BOB Sport Utility Single Stroller Review

BOB Sport Utility Single Stroller  The BOB Sport Utility Single Stroller delivers the ultimate off-road jogging or strolling experience for parents with active lifestyle.  The front fixed wheel with knobby tires tracks exceptionally well on straight lines and increases the stability of the stroller on rough terrains, while BOB’s unique adjustable suspension system provides a smooth ride for you and your baby.

The jogging stroller is constructed with tough light weight aluminium frame that is easy to fold for storage or travelling. Your baby will enjoy the richly padded seat that can be reclined in multiple positions to suit even when your child goes to sleep while you are enjoying a good run with the stroller.

Add the 5-point padded harness, ample storage for baby accessories and a sun canopy, and you have a BOB baby jogger that will take all you and your baby can throw at it.

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Table of Contents (Jump ahead!)BOB Sport Utility Single Stroller Features

How Easy to Fold & Carry

The high strength chrompoly and aluminium frame of BOB Sport Utility folds with an easy two stage mechanism that collapses the stroller to a compact size for storage, or travelling in cars with small trunks. Great features for busy parents and in fact for any parent that know how time wasting it can be when trying to fold or unfold a jogging stroller that is poorly designed.

BOB Sport Utility Single Stroller Price

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Baby Safety Features

Some of the exceptionally good safety features of the Bob Sport Utility stroller are not available in many jogging strollers in the same category.  Features like the front wheel calliper-type hand brake that provides additional control and assist in stopping the strolling.

When you are stationary, engage the foot operated rear brakes to secure the stroller in a parking position.  The adjustable 5 point harness is well padded to give your child a tight but comfortable fit.

Use the wrist strap to secure the stroller to either of your wrist preventing the stroller going AWOL with your baby if you trip or fall on those rough jogging trails.
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Baby Comfort Features While you Jog

BOB Sport Utility stroller has ultra-padded seat with large viewing window that can be reclined up to 70 degrees allowing for the most comfortable seating angle for your child, and for those times your baby will fall asleep on long jogging runs. The advanced suspension system travels up to 3 inches and can be adjusted for the varying weight of growing children, providing a smooth and comfortable ride on even the most rugged terrains.

And when the weather is too hash for the tender skin of your baby, use the multi position canopy to protect your baby from the elements. The canopy has a large viewing window to keep a close eye on your baby.

Storage space on the BOB Sport Utility is plentiful with a large under carriage basket that can take your bottles, snacks, diaper bags. In addition, there are two interior pockets and a large seat-back pocket that can hold additional stuff.

BOB Sport Utility Single Stroller Price

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Choice of Colors, Styles and Easy to Clean

The BOB Sport Utility stroller is a fixed wheel stroller that is available in both single and double side-by-side stroller for parents jogging with two children.  It can be purchased in orange or blue colors.

The seat fabric is durable, water repellent and stain resistant. The stroller seat is easily cleaned by sponging with lukewarm water and mild soap, then rinsing thoroughly. BOB, the manufacturer advised against using detergent to clean the seat.

The stroller can be used with all major infant car seat with the accessory adapter that allows you to attach a BOB Infant Car Seat Adapter, making the stroller safe for newborns.
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Size and weight

The jogger weighs 26 pounds and has the following measurements:

Unfolded Dimension:  50 “  L x 25”  W x 40” H (Handlebar Height)
Folded Dimension:     41.5” L x 25” W x 18” H (Wheels on)

BOB Sport Utility stroller is compact and folds into a smaller size of 13.5” in height with the easy to remove wheels taken off.
The baby jogger is recommended to carry babies from 8 weeks and has a maximum weight capacity of 70 pounds.

BOB advised carrying babies that are not yet able to hold their heads on their own without using additional head and neck support.  However, the stroller can be used with infant car seats that will make it suitable for newborns.
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Tires and Wheels Designed for Your Terrain?

BOB Sport Utility stroller is designed to provide parents and their children the most comfortable ride in rough terrains. It has three wide 16 inches wheels, one fixed wheel in front, and two at the rear. The wheel is made of high impact material with wide diameter pneumatic tires. The tires have a knobby surface that provides maximum traction when jogging or strolling.

The fixed front wheel provides better stability for jogging and running, and it can be adjusted to fine tune tracking on straight lines which stops the stroller from going in a different direction – a common complaint in many other strollers.
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Consumer Reviews BOB Sport Utility Single Stroller

The stroller is currently rated 4.8 out of 5 stars on Amazon by parents who have purchased and used it. BOB Sport Utility stroller has one of the highest consumer ratings you will find online, which is not so surprising given the great features available on the stroller. Here are how some parents have described the stroller:

Most parents agree that the fixed wheel makes the stroller run smoother and straighter when they are jogging or walking fast.

Parents also observed that it is not your everyday use stroller for the malls, because the fixed wheel by design does not turn corners easily like swivel wheel baby joggers.

BOB Sport Utility Single Stroller Price

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Pros and Cons

BOB Sport Utility stroller is a tough yet comfortable stroller that is designed to give parents ultimate jogging and running experience, while providing babies maximum comfort.  The suspension system is rugged and can tackle the roughest terrain; storage space is ample, and the baby safety features surpassed what is available in most other competing strollers.

The BOB Sport Utility is light weight, compact and is easy to fold for storage and travelling.

With 70 pound baby weight capacity, it is among compact jogging strollers with highest weight limit.
The first concern you may have with the stroller is the price.  At just under $400, you may find it expensive, but it is an investment worth the money if you can afford it as many parents have testified.

The second concern may be that it is not the everyday shopping stroller to the mall because of the fixed wheel that makes it less manoeuvrable in tight corners.
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Where Can You Get a Good Deal on BOB Sport Utility Single Stroller

If you want a good deal on the jogging stroller, head to Amazon. You can buy the stroller at the best price in Amazon’s daily promotions. As we write this review, the stroller is discounted for up to 24%. Be aware, Amazon’s prices are subject to change. And while you are there, why not shop with the Super Saver option and make further savings with free shipping to your address.

BOB Sport Utility Single Stroller Price

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Video Tips on How to Run with BOB Sport Utility!

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