Bob Revolution vs Baby Jogger Summit XC

Baby Jogger Summit XC has been discontinued and replaced with the Summit X3 single and double jogging strollers. We have updated links referring to Summit XC in this review and they will now direct you to more information on Baby Jogger Summit X3 jogging strollers.

Baby Jogger Summit X3 Single Stroller Black/GrayBaby Jogger Summit X3 Single Stroller Black/GraypriceBaby Jogger Summit X3 Double Stroller Black/GrayBaby Jogger Summit X3 Double Stroller Black/Grayprice 

Bob Revolution SE Single StrollerParents looking to buy top quality jogging strollers often compare the Bob Revolution vs the Baby Jogger Summit XC. Both jogging strollers are very popular with active parents because of the great features that make them very versatile and easy to use. They are both elegantly designed, rugged in construction and priced about the same.  Many of their features are similar, but some of their differences can be enough to make either the Bob or the Baby Jogger suitable for one parent, and yet not meet the needs of another parent.

To help active moms and dads make an informed buying decision, we have compared the Bob Revolution and the Baby Jogger Summit XC, looking at the benefits of their features, and highlighting areas where we think parents may get more out of the Bob or the Baby Jogger.

Update >>> Baby Jogger Summit X3 has replaced the XC and is available with remote front wheel which is lacking the XC and Bob Revolution. Though slightly more expensive, you may want to consider the X3 if you decide to buy a Baby Jogger.

Bob Revolution SE Features

The Bob Revolution SE is a swivel wheel all-terrain jogging stroller that is easily converted to a fixed front wheel jogger suitable for jogging and running. It is constructed with light weight aluminium frames that is rugged and folds into a compact size, making it easy to store, or carry for travelling.
The swivel front wheel of the Bob Revolution is great at turning tight corners in places like crowded neighborhood, or shopping malls.

Tires are pneumatic or air filled, and combined with a unique suspension system that can be adjusted for the varying weight of babies as they grow, the Bob Revolution provides a smooth ride over any terrain for parents and their babies.

The seat is richly padded for the comfort of your baby, and can be reclined in many positions. A 5-point safety harness provides secure seating for your child. The Bob Revolution is available in 4 pretty colors and can be purchased in a single of double jogging stroller.

What You Get with a Baby Jogger Summit XC

The Baby Jogger Summit XC is equally an all-terrain swivel wheel jogging stroller that converts to a fixed front wheelBaby Jogger Summit XC Single Stroller Styles stroller in the jogging mode. The tires are air filled, and independent suspension on each wheel provides a very smooth ride for baby and parents – whether you are out jogging, running, or walking your neighbourhood and shopping malls.

Baby Jogger XC folds into a small size in a single step with a unique quick fold design that is achieved with one hand.

The seat is comfortably padded, and children are secured with a 5-point adjustable safety harness.
It is a light weight stroller that is easily stored in the trunk of a small car when travelling, or in small spaces at home. Summit XC is available in a combination of two eye popping colors, but can only be purchased as a single jogging stroller.

Bob Revolution vs Baby Jogger Summit XC – The Similarities

You will find the following close similarities between the Bob Revolution and the Baby Jogger Summit XC:

  • Both jogging strollers have all-terrain swivel front will that is great in turning tight corners, and can be locked to convert to a fixed front wheel in a jogging or running mode.
  • The tires on the Revolution SE and Summit XC are large and pneumatic, with 16 inch wheel at the front, and 12 inch wheels at the rear, offering exceptional balance on both strollers.
  • The suspensions on both strollers provide a comfortable ride over bumps in rough terrains.
  • Easy to operate foot activated rear brakes that use used to secure the strollers when stationary.
  • The 5-point harness on both strollers are well padded and adjustable to provide a secure and comfortable fit for children.
  • The handlebars are non slip and comfortable to grip. They are at the right level to suitable for pushing the strollers, but they cannot be adjusted for different heights of parents.
  • Sun canopies on Bob Revolution and the Baby Jogger XC are large with peek through windows that allow parents to keep an eye on their babies.
  • Seats on both strollers are richly padded for baby comfort, and can be reclined to an angle suitable for those moments when your baby will fall asleep when you are jogging or strolling in the mall.
  • Storage is ample for toys, drinks, snacks or diaper bags for your baby.
  • The fabrics are water repellent are easy to clean with mild warm soapy water
Bob Revolution         Baby Jogger Summit X3
Bob Revolution Price Check Baby Jogger Summit XC Price Check

