Bob Revolution SE vs City Mini GT

BOB Revolution SE

BOB Revolution SE

The Bob Revolution SE and City Mini GT are very different strollers, both loved by parents, but designed to serve specific needs of any one caring for babies, toddlers and infants. The Revolution SE by BOB is an all terrain swivel wheel jogging stroller that is sturdy, can be locked into a fixed wheel stroller for running, and will carry baby weight up to 70 lbs in the single stroller.

On the other hand, though the City Mini GT from Baby Jogger is an equally tough all-terrain stroller, it is not intended or designed for jogging and running. The Baby Jogger Mini GT is more compact and weighing 16.7 lbs, it is considerably lighter than the Revolution SE that weighs 25 lbs. The wheels of the Mini GT are also smaller, and is more manoeuvrable around corners, crowded city sidewalks and shopping malls. The baby weight limit of the City Mini GT at 65 lbs, is surprisingly close to the Revolution SE at 70 lbs, but you will find that the BOB Revolution has features and other dimensions more suited for tall and chubby toddlers.

Baby Jogger Mini GT will suit parents looking for a light weight stroller that is easy to fold, convenient to carry, and don’t take up too much space in the trunk of cars. Pregnant moms looking after a baby will also love the light touch features of the stroller.

If you are a parent that jog or run, and want a stroller you can use to take your baby along when exercising, and the

Baby Jogger City Mini GT

Baby Jogger City Mini GT

choice of a stroller is the Bob Revolution SE vs the City Mini GT, without a doubt, the Revolution SE is the stroller that will serve your need.

It is common for many active parents who jog as part of their fitness regime, to have purchased both strollers. They will buy the City Mini GT as a stroller for everyday because it is more nippy for errands, trips top the malls, and for gentle strolls around the neighbourhood. And the Revolution SE is the stroller they will keep mainly for taking their child out for jogging, running, or training for long distance competitions and marathons.

BOB Revolution SE Baby Jogger City Mini GT
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Key Differences Between the Bob Revolution SE vs City Mini GT Strollers

All-Terrain Stroller or Jogger? – The first thing anyone comparing the two strollers should be aware is that while the Bob Revolution SE is designed to be used as an terrain jogging stroller, the City Mini GT carries the manufacturer’s warning that it is not intended for jogging. It is quite common on the web to find parents who admit using the Mini GT for jogging without problem. While I may use it for power walking, I would not advise jogging or running with your baby in the stroller. It is a tough all terrain stroller, but if you want a jogger, get the Bob Revolution SE.

Wheels and Tires for Performance – As an agile and highly manoeuvrable stroller design for city dwellers, the Baby Jogger Mini GT tires are all 8.5 inches compared with the BOB Revolution SE that has a 12.5 inches front tire, and 16 inches tires at the rear. The tires on the BOB are pneumatic or air-filled, and the Mini GT has foam filled tires that are forever filled and do not require pumping.

Both type of tires are very efficient in what they are designed to do. Combined with the high-impact polymer composite wheels and spokes in the Revolution SE, it is one of the features that makes the BOB an off-road stroller and jogger for rough and smooth surfaces. The tough but smaller wheels on the City Mini GT makes it more nimble and easier to turn in urban environment.

Suspension System – There is a front wheel suspension on the Baby Jogger Mini GT that provides a smooth ride for your baby, but this is no match for the independent suspension system on the BOB Revolution SE that can be adjusted to suite the weight of a child. But then the City Mini GT is not intended to be subjected to the same tough use as the Revolution SE.

Handlebar Height – Adjustable? – The handle on both strollers are well padded for a comfortable and firm grip, but while you will find that the BOB Revolution SE has a fixed handle that is 40 inches high, the City Mini GT features an a handlebar you can adjust from 30″ to 45.5″, offering a better pushing posture for tall and short parents.

Type of Brakes – While the parking brake in Bob Revolution is foot operated at the rear, the City Mini GT has a hand operated parking brake.  Both braking systems are very effective at holding, and securing the strollers in stationary positions when you come to a stop, my preference however is for hand operated brakes with levers conveniently located on stroller handlebars.

Weight of Stroller – Weighing just 16.7 lbs of 7.6 kg, the Baby Jogger Mini GT is a much lighter stroller than the Revolution SE that is more chunky and sturdier at 25 lbs of 11.34 kg. The significant difference in the weight of the strollers is another clear indicator why one is better suited as a jogger, and the other more convenient for everyday use in a City.

BOB Revolution SE Baby Jogger City Mini GT
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And the Similarities between Bob Revolution SE vs City Mini GT Stroller

The differences highlighted between the Revolution SE and the Mini GT may lead you to think that the two strollers don’t have common features, but surprisingly for a jogger and a stroller, there are quite a few areas you will find they are closely matched:

How Safe are the Strollers ? – Safety of your baby is paramount in any stroller, and I am glad to say that BOB, and Baby Jogger equipped their strollers with adjustable five-point safety harness to secure your child, with shoulder pads and buckle cover that ensure the harnesses are strapped comfortably around your baby. There is a leash to wrap the Revolution SE on your wrist that will prevent the stroller running away if you fall or trip while jogging

Easy Fold – Both strollers are very easy and quick to fold. The Baby Jogger City Mini GT is quicker in my experience with the unique one-handed fold design that allows parents to fold and unfold the stroller while still carrying a baby with the other hand.

Reclining Seat – The Revolution SE and the City Mini GT have seats that are richly padded for baby comfort, and they can be reclined to near flat positions that parents will find ideal for babies to doze when out on long strolls or jog

Weather Canopy – The canopies on the BOB and Baby Jogger are large, providing adequate cover and protection from hash sun or windy conditions. The canopies can be retracted in many positions, and both have large viewing windows so parents can watch over their little ones.

