BOB Stroller Accessories

BOB Stroller AccessoriesYou don’t need to buy any of the BOB stroller accessories to enjoy the range of BOB jogging strollers with your baby or toddler.

The accessories can however, add additional features to a BOB stroller that will benefit the occupants, and make the stroller more convenient for parents to push, transport or put in storage.

Many of the BOB stroller accessories like Travel Bag, Child’s Snack Tray, Parent Handlebar Console, and Weather Shield are more universal, and can be used across wider models of BOB strollers.  Accessories like the BOB Infant Car Seat Adapters, on the other hand are more restrictive, and can only be used on specific strollers and matching Infant Car Seats.

The Child’s Snack Tray is my #1 accessory on a BOB stroller. It delivers immediate benefit for your child, providing a space to place snacks, and has compartment for drink bottles within easy reach of children.

If you leave in a state where it rains a lot, it makes sense to purchase the Weather Shield that will protect your baby or toddler from heavy down pours, which can be unexpected, and often catch parents unprepared.

Car Seat Adapters for BOB Strollers

BOB Stroller Accessories - Infant Car Seat AdapterThe car seat adapters for BOB jogging strollers are made for individual brands and models of Infant Car Seats. Though they can be used on different models of BOB jogging strollers, the adapters are not universal for Infant Car Seats.

A Britax Adapter can only be used for Britax Infant Car Seats, and there are different adapters for the Graco, Chicco, and Peg Perego infant car seats

The adapters are also different for the single and double BOB strollers.  I strongly advise to check BOB Infant Car Seats Compatible table to find out the which adapter model will match your choice of Infant Car Seat.

The price of BOB Infant Car Seat Adapter vary, depending on which model of Car Seat or whether you are buying it for a single or the BOB Duallie double stroller.

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Expect to pay about $40 for the single stroller and $80 for a double stroller Car Seat Adapter


  • Converts BOB Strollers to travel systems suitable for carrying babies from birth
  • Easy to fit to BOB strollers
  • Some adapters folder with the stroller


  • The adapters are not universal, so parents find it difficult to understand the right Infant Car Seat Adapter for their BOB stroller.

Child’s Snack Tray

BOB Stroller Accessories - Snack TrayThe snack tray, without a doubt is my favorite accessory for BOB strollers.  It is a pity though that parents have to buy it separately. You will find that Snack Trays are standard feature on some other brands of quality jogging strollers.

The Snack Tray provides a convenient space within easy reach of your child to place snacks and sippy cups with drink to keep your child occupied and happy, particularly when you take your kid out on a long stroll, or your keep fit jogging routine.

It inserts into the accessory adapter feature on BOB strollers, and is easily removed to fold the stroller.

The Snack Tray works with only BOB strollers, and there are different models for the BOB single and Duallie double strollers.

Snack Tray for the single stroller has a list price of $30 dollars, but you can generally purchase it for about $25.

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The BOB Duallie Snack Tray has a list price of $50.  I would however pay only about $40 for it as there are great deals on the Snack Trays.

Both Snack Trays have customer satisfaction rating of over 4 out of 5 star, and with far more reviews than any other BOB jogging stroller accessories.


  • Easy to fit to on BOB strollers
  • Keep snack and drinks within easy reach of your child
  • Easy to wipe-clean after use


  • Some parents think it is expensive, especially when it is provided on some other brands at of jogging strollers as standard feature.

BOB Handlebar Console

BOB Stroller Accessories - Handlebar ConsoleThe BOB handlebar Console provides similar function for the parent as the Snack Tray does for the child. Fitted on the handlebar, it is the accessory parents need on a BOB stroller to hold their drink within easy reach.

The console has two storage bottle holders and a secure centre storage pocket to keep items like your keys, phones or media player.

This parent stroller handlebar organizer is available for the single and double BOB strollers.

The accessory has a list price of $25 for the single stroller console. You can however buy it for about $20 on discounted sales.  The double console has a price tag of $30, but you will be able to get it for about $23 from online shops. Both versions of BOB Handlebar accessories are regularly sold at reduced prices.

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  • Great stroller organizer for every parents – whether you are a keen jogger, runner or just taking a walk with BOB strollers.
  • Good value for money and complements the Snack Tray on BOB strollers
  • It is water and stain resistant


  • It is made of polyester, and so not rigid as some parents would like it to be on a stroller.

