Bob Revolution SE vs Ironman Compared

BOB Revolution SE Single Stroller

BOB Revolution SE Single Stroller

Parents carefully ponder which jogging stroller is better for their need when considering whether to buy the BOB Revolution SE, or the Ironman. Researching their features still leave many active jogger moms and dads confused about which stroller to purchase. And this is not surprising because the Revolution SE and Ironman are two robust and well constructed strollers from BOB, and parents that have used them are equally very satisfied with their performance.

However, while the Revolution SE is a swivel front wheel jogger that turns very easily at corners, and can be locked forward for jogging, the BOB Ironman on the other hand has a fixed front that is bigger, tracks better on straight lines, and is more stable for running on rough tracks, bumpy trails or gravel surfaces.

The Ironman is a jogger stroller designed for serious runners, those that do long distances or train for marathons while looking after a child. It is less manoeuvrable though at corners, at crowded sidewalks or shopping malls. Turning a fixed front wheel jogging stroller like the Ironman requires slightly lifting the front wheel, then turning the stroller on its rear wheels, almost like doing a wheelie on a bike!

It takes a bit to get used to manoeuvring a fixed wheel jogger, but most parents master the turning trick pretty quick.

BOB Ironman Single Stroller

BOB Ironman Single Stroller

Jogging strollers without a fixed front have a risk of veering off the track if there is a big kick from running over an obstacle, BOB Ironman do not suffer from this problem, which is why keen runners prefer it over the Revolution SE.

The BOB Revolution SE is a more versatile jogging stroller, and for that reason, it is more popular with parents. The smaller and swivel front wheel makes the Revolution SE much easier to turn at corners, and parents love how easily the stroller twists around crowds on sidewalks, malls, parks or the beach. The front wheel of the Revolution can be locked in the forward position for jogging.

Because it is a rugged and well built jogging stroller, you will find parents that admit using the Revolution SE for running. It is really not recommended for serious running. For the same reason that the locks of swivel strollers are not as rigid as on fixed wheels, they are more likely to suffer from failures when subjected to more extreme conditions on rough and uneven running trails – which a jogging stroller may not be designed for.

BOB Revolution SE BOB Ironman
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The Similarities and Benefits – ┬áRevolution SE vs Ironman

BOB Revolution SE and the Ironman are for two distinct type of parents, those that want a stroller mainly for walks, daily errands and jogging; and parents that are keen runners and prefer a rugged stroller they can trust with regular fast paced runs, and long distances in all terrains. You will however find that apart from some key differences I will highlight, majority of the features on both strollers are exactly the same, or very similar.

All-terrain Capability – Both strollers feature a three wheel design with rugged lightweight frame construction, and air filled tires that are suitable for strolling and jogging in any terrain

Easy Fold – The frame of Revolution SE and Ironman folds easily in two-step into small size that is convenient to carry in the trunk of a car, or put away for storage.

Stroller Safety – A padded 5-point safety harness is available on the strollers to secure your child, a parking brake you are advised to use whenever the strollers are stationary, and a wrist strap that parents should also use to stop the jogger rolling away with their baby baby if they trip or fall while jogging.

Baby Weight Capacity – The single stroller of both strollers will carry the weight of a baby up to 70 lbs/31.75 kg. The weight limit includes other contents you may carry on the strollers. The Revolution SE and Ironman Duallie (Double) strollers have a weight limit of 100 lbs/45.4 kg. The heavy load capacity of both strollers make them very suitable for big kids and infants.

Tires for All Terrains – The strollers are equipped with pneumatic or air filled tires that requires little effort to push as they roll very easily on any surface.

BOB Revolution SE Duallie Stroller
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BOB Handlebar Console For Single Strollers - Black
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BOB ST1016 Ironman Duallie with Diaper Bag - Yellow
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Adjustable Suspensions – BOB unique coil spring shock absorbers with elastomer core provide 3 inches of wheel travel on Revolution SE and the Ironman. The suspension can be independently adjusted in two positions to suite the weight of babies, and this fine tunes the shock absorbers for smooth and more comfortable rides for toddlers and infants of varying weights.

