Bumbleride Indie Baby Stroller Review

Bumbleride Indie Baby StrollerThere are many factors to consider when choosing what stroller to get for your child. One of these factors is your child’s growth. Infants have a specific need when riding strollers, which you no longer need as they get bigger.

So why not choose a stroller like the Bumbleride Indie Baby Stroller that your child can grow with? This saves you money as you will only need one stroller all through your baby’s growth. It converts to travel system with infant car seats so can be used for newborns.

The Bumbleride Indie Baby Stroller is pack full of comfort, safety feature, and accessories for kids and their parents. It is available as a single and twin double baby jogging stroller.

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Key Features of  Bumbleride Indie Baby Stroller

Parents love these features on the jogging stroller:

  • Lightweight – Jogger strollers are usually heavy by design. But the Bumbleride Indie Baby Stroller is not. In fact, it can do everything a regular jogger stroller can, but without the added weight. It is one of the lightest jogger stroller in the market at 22 lbs.
  • Bumbleride Indie Baby Stroller with Infant Car SeatSteel frame – Part of what makes the Bumbleride Indie standout is its steel frame. It is both durable and lightweight; two characteristics of a stroller frame that parents will surely love.
  • Comfortable Interior – The stroller’s interior is fully cushioned and is 50% made of bamboo fabric, which is temperature regulating; making it all the more ideal for a child.
  • Peek-a-boo window – The stroller comes with a peek-a-boo window for when the canopy is pulled down. This makes it easier to let you keep an eye on your child as you push along.
  • Large Cabin – The cabin is spacious and can be pushed back to recline so your child can take a quick snooze during their ride in comfort.
  • Adjustable Handlebars – No matter what height you are, you can always push the Bumbleride Indie with ease thanks to its adjustable handlebars that can cater to any height with ease.
  • Footrest – The stroller comes with an adjustable footrest that can go up if you want to attach a car seat for your infant, or push it down if your toddler will be riding.
  • Large Storage space – Underneath the cabin is a large storage bin that can easily accommodate all your belongings and more.
  • Recycled Fabrics – Bumbleride is doing their part to save the Earth by creating the Indie Baby Stroller with recycled plastics and fabrics.
  • 3 year warranty and lifetime customer care – Bumbleride cares for their customers, which is why they offer this product with a 3 year warranty together with lifetime customer care.

Bumbleride Indie Baby Stroller in Single and Twin Double Stroller.

Bumbleride Indie Stroller in Camp GreenBumbleride Indie Stroller in Camp GreenpriceBumbleride 2016 Indie Twin Stroller in Maritime BlueBumbleride Indie Twin Stroller in Blueprice

Safety and Comfort Features

  • Locking front wheel – Want to go for a run? Take your child with you on the Bumbleride Indie! The front wheel easily locks in place, making it easier to maneuver and push as you run.
  • 5 Point Harness – As is standard with most strollers, the Bumbleride Indie comes with a 5 point harness that ensures that your child stays in place during the ride.
  • Full Suspension – Your child can easily nap through your ride without feeling anything as the stroller comes with a full suspension that easily absorbs any shock.
  • 12” air-filled tires – Never let your child feel the bumps on the road with the Bumbleride’s air-filled tires that easily go over most terrains with ease.
  • Foot Brakes – the footbrake on the Bumbleride Indie is easy to use. It’s a single bar across the two back tires. Simply push it down to lock it in place, and pull it up when you want to unlock it.
  • Large Canopy – The stroller’s canopy pulls all the way down to prevent sunlight from hurting your child’s eyes and from sunburn.
  • Easy Folding – After a long day of riding and running, the stroller folds up easily and you can be on your way in just a matter of seconds.

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Available Styles

One of the reasons parents love Bumbleride is their style. Their strollers always come in a variety of colors, much to the delight of parents. You can now choose from the available designs below. The Bumbleride Indie stroller is also available in single and twin jogging stroller for families with more than one kid of stroller age.

      • Camp Green
      • Dawn Grey
      • Maritime Blue
      • Matte Black
      • Red Sand
      • Silver Black
      • Tourmaline

Bumbleride Indie Baby Stroller in 3 colors. More colors available

Bumbleride Indie Baby Stroller Silver BlackBumbleride Indie Baby Stroller Silver BlackpriceBumbleride Indie Baby Stroller Dawn GreyBumbleride Indie Baby Stroller Dawn GreypriceBumbleride 2016 Indie Stroller in Camp GreenBumbleride 2016 Indie Stroller in Camp Greenprice

 Whatever your family’s style, Bumbleride is sure to have one that best suits your need.

Size and Capacity

The Bumbleride Indie Baby Stroller has a maximum weight capacity of 55lbs. This makes it the ideal stroller from infancy to toddler. Here are the additional specifications of the stroller:

  • Weight: 22 lbs. (9.9 kgs.)
  • Capacity: 55 lbs. (24.9 kgs.)
  • Standing/Unfolded: 37″L x 24.5″W x 26.5″-45.5″H (94cm L x 62cm W x 67-116cm H)
  • Folded: 32″L x 19″W x 11.5″H (81cm L x 48cm W x 29cm H)

How much should you pay?

Having all these features come with a price, though. The Bumbleride Indie Baby Stroller is a bit pricier than other jogger strollers.  Manufacturer recommended retails price for the single stroller is $529.00 – $559.00, depending on the color; and the Twin Double Indie Baby Stroller is recommended for sale at $739.00 – $789.00, depending again on the color of the stroller.

You can however buy the stroller a cheaper if you shop smartly online with free shipping thrown in. Online shops offer the best deals, and if you like saving money when you buy stuffs, I recommend buy the stroller from reputable online stores.

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    • Customers who have been using the Bumbleride Indie Stroller for their children has given nothing but praise for the stroller. Some with small cars are however concern about the bulk of the stroller when folded.  I will add that this is common for jogging strollers.

The Bumbleride Indie is a great all-terrain stroller, if you however have a car with small trunk, this can be a concern when travelling with the stroller.  It can take up quite a bit of space in the trunk of a small car, as you will find with most jogging strollers.

With that said, the Bumbleride Indie is a great stroller if trunk space is not a big issue for you, or you are not planning frequent cat travels with the stroller.

Video Review of Bumbleride Indie Baby Stroller


With a 3 year warranty, top quality material and user friendly, the Bumbleride Indie Baby Stroller is clearly one of the best options for your child’s ride. Some parents will find it pricey, but the stroller is superbly designed, sleek, eye catchy, infant car seat compatible and worth every dollar in my opinion.

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