BOB Stroller Travel Bag (Single Models Only)

BOB Stroller Accessories - Travel BagThis travel bag is specially designed by BOB to fit all its single strollers. Sorry if you have a double, I am yet to find a good travel bag for BOB double jogging strollers that I would be happy to recommend.  Let me know if you find a good one.

Unlike the scarcity of good travel bags for the BOG Duallie strollers, there are cheaper alternative for the single strollers like the JL Childress Standard Universal travel bag, and I am quite happy to recommend it – if you find the BOB stroller travel bag expensive.

Made by BOB, the huge advantage the stroller bag has over any other is that it will fit your single BOB stroller seamlessly. Fold the stroller, remove the wheels and pack all inside the travel bag.

The travel bag measures 19″x10″x35″ and is made with durable material that is soft and gentle on your stroller, and so will help it last longer.

The bag has roller wheels which makes it easy to turn and transport your BOB single strollers. It also has a handle, and a shoulder strap that allows parents a choice of how they want to carry it.

A stroller bag is the ideal accessories for parents that travel frequently with their BOB strollers.

This bag has a list price of $109, but I have found it being sold for $87 with free shipping, so check the price today. And remember the JL Childress Stroller Travel bag though not of same quality and features, is far cheaper at about $30.

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If you are buying the BOB Duallie double seater, this travel bag will not work for you, and I am yet to find a good alternative I can recommend.


  • Makes BOB strollers convenient and easy to transport
  • BOB stroller accessory that fits all BOB single strollers


  • Does not fit the BOB Duallie double strollers

Warm Fuzzy BOB Stroller Accessory

BOB Stroller Accessories - Warm FuzzyThis is a padded fleece seat liner inset that can be used on the BOB strollers to keep the occupant warm and cozy in cold weather.  It is available for the single and double stroller.

Many parents love the Warm Fuzzy and have rated it 4.5 out 5 Stars for customer satisfaction.  A few parents think it is just a fleece that will cost you about $49, and think they can find cheaper fleece that will do the same job of keeping your baby warm and comfortable on the a stroller.

I may consider buying the Warm Fuzzy, if I reside in any of the states that get really cold, otherwise, I will probably pass on this accessory.

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Bob Warm Fuzzy has been retired and may no longer be available to buy but this Outdoor Waterproof Baby Infant Universal Stroller Sleeping Bag is a great alternative. The links has been updated to take you to the Universal Stroller Warm Sleeping Bag.


  • Buy this BOB stroller accessory if you most, it will keep your baby warm and comfortable
  • Easy to fit


  • Expensive for a fleece, at least so some parents think
  • It can shift about on the seat if not properly fitted

Weather Shield BOB Stroller Accessory

BOB Stroller Accessories - Weather ShieldThe Weather Shield is certainly one of the first BOB stroller accessory that should be on any parents shopping list.  The water and wind resistant PU coated nylon shell keeps your baby dry and warm, while the large clear Thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) water resistant window allows your child a full view of the surrounding.

The Weather Shield is easy to attach over BOB strollers, and the vents that are well located allow good air circulation inside the shield

The Weather Shield has a rating of about 4.3 out of 5 Stars for customer satisfactory, and will cost you about $55 dollars or much less with free shipping if you purchase at a discount from online retailers like Amazon.

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Don’t get caught out by rain, keep a weather shield tucked away on your BOB jogging stroller always.  Apart from the Snack Tray, this is a BOB stroller accessories you will probably use more than others.


  • Protects your baby from rain and wind, and keeps occupant warm and dry.
  • Has a large clear window for a child to view the world go by, and parents to see their baby


  • If residing in states where it can get really hot in the summer months, it can be very warm inside the weather shield, so kept the vents open.

The Sun Shield Accessory for BOB Strollers

BOB Stroller Accessories - Sun ShieldThe BOB Sun Shield is different from the Weather Shield.  The mesh screen is designed to protect your child from wind, flying insects and in particular, reduce the sun’s harmful ultraviolet UVA/UVB rays.

It can be used not only on the BOB Revolution strollers, it also fits the Stroller Strides and other BOB strollers.

The Sun Shield has a list price of $69.  But would you pay that if you can buy it significantly cheaper at over 40% discount with free shipping? Check today’s price.

Rated about 4 out of 5 Stars in customer satisfaction, most parents are very pleased with the Sun Shield.

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  • Great protection from flying insects and the wind
  • Reduces harmful effects of hash sun on your child’s tender skin


  • Though it is a mesh, it can get hot inside the Sun Shield, when use in very hot climate.
  • But unlike the Weather Shield, it has no Window for a better view of the surrounding.
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