So What are the Differences – Bob Revolution vs Baby Jogger Summit XC

While there are many similarities between the Bob Revolution and Baby Jogger Summit XC, there are subtle differences and some significant enough to sway parents into buying one stroller and not the other:

  • The folding mechanism is one of the significant differences between the Bob Revolution and the Baby Jogger Summit XC. Folding the Bob is achieved in two steps, but the Baby Jogger can be folded in a single step by pulling up a handle with one hand while holding your baby with the other hand.
  • While the suspensions on both strollers provide smooth rides for babies, the suspension on the Bob can be adjusted to suit the varying weight of the occupant.
  • The front wheel alignment on the Bob Revolution can be adjusted and fine tuned to track better on straight trails, a feature that is useful when you find the stroller drifting to one side when jogging or running.
  • There is a handbrake on the Baby Jogger Summit XC that is lacking on the Bob Revolution. For keen joggers are runners, a hand brake offers additional control of the jogging stroller, particularly when going down a slope.
  • The size of the under carriage basket on both strollers are similar, but Bob Revolution storage baskets can be accessed more easily from the rear. Access to the Summit XC storage basket can be restrictive for large items because of the way it is nested.
  • Though both jogging strollers have the largest baby weight capacity you will find in strollers, Baby Jogger Summit XC can carry heavier toddlers and infants with a 75 pounds weight limit compared to the Bob Revolution’s limit of 70 pounds.
  • The profile is narrower on the Bob Revolution being 23” wide compared 27” of the Summit XC, and so can be pushed through small doors much easily.

Revolution SE vs Baby Jogger Summit XC Comparison Table – Key Features

Bob Revolution SE Baby Jogger Summit XC
List Price Under $500 Under $500
Stroller Weight 25 lbs 24.6 lbs
Baby Weight Capacity  70 lbs 75 lbs
Handlebar Height 40 inches 41 inches
5 Point Harness Yes Yes
Wheel Size 12 in Front & 16″ at Rear        12 in Front & 16″ at Rear
Wheel type Lockable Swivel front  wheel Lockable Swivel front  wheel
Adjustable Suspension Yes No
Infant Car Seat Compatible   Yes – with many brands Yes – with Chicco car seat


Why Buy the Bob Revolution or the Baby Jogger Summit XC?

We have seen that the Bob Revolution and Baby Jogger Summit XC are similar in many areas, and both priced at just under $400, and loved by parents in equal measures, it can be a struggle to decide on which one of the jogging stroller to buy.

However, if you are a keen jogger or runner, the handbrake on the Summit XC provides better control when going down hills, and the independent suspension on each wheel will absorb more shocks over rough terrains and when you go over bumps.

The Bob Revolution with the narrower profile will suits parents that want an all-terrain jogging stroller which is also easy manoeuvre in crowded places like malls, and can be push through narrow doors and aisles.

Both jogging strollers are sleek looking, rugged, and durable with a lot of features parents and their children will enjoy. They are equally liked and highly recommended by parents that have used them. If I were to buy one, my decision on the Bob Revolution , or the Baby Jogger Summit XC will come down to my need as a parent who like to jog and run with my kid, and so will prefer the Baby jogger for its independent suspensions and handbrake.

Priced at about $50 more than the XC, the Summit X3 is a stroller I would purchase if buying one today. It has more features than the Summit XC, and there is that chance anyway that an older model of any product may be discontinued. 

For a keen jogger that decides otherwise, you may not enjoy the unique features available on the Baby Jogger, the  Bob Revolution will still be a good choice because both strollers are really amongst the best quality jogging strollers available.

The solid construction of the Baby Jogger and the Bob will serve you well whichever one you decide to buy.

Bob Revolution         Baby Jogger Summit X3
Bob Revolution Price Check Baby Jogger Summit XC Price Check
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