for most babies.

Thule Infant SlingThule Infant Sling provides some function for newborns and younger babies on the Chariot Cougar 2 as an Infant car seat.  It is recommended for babies from 1 to 10 months old.

The sling is well padded to provide lateral support and maximum stability for babies on the child carrier. The hammock-like design gives babies at this age a very comfortable reclined position when riding on the Cougar 2.

It is an accessory you should consider buying, if you have a child under 10 months old.

Thule Infant Sling cost about $89.95 with free shipping on Amazon at the time of this review.  It includes all the mounting fixtures required.

Thule Baby Supporter

Thule Chariot Cougar Baby SupporterThe Thule Baby Support is recommended for children from 6 -18 months.  The sides are padded to provide adequate head support for younger babies as they grow and learn how to hold their head upright.

It can be used when your child has outgrown the Thule Baby Sling, or in combination with the sling.

The head support can be removed so your child can wear helmet while riding in the Chariot Cougar 2. It is also adjustable to provide comfortable support as a child grows.

Thule baby Supporter costs about $49.95 with free shipping if you purchase from reputable online store like Amazon. 

Thule Console 2

Parent Console is a very useful accessory I always recommend to have on a stroller that does not come with the console included. Fixed close to the handlebar, Thule Console 2 provides additional storage that is conveniently located on the Chariot Cougar 2 for parents.

Thule Console 2 Child CarrierThule Stroller Console 2 comes with zippered pocket to hold your personal stuff securely, and built-in cup holders to keep your drinks handy when you need to re-hydrate while on a long jog or run with the child carrier. The pocket is spacious enough to hold your phone, wallet, keys, sunglasses, and any other stuff you don’t want to lose on a jogging run.

The fabric is made from heavy-duty material that is hard to wear, and the stitching very neat. There is a headphone port included in the design.

You will need the Thule Console 1, if you purchased Chariot Cougar 1 carrier for one child.

Thule Console 2 will cost you about $49.95, but it is an accessory that is worth having on a Chariot Cougar child carrier.

Chariot Carriers Touring Storage Cover 2

Chariot Child Carriers Storage Cover 2Thule Chariot Carriers are not cheap to purchase compared with other less performance all-in-one Bike Trailers.  So when you invest in one, it makes sense to protect it from the elements at much as possible, which helps to extend the life of the carrier.

The Chariot Carrier Storage Cover 2 is designed to fit the double carrier, protecting it from dust and dirt when it is storage or not being used. The cover is made of durable fabric, but it is not fully wind and water proof and you should still keep the carrier away from the elements.

The cover differs in size for each carrier, and the Cover 2 is the one to pick if you would like to invest in this accessory.

Chariot Carrier storage cover 2 has a list price of $69.95, but I have seen it on Amazon promotions for about $44.98 with free shipping.

Thule Child Carrier Rain Cover – Cougar 2

Thule Cougar/CX1 Child Carrier Rain CoverThe weather and storage cover for Chariot Cougar Bike Trailer are not fully rain proof, and not designed to protect you against heavy down pours when you are out with the kids in the carrier.

What you need is this Thule rain cover for Chariot Cougar.  It is completely rain proof and clear to give the occupant maximum visibility from inside the carrier.

The cover is easy to install and has a custom fitting for the Cougar 2. It will also fit the CX 2 Adventurer from the 2009 release.

Rain cover is an essential accessory for strollers and child carriers, and I highly recommend having one, as you do not want to the caught out with your child unprotected in heavy down rains.

It has a list price of $56.96, but Amazon has 30% discount on the Cougar 2 rain cover at the time I was researching this review. You may want to check the price today.

Thule Hydration Cage

Thule Chariot Cougar Hydration CageThe Thule Hydration Cage allows you the convenience of having your water bottle within your reach, attached to the handlebar of the Chariot Cougar child carrier.

You may not need this accessory, if you have opted to buy the parent console, which includes bottle holders and additional storage. My preference is the Thule Console. It provides more use, and the price is not too far from what you would spend for a Hydration Cage.

The Cage is simple and easy to install, and will cost you about $19.95 with free shipping if you buy from Amazon and choose the Super Saver delivery option.

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If you have any questions, please leave a comment below and I will reply. And if you have any other thoughts to share about this review, your comments are welcome.


  1. Courtney says:

    I have the cougar 2 and LOVE this stroller for many reasons. I use it for jogging with my 2 yr old and 6mo old (with the baby sling attachment). Both kids love the ride. It is a large stroller, and it does NOT fit through standard doors, but if you are looking to be doing outdoorsy things, and really running, this is by far the way to go. We have even taken it to the zoo, and can get through double doors.

    My complaint- Once you collapse the stroller, there is no locking mechanism to allow you to lift it in one piece to get into your car. If you try to pull the handle bar (like EVERY OTHER stroller out there) it just ends up expanding out again. I am not super strong, so I need to be able to use leverage and this definitely doesn’t allow for this. Am I missing something??
    At this point, I’m considering a DIY strap to hold it all together so you can lift it without it trying to expand.

    • Jeff Adam says:

      Hi Courtney,

      A very good observation. A locking device to secure the Chassis when folded is lacking in the design of the Chariot Cougar. Though the patented EzFold makes it easy to fold the carrier, it does not lock it in place – folded. A DIY strap is really not a bad idea.

      Again, here is a demo of how to fold and unfold the Chariot Cougar. Locking the Chassis when folded is clearly missing. I will certainly suggest such an improvement to Thule.

      Still a fantastic, and rugged multi-activity child carrier though.


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