Handlebar and Height – Handles on the strollers are 40 inches high and not adjustable. They are well padded so parents can have a firm grip on the joggers.

Weather Canopy – Canopies are large, and can be retracted in many positions to provide the best angle that will shield your child from the elements. A large, clear viewing window allows moms and dads to keep an eye on their babies while they are strolling, jogging or running.

Storage on Stroller – Space is very generous on the Revolution SE and the Ironman, so you can pack as much as you want for a baby. A Low Boy Cargo Basket provides a lot of storage under the seat. There is additional space in large seatback pocket that comes in handy when you go out shopping with baby, and you can stuff snacks and toys in internal seat pockets within easy reach of toddlers and infants to keep them happy.

Rear Parking Brake – Easy to operate footed activated parking brake is available on the Ironman and the BOB Revolution to keep the strollers safely and firmly stationary whenever you come to a stop.

Is Duallie (Double) Option Available? – For parents with twins, or looking after two children, going out doors is well provided with the double versions of both strollers that seats 2 children.

Are they Travel System Compatible ?– With Infant Car Seat Adapters that can be purchased separately, The Revolution SE and the Ironman can be converted to a baby travel system that accommodate many varieties of compatible child car seats from Brittax, Graco, Peg Perego, Chicco and others brands.. Both strollers can also be fitted with optional child and parent trays.

BOB Revolution SE BOB Ironman
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Keys Differences Between the  BOB Revolution SE vs Ironman

The Wheels – The major differences between the BOB Revolution and the Ironman are on the design and construction of the wheels. The Revolution SE is a swivel front wheel stroller that is highly maneuverable at corners. The front wheel of the Revolution SE is 12.5 inches, and the rear wheels are 16 inches in size. All wheels on the Revolution SE are made of High-Impact Polymer material that do not rust

The BOB Ironman on the other hand, has a fixed front wheel that is better suited for running, and do not turn easily as the swivel wheel at corners. All the three wheels on the Ironman are the same size at 16 inches, again a feature that is useful for runners because it travels more distance per revolution of the wheel. High strength lightweight aluminum is the material used for the wheels on the Ironman.

Hand Brake – A hand brake is conveniently located on the handlebar which controls caliper type brake on front wheel. This feature is not available on the Revolution SE, and for runners, it helps control the stroller, especially when running down hills and slopes.

Net Weight of BOB Revolution SE vs Ironman

Revolution SE Single – 25 lbs/11.34 kg
Revolution SE Duallie – 34 lbs/15.3 kg

Ironman Single – 23 lbs/10.6 kg
Ironman Duallie – 34lb, 15.3kg

Did you notice that while Duallie of both strollers weigh the same, Ironman single stroller is 2 lbs lighter than the Revolution SE Single.

Available Colors – BOB Revolution SE is available in 4 colors – Black, Navy, Orange and Plum. The Ironman however can only be purchased in 2 colors – Yellow and Navy

Recommended Manufacturers Price:

Revolution SE Single – $449
Revolution SE Duallie – $659

Ironman Single – $409
Ironman Duallie – $559

These are list prices, the BOB Gear recommended prices I have taken from their website. The strollers can however be purchased far more cheaper from online stores. Amazon has 25% discount on the strollers at the time of this review, a great deal that may still be available if you check today.

BOB Revolution SE BOB Ironman
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Would you Buy the BOB Revolution SE or Ironman Jogging Stroller?

It is pretty much obvious I hope from my review of the features and benefits of both strollers that more parents are drawn to the Revolution SE largely because of the swivel wheel that makes it a far more versatile stroller for every day use. But if you are a runner and jog very little, the choice is also very clear that that the BOB Ironman is the running stroller to buy.

The difficulty in turning fixed wheel strollers is the main reservation for parents, however, many parents that have used the Ironman remarked that it is not so hard learning how to lift the front wheel, and performing quick turns with the BOB Ironman, which after some use, comes naturally while pushing the stroller.

If you have any questions, please leave a comment below and I will reply. And if you have any other thoughts to share about this review, your comments are welcome.

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