Overall Width – Both strollers are well balanced, slim profiled, and the difference in their width is very small. The City Mini GT is 24.5″ wide, and the BOB Revolution SE is 25.5 inches in overall width.

Baby Weight Capacity – Both strollers are designed to take the weight of heavy toddlers and big kids with only 5 lbs separating their weight capacity. The Revolution SE has a weight limit of 70 lbs, while the City Mini GT will take the weight of a baby from birth till 65 lbs.

Available in Single and Double ? The City Mini GT and the Revolution SE are both available as a single, and a double jogging stroller, which is great for families with twin, two toddlers or infants.

Manufacturer’s Recommended Price – Price is a key consideration for many parents when purchasing a stroller. The BOB Revolution SE has a manufacturers price tag of $449, while the City Mini GT is priced at $349. Is $100 price difference a pointer that you get more out of the Revolution SE? Though we are are not comparing like for like strollers, and higher price does not always equate to better value, I would say that BOB reflects the more enhanced features in the higher price.

BOB Revolution SE Baby Jogger City Mini GT
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Which would you Buy- Bob Revolution SE or the City Mini GT ?

This is one of those reviews, after comparing two strollers, the decision on which to buy is largely based on the design and manufacturers’ purpose for the strollers. If you will not be using a stroller for jogging, and want something that is nippy, manoeuvres easily in crowded city, has the capacity to carry your babes from birth till they outgrow the use of a stroller – the Baby Jogger City Mini GT is my recommendation for such parents.

It is also well designed for pregnant moms with the quick one-handed fold and ultra light weight. Tall parents can benefit from the 45 inches high handlebar, a feature that will help achieve comfortable pushing postures, and prevent back pains that may result from tall people bending to push a stroller.

If, on the other hand, you are looking for a versatile all-terrain jogging stroller that is just as highly maneuverable, has high baby weigh capacity, a stroller is better well equipped for jogging or running with your kid on smooth, rough and uneven trails – then the BOB Revolution SE is the stroller to consider. You will also find that some active moms and dads purchased both strollers. The Revolution SE is kept mainly for jogging and long distance training, and the City Mini GT used for daily errands to the shopping malls, walk in the park, and strolls around the neighborhood.

At the time of comparing the strollers,  Amazon has a 25% discounted deal on the BOB Revolution SE.

BOB Revolution SE Baby Jogger City Mini GT
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If you have any questions, please leave a comment below and I will reply. And if you have any other thoughts to share about this review, your comments are welcome.


  1. Thanks for this article. Just fyi, I have the City Mini GT and it has a hand brake, not a foot brake.

    • Hi Ivy,

      Thank you so much for your observation. The parking brake on the City Mini GT is indeed hand operated, and I have reflected this as one of the differences between the City Mini GT and the Bob Revolution.


  2. Great article! We’ve had quite the winter here in Ontario, Canada! Do you happen to know if either one is good for walking in the snow?

    • Hi Suzanne,

      Thanks for visiting and leaving a comment. Both strollers can be used on snow, but while the BOB Revolution will tackle walking on heavy snow quite well with the larger pneumatic tires, the City Mini GT will struggle because of the smaller foam filled tires.

      I will definitely recommend the BOB Revolution over the City Mini GT for walking in the type of heavy snow you have experienced in Ontario. I would also recommend the Mountain Buggy Jogging Stroller. It is an all-terrain stroller, with a seat that is raised higher than the BOB, so will perform better for walking in heavy snow.

      Take care, and keep the little one safe and comfortable with a good choice of stroller.


  3. Great article! But I’m still confused lol! U already own 2 strollers (uppavista), I need a light double/jogging stroller and even though mini gt is it for jogging some people use it for it. It’s clear that you suggest the BOB but I feel as if its to big. Help!

  4. I am looking at the City Mini GT for my first baby- due in April! We live in the mountains but I will be usually taking my baby into town with the stroller. I will be on-the-go a lot and I like that the GT is smaller, lighter, and easier t fold up and for in the car. Just wondering how the smaller wheels would fair on the sand at the beach? I want to be able to take it camping and to the beach without much hassle. Any insight? Thanks so much!

    • Jeff Adam says:

      Hi Deborah,

      The City Mini GT smaller wheels will do quite well on sandy beaches but the Bob Revolution is definitely the stroller I would prefer to use in the mountains and camping. As the name suggest, the City Mini GT is designed around the needs of city dwellers. Bob Revolution is a bigger stroller, but I think it will serve you better if you live in the mountains and love camping.

      Bob Revolution Flex is an improved version of the Revolution SE and I would suggest you go for the Flex if you decide buying a Bob jogging stroller.

      Bob Revolution Flex is a newer, and an improved version of the very popular Bob Revolution SE jogging stroller. The Revolution Flex has an adjustable handlebar that is not available on the SE.

      BOB Revolution Flex Stroller BlackBOB Revolution Flex Stroller Blackprice

  5. Does the 2016 city mini gt do well in the trails or wooded areas, other than city? I will be mainly using in the city but there will be times where I will be taking a stroll in the trails (not jogging), just walking. Thank you.

    • Jeff Adam says:

      Hi Annie,

      The City Mini GT will be ideal for you. It is an all-terrain stroller with foam filled tires that do not puncture, or require pumping with air. It is not meant for jogging as you already know, but I would highly recommend it for walking and strolling with you child on either smooth or uneven trails.


      City Mini GT is an all-terrain stroller that performs extremely well on smooth roads, grass, sandy beach, or uneven tracks – off roads

      Baby Jogger 2016 City Mini GT Single - Black/BlackBaby Jogger 2016 City Mini GT Single – Black/Blackprice

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